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Rent to Buy Ebook


Attention Renters:
Here's your chance to break free from the rent trap & move straight
your own dream home!

"How to beat THE BANKS, Sack your
landlord and say goodbye to the
uncertainty of Renting ..."

Here's the quickest

Tips that will save you thousands of dollars

How to get the best deal

No nonsense, simple and uncomplicated

Plain English so even a 10 year old could read it

The traps for new players

There is just so much packed into the 52 pages that once you have
read the book you will be rushing for the door to get started. Now
just take a look at a few of the tips and insider secrets you will

You’ve got a mark on your credit history and the bank says NO.
See what you can do about that on PAGE (9)

If you’ve got a high income but no deposit. This is the most
common problem renters face getting into bank finance. See how to
overcome this on PAGE (30)

How to buy with low deposit four different ways PAGE (27)

Your Income is not high enough for the banks lending and right now
you can only borrow 75% of the money you need for houses in your area.
PAGE (24)

How to stop lenders making you pay and pay and pay through the
nose PAGE (38)

How to make money from “Messy”, “Smelly”, and “Ugly”
Properties PAGE (45)

You have a really good deposit but no way to show income and tax
returns for long enough to satisfy the bank. PAGE (22)

To Old for the banks and you want to buy now to be able to give
something to your kids. PAGE (20)

Your Ex - partner left you with heaps of bills to pay and a really
bad credit rating and its not your fault. PAGE (49)

You want really cheap house that you can fix up and call your
castle but no bank will look at you and they have given you a pathetic
excuse that doesn’t make sense. PAGE (44)

The price of the house is not important and why PAGE (38)

How to deal and not deal with Real Estate Agents PAGE (22)

Rent credit - What it is and how it works. PAGE (28)

Finding a Rent to Buy seller PAGE (31)

Avoiding the hidden costs, what to look out for and where to find
them PAGE (39)

And there is a whole lot more...

But don’t take my word for it. See for yourself what some of my
happy buyers have to say.

…my own very own two bedroom apartment with water views
I had been looking to buy an apartment in Sydney for 2 years and all
the banks I went to said no. In November 2006 I moved into my own very
own two bedroom apartment with water views at Homebush Bay. I want to
thank you form the bottom of my heart. A fantastic start for me and it
was so easy to do and you explained everything so well. From the first
time I looked at the place to moving in was only two weeks.
Shane Reid - Homebush Bay Sydney NSW

...it was by far the best thing I ever did
I bought my home from Jeff Muir in December 2001 and it was by far
the best thing I ever did. I had some credit problems and as a self
employed owner driver there was no way I could have bought a home any
other way. In 2004 I was easily able to get a bank loan because the
property had gone up in value. Thanks so much for trusting me and
giving me a chance. I would still be renting if it wasn’t for you.
Greg Tilson - Nowra NSW

That’s just thee of the testimonials I have received praising
“How to Buy a Home with a Months Wages”. Normal everyday people
are now taking control of their lives and moving up the ladder into
their dream homes. But HEY, I don’t expect you to believe me.

That’s why I want you to try my Book for 60 full days. If you
don’t get further down the road to your dream home, simply ask for
your money back. You’ll get a prompt and courteous refund of every

For just $ 27.00, “How to Buy a Home with a Months Wages”. can
by yours and what’s even better you can be reading this book within
seconds. Within just minutes you’ll be able to start your plans to
buy your own home.

“How to Buy a Home with a Months Wages” comes in a handy PDF
file that you can download straight to your computer so there’s no
waiting……. Within minutes you’ll know the secrets of “How to
Buy a Home with a Months Wages”.

And remember you can’t loose with my Iron Clad sixty-day
guarantee. Go Though my Book. Discover the amazing breakthroughs
that’ll have you taking these first important steps into a home of
your own. See how easy it is to take control of your life and start
being the home owner you really want to be.

Then if your not happy with the “huge amount of information and
secrets that even real estate agents, banks and finance brokers
won’t tell you”, simply contact me for a complete refund of your

So act now (Click below) to order, right now, and get started down
your pathway to a home of your own. And remember, you don’t even
risk a cent.

Don’t miss this opportunity. A whole new life is just waiting for
you. Imagine what your friends and family will say when they find out
you have bought your own home.

Feel the sense of pride and satisfaction of having broken out of the
rent trap and moved into your own home. Picture it now; your friends
will be amazed that you could even think about buying a home let alone
moving into it.
And you can begin right now. But don’t hesitate with this one.

This is strictly a low introductory price. The price will be going
up shortly. Order now and for just $27.00 you can start down the
pathway to have ownership.

Warm Regards

Jeff Muir

P.S.  Order now, and not only will you get the book, you will get a
free telephone consult with me for 15 minutes valued at $95 about how
you can “How to Buy a Home with a Months Wages”.

Remember this is a limited offer and only available to the first 37
buyers of the book.

Valued at $95, this consult is yours for free as a bonus

But you must order now.

Imagine what it will feel like to never be faced with worry and
inconvenience of the ‘Rental Inspection’.

No more rushing around 6 monthly cleaning your house for some
stranger to come along and poke into your private space.

Say good bye to the massive inconvenience and cost of ever moving
again because your landlord decided to sell.

You See …

It’s not your fault that your landlord decides to sell and you
have to suffer the massive inconvenience and cost of moving yet again.
With Rent to buy you can solve this problem forever.

It means the “end of their world” to young school age kids when
they have to move away from their friends. Just imagine peace of mind
of being able to live in the one place forever if you choose.

Your kids will grow up with the security of their own home. You
could even build an amazing cubby and create a safe outdoors area for
your kids to play in.

No restriction on dogs and cats and other pets for the kids.

Imagine what it will feel like to celebrate Christmas in your very
own home.

Next Christmas day, instead of fighting the traffic and the kids to
go to the family dinner some place else you can invite the family
around to YOUR HOUSE.

And sure, you could pass up this opportunity and stay renting for
ever, getting treated like a third rate citizen. But is that what you
really want for you and your family.

I mean, why do that when there is a way out.

Why keep paying out all that dead rent money when you could Rent to
Buy your house.

… I feel so proud now that I am a home owner.
I saw the ad Rent to Buy - Low Deposit - Easy Finance in the local
paper and thought “Yea Right” any how I called and spoke to Jeff
Muir and in what seemed like no time, my partner and I were moved into
our own place with our four kids. I can’t say how much it has
changed our lives to have a place of our own. I feel so proud now that
I am a home owner and I have a stable home for my kids.
Kimberley Meharg – Orange NSW

…we moved in two weeks latter.
I was skeptical at first. Jeff’s “Rent to Buy” offer seemed to
good to be true. Could I really buy a home with only $3,000 plus my
First Home Grant and move in, all in two weeks. Anyway, he talked to
my husband John and we did what he said, go see an independent
solicitor. I had never been to see a solicitor before and I was
nervous about that as well. Anyway we saw the solicitor and he was
great, he explained everything to us in simple plain English and we
moved in two weeks latter.
Sarah Baxter - Western Sydney NSW

…We call it our “castle” but really it’s an ex-housing
commission home.
Thanks a lot mate. I can’t say how much we love our home and I
really appreciated the opportunity to get a start. Never in my wildest
dreams could we have done it without you. We call it our “castle”
but really it’s an ex - housing commission home. I would recommend
any one to go see Jeff Muir if they want to buy a home. He is so easy
to get along with and very down to earth.
Jacob Tookes - NOWRA NSW

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