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" Sit back, relax... and let us do all the work
for you while you watch the profits roll in "

Because I discovered one of the greatest laying systems
around.. and I've turned it into a tipping service!

Fellow Punters

Do you want to make a consistent profit using the project Betfair method - With the only difference being we will do all the hard work for YOU?

If you answered yes to that question, continue reading...

What we discovered months ago, was a 100% genuine working laying system aka Project Betfair. Today, what we're going to do, is give you the opportunity to receive the tips on a daily basis, directly to your inbox.

Yes it's simple. Yes it's easy... and more importantly, YES it is profitable.

Imagine for a second, that you had a second income... a consistent flow of profit straight to your account and all you have to do is place your bets, which will take about 2 minutes of your 24 hour day. It's a guaranteed second income stream and i'm now giving you the chance to join!


Ask yourself these questions right now:

Do you want to make extra money on Betfair but cut out the work?
Receive your lay tips directly to your inbox every single day?
Sit back on a daily basis and watch your Betfair balance grow.
The answers are fairly simple and I'm about to give them to you.

I Discovered one of the greatest laying systems around
and now I'm going to send you the tips on a daily basis.

Spaces are limited and I'm allowing a maximum of 100 to join and take up the places, so act now, don't delay and book your membership card right now!

I've watched many failing tipster services over the years. I know this because I joined half of them. They all made mistakes. Their biggest mistake was sending out a bet when the bet wasn't there. They had no discipline to select the proper losing horses!

" Make money.. and keep your full time job "
The membership will come with a full manual explaining everything as well as how you're going to receive your tips. Don't miss out on this chance. We provide tips that GUARANTEE that your account balance is going to increase, so make sure that you grab your opportunity right now.

" We eliminate the work part for you...
you just place the bets"

Full 60 day money back Guarantee

We'll refund you INSTANTLY

If you fail to profit from our tipping
service, just e-mail us and we will cancel
your subscription and give you a full
refund and you can walk away.

If you fail to profit, contact us before 60 days
is up if you're not happy and let us know.

We will refund every penny and you won't
be charged again. You WILL profit. Guaranteed



How does this work?

Basically, what we will do is provide a monthly tipping service whereby we will send you
the bets on a daily basis directly to your inbox. All you've got to do is place the bets on any of
the betting exchanges, such as Betfair.

Do I need to know anything about betting?

Not at all. We are doing all the work for you here!

Is there a Guarantee with this System?

If you don't make a profit, you can e-mail us to get a refund and have your subscription
cancelled. It's a win - win situation and you have NOTHING to lose.

How much money do I need to get started off?

I recommend a bank of £50 as a minimum bank.

When will I receive my selections?

Generally, we send them out atleast a minimum of 5 hours before the races. Sometimes we will send them out the night before.

How much does it cost?

The subscription service is a monthly charge of £19.

So what do you get?

This is a MONTHLY subscription service.
You will receive your selections on a daily
basis and selections will be delivered directly
to your inbox atleast 5 hours before the races
begin on any given day - Act Now!

It comes down to this. Make your profit on Betfair
or get off this site because you're wasting your own
time if you don't want to make good profit today!

Order Price: £19 per Month

The Price is at a SPECIAL introductory


Your Tips are delivered STRAIGHT to your inbox



If you would like to pay via Neteller or Moneybookers,
please [contact us](mailto:support@thebfproject.com) directly to organise this ASAP


... Still trying to decide? ...


Here is your chance, to completely cut out the work. We will deliver the tips directly to your inbox. All you have to do is sit back, relax, wait for the e-mail and place your bets!

Contact us : [support@thebfproject.com](mailto:support@thebfproject.com)

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