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Find a Virtual Assistant at VA Directory, or find a Virtual
Assistant job with "A Clayton's Secretary"

Thanks for visiting. "A Clayton's Secretary" was the second network
established in the world during mid 1990s for providing online admin
and secretarial support services.

The network was founded by Kathie M. Thomas who helped pioneer the
Virtual Assistant industry worldwide. Kathie is a multi-award winning
business owner/operator and has twice been nominated for the awards in
recent years.

ACS NEWS JANUARY OUT NOW Time in our head office is:

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_Do what you do best and delegate the rest!_

Affiliate Program:
Yes, we do have an which includes our memberships, books, webhosting
and virtual assistant training. Why not sign up today and start

AUSTRALIAN VA CONFERENCE will take place in Melbourne 12-13 March
2010. Book to come now!

Kathie M. Thomas, Founder
VA Coach & Trainer, Author, Speaker


What is a Virtual Assistant (VA)?

Need Secretarial or Admin support?

Want to join our team of VAs?

Want to learn how to become a Virtual Assistant?

We are like a PA only virtual - we operate from our office, not
your's, providing virtual admin and secretarial support. VAs provide a
wide range of support.
Read how we got started

We have a very capable team of Virtual Assistants in many countries
ready and waiting to support your admin needs!
15+ years in business
If you meet our criteria, have a computer set up at home, and
suitable software, then you can join our team today!

3 hours a week in a 10 week online course will get you started.
This course will help you understand what's needed to be a VA, running
your own business.

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"A Clayton's Secretary"(R), ABN 76 809 078 624
The secretary you need when you haven't got a secretary! (R)
Melbourne +613 9754 8310, Fax: +613 9754 6330, Tollfree: 1800 033
PO Box 2044, Belgrave LPO, Victoria, 3160, Australia
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