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Discover The Fortune Hidden In Houses in Foreclosure and Preforeclosure and Learn Exactly...

"How You Can Make
$51,515.69 In 5 Weeks On Just One 'Preforeclosure' Deal Without Investing
A Cent Of Your Own Money"

The Foreclosure Boom Is Creating More Opportunities To Create Massive Wealth Than You Ever Thought Possible.


There is no better time than now to cash in on this EXPLODING real estate market! Read this and learn to buy foreclosure properties for a fraction of their current value and keep them or turn them into fast cash, over and over!


From the Desk of Chris Thomas, Professional Real Estate Investor

Dear Investor or Future Investor,

Let's get something out of the way: you found this site because you have an interest in making money. And I'm not talking about $1,000 a month. You want to start making good money, say $10,000 - $30,000 or more a month, right? Of course I'm right. Who wouldn't?


If you are interested in joining the thousands of people who have used real estate as their way to build that kind of income, congratulations on finding this page. Without trying to sound dramatic, the information here will change your life. But like any good information, it only works if you act on it.


The foreclosure boom has created a huge opportunity to make a substantial income and help people.


Chances are you know someone, or have heard of someone that has really made a killing in real estate. Normal people have been doing it for years, in every location. What if you had access to the same knowledge and tools that these ultra-successful investors use every day? Would you take action and use them, or would you sit by and let someone else collect money that could have been yours?



Here is a typical situation that can make you
A TON OF MONEY with very little work!


I was reading the Monday morning paper after waking up bright and early at about 10:00 a.m. (I love being on my own schedule) when the owners of a house called me because they were facing foreclosure.  

    Like so many home owners today they'd fallen behind in their payments, the house needed repairs and they had no way to make up the payments or fix up the home for sale.  

    There are homes just like this in your neighborhood...

This pre-foreclosure house made me $51,515.69!

    I did some research and discovered this unfortunate couple had no equity.  They owed the bank more than the house was worth once you figured in the repair costs!  

    They were facing a situation where they'd lose their home and continue paying the bank for months or even years to come.  


    They told me they'd be happy to get out of the deal owing nothing and keeping their credit rating.  They wanted to be able to get a loan for another home in the future and they knew that having a lender foreclose on them would completely destroy their chances.


    I went in to bat for this couple with their bank.  I negotiated a "short sale" deal where the bank would sell me the house for less than the outstanding loan.  


    The bank was happy to get out of the deal.  They'd already made their profits on the interest payments and they knew the owners couldn't continue making payments.  


   So the bank agreed to sell me the house for $145,000.

 Even without repairs the house was worth $200,000


    I created $55,000 of equity out of thin air! It's a little known secret that banks DO NOT like to own real estate themselves.  For every property they own they are supposed to carry a certain amount over that in cash.  If they don't have that cash when they get audited they face huge fines.


    I had a private lender who was happy to loan me $175,000 based on the house's real market value.   I'll give you a chance to find out how to build a long list of people that will bend over backwards to give you money for your pre-foreclosure deals.  You don't have to risk a cent of your own money.


    So I bought the house substantially below market value, helped the homeowners avoid foreclosure and protect their credit rating and I pocketed $30,000 at closing.

    I never used a cent of my own money!

    I spent $29,000 of that $30,000 to subcontract out the house repairs and this is where the story gets exciting...

    Just TWO days after the repairs were finished a buyer offered me $230,000 for the house.  I sold the house without ever having to use a realtor.

In just 5 weeks I cashed a check for $51,515.69!

Here's a copy of the check...

That's Real Money, not Equity!

    Can you imagine how you'd feel cashing a $51,515 check in just 5 weeks!  Imagine what a difference that would make to your finances, lifestyle and your family.  Imagine paying off all those bills and all those debts.  You might go on that overseas vacation you've been putting off till you could afford it.  You might buy a new car. It really doesn't matter what you do with the money, what does matter is that you'll finally be able to relax and stop worrying about the future.    


    Best of all I'm going to show you step-by-step how to create that equity and buy and sell pre-foreclosure properties yourself.  You will know everything I had to learn the hard way buying real properties in the real world. You can easily do one of these deals every 60-90 days working part time. With an average profit of only $20,000, and that's low, that's still an extra $80,000 this year, part time!

    I'll give you the real hard-core strategies most real estate "gurus" are holding back from you. You'll discover exactly what you need to know to create wealth fast with foreclosure properties and avoid the landmines that wait for the unwary. Before you learn how to make deals, you need to know what could stand in your way.

The #1 Problem for Investors Today



The real estate bubble burst means big money for short sale investors. As home values fall, more and more homeowners have lost all equity, and those with interest-only loans that let them buy too much house are facing payments they can't afford. Foreclosures are skyrocketing. This year 1 trillion dollars worth of adjustable rate mortgages are scheduled to adjust, and in 2008, there is another 1.8 trillion dollars. There are plenty of deals coming down the pipe.


Do you know what the #1 issue facing investors today is? Obviously it's not a lack of deals. It's Competition. There are thousands of people who have purchased some real estate investing product and are trying to make money. You need to know how to separate yourself from them so that you can get the good deals.


Very few people know exactly how to talk to both homeowners that are facing foreclosure and the banks that are foreclosing. Knowing what to say to people will put more cash in your pocket and virtually eliminate your competition. While beginners are out there without a clue how to talk to anyone, you'll be cleaning up all the deals around them.


Obviously, with the skyrocketing foreclosure rate and the lack of knowledge, this really is a ground-floor opportunity. Take advantage while you can.

Why Would I Share These Pre-foreclosure Strategies With You?


    If I were in your shoes reading this, I'd ask myself "Why is this guy willing to give me the best-kept industry insider methods to creating real wealth with pre-foreclosures properties? So I'm sure you are too. Good question.

   I'm sick of real estate "gurus" charging thousands of dollars for their worthless courses. I can't name names, but you know the guys I'm talking about. They have been around selling the same stuff since the early 80s. I you have ever read their stuff, you know it's outdated. With the right instructions, real estate investing is easy, and you can learn it for MUCH less than those guys charge. You deserve a quality product, and it's time someone delivered.

    You know what else? There are PLENTY of deals to go around! I know I can share the real techniques of making cash profits fast with foreclosure properties because the market is so HUGE.

    I could never possibly snap up all the deals, even in my area.

    Just to give you an idea of the number of deals out there I did a couple of searches for pre-foreclosure properties in the listings at a popular website. Look at this...

You can see thousands of results in these screen shots:

1,954 listings just in Phoenix, Arizona...

12,183 listings in Chicago, Illinois...

2,764 listings in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida...

    That's just THREE cities.  You can find tens of thousands of homes facing foreclosure at any given time..  And there's more...

Get To The Best Deals First!

    I'll show you how to find pre-foreclosure properties in every city and town that slip under the radar and never get listed on a website. That's a VERY POWERFUL advantage, wouldn't you say?  

    There's an enormous, rich gold mine right there in your neighborhood and I'm going to give you the shovel and show you how to dig out as much as you want.

    Unlike other real estate "gurus" I'm going to give you the real, proven insider methods to creating real wealth with pre-foreclosure properties.  Everyone knows it is possible to make money in foreclosures. You also know that you need to find a good deal, find money to pay for it, and flip it for a profit. You don't need thousands and thousands of pages of real estate guides and charts and graphs to tell you that.


    The simple truth is, thousands of pages of paper, volumes of fancy books and nicely packaged DVDs won't make you wealthy. 

    See, the problem is that other real estate experts hold back the valuable information that makes investors the BIG money.

    For example, every person I’ve ever heard talk about buying foreclosures says that you need to buy them for 70% of “market value” or less. But how do you go about convincing a homeowner that it’s a good idea to sell at that price? For some reason, they leave that out. It is very easy to do, if you know how to do it. Guess what? I'll tell you how!


    You know what else? Selling the house to an investor for cheap is definitely NOT a homeowner’s only option. They can refinance their loan, reinstate the loan, sell the house, give the lender a deed in lieu of foreclosure, renegotiate the loan with the lender, or do a number of other things.


One Key To Major Success In Pre-Foreclosures:

You need to know the ins and outs of each option and how to explain these options so the homeowner does what YOU want. 


    They tell you you can buy the houses from the bank too. That is true, but how exactly do you convince a bank that they should let you buy the house for less than it’s worth? I’ll tell you this: it’s not much different than the way you approach a homeowner!


    Want another example? The recent housing “bust” wiped out many small investors who didn’t know what to do in a down-trending market. They kept buying the way they did when markets were hot. They didn't know how to do it any other way...


    You NEED to know how to use the market cycles to your advantage, or you’ll get creamed like many others. If you know what you are doing, investing in foreclosures is almost risk free.


    I could go on and on about the insider information left out of other products, but the truth is that you already know they're lacking.  And up until now, no one was willing to share those strategies.

Learn exactly how to buy bargain basement houses...

    I teach you how to stay one step ahead all of them by learning how to identify and lock into pre-foreclosed homes before anyone else even knows about them. If you are looking for a real estate wealth manual, you have found it.


    I show you how to approach the homeowner, how to understand his or her hopes, fears and expectations, and how to deal directly with them before the situation becomes critical for him or her. I even give you the time-tested scripts you need to strike up these delicate conversations.

    For the first time ever, you'll learn how to deal with the homeowner; how to approach them, build rapport, explain all of their options, and get them to work with you.

    You probably already know that the real estate marketing is flat right now in many regions. The bubble that drove prices to record highs simply couldn't last. Now, thousands are stuck between a rock and a hard place. They purchased properties for top dollar figuring they could make even more as prices continued to spiral upwards.

    But when the bubble popped, homeowners were not only stuck with the real estate, but outrageous mortgage payments. Many are now teetering on the brink of default or bankruptcy. Real estate agents are finding it hard to sell off even the most attractive properties.

    If you know what you're doing this is the best time to pick up property under threat of  foreclosure.  And the reality is, that if you purchase just one of these properties correctly... You Can Make More In Two Months Than Most People Make In A Year!


    But I'm going to GIVE them all to you in one book and audio seminar you can download immediately.


Here is a sneak peak at just some of the techniques inside the Dominate Preforeclosures Program-


The course includes an ebook and an audio presentation - it's like sitting in at a live seminar! You'll hear me personally go through the course and explain it in 3 detailed hours. We'll cover all of the following:

The fastest way to get started today.  Get paid to STEAL the most up-to-date real estate money-making strategies of real players in your area.  You can do this in any area and you don't need a cent to hit the ground running...
  The #1 cause of foreclosure nationwide, and how you can profit from it before your competition. This is a HUGE source of deals!
Where to find foreclosures - I'll reveal the exact methods I use to find foreclosures where you'll have little or no competition from other investors. In this business, the early bird gets ALL the worms!
  The secret methods to successfully presenting a below-market-value offer to a homeowner and have them eager to accept it... 
    The deadly landmines you must know about when you analyze a property.  Get it right and you can laugh all the way to the bank. Get it wrong, and it can put you in the poor house. I'll show you how the top investors analyze a property to guarantee success. Here's a hint: it has almost nothing to do with appraisals!   
   The one proven way to approach a homeowner with a property in pre-foreclosure that gives you the maximum chance of putting a deal together.  If you ignore this simple method you're throwing away your biggest bargains.
  How to get inside and talking to the homeowner - successfully approach a homeowner, build rapport, explain their options, and get them to work with you. Most deals are lost because you can't get in the front door.  I'll show you how I do it over and over.
   The two key pieces of information you MUST get out of the homeowner. If you fail to get this information, it could cost you serious money! Building your own powerful "pre-foreclosure team" - how to get the best people working for you without having any paid staff.
  The techniques to profitable "short sales" - what you need to know and how to cash in when you deal with the lender.
  Buying at at a foreclosure auction - what to watch out for, and how to explode your profits by avoiding them!
   The secret to getting your best pre-foreclosure leads to call you before they call ANYONE else...
  Different, easy ways you can fund your property deals that actually work- without having to use a cent of your own money! You'll laugh at other creative financing techniques !
  How to use a simple clause in your deals that can multiply the number of deals you're able to do without taking a cent extra from your pocket!
  Sample mailers that have made me thousands!  You can copy the exact wording I used...
  Hard money loans - what they are, where to find them, and how they can make you rich.
  The amazing secret to adding thousands to your bottom line - by keeping your mouth shut!
  And MORE...



How this information has completely changed my life, and how it can change yours too...

    Before I started investing, I had had a job that I hated going to every day, and I hardly made enough to get by.    I remember times where I made barely enough to pay my rent and lived on rice and ramen noodles. Peanut butter and jelly was a good lunch! Forget about extra "fun" money! I was in a bad mood pretty often, and it strained my relationships with friends and family. I knew there was a better way to live.


I was in a tough spot though. I was young, didn't have much experience in any particular field, and I had $40,000 in debt from a half hearted attempt at college. Then I met a successful real estate investor who took me under his wing and showed me the ropes. With his help, I learned everything I needed to know to start my own successful investment company. After my first deal, when I had $23,000 CASH in my bank account and $0 in debt, I was on top of the world. I never looked back.

Things are different now. Don't get me wrong, I don't waste money, but I don't worry about it either. See, the money doesn't make me happy, but having the time to do the things I enjoy does.

    By learning the same system that I use every day, you'll be able to enjoy the peace of mind that only comes from securing your financial future. I want you to experience the same financial success I've enjoyed, using the same tactics.


Best of all: You do NOT need cash or credit to start now. I didn't use ANY of my own money when I started and I'll show you how you can put together deals without using a cent of your own money.
These techniques work for ALL types of residential real estate investing, not just foreclosures. If you buy properties for profit, you NEED this information.
  I won't hold back like the other real estate "gurus" do.  You can read my book, listen to the audio and get started using the proven insider strategies to making cash profits from pre-foreclosures immediately!
  These strategies work for anyone, no matter who you are or what you are currently doing. You'll be able to put your first deal together and start making money immediately.

How Much Is This Worth To You?

Most real estate programs on the market will charge you somewhere between $500 and $1,500+, and they are worthless. You still won't get the information packed into this program.

In "Dominate Preforeclosures" there's no fluff, no filler - just a straight step-by-step system with instructions that show you how to make money fast with pre-foreclosure deals and short sales.

In about 60 pages you'll learn more real world methods than with any real estate course on the market.  With just one successful deal you could easily make $10,000 to $50,000.

Because anyone can use this system, I wanted to make is accessible for everyone. Remember how I said I was going to make this risk-free? Here is my guarantee to you:


The IRON-CLAD, "100 Times Your Price" Guarantee...

Try these strategies for 8 weeks.  When you put them to work you'll be amazed at how powerful they really are.  If you're not absolutely convinced that the insider techniques packed into this program can make you 100 times your purchase price I will give you a full refund, no questions asked.  





If you act NOW I'll also give you these valuable bonuses worth $552!

[Pre-foreclosure Forms and Contracts - $197 value](http://1.dominate1.pay.clickbank.net/)
All the forms and contracts you need to get started right away.  These are exactly the same contracts and forms I've been using for years to make and close pre-foreclosure deals.   To create all these forms and contracts yourself would take you years and cost you thousands of dollars in legal fees.  You'll get them all completely FREE with your download of the "Dominate foreclosures" book. No Need to waste your time writing contracts. I've done it for you.

[Pre-Foreclosure Deal Analysis Sheet - $47 value](http://1.dominate1.pay.clickbank.net/)
This analysis sheet will save you from stepping on costly landmines in the pre-foreclosure market.  In just minutes you'll know if you have a good deal or if you should walk away.

[101 Powerful Ways To Legally Improve Your Credit- $67 value](http://1.dominate1.pay.clickbank.net/)
You don't NEED good credit to invest in real estate, but it can help! There are many benefits to having a good credit score, and this book gives you over 100 ways to send your score through the roof!

[Home Seller's Power Tips - $47 value](http://1.dominate1.pay.clickbank.net/)
This powerful bonus is an ebook and 33 minute audio combo that will show you how to sell your house for maximum profit! This is information you simply should not be without as you make successful flips. A must read!.

[Dominate Preforecolsures Free Updates - $97 value](http://1.dominate1.pay.clickbank.net/)
I will be regularly updating this book with new strategies that are working right now.  Every time I add something new I'll let you know so you can download your entirely FREE copy of the updated book!

[1 Year Email Support - $97 Value](http://1.dominate1.pay.clickbank.net/)
You'll have questions, I'll have answers! I'll let you pick my brain as I help you begin a successful investing business quickly so you can begin living the life you want!

The hard work is done, and now all you have to do is follow my step-by-step instructions. Compared to the $500-$1500+ programs of those other “guru” investors or the junk flooding the internet, this is a real bargain and ultimately worth much more.


The bigger problem with those other programs is that once people buy them, they feel cheated. Then, when they come across a real opportunity, they don't give it a shot because they don't want to get burned. This is the real deal, and I've put my money where my mouth is to prove it to you.


Look, even if you have only one tenth of the success I do you could be $5,000 ahead after just one successful pre-foreclosure deal.

Best of all with my "100 times your price guarantee" you can discover every one of my insider techniques to making real cash profits from pre-foreclosure deals and you can do it without risking a cent. And no matter what happens, the $552 in bonuses are yours to keep, free. Now that's a win-win situation.



It's time to take action. You can order 24 hours a day, so order my program right now and you will receive INSTANT access. Don't let this opportunity pass you by. Order today and start creating the lifestyle you deserve.

To your success,

Professiona Real Estate Investor
Author - Dominate Preforeclosures



[Claim your instant download of "Dominate Preforeclosures" and your $552 in free bonuses for the special low price of $97 right now...](http://1.dominate1.pay.clickbank.net/)



[Go To My Secure Order Form](http://1.dominate1.pay.clickbank.net/)



P.S. - If you don't get started now, how many deals will pass you by? How much money could you have made? With nothing to lose, and everything to gain, grab your copy now. Remember, if it doesn't work for you, I'll refund every last cent of your money, and for your trouble, you get to keep the bonuses!.


"Chris, I recently purchased Dominate Preforeclosures and I am VERY impressed! I have not yet applied the techniques that your program has set forth, but I am now extremely confident. I have been doing lots of homework in this field and can honestly say that your program has provided the most useful information I have read yet. I also appreciate the replies to all of my e-mails and your support is great. Thanks again and I am looking forward to my first deal so I can report the profits!"

Sincerely, Robert M.


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