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Attention All Hair and Beauty Lovers:

"Much That's Said And Written
About Beauty Problems…
And Especially About Hair…
Is Sheer Eyewash"

That’s The Shocking Claim From One Of The Most
Controversial American Hairdressers
Of The Last Century - Is He Right? You Decide…

Dear Fashion Lover,

If you’re looking for exciting hair styles in stark contrast to the modern cuts everyone else is wearing… or you’re really into trying a classic retro look… or want to find something inspiring to generate ideas for your next hair fashion project… or perhaps you’re in the film, TV or media industry looking for nostalgic styles for your next production and need an accurate how-to guide – then this is the most controversial and eye-opening resource you’ll find.

Here’s why…

See, I’ve recently stumbled, quite by accident, on an amazing solution to all these problems… a half forgotten out-of-print book of hair styling techniques that fits the bill perfectly.

You may not know this, but this is no ordinary book written by an ordinary hairdresser. No, this was written by one of the most outspoken, innovative and sought-after American hairdressers of the last century.

So who is this person? And what made him so unique? What made him so controversial he was disliked by his peers – and more importantly – how can you benefit from it?

First Name:

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I’ll tell you in a few moments, but first, let me ask you a question…

In ANY industry you can think of, who are the people who command more attention, money and influence than others in that industry?

Is it the timid ones who keep their heads down, not daring to rock the boat… the ones who just do the same old things everyone else does… OR people like Victor Vito, the book’s author, who say what they think, are load, brash and ooze charisma?

That’s right, people like Victor Vito. Vito was in such demand; beautiful women from all over the world would come to his New York salon to have their hair taken care of by Victor himself…

Just Think Of Him As The Nicky Clarke,
Gordon Ramsey Or Donald Trump Of His Time!

Don’t believe me?

Well here’s a few of Victor Vito’s thoughts and comments on the hair and beauty industry in his day:

"Hairdressers are the modern witch doctors of the 20th century who practice their crystal ball theories on the American public"

"They're all phonies"

"I'm trying to change the ideas of every hairdresser in the country single handed. And I'll do it"

"Create women's hairdos you can go to bed with"

"Give her the one that looks best on her"

"Hair stylists never think clearly. They should think in terms of how to make it easier for the wearer instead of how to bring the customer back. They want customers who ask for tints, rinses, something to make their hair grow, or fall out. It's like going to the drugstore; they're all selling something"

"I'm not trying to hurt the hairdressers; I'm trying to help them. They're selling art, that's all they're selling and they're trying to make it into a hamburger business"

"Much that's said and written about beauty problems, and especially about hair, is sheer eyewash"

Source: The Deseret News - May 29, 1947

Now don’t you think Victor knows a thing or two you could use? You bet he does.

Well now you can take full advantage of all Victor’s experience and innovation for yourself.

That’s because I’ve managed to get the republishing rights to Victor’s original book and made it into an easy ebook download. The ebook is called…

“How To Create Your Own
Classic Hairstyle”

It was such a help and inspiration to me…

I Was Determined To Bring
This Book Back Into The Public Eye

And that’s just what I’ve done.

The thing is: Until recently this resource was almost lost to the modern day hair stylist and although it’s helped a small number of people over the last few decades, it's only recently become available again after months of painstaking research and development on my part.

This long-lost book has now been digitally scanned and revamped for the internet age where, let’s face it - instant downloads are demanded by everyone!

It’s packed full of stunning photographs and line illustrations showing every detail of the hair styles covered…

Here Are Some Of The Things
You’ll Discover Inside…

MEETING YOUR PROBLEM HEAD-ON... Discover the three things every hair style should be based on. If these are NOT taken into account, your hair will be a nuisance, a chore or disappointment. Don't let this happen to you!

ARE HAIRDRESSERS REALLY NECESSARY...? Not all hairdressers are the same. Find out what you should be looking for in a good hairdresser... and more importantly... what to AVOID!

A YEAR WITHOUT A HAIRCUT... Four hair styles which start from one haircut. Once you know this secret, you'll be able to keep a stunning head of flowing hair for 12-months without taking scissors to it!

SHAPES OF FACES... Try these simple techniques to see which style of hair ideally complements your facial features!

CLEANLINESS... Only one type of hair style should be washed daily. Another only needs to be washed every week or so… find out what they are so you get it right!

PIN CURLING… The right way… and the wrong way… to do it. Read this and you’ll be pin curling like a pro!

LONG, MEDIUM, OR SHORT... It’s a complete fallacy you look best in either short hair, long hair, or medium-length hair. Find out the facts so you can blow that lie right out of the water!

TOP SECRET... Failure to understand this is a leading cause of women's dissatisfaction with their hair and their hairdressers. That’s because there are certain things you cannot make your hair do. Find what they are so you NEVER have another bad hair day!

START AT THE TOP... What you do with the top of your head is the most important factor of your hairdo. Discover the never-to-be-forgotten rules about the top of your hair!

IF YOU CAN’T FIND A GOOD HAIRDRESSER... here’s what you must do instead!

Plus lots, lots more…

Now the thing is: If you wanted to uncover this information yourself, it would take you months of your own time and thousands of Dollars - searching for what you need - buying the book - checking the legal copyright – scanning – conversion - editing and then making it available to people like you and me.

Now I know you're probably sceptical about how much it will help you after reading all the modern day Hair books, but consider this: How To Create Your Own Classic Hairstyle is filled from end-to-end with ORIGINAL hairstyling facts and techniques by one of the most original and controversial hairdressers of his generation.

This is NOT watered-down, re-hashed, second-hand information, passed on over the years.

The content inside How To Create Your Own Classic Hairstyle is the best of its kind.

So if you’re really interested in Hair Styling at any level – then doesn’t it make sense to at least give it a look?

And that’s not all: I want you to use the techniques in How To Create Your Own Classic Hairstyle - completely and totally risk-free (I'll tell you about my unique guarantee in a moment)…

So now you’ve seen everything you’ll discover in this ebook, let me ask you a question…

If you don’t use How To Create Your Own Classic Hairstyle, what WILL you do to spark new ideas for your next hair style?

You could carry on as you are… playing things safe… and never feeling the excitement of trying something new…

Or you could keep relying on the questionable ‘expertise’ of your current hairdresser in the ‘hope’ they come up with something different for you…

Or you could keep on trying to force your hair to do things it’s not meant to do and once again suffer the stress, anger and frustration of ‘another’ bad hair day.

Will any of these things make you feel better about yourself and get admiring looks from friends, co-workers and family? Not likely.

But on the other hand, you’ve seen how applying the secrets Victor Vito reveals in How To Create Your Own Classic Hairstyle made him the best and most sought after hairdresser in New York haven’t you...

So what would THAT be worth to your self-esteem?

Do You Want To Finally Start
Feeling Proud Of Your Hair
And How You Look?

If “yes,” then I invite you to come and download How To Create Your Own Classic Hairstyle right away…

[ ](http://1.do7la7.pay.clickbank.net/)

Now at this point you’re probably asking, “So what does this cost and what do I get for my money?” That’s a great question and one you deserve an answer to…

For a very brief window of time, you can get it for the incredibly low price of just $27.

So what's the catch?

There is none. In fact, I’m…

Practically Giving
This Resource Away

Listen: Never before has the complete and authentic, How To Create Your Own Classic Hairstyle ebook been available. This has only just been released to the public, so you’re getting this at a very low introductory price.

The fact is; long-lost knowledge like this can be worth many times the price to you over the coming years.

And don’t forget, your copy of How To Create Your Own Classic Hairstyle comes as an instantly downloadable ebook, so you can be digging into the contents in just a couple of minutes from now.

[ ](http://1.do7la7.pay.clickbank.net/)

Not bad, eh? But even more importantly…

I’m So Committed To Seeing You
Rapidly Improve Your Hair Styling Knowledge
Using These Newly Recovered Methods –
I’ll Give You A Full 24-Month Update BONUS

Here’s how it works…

You see, I’m always on the look out for anything ‘Hair’ related, so I’m confident I’ll lay my hands on more hair styling goodies over the coming months. And when I do, I GUARANTEE you’ll be the first to receive full updates to How To Create Your Own Classic Hairstyle - absolutely FREE - for the next 24-months.

And we’re not over yet by a long shot, because remember earlier I told you about my risk-free guarantee? Well…

Here’s The Best Guarantee
You’ve Ever Seen…

You’re fully protected by my 60-day, 100%, iron-clad, money-back GUARANTEE: If you decide your copy of How To Create Your Own Classic Hairstyle isn’t right for you, just let me know within 60-days and I’ll give you a prompt 100% refund – every penny you paid. That’s a full refund, not partial or pro-rated…

The bottom line is: I’m more than happy to take all the risk on my shoulders, so you don’t have anything to lose.

Could any offer be fairer than that?

It’s So Easy
To Get Started

Okay, to get your hands on your instantly downloadable How To Create Your Own Classic Hairstyle ebook… complete with your GUARANTEED 24-Month Update BONUS… and fully protected, 60-day, 100% iron-clad money-back GUARANTEE - all you have to do is click here:

[ ](http://1.do7la7.pay.clickbank.net/)


Douglas Thomas

P.S. You’re just one click away from having an almost forgotten treasure trove of classic hair techniques at your finger tips. Order now and take possession of the nearest thing to classic hair styling heaven you’ll ever find!

P.P.S. Remember you’re completely covered by my 60-day, 100%, iron-clad, money-back GUARANTEE: If you decide your copy of How To Create Your Own Classic Hairstyle isn’t right for you, just let me know within 60-days and I’ll give you a prompt 100% refund.

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