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Find Your Genealogy
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How to Search the Internet
for Your Ancestors

Date: 1 Oct 2005
From: Chuck Peterson

Dear Fellow Genealogy Researcher,

  In recent years, people around the globe
have become more and more interested in their ancestry. They've been
turning to software programs, the Internet, books, CDs, genealogical
societies, and professional genealogists to help them trace their
  Why spend all this time--and money--digging
up the roots of your family tree?  Because knowing something
about where you came from is not only fascinating, it also gives you
a sense of  purpose, direction, and history that you may be missing
out on.

  A lot of people would like to begin compiling their
genealogy, but they have no idea where to begin.  I used to
be one of these people, but through a lot of hard work and hundreds
of hours, I learned where to start my genealogy.  I've been
working on this for many years, and now I want to give YOU a chance
to get the information you need to search your own family tree.
 It's not just a hobby...it's a responsibility we have to pass
on our heritage to our children and their children.  After
all, if we don't know where we came from, how do we know where we're


  My new ebook (electronic book), Search Engine Genealogy,
is a guide that will take you from the very start of your genealogical
search and show you step-by-step how to use the Internet to research
and compile your ancestry; no more guesswork, wasted time, and frustration.
 After reading this book and using its valuable resources,
you will never be on your own again.  You'll never have to
guess where to go on the Internet to find your ancestors...you'll
know.  From novice to expert, Search Engine Genealogy
includes the information and resources you need to build a complete
ancestry file online.  It's not as hard as you might think!

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  As the director of a local Family History Center (FHC),
I found that very few people who use FHC services know more than
one or two sites to look for their ancestors.  Even staff members,
while very good at traditional genealogy, have little knowledge
about how to search the Internet for their ancestors.  I felt
that an electronic book–with active links to places to search–would
help both staff and patrons of the Family History Center.  This
is how my book, Search Engine Genealogy came to pass.  None
of us are born with the ability to find our ancestors online.  But
after reading and using Search Engine Genealogy, you'll
feel like it's something you were born to do.  Search Engine
Genealogy can be yours for just $29.95...a small price to pay
for learning about your heritage.  Plus, you'll get the FREE
bonuses listed below.


  Because I've written Search Engine
Genealogy in ebook form, I was able to include live Internet
links to MANY different genealogy sites you can use to find your ancestors.
 I've already sifted through the good and not-so-good sites,
so you won't have to bother wasting your time on web sites that aren't
going to help you.  With Search Engine Genealogy, you
can click the links right inside the ebook and be instantly whisked
away to tremendous genealogy web sites that will provide wonderful

NOTE: Search Engine Genealogy is a downloadable
executable file.  You MUST have WINDOWS (any version) to download
the ebook.  Sorry, Mac users!!

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  In my position as a Family History Center Director,
I’ve heard so many people say they’ve tried searching
the Internet for genealogy, but didn’t know where to go.  They
tried a couple of genealogy web sites, didn’t find anything,
threw their hands up in the air, and gave up.  That’s
really frustrating.  I don’t know how many times I’ve
run into people saying the same thing.  All these people, though
their intentions are good, just didn't arm themselves with the right
information.  They didn't know the good genealogy sites from
the bad.  And that's partially what Search Engine Genealogy
is about...knowing where to look.

  Aside from giving you great places to
trace your genealogy online, Search Engine Genealogy will
also give you very specific instructions on how to search for names
on these internet resources.

Search Engine Genealogy is really great.
  I think this should be used  in all genealogy
classes, it would especially be helpful for beginners who
are a little afraid of using the internet unless they know
the site and how to get to it.
Some are afraid to surf.
I had a patron come into the Family History Center this
morning that wanted to know how to use familysearch and Worldconnect.
 When I showed him how to do it from your ebook, he said
he was going home to try it on his computer.
I'll promote the ebook in my classes. I think it is a
great tool.
Donna J. Porter, President
International Society for British Genealogy and Family History

Now I know there are some very good books out there that you can
buy on Amazon.com or at the bookstore that will help you find your
ancestors on the Internet.  However, by their very nature,
as soon as these books show up in the bookstore, they are out of
date.  Why?  Because things change fast, especially on
the Internet.  Web sites come and go every minute of every
day, with new and valuable sites added all the time.  How do
you find out what and where they are?  Search Engine Genealogy
will tell you.  
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Engine Genealogy plus 3 free bonuses!

BENEFITS OF Search Engine Genealogy

time searching for places to find your ancestors on the Internet

increase your chances of finding your ancestors
other people who are searching for your ancestors
on your genealogy research and get support from other
the cost of your genealogy research
informed of new resources for your genealogy research

Here to review the Table of Contents for Search Engine Genealogy
Ready to get started on your own heritage?   Click Here
to order now for just $29.95!

Engine Genealogy. You'll learn how to:

Find genealogy web sites and data bases for each county
in the United States
Find microfilms from the world’s largest genealogy
Conduct a thorough search on Google (and the other general
search engines)
Use the largest directory of genealogy web pages on the
Search for your ancestors on genealogy-specific meta-search
Search and submit your genealogy queries to genealogy-specific
discussion groups, forums, and mailing lists
Search for your ancestors on general meta-search engines
and multi-search engines
Automate–somewhat–your genealogy research
Store and search what you find on the Internet
Monitor web pages that periodically add information on your
Search family and personal genealogy web sites
Use search engines (meta-search engines) where you can search
the general search engines like Google and Yahoo
Do a basic search on the web sites and databases that will
give you the best possible results
Do a thorough search on the Internet with a linked list
of web sites
Find genealogy web sites and data bases for most of the
countries of the world
Use Google to search for your ancestors
Get access to the largest genealogy database–ever
expanding–for free

THINGS YOU'LL FIND in Search Engine Genealogy:

A site that will set up your Google searches automatically
for you (and set up searches at other sites as well)
Links to the four top genealogy search engines
Links to several sites where people submit their genealogies
List of directories with links to the most valuable web
sites on the Internet
Several web sites that search several genealogy sites at
the same time
Links to the most important web sites on the Internet for
your genealogy research
Access to an ever expanding list (with links) of genealogy
search engines, databases, and directories
A site that will send you a daily newsletter that provides
new web sites and pages that you can use for your research
Web sites that will email you with new and changed web sites
and pages with information on your ancestors
Lists of the best genealogy sites on the Internet
Links to the most productive genealogy surname search sites
groups, forums, and mailing lists
Activities to help you learn the use of the resources presented
in Search Engine Genealogy

Here to review the Table of Contents for Search
Engine Genealogy

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Search Engine Genealogy!  Just


ebook: “Share Your Genealogy with Others”
by Charles J. (Chuck) Peterson. This is an invaluable ebook
on Internet resources for submitting your genealogy for others
to search. Yours FREE when you
order Search Engine Genealogy.
monthly newsletter, including updates to Search Engine
Genealogy (new genealogy web sites and resources), articles,
evaluations of new genealogy web sites, as well as thoughts
and suggestions from other readers.
access to 70+ pages of additional genealogy links and resources.
 This list of additional resources will be continually
updated so that you have the latest information.

Your heritage is too important to be left to chance.
 There is no need to waste any more time and energy. Do your
own genealogy with the incredible resources in Search Engine Genealogy,
and you'll have a priceless gift to hand down from generation to generation.
 Don't leave your progenitors behind.  Order Search
Engine Genealogy today for just $29.95, and see what a difference
it can make in your life!

8 Week Money Back Guarantee!!
Here's how to order right now!

Purchase Online with Credit Card by Secure Server
Click Here NOW to download your copy!

It doesn't matter when you order, even if it's in the middle of
the night!
You will be downloading your guide to genealogy research on the
internet within minutes--and searching the internet for your ancestors
right away!

May you have success in finding your ancestors,

Chuck Peterson

P.S. -- For less money than you would spend taking your family
out to dinner or a movie, you can have a guide to searching for
your ancestors--and get started within minutes.

P.P.S. -- There you have it: Of course, you can figure
it all out on your own, but it will take you a great deal of time
to find out how to get the most from the internet in finding your
ancestors.  I'm convinced that Search Engine Genealogy will save
you a great deal of time--and frustration.

Act Now! Buy Now! Your satisfaction is guaranteed.
  Click Here.

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