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Peak Fitness Performance is an online fitness website designed to target your comprehensive fitness goals.

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Peak Fitness Performance Philosophy

The PFP philosophy has two main principles: 1. Progressive Overload and 2. Stimulus Change. Progressive Overload is defined as adding resistance (weight) to all your lifts in a progressive manner. Gradually adding resistance will result in becoming stronger and more fit. Stimulus Change is defined as feeding the muscles with a different adaptation. If the muscles adapt to the same routine over and over again it will reach a peak and will not be able to improve. By constantly changing set and repetition ranges it allows your body to make the appropriate adjustments.

As you will find out, each day is a different workout for all the fitness levels and sport specific workouts. For those of you who prefer to workout at home there will be a separate workout listed each day for you.

Each day a new workout will be posted. Each workout will consist of exercises for you to easily follow. Intensity is the key. Long boring cardio workouts will not be included here. Weight training along with interval training is much more beneficial to increase your metabolism and burn fat while increasing lean muscle. It's up to you to establish your own intensity. Sets and reps will be listed. Exercises involving weights must be determined by you. You should choose a weight that will barely allow you to finish your last rep of each set. This will allow for maximum effort each set. A Weight Loss program will be an option for those of you that want to shed some pounds and create some muscle definition. There will also be a Weight Gain/Muscle Building program for those of you that want to gain some size. Other choices include In-Home workouts and Sport Specific Performance Training. "Specialty Workouts" [(click for details)](Workout-Details.html) will be mixed in through out the week. These workouts are creative and challenging and will keep giving those muscles a different stimulus to help them develope.


Workout Program Options:

Weight Loss Program

Weight Gain Program

In-Home Training Program

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Sport Specific Training Options:

Golf Performance Training

Hockey Performance Training

Mixed Martial Arts Performance Training

[view sample workout](Sample-Workout-Sports.html)


Please be sure you are healthy to perform all exercises and take precatuion to understand proper form for each movement. You may want to check with you doctor to make sure you are healthy enough to exercise. The provider of these exercises from this website is NOT responsible for injury. If you are new to fitness, you may want to hire a certified personal trainer before performing the exercises. THANK YOU!

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