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-The Internet Press
Journalist:Gordon McVickar
Internet Review Team

WESTON, FL - Greetings, my name is Gordon McVickar, Lead Review
Journalist for the Internet Press.

The article you are about to read may come as a shock to you, so
please give it the attention it deserves.

In the fall of 2006 when I was making my first set of Internet
Reviews, I came across a website that looked quite different from the
other "make a fortune online" offers I had seen.

This site was very simple, it did not have fancy graphics or
confusing sales pitches. This was something I had never seen, as most
online "Gurus" Just try to confuse you into buying their cheesy

So I dug deeper and deeper into trying to figure out just who was
putting this simple website online...

That's when I found underground marketer... Lane Gibbons.

This is the story of how Lane went from working at a big chain
coffee shop, making doughnuts, mopping and making minimum wage, to an
Internet Mastermind in just 7 Short Months...

When I first contacted Lane I identified myself as an Internet
Press Review Investigator. I was actually floored he didn't hang up on
me like all the other "Gurus" I had attempted to call... Lane was kind
and well spoken... he seemed like an overall nice guy. I was
intrigued by his initial approach with me, so I asked him if I could
get an interview with him and guess what?

He agreed to do an interview... During our first interview, I asked
Lane what his secret to success was, and how had he come so far in
such a short amount of time he responded with the following...

“Gordon, there is NO SECRET. I just had more ambition and drive
than anyone else around me. I took a look at what was happening at my
job, and looked at what the biggest companies in Forbes magazine were
doing RIGHT, and what *I* was doing WRONG."

He went on to say, “You see, when you look at what all these huge
retail companies do, it's actually very simple! They're just middle

"They buy other companies products CHEAP and then mark it up and
sell it to YOU. Then They have to pay rent, utilities, employees, and
pay for advertising.”

There HAD to be an easier way...

“I thought to myself, wouldn’t it make more money if these
companies just moved everything to an online store, and didn't have to
pay for stocked shelves, employees, or ANY of the overhead for that
matter? "

"So that’s what I did. I started with a simple 2 or 3 page
website. I found products OTHER PEOPLE were going to PAY ME HUGE MONEY
to sell. I then got to work promoting my site so people would just
"walk into" my store!"

I asked Lane if he had any formal training in marketing, or web
development. He told me he actually graduated from college with a
degree in environmental studies, and couldn't find a job in Minnesota,
where he was originally from.

This was why he was working at the chain coffee and doughnut shop.
I said, so let me get this straight, you had no education on building
websites or anything like that? He said..

“No! of course not! Back then, I taught myself how to use those
website code editors! Then I put together a very VERY basic
website and did some research on how to upload files, find things to
sell online, and put products on it!"

"Gordon,that was the most time consuming part of getting my internet
business off the ground! The learning curve."
I asked him exactly how he got the ball rolling and ...

He gave me all the details...

"Once I got my simple website on the internet, I spent a few
dollars advertising it on various search engines, and I found a couple
webmasters that let me put my ad on their site just to test it out."

What happened was incredible.

"While I working at my day job, all of my advertisements were
working their magic all over the web! I got home that first night
expecting just a few dollars, if any in commissions...

What I saw stopped me in my tracks... While I was at work, my simple
little ad generated 3 sales... That was MORE THAN DOUBLE what my
wage was at my day job."

"I was completely floored. I knew that I was onto something big
here... I mean, sure it took me a few months to understand everything,
but I had the formula."

"I KNEW I was going to a better place in my life right then and

"After that first week, I set my goals, and decided that I was going
to duplicate my efforts over the next couple years, and I knew I
wasn't going to stop until my goals were reached."


In his cramped cheap, dirty apartment in Northern Minneapolis, Lane
was starting to realize his dream of becoming financially independent.

He was at the doorstep to LIVING THE American Dream.

He was beginning to show IT WAS POSSIBLE FOR SOMEONE WITH NO


I asked what he thought about what he had accomplished...

Here’s the response I got:

“Gordon, of course I was THRILLED about it, here was my chance to
prove everyone wrong and move up in the world. But here was the thing.
I wanted payback for all the nay sayers, and people that judged me for
having to work at a doughnut and coffee shop to make ends meet."

"At the time, I told myself that I was going to make my money,
become wealthy and NEVER share this formula with anyone until I felt
like I had perfected it, and was comfortable."

Lane said that over the next 6 mos, he tweaked, and perfected his

Then he duplicated it a few times and began to develop some
relationships with other online marketers. Shortly he was raking in
...Awesome PROFITS.

He said, his life went from simple and average to exciting and

“Gordon, before I started making any money, I drove a 1990 Hyundai
Excel that was rusted out, it had panels and trim falling off of it.

Actually, I keep a picture of that old rust bucket right on my desk.
This way, I never forget where I came from, and it makes me appreciate
my success all that much more.

Anyway, I dressed like a homeless person most of the time, and I
never went to the gym. Sure I would go to work but I wasn't really
there... I was completely miserable."


"After 6 months, I had been able to quit my job at the coffee shop
and I moved into a nice newer apartment complex on the North East side
of Minneapolis.

The First car I purchased was a brand new 2005 BMW 3 Series
Convertible which almost instantly made me a popular option for the

He said with a smile. Then he showed me a picture of it...

Lanes 3 Series BMW

"All of a sudden, my awesome new apartment, and BMW gave me huge
confidence and self worth. People, especially women, started to notice

They all knew I MUST have some type of good job or something, but
they had no idea what it was. I really enjoyed letting them struggle
to figure it out."

"See, my products worked for me around the clock and I had all
kinds of time for myself. I started working out finally, I started
eating better, bought some decent clothes, and really started to take
care of myself. I gained some self respect, and that lead to some
dates for sure" He said jokingly.. .

While Lane admits the success he has attained comes from many
different sources of making money online, the common denominator is

"There are about a million ways to make money online, just find
what works for you, keep it simple and stick with it!"

Let’s fast forward to 2009

Lane and I have become pretty good friends over the last couple
years. In October of 2008 Lane moved his operation down to South

His efforts have made him quite wealthy indeed... Remember that BMW?
He told me he just traded it in for a brand new Ferrari California..
Check out the pics...

Lanes new Ferrari California This year on my annual trip to see Lane
said he had something big to tell me...

Naturally, I asked what it was...

He said, "Gordon, I'm finally ready to teach other people how to use
my system. I have spent a couple years perfecting everything and I am
pretty sure that my system has proven itself time and time again and
its time to give it to the public."

I looked around and just had to agree, here was a guy that just 3
years ago was working in a doughnut shop, mopping and serving

He had no formal training on making money online, and yet here I was
standing in the driveway of this huge house in Ft. Lauderdale Florida,
looking at a super car sitting in his driveway!

I was FLOORED. From what I could see, his system MUST have done
SOMETHING right for him.

So of course, I was excited for him to be able to release this to
the public.

Although Lane is now able to enjoy his huge house, and super-car, he
did insist that I note some of his systems more practical benefits on
my website, so here they are:


Part of Lane's system is set up to automatically send people who
need specific products, to your site where they can buy them.

Debt feels like drowning, when you have the discretionary income to
do whatever you want AND pay your bills, it feels like flying!

Trust me. Life becomes a lot more fun when you've got Thousands of
dollars in extra money laying around after your bills are paid. You
can do whatever you want without worrying about running in the

Go ahead, BUY those designer clothes, and rims for your car… spend
all you want, you’ll make more.

Go wherever you want to go. Dubai? Egypt? Playa Del Carmen? It’s
not an issue to just pick up and go! Make your neighbors and friends
green with envy.

Lane lives in one of the biggest houses I have ever seen. He's got
EVERY toy imaginable. He’s even got an in-home tanning bed. Can you
imagine, house hunting for a multi million dollar house knowing you
can pay the mortgage with no problem? It is possible.


Imagine having the freedom to just WALK AWAY from your job, with NO
CONSEQUENCES? This system does the work for you, awake or asleep the
internet doesn’t take breaks.

Spend more time with your family and friends.

Let’s get to the point:

I asked Lane, what was the final deciding factor in sharing his
strategies with the general public?

He said “Gordon, there was no "final factor" the simple fact is,
I'm just ready to help others have the same success I have achieved,
I’m over the nay sayers, and people that were mean and unsupportive.

I believe in good karma, so now its time to give a little back!"

Then Lane told me something I HAD NEVER THOUGHT ABOUT BEFORE...

Stay with me here. I’m about to tell you how anyone can benefit
from Lanes 'Netgold program without having to donate an arm or leg, or
re-mortgage their house…

Lane, though trained in environmental studies, is actually an
extremely smart business man. He understands that not many people have
the extra money to ‘risk’ on buying a money making opportunity;

Even if it DOES have a proven track record and results to back it

His system has been proven time and time again...

From what Lane told me, he was GOING to charge around $300 for
rights to his training system and money making websites that make the
type of income most people just dream of. BUT..

What he came up with was just incredible... He is going to give away
FREE versions of his money making websites.

NO, that isn't a misprint. He wants to give the websites away for


When Lane told me about his website offer, I was expecting there to
be some big catch. Maybe a hosting fee, or even a design charge of...
$700 - $1500. That wasn't the case at all though...

Lane is offering is 'NetGOLD365 program which includes the Free
website, all of his video training material and access to his success
program at just a token fee of $47.00

Lane said to me...

"Gordon, in my beta studies, each person that followed my methods
and activated the free website made the first steps towards financial

"My system is so fool-proof, and tested over and over again, that
there is NO WAY anyone can fail at this if they are trying. Of course
in any business model, you will have good and bad days, but with my
system, the bad days are few and far between."

"I feel as though this opportunity is priced perfectly for those who
are looking to get started. "

But WHY would he give it away so cheap?

“To give my customers something so valuable for PENNIES is
practically unheard of. This method is going to drive SERIOUS
attention to what I have going on here!

it’s the best kind of advertising available... Why not prove to
people that my methods are 100% bullet-proof? I have set out to show
that ANYONE of any age, race, gender or background can make money from

To make his offer even more iron-clad, he is offering a 100% Money
Back Guarantee.

Here's how confident Lane is that his system works.

Just to make sure that everyone is given the best possible chance of
success, Lane has jam-packed this offer with thousands of dollars
worth of bonus training material.

This includes 24 incredible video training steps...

Your own Automatic Money Making Website

You also will get Lane's best selling Step-By-Step E-book training
library to get you started on the right foot...

You also get a Premier Membership to a library filled with
thousands of additional Online Training E-books and software you can
sell online.

Tons of tools and bonus offers that make Online Marketing a

The Golden Mindset - Fortune 200 Motivational Training Manual...

This bonus package is packed with videos, additional books, training
material, and bonus items. Check out the snapshot of the members area!

You are going to get all of this for the simple one time
registration fee of $47.00

PLUS all these bonuses!

After 56 days, you're not completely satisfied with Lanes program
you can cancel your one time registration fee.

You will get your registration fee back, and Lane is going to let
you KEEP the free money making website as our gift to you just for
trying your hand at making money online...

Upon reviewing it, this is THE most complete online training program
available on the internet today.

To Access This System TODAY!
ONE TIME PAYMENT, Instant Download

Just look at what others are saying about it...



To Access This System TODAY!
ONE TIME PAYMENT, Instant Download


Ladies and Gentlemen...

When I originally decided to write this article about Lane, It was
going to JUST be a little expose on Lane, and how there ARE some
reputable products out there on the internet available for purchase...

But after hearing about Lane's System I thought it was such a great
deal I asked him if I could offer the chance to join his 'NetGOLD365
system straight from this website.

Lane was hesitant to agree, as he doesn't really like to mix
business and personal relationships. He said If I offered it to my
readers, There would be a strict limit on the amount of people I can
allow to join.

I am only going to be allowed to make 80 spots available to my
readers this year. Lane said, that would be a good test... If it goes
well, then next year, signups will be unlimited.

The box below is the current, real time number of spots remaining
for my readership. If the number is at 0 already, just contact me at
info[at]netgold365.com and ill have you added to the waiting list for
when/if someone drops out of the program for whatever reason.



In fact, Lane hesitates to let a lot of people get involved with his


Because there are a lot of people that can’t cope with any type
of loss whatsoever, and, even though this system has the ability to
make you an average of $131.00 a day in profit, it’s impossible to
account for the state of the GLOBAL economy at ALL TIMES, EVERY DAY.

Some days people just aren't going to be looking to buy, and when
they don’t, you may make nothing, or there may be a small loss... A
lot of vendors online will tell you that they never lose money, and if
that's the case... You’re being lied to. If you maintain and
advertise a website on an ongoing basis, it is 100% likely you will
experience a bad day now and again...

JUST LIKE any other type of company or business out there.

For this reason only, if you are the type that just can NOT handle a
loss under any circumstances, you are NOT ALLOWED to take advantage of
this opportunity. On the flip side of the coin, if you have the
required bravery and desire already within you, or you are the kind of
person who likes to take advantage of new opportunities with a great

Just one thing to remember...

When you sign up, with your free website and training material. IT
IS 100% NOT possible to have a loss, you have an 8 week Satisfaction
Guarantee to prevent any risk.

I told you earlier that this limited time opportunity is going to
set you back a token fee of $47.00. I also told you that the
membership access to the training videos, HUGE VIP BONUS PACKAGE and
free website is valid forever. THIS IS A ONE-TIME PAYMENT, AND YOU
AREA... Well?...

Will Lane Gibbons' 'NetGOLD365 System get you where you want to be?
Will his methods really start you on your way to financial freedom?
There's only one way to find out...

...Try Lane's 'NetGOLD365 System Totally RISK FREE for 8 Weeks!

When you purchase, you have a 56 day guarantee. If you aren’t
completely satisfied, for WHATEVER reason, you will get a no questions
asked refund for 100% of the purchase price...

Again, even if you decide to get a refund, Lane will let you KEEP
the money making website, just for signing up! What business do you
know of that lets you buy something, get a full refund if you're not
100,000,000% happy, and lets you KEEP the product?!

The way Lane sees it, if you're not happy with his product and his
system isn't making you any money, then he doesn't want your money.

It's pretty refreshing in this day and age of greed and corruption
that a vendor like this exists... and its 100% true.

If at any time during your 8 week trial you wish to get a refund all
you will have to do is send a refund request through Lanes Customer
Service Department, and your money will be refunded instantly.

I have seen this mans success up close and personal.

Do you know what the inside of a Ferrari smells like? Do you know
what its like to live in a 5000+ Square foot house in paradise? Lane
does, and I've been there with him, many times...

It's incredible.

So, what I'm getting at, is, if this system doesn't work for YOU for
whatever reason, you have lost nothing... Take advantage of the
limited-time introductory offer while you can.

But what if it DOES work for you? Are you ready for that?

Here's a quick message from Lane:

YOU WILL Make money with this
60 day -0- RISK Program...

YES, Lane!
Sign me up for the following:

Lane's 'NetGOLD365 System

24 Video Training Guides + More.

Automated Money Making Website


$1100+ Worth of Bonus Items (FREE)

Premier Membership to a HUGE Library of material I can re-sell at

Hours of extra VIP BONUS Video

VIP Bonus Section Worth $4000+

A 1 On 1 Mentorship W/Lanes advisors

via either card or Paypal. Instant download.

P.S: Think about this - If you signed up with Lane 3 months ago YOU

P.P.S: Remember there is absolutely no reason for you to leave this
page empty handed. You can at least take advantage of Lane's 100% Risk
Free Offer... If you don't see an increase in your income within 56
days simply drop lane an email, no reason why needed, just tell him
you need a refund for your purchase, and it'll be back in your hands
within 24 hours!

P.P.P.S.: As I've told you, Lane offers a 56 day money back
guarantee. Thats just the beginning... Let's say you cancel, if you
request it, Lane will pay your website hosting fees for another 6
months - AT NO COST TO YOU. Why would he do something silly like that?

Because he KNOWS you'll make income. It's VERY difficult not to make
SOMETHING, unless you don't follow the manuals. If you don't, you get
your money back, and get to keep the website. Whens the last time your
financial planner offered a guarantee like that? CLICK HERE TO ACCESS

Lane Gibbons
'NetGOLD365 System

|| | |
Copyright (C) Lane Gibbons - All Rights Reserved

Every effort has been made to accurately represent this product and
it's potential. Even though this industry is one of the few where one
can write their own check in terms of earnings, there is no guarantee
that you will earn any money using the techniques and ideas in these
materials. Examples in these materials are not to be interpreted as a
promise or guarantee of earnings. Earning potential is entirely
dependent on the person using our product, ideas, techniques and the
effort put forth.

We do not purport this as a "get rich scheme." Your level of success
in attaining the results claimed in our materials depends on the time
you devote to the program, ideas and techniques mentioned, knowledge
and various skills. Since these factors differ according to
individuals, we cannot guarantee your success or income level.
Materials in our product and our website may contain information that
includes or is based upon forward-looking statements within the
meaning of the securities litigation reform act of 1995.
Forward-looking statements give our expectations or forecasts of
future events. Get your free website

You can identify these statements by the fact that they do not
relate strictly to historical or current facts. They use words such as
"anticipate," "estimate," "expect," "project," "intend," "believe,"
"plan," and other words and terms of similar meaning in connection
with a description of potential earnings or financial performance. Any
and all forward looking statements here or on any of our sales
material are intended to express our opinion of earnings potential.

Many factors will be important in determining your actual results
and no guarantees are made that you will achieve results similar to
ours or anybody else’s, in fact no guarantees are made that you will
achieve any results from our ideas and techniques. Results vary, and
as with any money-making opportunity, you could make more or less.
Success in ANY money-making opportunity is a result of hard work, time
and a variety of other factors. No express or implied guarantees of
income are made by netgold365.com.

*INCOME CLAIM WARNING: Testimonials are not typical of most results.
Photographs or images are a depictions of individuals and payment
methods. These income examples are representative of some of the most
successful participants in the program. Some individuals purchasing
the program may make little or NO MONEY AT ALL. These claims are not a
guarantee of your income, nor are they typical of average
participants. Individual results will vary greatly and in accordance
to your input, determination, hard work, and ability to follow
directions. No person or company can guarantee profits or freedom from
loss. Any and all use of this website certifies you are agreeing to
our Earnings and Income Disclaimers.

*The creator of NetGOLD365 is using the name Lane Gibbons for
privacy. This story is based upon the real life adaptation of the
parties involved. The Company reserves the rights to the name and any
uses of it as affiliated with the product. Any improper uses by
unauthorized parties is strictly prohibited.

*Of course, Lane's,client's testimonials;' their posessions and
results are fantastic representations of what can happen when you take
action, learn the RIGHT things to do, and work hard. Jackie V and
Brianna Jenkins are verified testimonials. Results may vary. The solid
information I'm offering you today could make you very wealthy but its
not guaranteed to. As a risk-free measure you are offered a money back
guarantee good for 56 days.


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