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Product Review

“I feel incredibly healthy and well-supported  by the foods she taught me to eat.”

Cary helped me realize that eating healthy didn’t necessarily  mean food would be boring. Recipes she taught me years  ago, are still favorites and the foundation of my nutritional program for extreme fitness; my regular activities include weight lifting, snowboarding, surfing and cycling. I feel incredibly healthy and well-supported by the foods she taught me to eat. I can honestly say I very rarely get sick and when I do I know what to do to get myself feeling better right away.

Mark Frings, Long Beach, CA

Note: This person received a complimentary review copy of this ebook in order to facilitate their Honest opinion for this endorsement.

If You Worry about getting sick, IT’S NOT YOUR FAULT

If you spend time worrying that you or your loved ones will get sick when colds and flu go around and aren’t sure what to do about it -

If you worry that you might get degenerative illness someday or get what your parents had

If you worry that the statistics are against you -

If you’ve started getting all kinds of aches and pains and wish they would go away

If you’re confused by all the information out there and not sure what’s true or what’s propaganda from those who will make money off of your fear

It isn’t your fault, but there is scientific evidence to help you change it now…

The general consensus in our culture is that we’re going to get sick and statistics are biased in that direction. But these statistics are based on the fact that the majority of people are living a diet and lifestyle that many scientific studies are now proving may be very unhealthy.

What if we develop an entirely new belief system that healthy diet and lifestyle does matter? And then take action to  incorporate the best scientific knowledge available into our life?   Doesn’t it make sense that we might actually have a far better chance of keeping ourselves healthier than the average?

We’re lucky to be living in a time when there is so much documented scientific evidence available proving the benefits of healthy diet and lifestyle. Let’s gather some facts from this research that we can apply in everyday life.

Pages of clinical studies in this Super Immunity Secrets ebook document amazing benefits of powerful herbs and spices, that also have the history behind them of being used for seasoning and healing for literally thousands of years.

Another interesting fact, recent best-seller The China Study documents a 35 year study of 8,000 people in 65 counties in China and concludes that reducing consumption of animal products to a maximum of 7% reversed or eliminated most degenerative illness.

Super Immunity Secrets offers practical information on how to implement these things in our everyday lives with delicious, simple make recipes and menus, easy enough for those who are “too busy” and inexpensive enough for those on a “tight budget.”

Powerful Herbs and Spices have been shown in Clinical Studies to:

Stimulate the Immune System

Encourage Optimum Weight

Increase Energy

Kill Viruses and Bacteria

Reduce Herpes

Kill Staph

Provide High Levels of Vitamin C

Increase Powerful Antioxidants

Conserve Omega 3 Fatty Acid Levels in Brain, Kidneys and Heart

Increase Circulation

Improve Memory

Reduce Asthma

Inhibit some forms of Tumors

Act as a Potent Anti-inflammatory similar to over-the-counter drugs

Protect Chromosomes from Radiation Damage

Chelate Mercury from the body

Chemoprotective (neutralize carcinogens)

Improve Calcium Levels – reduces bone loss

Assist insulin response – high in chromium

Reduce risk of Cancers

Reduce Arthritic Inflammation and Swelling

Kill Bacteria and Viruses associated with Colds and Flu

Boost Immune System

Soothe Intestinal Tract

Reduce Risk of Heart Attack and Stroke

Support Healthy Blood Pressure

Contain Selenium

Reduce Replication of Common Viruses including HIV

Wouldn’t it make sense to learn how to get and use these potent herbs and spices?

You’re thinking “there’s no way, it’s too much work, too expensive, I’m too lazy, or maybe for someone else, but not for me.”

I’m going to show you an easy step-by-step system by which you can easily accomplish all this and more no matter what your excuses.

I’ve spent years studying why America is so unhealthy, and I’ve searched out the best studies on protective herbs and spices and put them and some of the most delicious, easy to make recipes anywhere – available here and now to you in this instantly downloadable ebook – Super Immunity Secrets.

This is about lifestyle, things you can do easily at home.

It doesn’t cost a lot, it isn’t about ordering special foods and supplements.

I’ve included loads of delicious everyday recipes made with common foods you can implement at home on a budget that works like crazy.

If you’re NOT leveraging your lifestyle NOW to prevent illness later, you should be scared, because the old way of doing things doesn’t protect us in this modern world any more.

If you’ve been listening to the news you know that epidemics and even pandemics are not a joke, and cancer is now taking the lead over heart disease as the greatest cause of death in the western world.

Being lazy about lifestyle habits just because everyone else does is not going to cut it.

It’s essential in today’s world to learn what foods and habits have been shown in scientific studies to be protective, to go to the effort of integrating them into our everyday lives, and improve our chances of staying healthy.

I’m Cary Ellis, fellow health seeker – I had my own health challenges and I’ve spent years researching for myself what it really takes to stay well and increase youth and longevity. I’ve put all this into comprehensive, easy to follow guidebooks and tools available exclusively here.

For less than you’d spend on a nice dinner out you can now get Super Immunity Secrets, easy-to-follow guide to actually take action to care for your well-being now…

I’ve educated thousands of people over the years about healthy lifestyle changes. New habits don’t often get made overnight – they can require repetition and encouragement. For this reason I’m also startinf my “Get Healthy Now!” Club for regular support and encouragement. Learn how you can join at my website http://www.caryellis.com

So do yourself a favor, get an instant download of Super Immunity Secrets – delicious recipes made with some of the most protective ingredients I’ve found over years of research – quick and easy for anyone to make, even on a budget.

You’ll discover amazing scientific studies that show the power of these herbs and spices, that will inspired  you to live a healthier lifestyle for many years to come.

Act now! Get Super Immunity Secrets today before this special introductory offer is all gone!


Get this special offer before they’re gone
$27.97 $17.97


Product Review

“Knowing Cary has encouraged and inspired  me to be even more dedicated to taking good care of my health and well-being.”

You can’t be around Cary without wanting to be more      healthy. I’ve always taken care of myself, but her influence  has made me get really focused on what I’m eating and  when, and how active I’m being. It’s great to know someone  who is such a good example, I would never have guessed  her age in a million years if she hadn’t told me. Knowing  Cary has encouraged and inspired me to be even more dedicated to taking responsibility for myself, and to realize no matter what anyone else is doing, that what I achieve with my own health and fitness is up to me!

Jamie Lea P, Colorado Springs, CO

Note: This person was given a complimentary review copy of this ebook in order to facilitate their Honest opinion for this endorsement.

I’d almost bet you’ll find something you’ve been searching for a long time right now in your instant download of this Super Immunity Secrets ebook. I also need to let you know this is not a long book but it is packed with information. I believe most people today don’t have time to read lots of words, they want their information quickly. This ebook is written with this in mind. It’s filled with “dense nutrition” that is easy to assimilate, quick to read and apply.

Product Review

“You’ve done a heroic job creating this book of love!”

The ebook is wonderful, and I think you’ve thought of many  things I have never seen in Molly Katzen or my vegetarian  cookbooks. I know you have done a heroic job creating this  book of love, which you remind us should go into all cooking.  You remind us to sprout, which is the first thing one forgets  when in a hurry for a desperation dinner. Let me know when  you’re “in print”. I can’t wait!

Love, Martha, Chapel Hill, NC

Note: This person was given a complimentary review copy of this ebook in order to facilitate their honest
opinion for this endorsement.

Super Immunity Secrets is an
Easy to Download Instantly Available Ebook

This ebook is in pdf format, easy to download and read on any computer (including Mac and Windows). If you haven’t used an ebook before just follow the simple purchase instructions and then click on the link to download this colorful and informative ebook to your computer. The entire process shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes.  You will then be able to read it, print it out or burn it to disk as you would any other document or file.

I’ve decided to begin sharing information through ebooks as they are almost instantly available, and they’re eco-friendly, saving trees and costs and pollution of shipping. If you haven’t used an ebook before you’ll find it easier than you think – and will wonder why you waited so long.

Be sure to come back once you’ve gotten the book and post a comment to let me know how you’re using it in your life.

From The Desk Of Cary Ellis

Author / Creator, Super Immunity Secretsâ„¢

What you are about to discover is the end result of years of research and lifestyle experience.

What took me years to discover and develop, is yours right now…

I am about to explain to you why this system will make the single biggest difference… transforming your views about healthy lifestyle from the moment you begin using it…

Or I will buy it back from you on the spot.

My personal guarantee to you is simple – this information will expand your views about healthy lifestyle in 60 days or less, or you won’t pay a penny.

I hope you use it as I do every day, and look forward to helping you take one BIG leap forward in your lifestyle attitudes and habits!

Cary Ellis

If you’re a health seeker like me, I’ll almost bet you’ll find something you’ve been searching for right now in this Super Immunity Secrets ebook .

Act Now! You just might discover you’ve found the keys to lifelong well-being.


Get this special offer before they’re gone
$27.97 $17.97


“My Crazy 60 Day Guarantee”

I’m not satisfied unless you’re more than satisfied. So here’s my simple “No Small Print” guarantee. Try Super Immunity Secrets today and put it through the ringer. Use every tool and bit of information as many times as you’d like for 2 full months.

You be the judge. If you’re unhappy with it for any reason, just return it and I’ll refund your full original purchase price.

I have no problem making this guarantee because I’ve benefited from much of this information myself so I know it works. Fair enough?

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