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Fountain of Eternal Life in Cleveland, Ohio. It symbolizes "Man rising above death".


by Immortality Club  
One day, many scientists believe that they will find a way to stop, and even reverse the aging process. When that happens, people may be able to extend lives in good health for centuries. Yet we wonder: Will we live long enough to be rescued by this scientific breakthrough?
by Immortality Club  
by Immortality Club  

A WORD FROM FOUNDER.by Immortality Club

Hi-tech technology is all around us. This technology was somebody's dream some time ago. First there is always a dream, and then it materializes in reality. Years ago I read one publication that proposed a contest for the best idea to become immortal. First I thought that people have gone crazy, but the more I was thinking about it, I realized that this is not so crazy after all. I went to a local library and read everything that I could find on life preservation. I read about Cryonics and I realized that it’s not for me. I don't want my old body. If my mind would be placed into a new body, I would only change outside inside I would be mostly the same. So I started to think: How to preserve the human mind. First I was thinking of saving the brain (the hardware of our mind), then I read an article in a newspaper about Albert Einstein's brain. The person who was keeping the brain complained that he couldn't afford to keep it anymore and none of the relatives or any of the institutions wanted to take it. With this article I realized that brain storage is very expensive and a complicated process, also I realized that if nobody wanted to keep the brain of our Earth's greatest scientist, who is going to bother with mine after my death. This gave me an idea to form the club, where people with the same visions would join me and together we would build an organization with contractual obligation for safekeeping of its members’ personality information. Personality information is the software of our mind, so it's not necessary to keep the hardware which we can rebuilt, but irreplaceable information about someone's personality that is something really worth saving. So I decided to form a club. I called it "Immortality Club".  Also I decided to make Club membership so cheap, anybody could join it. And I want to be the number one member of the Club. I can’t do it without you, so I need you and you need me. Together is the key word in this new venture, or shall we call it adventure!

by Immortality Club

by Immortality Club
French philosopher Rene Descartes once said "I think and therefore I am". Our brain is an instrument for thinking, some scientists call it hardware. We know that hardware can be replaced and can function properly if the right software is transferred from old hardware to a new one. But what is our software? Obviously it is our personality plus our personal dynamics (speed of reactions). Dr. Freud said that our bodies are just an extension of our minds.  There are few basic human types: Melancholic, Choleric, Sanguine, etc. There are also 8 types of human behavior (Introvert, Extrovert, Censor, Tactic, etc). Usually these types combine together in many complex variations, forming different personalities. To reveal someone's personality we would have to ask the person specially compiled personality revealing questions and see the dynamics of the person. Also, this information has to be updated from time to time, because human personality is changing slightly all the time. If we save the information, we can always revive the person, when technology allows us to do so.
by Immortality Club


by Immortality Club
Immortality Club is an organization that preserves human personality for future revivification. Here is how we do it:
1. We review your day to day activities.
2. We observe your reactions to different life situations.
3. We collect your thoughts about yourself and things around you.
4. We analyze your dreams about the future and memories of your past.
5. We gather the maximum amount of information about you and then we preserve this information for future revivification.
To get this information, every month we will send you a set of questions. These questions are specially compiled by professional psychologists to reveal your personality. You will answer all the questions for the best of your abilitiy, and send them back to us. This way we will collect the information about your personality and keep it confidential in our data bank. Also we would like to store one of your hairs for DNA data as well as a picture of yourself and/or short movie about you to store your personal dynamics.
Among other developments we are working on creation of Conversational Computer Program (next to artificial intelligence). Upon completion, we will insert the information of your personality in the program so anybody who will have an access to your site will be able to contact and talk to you even at your absence. This way you will be able to make sure your virtual copy is as good as the real you. Best of all, with your face on screen, or 3D holographic projection (when it will become available) it will appear as though they are talking to a live person. Something like talking through a web-camera or a video-phone. 
by Immortality Club


.y Immortality Club

 Cryonics may seem like the answer to the problem. Cryonics is the technology that is freezing the human body right after death, in hopes that medical science will be able to revive the person in the future when life extension and anti-aging have become a reality. Unfortunately, Cryonics technology has some negative side effects. The main problem is that when cells are frozen, the water in cells turns into ice damagingcells' membranes. Currently, there is no practical way to repair these damages. However, Cryonics enthusiasts pray for Nano-technology. The emerging science of Nano-technology promises to build micro-miniaturized "machines" small enough to be injected into the blood stream. These tiny robots would build copies of themselves and then follow a preset programwould repair all kinds of damages in human body. Unfortunately damaged brain cells will lose their memory. Therefore, a revived person can wake up with full or partial amnesia. Besides Cryonics costs a few hundred thousands Dollars and is not readily available to the public.  Also if the person dies by accident most likely it won't be enough time to properly freeze the body. Doctors say that in 10 minutes after death the human brain goes through irreversible processes. 
by Immortality Club


 Already, in our days, scientists know how to conceive a human embryo in a test-tube and then implant this embryo in a woman's womb to insure the pregnancy. Cloned animals were created in Europe. Chances are that scientists already know how to clone a human. In the future, when medical science will learn how to do brain transplants, we will be in need of new bodies. Maybe this sounds like science fiction, but the time will come, when people will be buying new bodies just the way they are buying new cars today. Unfortunately even if you save your sperm or egg, it will not insure future revivification of you with your personality. Most likely you may consider this person as your child.

by Immortality Club

Many people who will join the Club may feel much less worried by the prospect of death because they took a rational step to give themselves a second chance at life. Some members may sleep better at night when they join the Club. Some members may feel proud to be at the forefront of a new movement, actively trying to break down the limits that have constrained us for all of human existence. They will feel as they are making history.
One of the main benefits of course is that your children with an access code to your site will be able to communicate with you any time they feel like it. At the beginning it might feel a little sad and even weird, but with time it will become very handy and maybe even fun. For example they can ask you (great-grandmother) that old recipe of the cake you used to bake, or they can ask for advice when they need one, or maybe Great-grandpa will be able to watch the baby via web-camera and sing a Lullaby to his Great-grand child! Imagine all these may happen to you!

by Immortality Club


1. The Club will complete its organization and data bank of its membership by the year 2015.
2. The Club will continue research on human personality development and preservation.
3. The Club will complete the work on creation of the Conversational Computer Program (next to Artificial Intelligence) inserting personality information of all members into it. When Artificial Intelligence becomes available, members may be able to communicate to each other participating in Club activities and future planning.
4. The Club will sponsor research on cloning, as well as creating special environment, for the following formation of certain personalities (this kind of research may not be allowed in some countries, but times change...).
5. The Club will sponsor research on biochemical computers (artificial human brain).
6. The Club will sponsor research on human brain transplants.
7. Club will sponsor research on genes engineering in clones, so they will look and act the same way as the Club members.
8. The Club will sponsor research on biochemical robots.
9. The Club will sponsor research on telepathy and transferring information from brain to brain, brain to computer, and vice-versa.
10. The Club will conduct research on the human spiritual ability, and the supernatural phenomena. 
11. The Club will conduct research on receiving information from the “Ether”. Many scientists believe that there is a thin substance called "Ether" where there is all information on everything and everybody from the past and the future.
12. The Club will sponsor research on sperm and the egg preservation for future reference on a genealogical table of certain personality.
13. The Club will sponsor research on human DNA preservation and engineering.

by Immortality Club
Imagine all this may happen to you for the cost of once a month dinner in Chinese restaurant. People pay thousands of dollars for their life insurance, the money they will never get to enjoy. Isn't it worth to pay just this little for the hope of a second chance? And this is not just a slim chance. If the Club won't be able to revive its members this century, the Club will continue trying until all the Club members will be brought back to life. When that happens, you will become immortal. Actually, you can become immortal now when you join the Club, because you are, your personality, and the Immortality Club will preserve your personality information for centuries. The cost of Cryonics suspension goes as high as few hundred thousands Dollars. There are also annual fees, and sign up fee. Personality preservation with Immortality Club, on the other hand, costs only $50.00 a month. Right-after your initial payment and every month thereafter we will e-mail you a set of fifty personality revealing questions in PDF file format. All you have to do is answer the questions by clicking Yes or No and email these answers back to us. If for any reason during the first 60 days, you decide to terminate your membership, you will get full refund no questions asked. So sign up today and together we can make history. 

by Immortality Club

by Immortality Club
Only you can answer this question, and if personality preservation does appeal to you here are few important reasons why you should act immediately: 

by Immortality Club1. As you grow older your memory may get weaker and your dynamics are changing. We want to preserve your personality at your earliest stage, while you still have a good sense of memory and normal speed of reactions (dynamics).  

by Immortality Club2. Accidents do happen and if you die by accident before you sign up, you will lose your chance. 

by Immortality Clu3. The Immortality Club prefers not to accept “last minute” members because it may create legal problem with heirs, who may say that, their loved one couldn't make rational decisions in his/her last days.  

by Immortality Club4. The Immortality Club membership will be limited, because if the Club revives too many people it may create problems with citizenship, overpopulation, etc.
So don't wait, join us today. Tomorrow in the day to day routine you may forget or lose this site and lose you second chance, so do it now. You owe it to your-self, you owe it to your loved ones. Join us today you will be glad you did.

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