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“ If You've Got 10 Minutes Now, I Will Share With You A PROVEN System That Allowed Me To Grow 3 Inches Taller...
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From: Dominic Joelson

Date: 03 Jan, 2010



Hi Friend,

I used to feel that life is so unfair. Unlike everyone around me in high school, I was "cursed" with a short height. I could never understand why my friends who are around my age could be a head taller than me.

Maybe you can relate to that?

You might have read about my personal story of how I was initially rejected to be placed in my high school basketball "starters" team because of my height, how I overcame the odds, and how I later transformed into the "star" of my high school basketball team.

Well, that's only the tip of the iceberg. Truth is my story wasn't that simple.

Here's How It All Started...

Ever since I can remember, I've always been one of the shortest guys in class. And everyone knows what happens to short guys in school - They are always called names like "shorty" and picked on by their classmates.

Well...At least that was what happened to me and name calling was so frequent that by high school, I got used to all that.

HOWEVER, there was always one other thing that just bothers me:

...the feeling that no one takes me seriously or care about what I think.

If we've been on the same team for project discussion, you'd know exactly what I mean - The moment I voice my opinion or give a suggestion, I would be interrupted by at least one other team mate who'd jump in and give their own suggestions.

At first, it didn't bother me because I thought they do it to everyone else. But what really caught my attention was that this only happened to me - When my other team mates speak, everyone else would be listening to them intently.

Knowing that all my ideas and suggestions would be ignored no matter how good they may be, I slowly stopped giving suggestions and I became extremely quiet in group discussions.

Needless to say, I felt left out.

The worse thing is this is also happening to me in my basketball team. I had joined the basketball team since the 9th grade but I wasn't valued highly because of my poor height.

Slowly, these negative experiences accumulated inside me and I am sick of it - I am sick of feeling unimportant, and I want to turn things around. The only trouble was, I didn't know "how"...

Then one day, the answer came to me when I realized how the high school basketball players who belong to the starters team always seem to be in the "limelight". They are tall, confident and most importantly, they are well respected by the rest of the students in school.

At the same time, I had this "crush" on one of my female classmates and I really wanted to impress her. But because she was taller than me, I didn't have the courage to approach her for a date. Moreover, I had the personal belief based on what I've seen in school that girls always like guys who are taller than them.

So that was when I truly decided to get into the high school basketball starters team.

But in order to join get into the starters team, there is this selection process that every player must go through. Knowing this, I started practicing my shots and my ball handling skills.

After months of practice, the selection day finally came and I was determined to be part of the starters team.

The Selection Process...

It was a warm Tuesday afternoon and all 16 basketball players turned up for the selection process, including me. But the thing was that only 5 players would be placed on the starters team.

I knew it was going to be tough.

Fortunately, I was in my "zone" during the entire selection process. My shots were accurate, I completed the runs way faster than what was expected and I did better than a lot of the other players.

By the end of the selection process, I was so sure I'm going to make it to my starters team I was so tired but excited.

When the coach walked up to us and announced the 5 players who were chosen for the starters team, I was listening hard for my name...

I was shocked. None of the 5 names were mine.

Disappointed but curious, I approached my coach after the entire selection practice. I knew I had performed better than at least 2 of the players who were chosen to be placed in the starters team and I wanted to find out what really went wrong.

This is the part of the story that you probably already know... Here's what happened next:

"Dom, you know...I really like you - you're fast, your shots are accurate...But erm...You're too short and your balls are so easy to block," my coach continued in a solemn tone, "so I can't put you in the first team".

To say that my world crashed on me is an understatement. After all, basketball was my life and that's what I really enjoyed doing. And that's when I decided to find out how to get taller - I had no other choice and I'm not going to let my height stop me.

Initially I thought that increasing my height naturally is impossible - that everything on the internet was pure scam and crap. That everything is predetermined by my genes.

But then I crossed over a site that showed me the 'truth' - that our height is controlled by many factors in our body, and that if we could find a way to naturally stimulate the hormones that controls our height, we could grow taller...even though we're long past our puberty stage.

It was also then when I discovered that in order to grow taller, there are 5 things we must do:

Must-Do #1: Exercise

Exercising is the best way to align our spine and promote bone growth. The truth is that some of us are already tall in nature. However, most of our spine has been curved and compressed so much that we are shorter than we really should be.

Must-Do #2: Change Diet

The raw materials that our bones use to grow is solely obtained through the diet. When I was doing my research, I discovered that there were actually more than 5 vitamins and minerals that could promote bone growth.

In fact, I also learned that the reason why most Asians are still lagging in their height is largely due to the type of foods they traditionally eat.

Must-Do #3: Avoid Pills

As you already know, eating pills could lead to more negative side effects and do more harm to the body than good. So despite what I've seen about how effective the pills are, I've avoided them at all cost.

And that really paid off because it led me to discover more natural ways of stimulating the body's natural growth mechanisms to help increase my height, without having to worry about negative side effects of drugs.

Must-Do #4: Refuse To Accept Your Height As It Is

To be frank, I used to believe that everything was predetermined by my genes, especially my height. But what really broke that belief was when I discovered that some of my elder cousins actually outgrew my uncles.

That was back in high school and I was totally blown away with the possibilities. And it was after breaking those disempowering beliefs that I started to be exposed to the idea of stimulating my body to grow even taller.

Must-Do #5: Have Patience and Determination

Truth is that like trees, our growth has to happen in stages. We cannot just gain inches in our height overnight. It takes time and lots of patience and faith. I know because it took me 7 weeks research and discipline to gain my 3 inches.

Alright, at this point you'd think that I knew everything I needed to grow taller, right?


Even though I picked up numerous sources of information online about getting taller and I knew what I had to do, what I needed to eat... I didn't know where to start. There wasn't a system or any diet plans that I could follow.

Frustrated but determined, I took all the information I got and I organized it in a step-by-step system so that I would know exactly what I need to do and when to do it.

And after weeks of expensive research and personal testing, I finally put together a system that helped me gain 3 inches in just 7 weeks. In the past, I didn't exactly have a name for this system but today, I call it the HowToGetTallerSecrets© System.

And because it's a system, I am confident that if it can help increase my height, it can help anyone.

I really wished that I had a "before" and "after" photograph to show you how well the system worked for me but I couldn't find a decent photograph to demonstrate my point clearly. To be honest, I didn't take much photographs back then because I didn't have much confidence in myself until much later, and I avoided cameras like plague.

And to continue my story...

How HowToGetTallerSecrets© System Turned My Life Around...

With my increased height, my (surprised) coach pushed me into the Starter's team where I went on to make my mark and became the "star" with my accurate shots and fast speed.

Looking back, my high school days transformed from a total nightmare, into the best period of my life. And truth is that I didn't just gain my height - I gained WAY MORE than that.

One...My classmates stopped picking on me and they started to value my opinions and suggestions more. Because of that, I became more confident of my ideas and myself, and I even grew to enjoy group discussions.

Two... My basketball skills were no longer covered by the flaw of my height and I was more valued as a basketball player. The moment I made into the starters team, my classmates pulled me along for their basketball games after school and I made a lot more friends in a month than I used to in the entire year.

Three... With my "star" status and my added confidence, I impressed the girl of my dreams and we eventually became a couple.

Four... I realized that I was given a lot more opportunities in school. The proudest moment in my life was when I was elected to be the basketball team captain where it was the first time I developed on my leadership skills.

Five... Which is the most important thing which I've gained - my self-confidence. With more self-confidence, I realized that almost everything is possible. In fact, it's a "open secret" that people with higher confidence often get better jobs and achieve higher social status.

So why am I telling you all these?

Look - I'm not here to impress you. Instead, I'm here to impress upon you that if I can increase my height...

You Can Do It Too...

I have no idea what your profession is, or what you hope to achieve after getting taller. But what I do know is this...

The fact that you're reading this right now only goes to show that you know you can and you deserve to know how to get taller. I totally understand how you feel and I believe in you as well.

And that's why I want to help you by making my HowToGetTallerSecrets© System available to you right now.

Introducing! The Proven HowToGetTallerSecrets© System That Helped Me Gain 3 Inches In Just 6 Weeks...

Just so you know, It took me 5 months of organizing and simplifying the information so you can rest assure everything is as idiot-proof as possible. And to simplify it even further, I've broken it down into 3 easy-to-follow modules:

Module #1: Getting Started
The Little Known Truth Behind Getting Taller In Adulthood!     The 4 Major Factors Controlling Our Height...And What You Can Do About Them!
Module #2: Practical Easy-To-Follow Exercises
The 3 Complete Stages of Exercises You Must Do To Get Taller... (All The Other Courses Only Tell You One of Them!)     Step-By-Step Instructions of Exercises     31 Easy-to-Follow Exercises to Help You Get Taller... (Complete with Step-by-Step Instructions with Graphical Demonstrations!)     6 Tips on Preparing Your Body To Grow While You're Sleeping!     The Correct Postures While You're Seating, Bending and Standing That Will "Unlock" Your Spine's Growth Potential!
Module #3: Diet & Nutrition
The 10 Vitamins And 10 Minerals You Need to Get Taller...And Where To Find Them!     The 14 Power Foods To Consume For Maximum Height Increase!     Over 7 Secret Tips to Appear Taller And More Confident Right Away...Without Having To Wear Shoes With Thicker Soles!
Honestly, I can't imagine anything simpler than this.

But that's not all... To reward you for taking the time to read this, I've specially prepared for you...

3 Exclusive Bonuses Worth over $127...

How To Prevent Your Body From Sabotaging Your Efforts ($47 Value)

Discover the 3 common diseases that could stunt your growth and find out how you can avoid them so that you do not sabotage your efforts to get taller...

Scams In Growing Taller That You MUST Avoid! ($47 Value)

HowToGetTallerSecrets Detailed Action Plan ($47 Value)

Worried that there will be too much information and you wouldn't know where to start? Then this Action Plan is exactly what you need.

Inside, you'll discover the exact 3 phases I've used to grow taller. You'll know which exercises to do and when to do each of them. With this Action Plan, you'll know exactly what to do next.
  Total Value = Over $127

As you can see, the entire value of the bonuses without the 3 main modules of my system is already over $127. But rest assure I'm not going to offer the bonuses and the complete HowToGetTallerSecrets© System to you anywhere near that price.

Here's why...

As you may already notice, HowToGetTallerSecrets© System is a new product in the market so I don't have much testimonials to show here (except my own story and results). Realizing that, I've came up with a win-win situation where both you and I stand to gain. Here's my proposal...

Because all my products are in the digital format, I'm able to keep my cost down. And that's why right now, I'm about to offer the entire package to you at just...




And in exchange, all I ask from you is to fully implement the action plan I've highlighted in the system for 4 weeks, and then send me a testimonial that I can place on this page.

Just imagine how much your life could be different in just 4 weeks from today... The higher confidence level that you could experience...the more opportunities that could come your way...the more respect you'll get...the more attractive you'll become...

How much is all these worth to you?

And to sweeten the deal even further, I'm also going to offer to you this...

100% 60-Days Money Back Guarantee

After claiming your copy of the HowToGetTallerSecrets© System, take a 60 DAYS to review it at your leisure. Print out the private notes, highlight what strikes you, and do whatever you need to do to fully inspect this product.

If, for ANY reason you are not 100% delighted, return the package for a FULL, no-questions-asked refund with my compliments.

That’s how certain I am that you will be totally delighted with this package.

So you see, there is absolutely no risk on your side. In fact the only way you'll lose out is by not taking up this offer and missing out on the opportunity to achieve the height you've always wanted.

If you will agree to this right now, go ahead and follow these 3 steps to claim your copy of the HowToGetTallerSecrets© System:

Step #1: Click on the Add to Cart button below and you will be redirected to Clickbank.com for secure transaction:

[ ](http://www.howtogettallersecrets.com/course/order/)

Step #2: Follow the instructions on the screen as shown below and after the payment, click on "Complete Your Order". You'll be automatically redirected to the Members' Download Page

Step #3: At the Member's Download Page, follow the instructions and download the Complete HowToGetTallerSecrets© System to your computer and learn the secrets to getting the height you've always wanted



PS: The special price of $27 for the complete HowToGetTallerSecrets© System holds good only while your testimonial is still of value to me, so sign up now before you miss out.

Opportunities like this don't come often.
Don't hate yourself for missing out.


[ ](http://www.howtogettallersecrets.com/course/order/)




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