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  The Ultimate Guide to Home Security   The Home Security E-Book The complete guide to locks, alarms, cameras and security systems designed to protect homeowners and their valuables.  

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The Ultimate Guide to Home Security E-Book
A reference guide by Daniel Berg

This 58 page 6"x9" full color e-book is packed with information, hardware and systems designed to protect your home form a burglary. Topics include:
Basic security Suggestions
Target Hardening
Doors & Locks
Door Locks
Standard Door Locks
Dead Bolts
Double Cylinder Deadbolt
Captured Key Deadbolt
Automatic Dead Bolts
Keyless Locks
Fingerprint Locks
Key Control
Saw-Resistant Bolts
Hardened Cased Steel & Beveled Casings
Anti-Drill Feature

Additional Door Security
Reinforcing Door Frames
Security Strike Plate
Aux Chain Lock
Burglar Door Bar
Mail Slots
Peep Hole
security-type hinges
sliding doors
French doors
Steel Security Doors
Security Shutters
Attic Hatches

window security film
security bars
Sky Lights
Garage & Sheds
Attached Garages
Non Attached Garages and Sheds         Alarm Systems
Control Panel
Siren and strobe lights
Interior Motion and Heat Detector
Door and Window Contacts:
Central Monitoring
Additional Items
Smoke and Heat Detectors
Glass Break Detectors
Panic Buttons
Flood Sensors
Temperature Sensors
Gas Detectors
Driveway Alarms
Wireless System
Pressure Mats
Exterior Pool Gate Alarm
Extended Coverage
Monitored vs Unmonitored Systems
Choosing an Alarm Company
About Alarm Systems
Insurance Discount
Warning Signs
Video Surveillance Systems
Benefits of video surveillance
Wireless video surveillance
Covert Cameras
Overt Cameras
Web Connected  

Security Spikes
Fool Them
Exterior Security Lights
Keep Valuables Out of Sight
shrubs & bushes
neighborhood watch
Children and Security
Interior Security
Home Safes
Identity Theft
Apartment and Condo Security
Guard Dogs
Training Guard Dogs
Swimming Pool Alarms
Surface Alarms
Submersible Alarms
Wristband Alarm
Gate Alarm
Motion Sensors
Home Inventory
Ways to take Home Inventory
Photo inventory
Video inventory
Written inventory
Software inventory
Suggested items to record
Security Checklist
Vacation Checklist  


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[CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE](http://1.homesafety
.pay.clickbank.net) only $9.95
E-Book will be downloaded as a PDF file within minutes of purchase. Book may then be printed in full color on your home computer.

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