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Obedience Training For
Your Dog That Works, The First Time, Every Time… SAVE your dog’s life using this proven strategy…
10 Idiot Proof Ways Anyone Can
Train Their Dog In Their Sleep!
Last, You Can Train Your Dog, Without Spending Hours In “Class”… and WITHOUT
The Danger Of You OR Your Dog Failing

The Most POWERFUL and EFFECTIVE Secrets, Tips, Tricks
and Tools ANYONE Can Use To Train Man’s Best Friend Revealed For The First

Are you caught in a constant
struggle trying to get your pooch to: Sit! Stay! Heal!…?
Maybe you just want your pup to stop jumping on every person that
walks through your door (including your boss).
If you are one of the millions of
people that own an “intolerable” mutt, don’t worry…
You are not alone… and there is
help. Chances are you are a loving dog owner. Who wouldn’t fall in love with
“man’s best friend.” Dogs are among the most loving and loyal creatures on

BUT, as with any animal, dogs need training and discipline. If they don’t receive
the right training and discipline, they act out. A baby needs discipline, a
toddler needs discipline. Just as you consider your baby a member of your
family in need of proper “rearing” so too should you consider your dog a
member of your family.
Sometimes all members of our “family” act out. Normally this
results from a combination of factors, including instinct and lack of
direction. A parent may find it is very difficult to deal with the frustration
and other emotions that come with raising an animal that doesn’t “listen” to
their commands, even when their commands may prove life-saving.
I know what it is like to have a dog that doesn’t
Several years ago I had a dog named “Jake.” I loved Jake, but he never
listened. Not because he was bad, but because I hadn’t trained him properly.
He’d also run about the house,
knocking over our good China and knickknacks, and jump on anyone and everyone he
met. He used to frighten our neighbor’s little boy because he would pounce on
him each time he saw him. He wasn’t going to hurt him, he wanted to lick him.
He was really friendly. But try telling a six year old child that!
One day, while were hanging out in
the front yard, Jake bolted.
A car
going 40MP hit my dog Jake… HOWEVER, he survived… and, so did I, after learning
how to train him!
Thank goodness Jake came away with
only minor damages (though I can’t say the same for the car owner). The car hit
him hard, the accident even left a dent! All this happened because Jake
wouldn’t listen to my commands when I told him to stay. He just wanted to chase
everything in sight, including moving vehicles. Maybe you can relate.
What I learned from this
frightening lesson, is that I had to find a way to make my dog listen… 
I had to train him to listen to what I had to say not because I didn’t love
him, but because I did, and he loved us and deserved the best.
And it was going to take a lot
more than obedience
training alone.  It was going to take some time and compassion. You see, Jake
came from a bad owner, so he had some behavioral problems that needed correction.
I learned later that most animals
that have or exhibit behavioral problems do so because they simply aren’t
trained correctly?  It’s true. Sometimes people mean well and try to train
their pets, but they lack the right tools. This can lead to failure, or worse
devastate a loving pet.
The biggest problem I had with my
beloved pet? Jake just wouldn’t listen to commands, simple commands (like Sit!
Stay! Heal!). This simple
lack of attention proved life-threatening, and often does for any dog owner struggling with obedience training.
Imagine for a moment if your dog
ran into traffic, and you weren’t able to get them to come back to you.
Isn’t this almost every dog owner’s worst nightmare? I’m glad Jake
made it out ok, despite his “serious” accident... But imagine the thousands of
other dogs sacrificed each years because they aren’t trained properly.
If you look at the statistics, it
is very scary.
Every Year Thousands Of Dogs Are Hit By Cars… And Many
Won’t Survive.
The culprit in most cases? Lack of
proper training. Sad, but very true.
If you live a lifetime you
probably will hear or witness at least one dog suffering from a car accident or
other injury because of lack of training. Lack of proper obedience training
doesn’t just impact you or your favorite friend. It can also impact those
around you.
That’s why it is so important you take action to ensure your pet’s
health, safety and well being, and the best way to do this is through proper obedience
The good news is you can help your
pet survive and thrive with proper training… and it doesn’t take a lot of
effort. In fact, I learned you can train your dog in just minutes.
I also
learned that everything I thought about training was dead wrong…
Have you ever wondered why it is some dogs are so well behaved,
and others so poorly?
I’ll tell you why. The “good” dogs
have good owners that trained them properly. The “bad” dogs are not bad at all;
they just haven’t been trained
properly. This leads to misunderstanding, frustration and confusion.
Most dog owners take their dog to
behavioral correction classes when they experience behavioral problems. This is
not only costly, it is often ineffective. While your dog may learn a few commands,
most dogs do not pay attention. New people, new dogs and unfamiliar territory
distract them.
Trying to train your dog the
wrong way can be just as damaging as not training him or her at all!
Your dog becomes just as
“confused” as you when you try to train him the wrong way. So you have to learn
how to train your dog without spending hours in futile classes that will only
result in more frustration and incompetence (or urinary incontinence, depending
on how you view it).
You also don’t want to dish out
tons of money on books or courses that will prove ineffective. Most of the
books and courses currently available that claim to train dogs well are
They fail to grasp the key
concepts everyone must adopt to train their dog effectively. That or they
require hundreds of hours, time that most people don’t have to train their dog.
No one needs complicated diagrams.
When I had Jake, I read dozens of
books about dog training. I checked out websites. But none of them contained
the information I needed to train my dog safely, efficiently and correctly.
The entire process was
frustrating, and there were times that I felt like giving up. The good news is
I didn’t. You can benefit from my long and frustrating process.
Read on to
discover how I learned to train my dog the right way, without spending
a lot of money, and without wasting my time on phony or inefficient dog
training programs…
If you are one of the millions of people that:
è    Struggle to get
their dog to behave because your dog is disobedient daily and you feel
frustrated with inefficient or expensive training?
è    Feel their dog
is the worst behaved in the neighborhood, but don’t know where to turn to help
your dog learn basic commands simply, easily and effectively?
è    Want simple, no
bull facts that will help you train your dog without much effort and lead to
simple but meaningful successes?
è    Are tired of
taking dog “training” classes that don’t help but still searching for an effective
way to train your dog with minimal effort?
è    Fears the signs
of aggression your dog is showing, and looking for fast answers that will
save your dog from the unwanted consequences of aggressive behavior?
è    Looking for ways
to stop your dog’s incessant biting, crying or barking but scratching your
head when it comes to the right command?
è    Love your dog
but want to build a stronger relationship with him or her without compromising
their safety?
è    Someone thinking
of buying a dog but afraid of dog training because of the horror stories
you’ve heard from other friends or family that have tried (unsuccessfully) to
train their dogs?
è    Someone
interested in keeping their relationship with the neighbors but terrified
your “barking” dog will spoil it?
è    Tired of reading ads that promise
results and give NONE (because there are a LOT out there, and they are hard to choose
Thank goodness there is finally an
answer for loving owners trying to tell fact from fiction when it comes to
their dog training.
You don’t have to spend hundreds
of hours trying inefficient methods to train your best friend. You don’t have
to read long and confusing books to learn the basic tools you need to train
your dog. The best part? You don’t have to feel frustrated.
Are you someone that has spent
more time looking for the right training tools that working? You are not alone.
Loving dog owners can dish out hundreds of dollars and waste hours on hours of
their precious time looking for the right answers.
The good news is you’ve come to just the right place. The best way to
learn about your dog is from trained professionals. But who has time to work
with a trained professional? Most people don’t have the time or the money.
Most training professionals don’t
offer a guarantee. So perhaps they are not the best way to train the dog after
all. What if you became your own dog training professional however?
And what if you could do this
without getting certified or spending even more of your valuable time taking
classes that still won’t guarantee you results?
Now there is a way you can become
your own dog training professional. Using a few simple, powerful and easy
tools, you can become your own professional in just minutes instead of hours.
And, you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars.
You don’t have to spend weeks in
classes that will result in frustrating results. You can start teaching your
dog to pay attention to you and start listening to commands simply, easily and
successfully. How? 
Take The
Stress Out Of Dog Training, No Matter How BAD Your Dog Gets…
Imagine what it would be like if you were to go on a
walk with your dog. Your dog listens to your every command. When you say,
“Stay” your dog stays. When you say, “Heal” your dog heals. Imagine your
friends patting you on the back for the wonderful job you’ve done training your
Wouldn’t it be nice if you could
go to bed and not worry about your dog barking and disturbing not only your
sleep, but that of your neighbors?
Imagine learning the exact
strategies that will teach your dog to refrain from spoiling your home. Your
dog doesn’t pee on the carpet, but waits patiently for his walks.
It sounds like a fairy tail
doesn’t it? What is FIDO going to do next? Bring you the paper? Maybe…
There are good dog owners, and
there are great ones. The great ones have mastered the secrets of training a
dog so they can create
truly great relationships with their puppies.
The problem is you love your dog
to death. Even if your dog does bark, scowl or bite, deep down you know he is
innocent. You want to help your dog maximize his or her potential for success.
You don’t want to fail your dog, just like your dog doesn’t want to fail you.
How can you help? It may be easier
than you think.
More Than
½ Of All Dog Owners Will Relinquish Their Pet To The Pound… And More than 60%
Of Pound Animals Get Euthanized…
Don’t relinquish your ill-behaved friend to the
pound… he deserves better than that. In fact, by training your dog you are
serving your dog (and yourself) best. No guilt for relinquishing your pup to
the pound (because you don’t have to and won’t WANT to).
What is training? It is simply a way to communicate with your dog. Since your dog
can’t speak to you (using human language) you have to learn how to interpret
his signals.
You also have to learn how to instruct your dog about what to do
and when to do it. Your dog doesn’t instinctively know not to jump on your
The good news is you can teach
him, and it’s easier than you think.
Here are just a few of the benefits you’ll realize by
training your dog:
¨      Your
dog will learn to be more social but less aggressive. This will result in a
more loving and secure relationship between the two of you.
¨      You will reduce
the likelihood your dog will soil your home. No one wants to deal with a pet
that consistently pees in the house. Imagine your carpet cleaning bills.
¨      You
will not have to worry about your dog destroying your precious belongings when
gone. You can even leave your knickknacks out and have faith your dog will not
harm them.
¨      You will find
your dog the perfect playmate and companion for you and your family.
¨      You
can eliminate all behavior related problems, including night barking and
chewing. Who doesn’t deserve a good night’s sleep?
¨      You will form a
long-lasting and irresistible relationship with man’s best friend that no one can
interfere with.
¨      You’ll
receive unconditional love from your favorite pet. Your dog will not only give
you the love you deserve, but you will do the same for them!
¨      You will form a
long lasting and memorable relationship with your new best friend, one that you
will cherish and enjoy for years to come.
When it comes to training, there
are many options. Many people opt for a traditional class. However, with
classes come many disadvantages.
A professional trainer and class
can be very time consuming. The worst part? There are no guarantees. When you
invest in a class or courses, the person or organization offering them
typically won’t guarantee a positive outcome.
The only way you can succeed when
training your dog is to become your own personal professional dog trainer.
You can
become your own professional dog trainer, if you know the right tools, tips and
You CAN spend thousands of dollars
to become your own dog professional trainer. Or you can spend hundreds of
dollars taking your dog to a dog training class. But why not just learn how the
good trainers “do it” then train your dog yourself?
By doing so, you will create a
much stronger and more loving relationship with your pet.
What are the benefits of learning
to train your dog to succeed? How can you benefit by becoming your own personal
dog trainer? There are almost too many benefits to list, but we’ll give it a
Here are some advantages you will gain by becoming
your own personal dog trainer:
1.      You
don’t have to wait in line for an opening in a dog training school. This can be
frustrating and result in more behavioral problems during the interim period.
2.      You
don’t have to shell out hundreds of dollars for “professional” training because
you become the professional. You can also start saving a lot of money on
courses that don’t really work in the long-term.
3.      You
start realizing small gains immediately when you use the right tools and
techniques. This will leave you and your dog feeling better about your
4.      You
don’t have to worry about your dog interacting with other untrained dogs
because you have the opportunity to train your dog one-on-one. Your dog will
feel more at ease if you act as their professional trainer, and you will feel
more confident in your own abilities to work with your dog and train him or
5.      You
can take your dog out immediately once you begin your training program. You
don’t have to keep your dog locked inside and hope for the best. When you use
the right tools and techniques, you both win. Take your dog outside on day one,
what training program can beat that?
While it isn’t easy to train a dog on your own, you
can train your dog relatively simply when you have the right resources, and when you’ve
spent some time learning exactly what it takes to help your dog be more
You Can
Spend Up To $12,000 To Become A Professional Dog Trainer… Or Become Your Own
Professional Trainer For Pennies On The Dollar
Animal training schools are NOT
cheap. They are expensive, and most do not offer any guarantees. What you need
is a guaranteed method of training your dog you don’t have to spend a fortune
on. What you need is a way to train your do easily, simply and without risk.
Imagine if you will for a moment a
program that offered you a RISK FREE and GUARANTEED opportunity to train your dog right, the first time… every time.
It doesn’t matter what type of dog
you own, his age or breed. You can end the stress and annoyance associated with
behavioral problems using a few quick, simple and easy steps.
Immediate Results When You Learn The Secrets Professional Trainers Have Used
For Years To Train Obedient Dogs…
Are you frustrated because your
dog seems to have every behavioral problem in the book? Don’t worry you aren’t
alone. There are millions of people scratching their heads wondering what
they did wrong.
It isn’t you. It’s the training
system or book you are using. Most simply don’t work. They don’t apply the
basic training strategies true professionals and dog owner’s need to help their
dogs succeed and learn how to listen to their owner’s commands.
What if it wasn’t “what” you were
doing but instead “how” you were doing it? It really is that easy. I should
know. After spending years researching the right techniques, I finally found
out how anyone can become their own dog training professional. It is much
easier than you think!

Are you interested in
learning a method that will allow you to fix almost any dog behavioral problem,
no matter how long it has existed? You can successfully train even the
most difficult dog, no matter how long they have exhibited bad behavior.
You can even train dogs that have
been abused or neglected, dogs you want to help but dogs that have suffered
from terrible behavioral problems. You can win, and you can succeed (and so can
your dog). It’s time to work with a system that really works, and helps you and
your dog realize true training success.
An Easy System Makes Training A Snap
Far too many dog owners get
involved in complicated courses or training programs with “professional”
trainers. These programs do not guarantee results. Real dogs need REAL help
from REAL people.
Just like
children need guidance from parents, so too do dogs require direction from you…
You wouldn’t let someone else
raise your children, so why leave dog training in the hands of someone else?
What if they were a way you could:
è    Solve any
behavioral problem in minutes instead of hours?
è    Uncover top
training techniques only professionals use, in just minutes?
è    Speed up your
dog training so your dog learns to obey your commands instantly?
è    Transform your
ill-behaved dog into a well-behaved child you can take anywhere?
The problem with too many
dog-training books is they are based on “theory” and not “reality”. What your
dog needs is real life tactics and strategies that WORK, not theories.
Who cares about theory?
You’ve Probably
Already Committed The Most Common Mistake Well-Meaning Dog Owners Make…
Have you ever tried to get your
dog to “come” to you? Guess what? Most people do this BEFORE they train their
dog. They figure “come” is the basic command.
When you do this, you are
committing the #1 mistake dog owners make. And, it can ruin your obedience
training for life!
In our new guide, you can learn
how to:
·         Avoid the #1
mistake dog owners make and start training your dog the right way from day one.
·         How to stop a
dog from barking all night, even if your dog has been a bark-a-holic for years.
·         Spot your dog’s
early warning signs that he is about to engage in bad behavior, and learn how
to turn that bad behavior into good actions.
·         Learn how to
transform even the most unruly pet into a well-disciplined friend that follows
your every command…
Still not convinced? Here is what other people are
Story #1: Tanya Valentine
“Bailey’s progress
improves every day! She loves to learn new commands and obeys my every word!!”
Tanya and her boyfriend
took in a stray. Bailey’s behavior clearly suggested he had been abused.
“Bailey acted crazy and terrified. He would nip, chew and bark all the time!
Not only that, he would soil the house time and time again. No matter what we
tried, nothing worked!” Tanya and her boyfriend looked at several books on dog
training and behavior, but none of the tools and tactics worked.
“I researched and
researched and came across this unique system. This manual is AMAZING. In just
two minutes I downloaded and printed this live-saving guide. Bailey instantly
stopped barking once we started using the techniques offered in this amazing
guide.” Tonya admits training now is much simpler than it used to be.
“All you have to do is
follow the techniques exactly. Don’t change a single thing and you’ll start
realizing results instantly. Bailey has made incredible progress; I have to
attribute his success to your amazing guide! I recommend this manual to
everyone and anyone who has a dog and companion. No matter how challenging the
tasks lying ahead, you will learn the real deal when it comes to training in
this guide. If I can train Bailey, you
can train ANY DOG anytime.” - Tanya Valentine (UK)
Story #2: Ken Marks
“Bud was very aggressive
toward strangers in our house… Until this unique, one-of-a-kind training
course. Now he’s the best”
“I have a BIG watch dog.
Until now he was very aggressive toward strangers in the house. While deep down
I knew he was just trying to protect us, his aggressive instincts led to much
I knew if I had the proper
tools I could train him well. I looked at other manuals, but discovered several
essential tips in this book that helped me train my dog well. Now, not only is
Bud a great watch dog, but also a loving and wonderful pet. I am very pleased I
bought this book. Thanks so much for helping me train my beloved dog.” – Ken
Marks (Florida, USA)
Story #3: Mrs. Lisa Spaynes
“Stop Jumping Now!”
“Our dog Max is VERY
friendly. He loves everyone and it shows all the time. He jumps on anyone and
everyone that comes to the house. I was at a loss for what to do, and didn’t
have the time to invest in proper training. Thanks to your training manual, I
followed some simple instructions and Max now controls his jumping (and only
jumps when we ask him to!) – Mrs. Lisa Spaynes (Canada).
Avoid The Critical Mistakes Well-Meaning Dog Owners Make
When Training Their Dog
Are you paying too much for
obedience training that isn’t working? You probably are if you have a dog that
still doesn’t listen.
And what happens when you
do pay for training, only to discover your dog develops new “bad habits” and
requires re-training?
Do you then shell out
thousands of dollars again for more training?
If you are tired of
spending too much money on inefficient efforts, it’s time to take your
obedience training to the next level.
The average dog owner has dozens of dog training books that
don’t work… So what is the next step?
Keep reading to learn more
of how to correct your dog’s behavioral problems (without spending a fortune).
What are some of the common
problems the average dog owner faces? Here are just a few:
è    Constant
disobedience of basic commands.
è    Aggressive
behavior toward other dogs or people.
è    Soiling the
house or soiling other beloved items.
è    Barking at
night or during the day when alone or with others.
è    Biting or
acting in other aggressive manners.
è    Running away
when off the leash…
The list of problems dog
owners face goes on and on. The good news is you can start creating a list of
positive habits your dog engages in when you start learning how to train
your dog “just like the professionals.”
It’s not a gimmick. It’s
not an ad created to sell you a useless guide. Your dog really IS man’s best
friend. Remember Jake? Jake just needed a little guidance, and so do you.
You can take steps to
guide your dog in the right direction, and it isn’t as hard as you may
think it is. In fact, it is really easy.
Here’s what you CAN do:
§         Save time by
investing in a course that will train you as a professional.
§         Save money by
using the tools and techniques professional trainers use.
§         Save frustration
by focusing on proven methods that work almost instantly, so you don’t have to
try techniques over and over again.
§         Provide you
instant, guaranteed results bound to cure even the worst behavioral problems.
So what exactly are the
professionals doing, and how can you benefit from their strategies and

Learn How To Train
Your Dog Using Proven, Simple And Instant Methods
1)     Learn how to use dog psychology in
your favor… and
eliminate the frustrations commonly associated with communication and training.
2)     Discover the top secrets
professionals have known for years… and start realizing instant successes when behavioral
training your favorite friend.
3)     Discover the #1 method for curbing
aggression… and
adopt sure-fire techniques that will decrease dog aggression instantly.
4)     Uncover the #1 problem most dog
owners have when training… and the tips, tricks and techniques you can use to resolve this problem
in days instead of months.
5)     Discover
never before revealed tips for halting daytime or nighttime barking… and start re-establishing your
relationship with your neighbors.
owners face many challenges. It is
important you approach training with an open mind and willingness to succeed.
If you do, FIDO will too! Here are a few more benefits you will enjoy from
this unique and simple manual:
6)     Learn the
#1 most effective training method used today… and what materials you will need to make it
7)     Find out
how you can teach your dog to live comfortably in your home… so you don’t have to worry about
your home when away.
8)     Learn the
top techniques for avoiding tugging on the leash… so you can enjoy a midday stroll without running to keep up with your favorite pet.
9)     Learn the
top 3 techniques to eliminate biting… so you don’t have to worry about sending your dog away.
10) Discover
the #1 method for teaching your dog virtually ANYTHING… and how this powerful command can
be used over and over again to teach your dog new and important good behavior

Sure, it sounds too good to
be true. Why should I believe you?
The techniques and tips
provided in this guide are proven methods loyal dog owners have used for
years to train well-behaved, friendly companions. Want to hear more success
Read on for more
Story #4: Ally Sparrow
Getting Control Over My
Dog’s Aggression
“I love your guide!! I
rescued my two dogs from the pound and I knew nothing about dog obedience or
training, but thought I would give it a try. One of my dogs was quite
aggressive with other dogs, and crazy about chasing cats, squirrels and even
cars! What I like most about your manual is you give insight into what the dog
is thinking. Why they behave the way they do and tips on what to do to correct
the problem. I have learned so much from your instructions, and my dogs are now
following my commands! Thanks to you!!” – Ally Sparrow (Australia)
Story #5: Elizabeth Barker
Liz’s dog used to have a
“nervous disposition” resulting in constant barking, growling and biting. Here
is what she has to say:
“Your manual has been a
tremendous help to me and allowed me to gain more control over my dog. We are
better friends for it. While my dog is very loving and playful, I hired a dog
behaviorist in the past to try to control my dog’s nervous disposition. Well,
it didn’t work. It is possible my dog was tormented and abused before I owned
her. Any dog owner knows this can lead to behavior problems. While she loves
the family, she is terrified of strangers, even other dogs!!
My dog now knows who the
alpha is and doesn’t try to act silly. She is learning to become tolerant of
others and listen to all my commands. I wish I’d heard of this guide months
ago, before dishing out money on a behaviorist, because the book has performed
much better! It’s brilliant, very easy to understand and the results are
amazing!” – Elizabeth Barker (Miami, USA)
Find Out
More About Dog Training      Get Dog
Training Secrets Now
Story #6: Valery Duffle
When Valery received her
guide, her dog was, “boisterous, aggressive and unresponsive” Now… “we have
taken a difficult dog – and created a great family member!”
“Your manual was a
lifesaver! A friend incapable of training her gave our 2 year old dog, Louis,
to me. What a handful! He was an aggressive, skittish and unresponsive animal.
In the first month I felt frustrated.
When I bought your dog
training manual I was just about ready to give up! In the months since I
received your manual however, Louis has completely changed! My friends recently
labeled me the official town “dog trainer” because the results have been so
incredible. Louis still pulls on the leash, he does have some bad days. But he
now sits, stays, fetches, leaves – he is a great play mate!
He doesn’t immediately run
out if the front door is open and even sits outside with us while we clean our
cars. It’s much easier having a dog around that doesn’t take off in a shot. He
is funny and a joy. Now, I wouldn’t give him up for anything! And we wouldn’t
have gotten this far without the wonderful hints, tips and explanations from
your online guide! This is truly the best buy ever!! Cheers – I really
appreciate your amazing help!” – Valery Duffle (Ontario, Canada)
Find Out
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Training Secrets Now
Story #7: Kelly Smith
“I am so pleased to report
I have found a program that works!!”
“I just wanted to let you
know how grateful I am for your website and manual. After spending hundreds of
dollars and a great deal of time trying to train, I am so relieved to report to
EVERYONE I now have found a program that works! My beloved Jack Russell has a
future he can safely enjoy. I am still struggling with some things, but by
Christmas I am confident my anxiety will disappear. Thank you for your clear,
down to earth, logical explanation about the Alpha Dog concepts and more!” – Kelly Smith, LA, USA
Find Out
More About Dog Training      Get Dog
Training Secrets Now
Success Story #8: AJ Jackson
I never
thought it could be so easy to teach a dog to be so good…
“Thank you
so much for your wonderful online tutorial! I just purchased your guide a few
months ago. So far everything is going as you said it would! Your guide is
incredibly accurate and helping me train my dog better than I ever expected! My
9 month old golden retriever and I are enjoying daily training sessions. All
your good advice and techniques seem to work very well. I never thought it
would be so easy! Thank you so much for this success manual!” – AJ Jackson (Japan)
Find Out More About Dog Training      Get Dog Training Secrets Now

Success Story #9: AJ Jackson
Her 2 year old puppy used to be aggressive toward her
new 7-week old puppy… but not anymore!
“I bought your manual after I acquired a second puppy
that was 7-weeks old. My first puppy, a male (then 2 years old) was aggressive
toward her. I didn’t know what to do but honestly feared for my puppy’s life! Thanks
to your easy manual, my puppies now eat, sun bake and play together for hours
on end! I would recommend your manual to anyone who cares about their animals!”
– Joanne Garnes (Mexico).
 Success Story #10: Jennifer Jiles and Alfe
Alfe had “earned himself a reputation around town as a
vicious dog…”
“My sister and I have a very spoiled 3-year old Border
Collie. When he was about 18-months old he developed a severe case of fear
based aggression towards his own territory, other dogs and strangers. He has
even growled and lunged at a teenager who was walking too close to me. It seems
like he has a comfort zone around him, but anyone that comes closer than that
better watch out!
He earned a reputation for being a vicious dog, even
though I knew deep down he wasn’t. This was awful for me because at home he was
a very calm dog, a big softie we could play with whenever we wanted. Your
manual taught me the training techniques of a professional, techniques I
couldn’t learn anywhere else. Alfe failed miserably at our local Dog Training
School, by this time we were getting desperate. When I ran across your
website, I instantly felt relief.
You manual has been invaluable in helping us gain control
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I recommend your manual to everyone, in fact I already
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and want to take advantage of it too! People every day ask me how I did it!
Alfe is now a pleasure to walk with, without the nightmare! This is all thanks
to you and your team!” – Jennifer Jiles and Alfe (Brazil)
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Special Bonus #3 – Facts And
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number one family dog? It may not be what you think… learn more about this popular and
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Ø     Do you know what
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No matter who you are or
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Even seasoned vest or dog
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Ø     Learn even
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When you prevent healthcare problems, you save yourself and your dog much in
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Ø     Find out how
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