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Pit Bull Training Tips

are the Pit Bull "secrets" professional dog trainers don't
want you to know!
Else Wants To Quickly And Easily STOP Their Pit Bull
From Crapping In The House, Destroying The Carpet, Barking At The Neighbors,
Peeing On Everything, And Misbehaving Like A Spoiled Brat?"
You Answered "Yes" To The Above Question Then Click The "Play"
Button Below For A Very Special *Audio* Message...

Amazing Facts About Training Pit Bulls ...And why you shouldn't
even think about training your Pit Bull until you
read every word of this letter!

and punishing does NOT work for Pit Bulls ...and it can
make your dog even harder to train!

Pit Bulls
can be easily housebroken ...but popular housetraining methods
often backfire with these dogs! (Find out the right way below.)

Pit Bulls
have a special mental "trigger" that can be used
to make them obey your every command like you had a special
"doggie remote control".


From: Dean Rankin
Wednesday 2:53 PM

Dear Friend,
If you can spare
1 hour, 44 minutes and 33 seconds of your time, I'll show you how to quickly
and easily train your Pit Bull ...even if you've never had good
luck training your dog in the past.
Because that's how
long my special dog training audio set is. And when you listen to it,
you'll be BLOWN AWAY with how easy it is to train your Pit Bull.
Here's just some
of what you'll discover...

The silly mistake
most people make when trying to train their Pit Bulls ...and how
it can actually make your dog harder to train.

The number one
reason Pit Bulls do anything ...and how to tap into this amazing
driving force behind Pit Bull behavior.

The simple "anchor"
method that cuts training time by as much as 71% ...and makes Pit Bulls
obey you like they were operated by remote control!

breakthrough training system is guaranteed to eliminate dog problems forever
...in only 15 minutes a day.
I know
that's a bold promise and it might sound a little "over the top"
...but it's true, and I can back up every word.

Are Three Good Reasons To Believe Me When I Tell You Your Pit Bull
Will Be A Well Behaved Angel
543 other dog
owners use this very same system you'll be using.
the past 8 weeks alone, over 2055 people have signed up to receive my
exclusive Dog Training newsletter.
I'm the only person in the training industry that'll let
you keep his entire training system FREE if it doesn't work for your
Pit Bull.
else in is willing to put their "money where their mouth is"
like this...)

bottom line is this: My system is 100% guaranteed to work for
you ...just like it's worked for 543 other dogs before

you've tried to train your Pit Bull in the past and had no luck,
this will work for you.

you've paid to send your Pit Bull to obedience school and it still
misbehaves, this is for you.

you're thinking about getting a Pit Bull and you want to make
sure you start out on the right foot, this is for you.

my course I will teach you a time-tested and perfected Pit Bull
Training Formula. This formula is a simple step-by-step plan you will
follow anytime you want to train your Pit Bull to do new tricks,
or stop your Pit Bull from doing any annoying behavior.
formula was tested, tweaked, and used on over 543 dogs. The reason why
it's so popular is simple:
Works Like Gangbusters
no "violence." No hitting. No yelling, or anything like that.
You won't need it because the system shows you how to make your dog want
to obey you!
what most people don't realize is that Pit Bulls are actually
"hard wired" to do as you say.
what I mean by that is it's actually an instinct for your Pit Bull
to obey you. That's the way Pit Bulls are.
have a special mental "trigger" that drives almost all of their
behavior. And when you tap into this hidden Pit Bull driving force,
you can totally shape their behavior.
this system makes it super-easy to do it.
just a tatse of what's you'll accomplish:

How to speed-train
your Pit Bull by taking advantage of his natural desire to obey

An amazingly
simple way to get fast results using your Pit Bull's "den

How to use treats
the right way (hint: don't use treats as a bribe!)

quick and easy ways to get your Pit Bull to walk on a leash at
your side.

The absolute best
way for you to communicate with your dog. (Hint: It's closer to "normal
conversation" than you might think!)

How to
quickly housetrain your dog in one easy setting. (This has worked for
*hundreds* of dog training clients, and it's guaranteed to work for
your Pit Bull.)

The fastest and
easiest way to keep your dog from barking all night!

The guaranteed
secret that the pro trainers use to eliminate chewing and digging.

The surefire way
to correct any of your dog's unwanted behavior, from jumping and nipping
to digging in the yard. This method works like magic! (It's actually
based on an easy distraction technique used in training Police dogs.)

How to
keep your dog from crying, howling, and whimpering at night ..guaranteed!

An quick-fix solution
that'll keep your dog off the furniture forever.

The number
one secret to making your dog's training "stick". (I have
to admit that this one method took me by surprise ...but boy does it

And that's not nearly
You'll discover much
more in this rare and candid training system.
And what's really
great is that
Can Be Absorbing These Amazing Training Techniques In The Next 30 Seconds!
can order amazing system right now and actually start discovering these
Pit Bull training secrets within 30 seconds... yes, that is right...
WITHIN 30 SECONDS you can be mastering the dog training techniques that'll
transform your Pit Bull into a dream dog.
because I've taken the entire system (13 segments in all) and made them
so they'll play right over your computer speakers.

The "Play" Button For A Sample!

you do is click the "play" button you'll see beside each segment
and the interview will start playing instantly ...just like the sample
even better is there's nothing to download or install ...and you don't
need any fancy programs to play it.
can listen even if you're new to computers. It's easy.
you can listen as many times as you like ...from any computer in the world!
You'll Get These Two Limited Bonuses FREE When You Order
By Midnight,

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