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Cracking the Forex Code

Over two-thousand individuals who has


have made up to 8,652% gain in 8 months with this ONE single trade
alone in 2009

In fact, they could have already made $200 - $1,000
by the time you have finished reading this...

Dear Reader,

If you are like most people, you have no idea what the "Forex Edge"

But if you ever want to make a fortune in investments, you should

With the "Forex Edge", a few happy people have made up to 8,652%
gain on just ONE trade alone in 2009.

The "Forex Edge" is how people like Alex Toh have recently become
quite rich. Alex used it to rake in $115,352 in just five months on
this trade.

Kenny Chew also got into this trade, pocketing $243,882, thanks to
the "Forex Edge".

After getting in with the "Forex Edge", Andre De Cruz pocketed
$564,700. That's an average of $1,547 per DAY -- a pretty nice
side-income, if you ask me.

The thing is, even if you had missed last year's opportunity, you
can still take advantage of similar 1,000%+ gains that happen a few
times every year.

All you need is just the "Forex Edge".

Now this isn't some get-rich-overnight scheme where you strike a
million dollars if you are "lucky".

Instead, the "Forex Edge" is a powerful trading secret with a proven
history of turning ordinary people into millionaires... in the most
lucrative investing sector on Earth -- the foreign exchange market.

And you can use it to make a fortune from anywhere in the world,
anytime you like... no matter your age, income, or level of investing

Let me show you what I mean...


Brad Kurtz was born in 1945 to parents who had been forced out of
their native Russia.

He didn't grow up with lavish wealth, and as he struck out on his
own -- after failing to earn a university degree -- Brad had to take
odd jobs just to pay the rent.

In between, he filled his time with such fantasy pursuits like
playing the harp and becoming a writer.

That is, until a few years later when he was introduced to the
"Forex Edge".

Brad had just gotten married... and the small wage he was earning as
a professional driver just wasn't cutting it.

He was so short on cash that he actually _borrowed_ the $3,000 he
put into his very first trade.

Simply put, Brad wasn't exactly in a position to lose money.

However, despite a nervous first trade... he watched that $3,000
balloon into $40,000 in almost no time at all... however, he had his
eye on a bigger prize. It was pretty clear that Forex was the fastest
way to make money without risking everything he had. He jumped in, and
he never looked back.

Of course, as Brad continued his pursuit of Forex riches, he didn't
win _every_ trade... but he sure won enough to turn that original
$3,000 into a $20 million fortune within nine years.

Thanks in large part to the "Forex Edge", Brad spends his time
relaxing in his penthouse apartment in New York City, organizing his
rare books and manuscripts, or writing donation checks to the Julliard
School of Arts.

The thing is, while Brad was ambitious and put $3,000 into his first
trade, it _doesn't take nearly that much_ to become the world's newest
Forex millionaire.

With as little as $200, anyone can start trading Forex.

If you think this sounds far-fetched, look no further than the story
of Jonah Lindholm...


At 15, Jonah Lindholm dropped out of school to work at a local

He was so desperate for money, he would actually put a bus stop sign
in front of the restaurant so people would be more likely to hang
around and come in.

He spent his days working for tips and cleaning off dirty plates.

But then something happened. After years in the no-money food
business, Jonah learned about the "Forex Edge".

He'd always had an interest in investing, but he was a bit skeptical
of Forex trading -- people had told him it was risky and too hard to
understand for a new investor.

However, never one to let a good opportunity pass, Jonah gave in and
made his very first trade... and earned $350 in around 15 minutes.

Needless to say, Jonah was pretty happy.

He was so happy, in fact, that he uses the "Forex Edge" to this day
to pocket money at an alarming rate.

It's how he affords a home in the Bahamas, a second home in England,
and a golf course in Florida.

Not bad for a guy born into poverty in East Europe.

Of course, I bet you're wondering by now exactly why these guys are
able to amass such immense fortunes.

Well, I'm about to tell you. It's...


Put simply, leverage __ is what allows tiny fluctuations in the
currency market to turn into absolutely massive gains.

Let me compare this with the stock market. When you buy shares,
$1,000 invested controls only $1,000 worth of shares.

But in the Forex market, $1,000 invested controls $100,000 worth of
currency... a 100:1 leverage.

This means that a small 5-cent price movement translates into a
movement of $5,000 worth of currency.

The highest leverage made available -- a 400:1 leverage... means
$2,500 invested controls $1,000,000 worth of currency... where a
5-cent movement translates into a movement of $20,000 worth of

Leverage is _that_ powerful.

The thing is, most people just don't know exactly when to take
action... or what currency to look at... or when the next
thousand-percent play is going to happen.

But if people who do know exactly when to make the trade, rakes in
anywhere from $2,000 to $12,500 on a single trade.

That's why I'm writing you this letter. I'm going to show you what
is the "Forex Edge" and how you can use it to rake in the biggest
gains the market has to offer.

Keep in mind: Once you have the "Forex Edge", it takes very little
time -- about nine minutes to make a single trade -- and you could
quickly see astonishing gains.

It's no wonder the people I've showed you got rich so quickly...

In fact, when compared with ordinary stocks, it's a no-brainer.
Forex trading is much easier to make a fortune.

Have a look...

A Single Trade Can Be _Six Times Better_
Than 100 Shares of Stock

I've never understood why so many people get caught up in ordinary
stock investing when the returns simply aren't that good.

I mean, there's always the chance of that rare biotech company that
hands you 25 times your money... but those opportunities are extremely
few and far between.

The "Forex Edge" Spawns
Riches Almost Beyond Belief in the U.S. alone

Michael Downy of Delaware, USA

Andrew Talley of Oklahoma, USA

$192,112 IN 15 WEEKS
Brian Lassman of California, USA

Jason Karp of Maryland, USA

$203,640 IN 16 WEEKS
Philip Bair of Montana, USA

Diane Barger of Vermont, USA

$178,432 IN 12 WEEKS
David Rochelle of NewYork, USA

$234,530 IN SIX MONTHS
Eli Thomas of Arkansas, USA

Adam Burns of California, USA

Bruce Ryan of Toronto, Canada

I'm not just spouting off here... take a look at what happened on
October 20, 2009 at Wall Street, the world's largest stock market...

These were some of the biggest gainers that day, according to
CNNMoney: Cimatron Ltd. went up 24 cents... Forbes Medi-Tech went up
16 cents... Aehr Test Systems went up 26 cents... Media General went
up 57 cents.

I think you get the idea.

Even if you owned 100 shares of the best-performing company on that
list, the most you would've walked away with is a mere $57.

And that's very lucky for a single day in the stock market. Most
stocks go up just a few cents... or go down.

Yet, with a single $350 trade like Jonah Linholm made... I have
earned more than _six times_ what Media General stockowners made in a
single day.

I think it's pretty obvious how explosive gains in the Forex market
can be.

And to illustrate just how safe Forex trading is once you get the
"Forex Edge"... consider the case of college student and first-time
trader Ben Lockwood.

He used his "Forex Edge" to _bail him out of the trouble he got in
by investing in ordinary stocks._

He Blew a $12,000 Inheritance in Stocks --
Then Banked _More Than $15 Million_ With the
"Forex Edge"

While enrolled in university, Ben Lockwood inherited $12,000 worth
of stock after his grandmother died.

As a first-time stockowner, Ben decided to sell everything so he
could put all the money in one place.

Throughout his tenure as an undergrad, he dabbled in the stock
market, buying this or that, acting on his own research... just like
any investor would do.

However, thanks to a single bad decision, Ben blew everything,
losing the entire portfolio he had built up.

At that point, he knew the stock market just wasn't for him. There
was too much to worry about, including losing everything he had.

So he took a different route -- the Forex market.

After taking an internship with Henry Kaufman, a well-known
economist, Ben mastered the "Forex Edge".

In fact, he learned how to use it so well that today he sits on
_more than $15 million dollars_ thanks to it.

When he started, Ben knew a little about finance, but he certainly
wasn't a currency guru.

He simply kept his eyes open for opportunities and acted when the
time was right.

To this day, Ben is ever vigilant for those 1,000% gains. He was one
of those who jumped in early for that 8,652% trade that I'm about to
show you.

In his own words: _"Missing an opportunity is as bad as being on the
wrong side of a trade."_

And with the "Forex Edge", you will know how to see and take
advantage of these opportunities.

The best part?

You can join the ranks of folks like Ben, Jonah and the other people
I told you about... and get rich by the end of this year.

Profit with the Professionals

My name is Mario Sant Singh. I'm the CEO of FX1 Academy -- Asia's
Largest Forex Training Academy.

For the past 3 years, we've provided professional Forex training
services to over 2,648 students from countries like Singapore,
Malaysia, India, Japan, UK and the US.

Students who have learned from our team of expert traders and taken
action have made a princely sum of money.

With $200 per trade, we have seen amazing gains such as the

* $8,630 on AUD/USD
* $8,380 on EUR/CHF
* $5,740 on USD/JPY
* $3,690 on EUR/USD
* $5,430 on GBP/USD
* $4,530 on NZD/USD
* $4,590 on USD/CHF
* $3,990 on EUR/GBP
* $5,250 on EUR/JPY
* $3,090 on GBP/JPY
* $4,410 on EUR/AUD
* $4,590 on GBP/CHF
* $3,630 on AUD/JPY
* $3,520 on AUD/CHF

Just the above 14 trades netted $64,470 in pure profit... and that's
only using $200 for each trade.

Putting in $1,000 each would have given $322,350. And even that's
only the tip of the iceberg...

A Truth that Has Produced Lasting Results
for Our Students

We haven't grown to become Asia's Largest Forex Academy by making
outrageous claims (like make 12,000% in one day), and certainly won't
last long doing so.

Instead, we've taken a conservative, disciplined, meticulous
approach, and shown our students the safest and most surefire ways to
play emerging opportunities.

But the real secret of the success of our students is this -- the
basis of our programs are built on a secret truth -- the truth of the
"Forex Edge".

Few People Outside of Professional Trading Circles
Realize Anything About This Powerful Truth

As I mentioned, the key to making a fortune in the Forex markets
lies in a little-known secret truth called the "Forex Edge".

Nearly every great currency fortune ever made is a result of this

Bottom line: The "Forex Edge" is what separates the winners from the
losers in the Forex markets... the rich from the washouts.

Given the number of fortunes it has created, you would think
everyone would know about the "Forex Edge".

But the truth is, very few people even recognize this simple but
powerful truth.

You see, it's not something those so-called "gurus" like to share.
Sure, you get bits and pieces here and there.

But it's hard to find someone who will actually reveal the entire

That's because these "gurus" make more money by selling you a myth
-- myths like "all you need is a magical plug-and-play system"... or
"follow my hot tip of the week and you will be rich"... or "get this
robot and money will fill your bank account automatically"...

But here, you won't hear that.

Here, "you shall know the truth... and the truth shall set you

And the truth... the secret... the way to make a fortune... the key
that seperates Forex millionaires from failures... is this --

Become an Expert Trader

Every person who has ever achieved any thing great is an expert at

Entrepreneurs... Sportspeople... Singers... Actors... Doctors...
Lawyers... Bankers... all of the people who became successful are
masters at what they do. They are rich because they are experts.

It's a universal truth... a simple and powerful truth.

It's the same with Forex. Every single Forex millionaire... like
Joe, Brad and the others mentioned above... depended on the "Forex
Edge" -- mastering Forex trading to make their fortunes.

Not a single one relied on some "plug-and-play" system... or
depended on some hot tips from some "guru".

But every one of them went through professional training and
mentoring by other expert traders.

While others were jumping from following one "guru" to the next,
these people took massive action and applied what they learned from
real expert traders.

Very quickly, they mastered Forex trading -- gained the "Forex
Edge"... and made their millions.

Now I can't promise that you will have the same kind of returns,
because I don't know how much action you'd be willing to take.

But if you are willing to take consistent action, the same thing
_can_ happen to you.

By getting the "Forex Edge" from professional training, you can
become like these ordinary guys who went from zero to making a

But here is the thing -- to get the "Forex Edge"... it's actually a
lot easier than you might think.

It does not require hours of full-time trading... all you need is
between one to two hours of "play" trading each day... with some
proper training and guidance from our team of expert traders.

And once you get the "Forex Edge", that one to two hours gets
reduced to less than nine minutes. Making money with Forex then
becomes very fast and simple.

In fact, it becomes as simple as doing five steps.

The Five Simple Steps to a Forex Fortune

_Step 1:_ Open the laptop

_Step 2:_ If you don't see any potential trade, close the laptop and
do something else

_Step 3_: If you see a potential trade, enter 3 sets of numbers and
click "enter"

_Step 4:_ Adjust one of those numbers once a day, or once a week.

_Step 5:_ Repeat Steps 1-4

Isn't it simple? All the steps above take about 9 minutes to

Once you have the "Forex Edge", that's all you need to do to make
the BIG money... with 9 minutes a day.

That's because the "Forex Edge" does this for you...

Spot 1,000%++ Type of Gains

In the beginning of this letter, I told you about a 8,652% trade --
That's _eight-thousand_ percent:

In March 2009, the Australian Dollar was starting to rise against
the US dollar. People that had the "Forex Edge" saw it coming and
jumped in early.

True enough, by November 2009, the Aussie Dollar had moved 21.63
cents against USD.

Remember the role of _leverage_ in Forex -- at 400:1 leverage, a
1-cent move translates to $4,000 in the currency market.

The result -- every $1,000 in this trade turned into $86,520 (at
400:1 leverage).

This was what happened for people who had the "Forex Edge". You have
read about a few of them -- Alex, Kenny and Andre... how they made
their move and profited an average of a quarter-million dollars.

The thing is, they were not traders working for billion-dollar hedge

They were just ordinary people with full-time jobs. The only
difference between them and others... was that they had "Forex Edge".

The good news is, 1,000%+ gains type of trades like that happen a
few times every year.

With the "Forex Edge", you will be able to spot similar 1,000%+
trade plays and take advantage of them to make a fortune.

But there is a problem...

Very Few Teach the "Forex Edge"

As I've already proven to you, Forex riches _only_ come through
getting the "Forex Edge".

It's the_ only_ through having the "Forex Edge" that Brad, Jonah,
and every single successful Forex investor could make their millions.

The problem is... most beginner's courses out there, free _or_ paid,
don't teach the truth of the "Forex Edge".

Instead, most courses are based on some myths -- myths that will
destroy any new investor even before they have even started.

These myths have caused many misled investors to switch from one
plug-and-play system to the next, trying to find that "magic button"
that will cause money to magically appear in their bank account...
It's also why so many are jumping from one "guru" to the next, hoping
to find a "guru" that will hand them the "magic formula" that will
transform them into millionaires in an instant.

All of them lose large sums of money in a very short period of time.
Most eventually give up out of frustration... only because they had
started out on the wrong path from the beginning.

But the saddest part of the story is this -- courses based on these
myths will always be around you... simply because it's much more
lucrative for these "gurus" to make money by selling you these myths.

Right now, courses based on these myths are spreading like
wild-fire... gobbling up almost every new investor in their wake.
That's why you hear so many stories of people losing their shirt in

But there is a way out of all that mess...

A Professional Course Based On the "Forex Edge"

What you need is a professional course that will not only walk you
through the basics, but also a course that is based on the
foundational truth of the "Forex Edge".

With a course like that, you will start off on the right footing.

You will save months and even years of trial-and-error, because you
started out with the foundational elements of the "Forex Edge" in you.

With a willingness to take action, you may start seeing results by
the end of the year.

And if you continue to hone your "Forex Edge" for a few more
years... you may join people like Brad, Jonah and thousands of other
ordinary people to becoming Forex millionaires.

And we have a program that kick-starts this process for you.

Cracking the Forex Code

_CRACKING THE FOREX CODE_ is a fast-start beginner's online training
program we have just released to the public. It is created out of a
professional $3,888 seminar program that I conduct for beginners who
join my Forex academy.

This online program is a combination of two courses:

What, Where, How and Why of Forex trading

_FOREX BASICS INTENSIVE_ -- professional videos of the live seminars
for beginners to learn the foundations of Forex trading

Here's what you will get...

Course #1: Unlocking the World's Largest Financial Secret Module 1:
Introducing the World's Largest Financial Secret
Module 2: What is Forex
Module 3: Why Trade Forex
Module 4: When and Where can I trade Forex
Module 5: How do I make money in Forex
Module 6: Understanding a Long Trade
Module 7: Understanding a Short Trade
Module 8: Executing a Long Trade
Module 9: Executing a Long Trade
Module 10: Executing a Short Trade
Module 11: Executing a Short Trade
Module 12: Who can Trade Forex
Module 13: Final Thoughts


Module 1: Introduction
Module 2: What are the Currencies Traded
Module 3: Who are the Traders
Module 4: How are the Currencies Priced
Module 5: What are the Advantages of Forex Trading
Module 6: Base Currency vs Counter Currency
Module 7: Pips and Margin
Module 8: Spread
Module 9: Profits, Losses & Interests
Module 10: Points to Ponder
Module 11: Long Position & Short Position
Module 12: Candlesticks
Module 13: Trend is your Friend
Module 14: Support & Resistance

Remember, all the courses in my Forex Academy are based on the
"Forex Edge".

_CRACKING THE FOREX CODE_ is no different. It is created upon the
principle of "Forex Edge"... the _only_ way that is proven to turn
ordinary people into successful Forex millionaires.

The Online Course That Gives You The Edge
Over Just About Every New Trader on the Planet

With _CRACKING THE FOREX CODE_, you will kick-start your learning
journey with a solid foundation... a launch-pad that will launch you
in the right-direction toward making millions with Forex.

While others are stuck in the mire of myths trying to find the
"magic formula"... You will be far ahead of the game, because you have
the foundational elements of the "Forex Edge" inside of you.

Special Launch Promotion

Every one of our students who enrol for the complete professional
training program at my Forex Academy has to pay at least $3,888.

But with the beginner's online version -- _CRACKING THE FOREX
CODE_... you will get the same information for USD197.

The low price is because we are making the exact same valuable
material entirely digital. While the $3,888 program comes with live
seminars that are costly to hold, the digital version presented a huge
reduction of cost for us, and we are passing on these savings to you.

But that's not all. I'm going to do something special if you respond

Because we are releasing the online version for the first time to
the public, I have decided to offer this program at a special
promotional price for the launch week.

If you respond today... you will get_ _the exact same valuable
information that came with a $3,888 price tag... FOR JUST USD47.

That means you'll need to make your decision quickly...

This launch promotion will END SOON ON 1ST FEB 2010 at 8:00 p.m.
Singapore Time (GMT 12:00)... and the price will go back up to the
normal price of USD197.

Let me show you how to reserve your space now.

Start Gaining the "Forex Edge" Today...

Go ahead and agree to preview _CRACKING THE FOREX CODE_. All you
need to do is click on the "Sign Up Now" link at the bottom of this
page. When you do, you'll receive all the modules I outlined in this

And remember, if you respond now... you'll get to "test-drive"

Keep in mind: I already showed you several people who've used the
"Forex Edge" to rack up six-figure fortunes in six months or less.

Here are just a few more examples:


Ed Singleton of Arizona, used the "Forex Edge" to make $234,530 in
six months...

Kirk Robinski of Colorado, used the "Forex Edge" to make $184,234 in

four months...

Eli Thomas of Arkansas, used the "Forex Edge" to make $234,530 in
three months...

Alan Chelik of Hawaii, used the "Forex Edge" to make $157,964 in
two months...

Carson Tate of Florida, used the "Forex Edge" to make $207,493 in
three months...

Adam Burns of California, used the "Forex Edge" to make $201,432 in
five months...

Arthur Dunn of Virginia, used the "Forex Edge" to make $184,982 in
three months...

Allison Gregg of North Carolina, used the "Forex Edge" to make
$195,542 in 4.5 months...

So, if you are interested in windfalls like these...

If you want to give yourself an opportunity to make a fortune in the
Forex markets...

If you want to elevate your net worth to a whole new level...

Then I urge you to act now.

Keep in mind: You have a chance to get _Cracking the Forex Code_ FOR
JUST USD47 (it normally costs USD197).



I think you'll agree: To turn down this kind of extreme value would
be insane.

And remember...

You've Got Nothing to Lose

For the next 60 days, go through _ CRACKING THE FOREX CODE__
_without obligation.

I urge you to take advantage today. The next 1,000%+ gain may be
just around the corner. And I've known people to miss out on 1,000%+
gains because they were just a single day late.

Besides, if you're not absolutely thrilled and delighted for any
reason, just say the word... and I'll give you a full and prompt
refund -- A 100% REFUND -- no questions asked.

You'll still keep _every_ single module of the course.

SO, PLEASE ACT NOW. You can always change your mind later.



Mario Sant Singh
CEO, FX1 Academy
_Cracking the Forex Code _
January 2010

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(c) 2009 FX1 Academy. All Rights Reserved.

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