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Free Adult Beginner Violin Lessons | Learn How to Play the Violin

Start Playing Right Away - Get started fast with songs in the very
first lesson!

Learn the Right Way - Don't become frustrated with lack of knowledge.
exactly what to practice so you can REACH YOUR GOALS.

Learn Anywhere - Save on transportation costs and time by not having
to go to
private lessons.

Learn at Your Own Pace - You decide when you want to practice and

Save Money - Stay away from paying thousands of dollars on a private
lesson tutor.

FROM: Michael Sanchez

To the Potential Violinist,

Have you always wanted to learn how to play the violin but didn't
know where
to start? Our will show you how to play the violin without
even any previous musical experience! You will be on your way to
these different styles on the violin...







Check out these example videos of a few of the styles on the

Fun Music
"The Pink Panther"

Country Fiddle
"The Devil Went Down to Georgia

Think That Succeeding at the Violin is Hard? Not So!

"Discover a Step-by-Step, Instructional Way to
Learn the Violin and Start Playing Your Very
First Day"

Never again wonder what you're doing wrong after I teach you
how to do everything right with my Violin Video Tutorials!

free violin lessons

In order to allow you to get the most out of the violin lessons
tutorials, it has been
designed carefully with regards to its . Instead of having to waste
time learning just what to do, or pondering over what it all means,
you can jump
right in and immediately start seeing the

Want take a look inside my digital studio? Sign up below to
which will give you a taste of what you can learn with Violin Tutor

results that you want.

receive 8 free lessons

ease of usage

Many adults are interested in learning to play the violin but have
no idea where to
start. Trying to learn on your own with just a book and a few
pointers is an
optimistic thought that many adult beginners have. Unfortunately most
of them will
find that the Many find out that some
kind of instruction is needed, but sometimes don't know where to

Many adult beginners seek the help of a teacher by looking for a
private tutor in
their area. The problem with this is that Not
only that but it can be a huge inconvenience to travel to the
teacher's home and
waste money on gas and time.

So how can you learn the violin, without paying thousands of dollars
on private

So What Problems do Beginners Encounter?

violin is too difficult to learn on your own.

private lessons are very expensive!

With Violin Tutor Pro, you will be able to learn the violin in the
comfort of your own home.
With every violin concept covered that you would learn in a private
lesson setting, you have
the ability to and as efficiently as going to a private teacher. That
because Michael Sanchez is a private teacher himself!

Avoid paying a ton of money to a teacher that only gives you a few
minutes of their time.
Take your time and learn at your own pace with Violin Tutor Pro. Save
money on
transportation and scheduling conflicts. You learn when you want to

Your Guide to Learning the Violin Has Arrived!

Michael Sanchez Brings His Private Studio to Your Home with his

learn the violin correctly

Learn from a Professional - Michael Sanchez teaches you the violin
with 20 years
of playing experience and 10 years of teaching experience.

Just like Private Lessons! - Face-to-face instruction makes you feel
like you are
at a private lesson, MINUS THE COST!

Learn to Read Music - You can learn to read music even with no
previous musical

Learn Every Technique - Each lesson progressively covers every
technique you
need to know about when playing the violin.

Learn Music People Recognize - You will recognize over 25 songs laid
out by
difficulty level so you can impress anybody you want!

Hours of Videos! - With over 50 VIDEOS, this series is jam packed
with hours of
lessons all on violin instruction!

Best of All, It's Fun! - Learning has never been made more EASY AND
FUN with
Violin Tutor Pro.

Learn from a Professional

Just like Private Lessons!

Learn to Read Music

Learn Every Technique

Learn Music People Recognize

Hours of Videos!

Best of All, It's Fun!

By choosing to buy Violin Tutor Pro, you will receive access
Each lesson contains personal video
instruction and imitates the same teaching style Michael uses in his
Play the violin like you never thought you could before!

Start Playing Right Away

Learn the Right Way

Learn Anywhere

Learn at Your Own Pace

Save Money

50 violin instructional lessons.


Let's think about how much you would be saving compared to hiring a
private instructor. I
charge about $40/hour for lessons and the Violin Tutor Pro Series is
the equivalent of about
a years worth of my private lessons. If you came to lessons every
week, you would have
spent about $2,000. This doesn't even include the time it takes to
get to the lessons and
gas! So doesn't it seem like a good deal to get $2,000 worth of
lessons for only $49.99?

On top of the price factor Violin Tutor Pro is LOADED FULL OF
the violin correctly. Other violin instructional packages out there
could care less if you learn
or not. I guarantee there is no other violin tutorial system out
there that will teach you how to
play the violin like Violin Tutor Pro will!


Violin Tutor Pro Comes with These Jam-Packed Bonuses!

Free Bonus #1 ($10.00 Value)
VIOLIN ACCESSORIES GUIDE - Learn exactly what you need to get
started playing the violin.
Free Bonus #2 ($10.00 Value)
INSTRUMENT CARE GUIDE - Find out how to take care of your
violin correctly including many do's and don'ts.
Free Bonus #3 ($50.00 Value)
4 VIOLIN EXERCISE VIDEOS - Learn 4 of the most helpful
exercises that you can do, that will accelerate your progress to
the next level!
Free Bonus #4 ($100.00 Value)
4 VIOLIN THEORY VIDEOS - Learn how to read music, understand
rhythm, bowing and how to follow music with these 4 bonus
theory videos!
Free Bonus #5 ($50.00 Value)
FREE SHEET MUSIC - Each lesson contains music of every song
that is demonstrated which makes it easy to follow along. Avoid
buying any books!
bargain that you don't
want to pass up. You will receive your an email with your user name
and password
within 24 hours! I am 100% POSITIVE THAT YOU WILL BE SATISFIED. So
sure that...
Don't regret not purchasing the Violin Video Tutorials at this

Michael Sanchez
Violin Tutor Pro
P.S. Violin Tutor Pro is a one-of-a-kind software package that goes
above and beyond
every expectation. Essentially, it is practically guaranteed to teach
you how to play the
violin or your money back. DON'T HESITATE!

We are offering a
60-Day Money Back

amazing price

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