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Do you ever wonder about the "other side"? Do you sense a spiritual realm around you? Do you have questions about demons and angels...are they real?

Spiritual Warfare Study will answer your Questions with the Truth that sets you Free.

Spiritual warfare is real. There is an invisible world around us that we do not see physically. The activity in this invisible world includes demonic forces that use spiritual warfare, spiritual attacks and destructive strategies designed to hurt us. Only the Truth can bring freedom. This amazing, groundbreaking study book will change your life.

Spiritual Warfare affects everyone, regardless of religion or faith.
The Bible gives the Truth that equips us with the weapons of warfare to fight and win.

Whatis Spiritual Warfare? Is it possible to be attacked by Satan? Can Christians become "demon-possessed"? Is Satan real? Are demons and angels real? How can I know for sure if I am under spiritual attack? What can I do to protect myself from spiritual attacks? How can I protect my home and family from spiritual attacks? How do I pray spiritual prayers of deliverance?

These are just a few of the questions that many people have regarding Spiritual Warfare. This ground-breaking study provides answers to these questions and much more. Do NOT wait to get this study book. It will change your life today!


Learn how to recognize the signs of spiritual demonic attacks.Lean how to fight with your weapons of warfare.Learn how to pray spiritual prayers of power and deliverance.Learn how to physically, verbally speak into the darkness and see immediate results.Learn how to pray for others; how to pray over your home and family.Learn how to prepare for oncoming battles and how to take a stand in power over them.Learn how to protect yourself. Stop the fears, doubts, and sicknesses.

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Spiritual Warfare study workbook is composed of 4 lessons:

Lesson1: "Understanding the Battle"
Get the facts about the earthly realm, the spiritual realm and the forces that live in each of them.

Lesson 2: "Strategies of Satan"
Learn the evil tactics, strategies and schemes designed by Satan to lure us into danger and temptation. Learn his many names and what they mean.

Lesson 3: "Our Weapons of Warfare"
Learn the powerful weapons that use already possess at your disposal for fighting and winning against the wiles of the devil. Learn how to use them on a daily basis.

Lesson 4: "Living in Victory"
Learn how to apply all that you have learned and start living your life of victory, power, joy, peace and prosperity. The Truth will set you free.

"This study changed my life! Thank You So Much for explaining the real truth and facts about spiritual warfare. Amazing!"

This study on spiritual warfare has been used by individuals, small groups, churches and organzations all over the world.

I am so thankful that I found this study online. I have had some weird things happen in my home and wanted to know more about demons and demonic manifestations. I was so afraid and nervous. Things seem to get worse. When I started reading your workbook and looking things up in the bible, I realized that I had nothing to be afraid of. I took the advice and started Praying out loud. Within moments, I felt a peace in my home again. Please keep this information available to others who need help.
M. Jenkinson

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