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Attention Frustrated Family History Researchers The World Over…

“Discover If Your UK Ancestors Were
Filthy-Rich, Dirt-Poor, Hung For Sheep Stealing
Or Shipped Off To A Life Of Hell In Australia!”

New Book Reveals How To Quickly And Easily Uncover
Hidden Secrets Of Your Pre- 1837 Family History
And Avoid Dead-Ends And Wasted Time!

Dear Family Historian,

If you've been trying to research your Family History for a long time, you'll know it can be a roller coaster ride.

At one point you can be riding the crest of a wave because you've found some great information about a long-lost relative who’d committed a dastardly crime, then the next you can be grinding your teeth trying to piece together a complicated and seemingly insoluble, set of relationships on your Family Tree.

Sound familiar?

And another thing, if you're searching for any of your British and Irish ancestors, it all seems to take so much more effort sometimes doesn't it? Especially when you try to go back before 1837.

The plain truth is, searching for UK specific information is relatively easy up to a point, and then things can get very tricky if you don't know what you're doing…

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Now Before I Tell You What You Can Do About All This,
Let Me Ask You A Few Questions...

Have you ever felt you’d like a quick answer to a problem you've come up against, but don't know where to turn for advice?


Have you ever found yourself frustrated because the information you’ve unearthed makes no sense whatsoever?

Or worse still…

Have you ever found yourself a little angry or frustrated when you've tried to find vital information, only to find that what you wanted wasn't where you’d thought it would be?

I know I have - and it can be very annoying!

Now if you've ever felt or experienced ANY of these things, then pay careful attention to what I'm about to tell you in the next 5 minutes, because...

I Promise This Will Help

See the thing is, by using the Internet, it’s fairly easy nowadays to discover your Family History back to around 1837 (the first civil registration of births, deaths and marriages). BUT things get difficult if you want to go back further in time.

And that’s because…

You Face Two Big Problems

(1) You lack the knowledge of how to track down a host of hard-to-find paper records buried deep inside various buildings and institutions…


(2) You don’t know exactly WHAT type of documents you need to find…

Now if you live outside the UK, it can be even harder to work out WHAT to do and WHERE you need to focus your efforts.

But as daunting as it may seem…

You Can Do Something About It…

Just imagine for a second how easy it would all be if you had an insider’s guide to all the Family History research techniques and resources you need…

And what if you had lists of the various half-forgotten official documents you need to finally lift the lid on the real day-to-day lives of your ancestors…

Not only that, just think how reassured and confident you’ll feel knowing you have someone to turn to when you get stuck, who’ll offer advice, and point you in the right direction again…

If all this sounds good…

Keep Reading, Because All This
Is Within Your Grasp…

My name is Martin Flint… and I’m an avid UK Family History researcher who’s been through the same frustrations you have…

I’ve been down countless dead-ends, wasted lots of time on fruitless searches and felt the same elation you have while researching family history for myself, family, friends and clients.

But here’s the thing: Over the years, I’ve built up a massive amount of knowledge and learned a lot about UK research methods that will help YOU in your quest.

I’ve sifted through so much material and uncovered so many amazing facts in really obscure places that I decided to write it all down to help people just like you.

It just seemed so pointless knowing all these techniques and sources of information and NOT letting others benefit from what I’ve worked out the hard way…

So I’ve decided to reveal everything I know to help you negotiate the pit-falls of central government and local authority record departments.

This exclusive information will help your efforts to uncover the truth about who your ancestors were, where you originally came from… and most importantly - who YOU really are.


”How To Track Your Ancestors”

In this easy-to-download book, you’ll find everything you need to trace back your Family Tree before 1837, then discover how to really flesh out the details of an age gone by.

Here are just some of the things you’ll discover inside…

The very first records you need to find when starting your search. Although these records may not be totally complete, they are a fantastic starting point. Start your information gathering here and use them as a strong foundation to build on.

Calendar mayhem. In the 18th Century the dating system changed in the UK causing massive confusion. Find out why this happened so YOU don’t get confused when searching records around this period.

Where to get the absolutely vital information you need for your Family History. Each Parish Church in the UK used to store certain official records about their parishioners. There are 7 documents containing vital information you need to know about for your research.

Where to find the absolute ‘pot of gold’ Family History information. Two sets of records hold a treasure trove of personal information about your ancestors. It’s vital for you to know what these are.

Do you have a criminal in the family? It didn’t take much in days gone by to be classed as a criminal. Discover what crimes could land your ancestors in big trouble and the barbaric punishments that were meted out. And in what records you need to look for your wayward relatives.

Was your ancestor in the Army? Find out what he did, where he fought, and what diseases he caught! Discover what he looked like in those days before photography.

Your ancestors hated paying taxes as much as you do! Find out how they tried to avoid them. And why, in the time before censuses, they can be so important for your Family History

Pre 1700 records. How to search back far enough to find if you’re related to a Lord of the Manor. If your family lived, worked on or owned a plot of land, I’ll tell you how to find out.

‘One of the best-kept secrets in the world of English genealogy’. English records before 1837 are held in local as well as national repositories, but are not readily available on the Internet. I’ll show you where to find these hidden gems of information.

Why finding Welsh ancestors before 1812 is so difficult. And what you need to know before trying to find them.

Why finding your Scottish ancestors is easy and your Irish ones so hard. Discover why this is so, and how to go about searching for them.

The big difference between Genealogy and Family History. It’s easy to get these two terms mixed up and get confused. And I’ll tell you what you need to do to make a ‘Family History’ out of all your genealogical information.

Plus lots, lots more

"Martin, I've bought many books on researching my family tree and have been disappointed and let down by most of them. However, your ebook and audio program have helped me tremendously. The specific hints and tips that you share have enabled me to trace some of my relatives that previously remained hidden. Just one tip about the spelling of names and the use of alternative names in the past was a major breakthrough for me as I found my great, great grandfather whose birth certificate name was different than the name he was later known by!

Thanks for the material, it's helped me enormously and I've also expanded my research to include what life was like for my ancestors too... truly bringing my family history to life!

James Rimmer
Liverpool, United Kingdom."


[ ](http://1.iktrumper.pay.clickbank.net/)

I think it's plain to see How To Track Your Ancestors can improve your research almost immediately. By using the information in this book, you’ll discover more about your ancestors and have great fun and satisfaction doing so!

How To Track Your Ancestors has only just been released to the public, so you’re getting this at a very low introductory investment.

This really is the first time it’s been available.

The fact is, detailed insider knowledge like this can be worth many times the price to you over the coming years if it saves you a lot of time, effort and money.

And don’t forget, your copy of How To Track Your Ancestors comes as an instantly downloadable ebook, so you can be digging into the contents in just a couple of minutes from now…

I’m sure you’ll agree that’s pretty good. But just in case you’re still a bit sceptical about the amount of value you’ll get from what I’m offering…

I’m So Committed To Helping You Succeed
Using These Tried And Tested Research Methods –
I’ll Also Give You TWO Amazing BONUSES!

Bonus #1

Email Help And Support For 6-Months After Purchase

That’s right, as you read the book and start to dig deeper into your family’s past you may get stuck, or need to ask a question if you come across anything you’re not sure about…

But don’t worry!

I’m here to help you, and you can contact me for help and advice for a full 6 months. Just email me your question, and depending where you are in the world, I’ll try to answer your query as soon as possible.

Bonus #2

Quarterly Book Upgrades

Most books you buy in shops, and magazine articles, can quickly go out of date. This is especially the case when more and more information is being provided on the Internet.

Now, I’m constantly trying to find new ways to research family history, and find new sources of information.

When I do, I’ll update the book and pass on any new resources, hints and tips to you, completely free of charge…

That’s right, as a valued customer, you’ll get updates four times a year completely free!

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Okay, Let’s Take Another Look At The Whole Package
And The Amazing Back-Up Resources You Get

How To Track Your Ancestors book. Here’s everything I’ve learned during my years of research into the dark recesses of the UK Family History world.
There’s nothing complicated and the book is written in plain and simple English anyone can understand.

Bonus #1 – Email Help and Support For 6 Months After You Purchase. That’s right, if you get stuck with anything and can’t find a way through a problem, just email me and I’ll give you some hints and tips to get you back on the right path.

Bonus #2 – Quarterly Upgrades To The Book. My research is never ending. So when I find new sources of valuable information ready to be tapped, I’ll update How To Track Your Ancestors and you’re GUARANTEED to get the updated book totally free of charge.

I’m sure you can see what a great package this is…

I’ve left no stone unturned to make sure everything’s covered so you can quickly and easily make a great start extending your Family Tree back before 1837.

Then you’ll quickly be adding all the fascinating detail that’ll be a perfect way to remember your ancestors.

And that’s not all…

Because I want you to really succeed in tracing your Family History, I’ll take all the risk away from you by giving you my…

Cast-Iron, 60-Day, Money Back Guarantee…

If you’re not completely satisfied with How To Track Your Ancestors and the TWO BONUSES for any reason, then simply let me know within 60 days of purchase… and I’ll refund your money… no questions asked and no hard feelings.

That’s a full refund, not partial or pro-rated.

Plus you’ll be able to keep the book with my compliments. So you really can’t lose on this. (Although you won’t get the six months support and quarterly upgrades!)

I’m sure you’ll agree that’s a good deal and there’s absolutely no risk to you!

It’s So Easy To Get Started

So now that you’ve seen everything that comes with How To Track Your Ancestors, let me ask you a question…

If you don’t use How To Track Your Ancestors, what WILL you do to find out who your ancestors were, how they lived, loved, worked and played?

You could carry on using the same ‘needle in a haystack’ search method you do now in the ‘hope’ you’ll stumble on something…

Or… you could carry on promising yourself you’ll make a plan to start researching really soon…

Or… you could keep going round in circles scouring Internet sites that have no real useful information before 1837.

Now, will any of these things allow you to listen to the echoes of the past you so desperately want to hear? Not likely.

So ask yourself…

“Do You Finally Want To Discover Your Heritage
And The Long-Lost Family Secrets
You’ve Dreamed Of Finding For So Long?”

If “yes,” then I invite you to order How To Track Your Ancestors right away…

For a very brief window of time, I’m offering this whole package at the promotional investment of $37.

[ ](http://1.iktrumper.pay.clickbank.net/)

Look, if you want to carry on as you are now, battling to understand what’s NOT working with your British and Irish research, then that’s fine.

But, here’s a way for you to get an amazing insight into what DOES work in the UK field.

People - just like you – from all over the world are going to be applying the techniques of How To Track Your Ancestors to preserve their unique family history for future generations.

So I urge you to take the first small step in helping yourself to lift the proud history - and good name - of YOUR family out of the darkness and put it back into the warm sunlight where you know it DESERVES to be!

Now go find your long-lost family – they’re waiting for you - with open arms!

Martin Flint

P.S. So now I hope you can see what a useful resource How To Track Your Ancestors will be to your Family History quest.

Just think of this… As you read the book and carry out your research, you’ll be getting closer to your roots, your forefathers, their lives, the world they lived in. And their hardships ultimately made YOU, the person you are today.

So don’t you owe it to them to make sure their struggle isn’t lost forever in the mists of time?

P.P.S. Remember: How To Track Your Ancestors … and the TWO BONUSES are fully covered by a 60-day, money-back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied for any reason, then simply let me know within 60 days of purchase and I’ll refund your money… no questions asked and no hard feelings.

P.P.P.S. Grab your copy of How To Track Your Ancestors right away at the bargain promotional price… and happy searching!

[ ](http://1.iktrumper.pay.clickbank.net/)

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