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If you've ever dreamed of dominating in the cage and on the training mats, now you can...

Learn The Most Effective MMA Techniques Sought by Professional UFC Fighters.

Get proven, professional training from top-notch instructors at a fraction of the cost of a gym membership.


Dear friend,

We understand your passion for MMA. We've been training, competing, and teaching mixed martial arts for many years.

We are Brian Yamasaki and Brandon Kiser, head instructors at the Mushin MMA gym, and we're excited that you're making the effort to take the next step in developing your MMA training.

You may recognize us from our Damage Control MMA training videos on Comcast and YouTube which have over half-a-million views and thousands of subscribers.

Over the years we've invested countless hours and tens of thousands of dollars to train with some of the top instructors and fighters in the world, and further our own MMA education.

We love the sport so much that we want to make access to the techniques as easy and affordable as possible.

We Created an MMA Online Training Program
that will help Anyone Learn To Fight

After investing hundreds of hours and a lot of money into our project, we now have a structured series of videos that will teach you all aspects of MMA.

We appreciate you taking time to read this, and have a free training video for you later on this page. But before we go into more detail in this program, here is a bit of background on ourselves.


Why Should You Listen To Us?

If you're going to train with someone, you need to have confidence in their abilities and experience as an instructor. Here is a little background on us:
Brian "Dr. Sick" Yamasaki
Achieved Associate Thai Boxing Instructor status in the Thai Boxing Association under the legendary Ajarn Chai. Level 3 Coach in CSW under Erik Paulson (trainer of UFC & PRIDE champions Brock Lesner, Sean Sherk, and Josh Barnett) Professional MMA instructor for over 10 years Brandon "The Assassin" Kiser
CSW Utah State Representative under Erik Paulson Retired 7-3 in MMA Coached and guest instructed at gyms around the country, including Xtreme Couture and Lions Den. Professional MMA instructor for over 10 years
Together we've coached and cornered fighters at all levels. From local amateur events to huge promotions like Bodog, UFC, and IFL.


But don't just take our word for it.
This is what the pros have to say about us:

Kaycey Uscola
Professional Bodog Fighter/Sport Fighter

Brandon Kiser (center right) cornering for Former Bodog Fighter Kaycey Uscola (center left), with Gladiator Challenge Champion Jake Paul (far left) and Former WEC Champion Uriah Faber (far right).

"I continue my training with Brandon Kiser because he understands me as a fighter. I enjoy training with Brandon for many reasons but mostly because he understands the whole package of mma and not just a specific art or two.

He also understands fighters on a psychological level because he was a fighter. Only someone who has fought can really understand the bond fighters have, particularly the successful ones..." - Kyacey Uscola

Brandon "The Murderer" Melendez
Ultimate Fighter Quarter Finalist

UFC veteran Brandon shares his thoughts on why he feels training with Brian and Brandon is so effective.

Jake Paul
3X Gladiator Challenge Welterweight Champion

Jake discusses his various belts as well as his thoughts on the advantages of online training and the technical details and knowledge Brian and Brandon are able to share.


You Don't Have to be a Hardened Professional Fighter to Benefit From our Training

We love the excitement of training and cornerning our pro athletes, but we are just as passionate about sharing our techniques with regular guys who love the sport as much as we do.

Here is what some of our students have to say about training with us:

Brian Sauer
Assistant Professor of Epidemiology at the University Utah

"I wanted to join an MMA gym, but was intimidated since I was in my mid 30s. As a university professor, I was also concerned about showing up to work with black eyes and broken noses. I'm so happy I found Brian and Brandon and am able to train under them.

Brian and Brandon are intuitive and knowledgeable coaches. They focus on technique and its practical application. If you think you want to learn Muay Thai or combat submission wrestling then I encourage you to give this online training a try – you won’t regret it."

Aaron Okura
Amateur MMA Fighter

"The techniques shown here at Damage Control MMA helped me achieve a 3-0 amateur MMA record."

But Is Online Training Really Effective?

There are many advantages to an online training program. Live classes are wonderful, but with our online program you can review material over and over until you own it. You can also move at your own pace and make sure you absorb all of the details.

Other advantages of online training include:
Train on your own time without worrying about making your schedule work with limited gym hours. Got a gym bully constantly whooping you on the mats? Learn moves at home and come back with some suprise moves of your own. Nervous about joining an MMA gym when you have zero experience? Pick up basic and advanced moves at home, and show up to your new gym with some skills Are MMA gyms too far away or too expensive? Train from home with our online program at a fraction of the cost of a gym membership. Huge fan of UFC and MMA televised fights? Enhance your appreciation for the sport by learning when a fighter is using good or poor technique and developing an understanding of what they are trying to accomplish with each move.
If you have any doubts about the effectiveness of online training, here is feedback on some of our online training articles and videos:
Renzo Gracie BJJ

The Renzo Gracie BJJ Academy had this to say about our online instruction on Muay Thai Leg Kicks:
"Very comprehensive breakdown of Muay Thai techniques, physiology, & kinesiology of the combinations."

[view actual message](http://twitter.com/RenzoGracieBJJ/status/6446675550).

Real Feedback From YouTube Users

"I live in the great white North and do not have a lot of experienced instuctors. These video sets are amongst the best I have seen online. Very nice guys. Very tech..love the doctors corner explaining the details of the liver shot, where to strike on the leg. Innovators in the MMA teaching game." - keeyat

"WOW! Best instructional video I have EVER seen! Very technical , clear and pedagogical all the way through. No bullsh*t, just facts! :)
Thanks, keep it up!" - gabbah79

"I love how you guys approach your teachings. Repeated run thrus, various angles, and the reason why x,y,z will work in practice.
Great job guys." - mankyller


See for yourself. Check out this free sample video. The member section is packed with much, much, more MMA instruction just like this:

Our comprehensive Online Training Program is Packed with Detailed Instrucion on the Most Effective Techniques

The initial Library of Techniques is listed below. New techniques, articles, theories, and or drills will be added each month!


Three Pack MP3 Audio Drill Set:

Boxing Rounds
Boxing Round 1 (3:00 minute round)
Boxing Round 2 (3:00 minute round)
Boxing Round 3 (3:00 minute round)
Boxing Round 4 (3:00 minute round)
Boxing Round 5 (3:00 minute round)

Thai Boxing Rounds
Thai Boxing Round 1 (3:00 minute round)
Thai Boxing Round 2 (3:00 minute round)
Thai Boxing Round 3 (3:00 minute round)
Thai Boxing Round 4 (3:00 minute round)
Thai Boxing Round 5 (3:00 minute round)

MMA Rounds
MMA Round 1 (5:00 minute round)
MMA Round 2 (5:00 minute round)
MMA Round 3 (5:00 minute round)
MMA Round 4 (5:00 minute round)
MMA Round 5 (5:00 minute round)

$39.95 VALUE for FREE

Fundamentals Basic Boxing Stance Basic Thai Boxing Stance Basic Footwork MMA Striking Theory Basic Left Jab Basic Straight Right Basic Left Hook Basic Thai Round Kick MMA Head, Knee, Toe Theory Understanding The Underhook Chest Pummel Drill Body Lock Takedown Lift Body Lock Takedown Knee Bump Body Lock Takedown from T Body Position Basic Thai Clinch or Prumb Prumb Pummel Combined Chest and Prumb Pummel Basic Up Knee Skip Knee 1 From Prumb Skip Knee 2 From Prumb Basic Lift Double Leg Takedown Low Outside Leg Trip Midline Outside Leg Trip High Outside Leg Trip Basic Single Leg Dump - Running The Pipe Inside Low Single Leg Spiral Takedown Knee Tap Takedown Arm In Body Lock Takedown Head Pummel Hip Distance Theory Underhook vs Overhook Theory Basic Takedown Drill Bonus Section Erik Paulson High Low High Entry Into Double Outside Leg Trip Set Up By Draw Loaded Leg Sweep Single Outside Angle Set Up For The Turn The Corner Double Inside Angle Set Up For Inside Low Single Toe Lock Focus Mitt Footage Part 1 Focus Mitt Footage part 2 Focus Mitt Footage Part 3 Focus Mitt Footage Part 4 Kimura to Arm Triangle MMA Set Up For the Arm In Body Lock Takedown MMA Set Up For The Spiral Takedown Striking Set Up Takedown Drill Whizzar Uchi Mata Whizzar to Gator Roll and Anaconda Choke Quick Kill Arm Pit Shove Escape to Eminent Guard Pass Sweep Kick Anatomy Of The Triangle Choke Part 1 Anatomy Of The Triangle Choke Part 2 Anatomy Of The Triangle Choke Part 3 Anatomy Of The Triangle Choke Part 4 Making Martini's Quasi Striking From Top Half Guard New Content Added Each Month. Upcoming Instruction: Clinch Break Outs Uchi Mata Series Understanding The Overhook Mid/High Double Basic Mount Escape Series Basic Side Cross Escape Series Back Mount Escape Series Basic Kesa Gatame Escape Series Basic Mount Retention Basic Guard Passing Series Basic Posture Breaking Series 5 Steps to Neutralizing A Guard MMA Zero Referance Point Theory Standing Offensive Cage Tactics Standing Defensive Cage Tactics Grounded Offensive Cage Tactics Grounded Defenseive Cage Tactics


All This For The Fraction of the Price of an MMA Gym

You can expect to pay between $80 to $150 a month for an MMA gym membership. You get 24/7 access for only $50, $30, $19.95 a month.

Try It Risk Free
For a limited time, the first students to sign-up will get their first month for only $4.95. If after the first month you no longer wish to continue, you can easily unsubscribe with no further obligation, and the free bonuses are yours to keep.

Get Access To Professional MMA Training Now For Only $4.95


Your initial charge will be $4.95. You will then be charged $19.95/month until you cancel.

FTC Disclaimer: Success in MMA depends on many factors including, trainers, training partners, diet, sleep, and conditioning. While Damage Control MMA strives to give you the best in MMA training techniques, your results in MMA competition may vary from the athletes endorsing our product.

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