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Fibromyalgia patients
Do You Feel Like a Medical Misfit?

Are you a medical misfit? Have you been to numerous doctors, tried dozens of drugs, supplements, and therapies for fibromyalgia, but still suffer?

Hi, I’m Dr. Rodger Murphree, author of the critically acclaimed book, Treating and Beating Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: A Patient's Self-Help Manual. I’ve been specializing in the treatment of fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome for the last 14 years.

Two Words: I understand.

For most of the world, it’s a common little phrase. But for people who have fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue syndrome (or both), it’s amazingly powerful, not to mention rare. Because you have an illness that’s hard to “prove,” loved ones may secretly convict you of hypochondria or laziness.

 Has your doctor told you “You’re Lazy,
Crazy, or Just Depressed”?

Contrary to what some doctors may have told you, you’re not crazy, lazy, or suffering from a Prozac deficiency. I routinely find that most doctors don’t know much, if anything, about fibromyalgia. What’s even worse, many doctors secretly think those with these illnesses are crazy, lazy, or depressed. I know how frustrating it is to continue to look for answers from doctors who don’t understand what you’re going through. These are the same doctors who tell you to get more sleep (right!), take it easy, get more rest, exercise, and eat better. Or, they send you off to a psychiatrist for more antidepressant medications. This clearly shows that most doctors just don’t get it.

I’ve found that most fibromyalgia and CFS patients know more about the illness than their doctors!

Two Problems with Most Doctors

When you have a broken arm, doctors are great. They can see the fracture in the X-ray, and know just how to patch you up. When you have fibromyalgia, however, it's a whole different story:

Problem #1: Most doctors don't
know how to diagnose fibromyalgia.

They run test after test. They tell you to exercise and lose weight. When that doesn't solve the problem, they load you up with antidepressant drugs. That doesn't work? You must be depressed, and have you thought about seeing a psychiatrist? Because they insist "There's nothing wrong with you physically."

 What's wrong is their diagnostic skills. You eventually find out that you have fibromyalgia, and just wish they had diagnosed that a lot earlier, without all the runaround.

Problem #2: Even after you're diagnosed, most
doctors don’t have a clue how to treat fibromyalgia.

They may mean well. They may have even seen a number of other fibromyalgia sufferers in the past. But here's what I've discovered after specializing in fibromyalgia over the last 14 years and talking with countless doctors: They don't want to see you, the fibromyalgia patient, in their appointment book! They consider fibromyalgia patients as a nuisance.

Why? Because most doctors still don’t believe fibromyalgia truly exists and their treatments don't work. Their idea of "curing" you is to give you one powerful drug after another:

• Drugs to put you to sleep
• Drugs to wake you up
• Pain pills
• Mood drugs (for the side effects of their sleep drugs)
• Muscle relaxants
• Sedatives (to calm you from the uppers they gave you)
• More drugs if you also have irritable bowel syndrome, reflux, restless leg syndrome
• Attention deficit disorder?

It just never ends.

What's worse is each new drug creates additional
side-effect symptoms that then must be
medicated with additional drugs.

That's no way to be helped, and
certainly no way for you to live!


Despite the latest overly hyped "drug of the month" for fibromyalgia, Lyrica, Savella, Cymbalta) prescription drugs and traditional medicine have largely failed those with fibromyalgia. Traditional medicine is practiced with using a “cookbook mentality.” If a person presents to their doctor with certain symptoms, then they have a certain disease, which has certain pills to treat it.

Fibromyalgia is so far outside the traditional medical cookbook that there is no recipe for it.

Most doctors don’t know what to do with fibromyalgia, so they attempt to cover up the symptoms with an assortment of drugs.

Prescription medications can be helpful. But prescription medicines also have potential side effects.

And let's face it, those with fibromyalgia are medical misfits – they don’t usually respond to medications like other folks. They have multiple symptoms including chronic pain, poor sleep, IBS, headaches, fatigue, anxiety, depression, etc. They’re very complicated. In the fibromyalgia patients, long-term prescription medication therapy rarely helps. Worse, these meds often create more symptoms, which then lead to more drugs and more symptoms.

A case in point is Ambien, which does produce sleep, but may also cause flu-like symptoms including achy muscle pain and fatigue, as well as short-term memory loss and depression. Doesn’t this sound like the very symptoms associated with fibromyalgia?

Or how about Klonopin, which doesn’t produce deep restorative sleep (yes, it knocks you out), but instead depletes the happy hormone - serotonin, and leads to fatigue, depression, and addiction, usually within two weeks of starting the medication. No one has a Klonopin deficiency. Chasing symptoms with drugs is the least effective way to solve your fibromyalgia symptoms.

When your roof is leaking, you can do one of three things:

1.     Ignore it.
2.     Mop up the wet floor each time it rains.
3.     Repair the roof.

Obviously, it makes the most sense to repair the roof.

Why cover up the symptoms when you can
correct the cause of the problem?

I’ve developed a program for correcting the cause of fibromyalgia: The Fibromyalgia Jumpstart Program. I’ve helped thousands of patients beat their fibromyalgia, not just cover up their symptoms.

Note: Read the Testimonials in the box on the right side of the page to read the comments of several of my patients.


What You Really Need Is 6-8 Hours of
Deep, Refreshing Sleep Each Night!

What would it feel like to wake up refreshed, no early-morning drug hangover, and no pain?

How would it feel to have energy all day to do what you want and need to do each day?

What if you could meet your friends for dinner and a movie, go shopping, take a long car ride, go back to work – even clean the house – all without crashing and ending up back on the couch with debilitating pain and fatigue?

The majority of my fibromyalgia (FMS) patients come to me after being exhausted from lack of sleep for many years. I cannot stress this enough - you MUST sleep soundly or your body will not recover, EVER! And, you'll NEVER feel good until you can get good sleep.

Within two weeks of starting my Fibromyalgia Jumpstart Program, my patients get 6-9 hours of deep, restorative sleep each night.

Are You Ready to Beat Fibromyalgia?

Look, I don't expect you to believe anything you read on the Internet. There's so much bad information out there. But I know that you're on my site only because you're still searching for someone who understands the HELL you've been going through, and has some practical, workable recommendations for getting your life back.

For the last 14 years, I’ve specialized in helping fibromyalgia sufferers just like you get their life back..

Why Do You Have Fibromyalgia?

You’ve probably wondered why people get fibromyalgia in the first place. Well, I believe that people are born with a stress-coping savings account. Some have a large stress-coping savings account and some have a tiny savings account.

These accounts are stocked with important stress-coping chemicals like serotonin, dopamine, cortisol, DHEA, and thousands of other vitamins, minerals, hormones, and other biochemicals that make the body work properly. Every day, we make withdrawals from our stress-coping account. The more stress we are under, the more withdrawals we make.

If we aren’t careful, we can make more withdrawals than deposits. Those with fibromyalgia and CFS have bankrupted their savings accounts. This can be caused by an accident, illness, surgery, loss of a loved one, a painful divorce, or just long-term stress. Once this happens there is no prescription drug, physical therapy, massage, chiropractic adjustment, or latest fad multilevel marketing cure that can correct the underlying cause of this illness.

An integrative medical approach that replaces the bankrupted stress-coping chemicals is the only chance a person has of getting his or her life back.

My Fibromyalgia Jumpstart Program is based on correcting the cause of fibromyalgia: a bankrupted stress-coping savings account.


I’ve found that most FMS patients fall
into one of two personality categories:

Type As

Type As are doers. They have a demanding schedule filled with activities: a full-time job, household duties, family responsibilities, soccer practices, PTA meetings, volunteer work, church duties, and more. They push themselves harder and harder trying to do more, be more, and have more. They don’t want to settle for second best. These perfectionists can’t stand to be idle. They must be busy doing something – anything. They’ll be talking on the phone and counseling a coworker on job performance, while cooking dinner, emptying the dishwasher, feeding the baby, and looking over today’s mail. These individuals are used to pushing themselves to do more and more, day after day. If they’re asked to volunteer for a fund-raiser at their child’s school, they’ll accept. If the boss calls and asks them to head an additional committee, they’ll gladly accept once again. They can’t say no. The years of constant stress finally catch up to them and they literally burn themselves out. They go, go, go, and go, until one day they can’t go anymore!

Type Bs

Type Bs are “the caregivers.” They may or may not be as busy as Type As, but are just as taxed. They spend considerable time and energy taking care of friends and loved ones. These nurturers take care of their spouses, children, extended family, and friends. Their lives revolve around the ups and downs and daily health challenges of those they look after. They may have sick or disabled family members living in their home, or they are continuously running back and forth between the hospital and nursing home. And since they don’t have enough time in the day to take care of the needy and themselves, they often struggle late into the night to get everything done.

Like Type As, they can’t or won’t say no when asked to help do more. They take satisfaction in helping others. They feel a sense of duty that makes them continue to give more and more... They’ve spent years giving and giving, while getting little in return. They expend so much energy helping others that they leave no time for themselves. The constant emotional strain takes its toll on their marriage.

They can’t go out to dinner, parties (too tired), or vacation: “Who’ll look after Mom while we’re gone?” Finally – and it’s inevitable – these individuals eventually “give out.”

I’ve been specializing in treating fibromyalgia and CFS for the last 14 years, and I’ve helped thousands beat fibromyalgia with a step-by-step, easy-to-follow program – my Fibromyalgia Jumpatart Program.

Patients who follow my Fibromyalgia Jumpstart Program typically notice a big improvement in their health within two weeks.

Moods, pain, sleep, fatigue, mental clarity, all improve within two weeks of starting my program. Restless leg syndrome and irritable bowel syndrome, both common in fibromyalgia patients, disappear in 1-2 weeks, never to return again. 

Getting Healthy
from the Inside Out

The only way to beat this illness (and I believe you CAN beat it) is to get healthy from the inside out. A person becomes sick when his or her self-healing mechanisms shut down. There is no prescription drug in the world that can correct this dysfunction, nor is there any one therapy alone that can correct the self-healing autonomic glands: hypothalamus, pituitary, and adrenals. To feel better, you MUST correct the underlying dysfunctional biochemistry – one system at a time. It is work, but it works! Please don’t give up; you can feel better! I know because I see miracles happen every day in my practice.

Using my Fibromyalgia Jumpstart Program, it usually only takes a couple of weeks before you start feeling better… better than you’ve felt in years. You won’t be cured in a couple of weeks, but you’ll start to get your life back, have more energy, less pain, sleep better, be happier, and feel better.

Read some of the testimonials from people just like you who've benefited from my book, protocols, and the products I recommend.

You CAN feel better

I want to help you feel good again. You CAN feel better. I see it happen time and time again. You CAN get your life back. There is no "magic bullet" for CFS or FMS. There is NO magic drug, massage, chiropractic adjustment, surgery, physical therapy, water aerobics, or shrink that can make you well again overnight. You must do it by getting healthy FROM THE INSIDE OUT. I've developed Fibromyalgia Jumpstart Program through firsthand experience and "working in the trenches" for years with patients just like you.

I know you’ve tried dozens of the latest fad nutrients, drug or other overly hyped remedy, only to see little, if any, improvement.

My program works because, unlike fly-by-night so-called “experts,” I’ve been doing this for over 14 years and continue to actually see patients day in and day out in my clinic (I’m not some ivory tower academic). I’ve learned first hand from my patients (thousands over the last 14 years) what works and what doesn’t.


Exhaustive Research Over Last
14 Years Leads To Success

After witnessing patients fall prey to worthless, potentially dangerous drugs, inferior fad “latest, greatest cure-all,” I knew I had to research and develop a can’t-miss, easy-to-understand, easy-to-follow program that would allow my fibromyalgia patients to correct the cause of their problem.

Through hard work, exhaustive research, and trial and error, I’ve developed a program that reverses the symptoms and even better, the cause of fibromyalgia — 80 percent of the time.

And fortunately, you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars to travel to my clinic to benefit from my program. You can get my step-by-step, easy-to-follow program right now.

Simply order the Self-Help Manual (e-book). It contains everything you need to know to finally beat your fibromyalgia and feel good again.


(This is a downloadable e-book!)


What you will
learn from this book:

This e-book describes fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome in easy-to-understand language (especially for those with “fibro-fog”). I explain how to diagnose, successfully treat, and overcome these illnesses with my proven step-by-step program. You’ll discover…

• who is most likely to develop these illnesses,

• when the illnesses are most likely to occur,

• how the syndromes are diagnosed,

• what underlying conditions are associated with them,

• why traditional medicine alone hasn’t been successful in treating FMS and CFS,

• how to feel better in 2–4 weeks than you have felt in years,

• why you can’t sleep and how to safely and consistently (99% of the time) solve this problem with natural supplements — within two weeks,

• why certain drugs can actually make you feel worse, causing increased pain, flu-like symptoms, poor memory, anxiety, depression, fatigue, and more,

• how my proven program — based on successfully treating thousands of FMS and CFS patients over the past 14 years — corrects causes, not just symptoms,

• why you have “fibro-fog” (a hard time concentrating and remembering things) and how to correct it, usually in 3–4 weeks,

• why you’re so tired, even when you’re taking stimulants like caffeine and amphetamines (like Ritalin and Adderall), and how to notice a dramatic increase in energy in 2–4 weeks,

• why thyroid tests are usually not accurate, and how to reliably and easily test for low thyroid (hypothyroid) at home and then successfully correct it,

• how to correct general adaptive syndrome so that you don’t feel worse before every thunderstorm or after a day of “overdoing it,”

• how prolonged stress eventually overwhelms your adrenal glands and how you can repair them so that you don’t “crash” after every stressful event,

• how “leaky gut” can cause food allergies, pain, inflammation, mood disorders, and chronic infections,

• why people with FMS and CFS become depressed and how over-the-counter amino-acid supplements often are more effective, faster working, and safer than prescription medications in treating most cases of anxiety and depression,

• how to beat low moods, anxiety, and depression once and for all,

• why you’re in pain and how to reduce or eliminate chronic pain without mind-numbing pain medication — typically within two weeks of supplementing an essential nutrient,

• how your diet affects your health,

• how to finally, successfully treat stubborn allergies and chemical sensitivities,

• how to treat irritable bowel and digestive disturbances, making IBS a distant memory,

• how to lose those unwanted pounds you’ve gained and increase your metabolism through some clever adjustments to your diet,

• and how to reduce or eliminate your severe reactions to certain chemicals, medications, environments, and even smells.

Thousands of real clinical experiences of trial, error, and consistent success make this book different from others written about FMS and CFS. It’s not based only on textbook theories, but rather the many patients who have become my living textbook. It’s not about coping with illness; it’s about overcoming it. I understand what you’re going through, and I can’t wait to see you on the other side of it!

Want to get your life back?

Want to feel better?

Do you want to get a good night’s sleep each and every night?

Do you want to think clearly – no more “fibro-fog”?

Do you want to have some energy to do the things
you want to do…without becoming wiped out?

Do you want to eliminate or drastically reduce your chronic pain?

Do you want to finally lose that weight that
you’ve put on from a sluggish metabolism?

Do you want to overcome anxiety, depression,
or other mood disorders that are robbing you of life?

Do you want to stop worrying about your irritable bowel symptoms?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, I suggest that you order and download my e-book, Treating and Beating Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: A Patient's Self-Help Manual.

Why feel bad another week, month, or year? Do you really think what you’re doing now is going to work? Drug therapy is a dead end, and offers little or no long-term help for fibromyalgia.

Everything you need to know to feel better, get well, and stop the fibromyalgia misery is contained in my easy-to-read, follow, and implement Self-Help Manual.

Treating and Beating Fibromyalgia
and CFS: A Patient’s
Self-Help Manual

This is an e-book in PDF form and
readable by the free version of Adobe Acrobat. You'll download it and be reading within minutes of purchase!

Get this e-book now and save $20.00

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Plus I’ll include these 3 bonus gifts:


Bonus Gift Number 1:

Order today and get my 4th edition Treating and Beating
Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, also as an e-book.
This book has been called the fibromyalgia Bible by
some and contains all the latest up-to-date information
on how to treat and beat fibromyalgia and chronic
fatigue syndrome. You'll download it right after purchasing
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Order today and get access to my 3-hour Treating
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P.S. Why wait and endure another pain-filled,
sleep-deprivedday of misery? Get my books,
follow the step-by-step advice,listen to my CDs,
watch the videos, follow my recommendations,
and feel better than you’ve felt in years.

I’ve helped thousands of fibromyalgia patients
over the years. Why wait another day,
week, month or year? Find out how you
can feel good again in as little as 2 weeks.

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Email Address
[Contact me if you have any questions - Dr. Rodger Murphree](mailto:drrodgerm@yahoo.com)

About Dr. Murphree

Dr. Rodger Murphree has specialized in treating and beating fibromyalgia fatigue for the last 14 years.

He has been in private practice since 1990. He is the founder and past clinic director for a large integrated medical practice located on the campus of Brookwood Hospital in Birmingham, Alabama.

Dr. Murphree is the author of Treating and Beating Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (and the Patient's Self-Help Manual); and Treating and Beating Anxiety and Depression with Orthomolecular Medicine.

Drawing upon his medical, chiropractic, and nutritional background, Dr. Murphree uses some of the most sophisticated, yet practical, scientifically based, nutritional therapies to prevent and reverse even the most stubborn illnesses.

His advice has helped more than 4,000 patients beat fibro--some of them had already been to numerous doctors including those at John Hopkins and even the Mayo clinic. Dr. Murphree has been able to help more than 80% of the fibromyalgia patients he's worked with over the last 14 years.


Note: As you know, everone has a different system and set of problems. Results may vary from those experiences below.

I WILL work with you to find the "right combination" of nutritional protocols which provide you with the safest and most effective treatment. I'm dedicated to helping you help yourself.

Jean Robinson

I’m 59 yrs old, and until 12 years ago, had been very active in sports, and as an insurance agent raising 3 boys, and being involved in the community.

I had to have surgery and from there went downhill - very sick, no energy, lots of pain and over the next 3 yrs I went thru 7 – 8 doctors and finally found one who put a name to it… Fibromyalgia. 

I read every book that I could find on the subject, trying to find out what caused it and what to do for it. I saw several rheumatologists who told me there was nothing to do for it and it was just something that I was going to have to live with. 

I had decided that I would just have to live with it; there were times that I’d go for weeks and feel really bad and then a period of time where I wouldn’t feel so bad.  Then 2-3 yrs ago, I got sick and stayed in bed for several weeks – I could not get out of bed, put on my own clothes, cook or anything… I was very frustrated.

The doctor that I saw on a regular basis had put me on antidepressants, antiinflammatory drugs, anything to give me some relief… but I had reached a point to where I was not sleeping, 2 hrs a night maybe, sometimes 2 – 3 days with no sleep… I was weak and tired… but my brain was racing 90 mph… I started realizing that the worse I felt, that I could not remember things, even  things that had happened just two hours prior; fibro fog was bad. 

Then I found out about Dr. Murphree by accident from my Sunday school teacher who had seen an article in the paper about a seminar… at that point I was too sick to attend.  I called the office and got in to see them the very next day… when I read his book, I knew that this was my life story, everything that he was talking about was me and all that I had gone through. 

I had been on vitamins off and on for a long time and just finally gave up because they did not seem to be doing any good.  In reading his book and taking the supplements that he recommended, it made all the difference in the world.  I am now sleeping 6 – 8 hrs or more a night, the pain is so much better. 

I do occasionally have a flare up from time to time, especially if I have a cold, or virus… but it doesn’t last nearly as long as it used to.  Since I have been on the supplements, I mentally, physically, and emotionally, feel so much better… I would highly recommend that anyone read his book… it has so much information as to what you need to do with your health… my coming to the clinic has been very beneficial. The heat therapy, realignment, etc. has helped me so much. 

I also think that Dr. Murphree’s approach  is the most important thing… he tries to get to the root of the problem & doesn’t just give you drugs, or try a lot of different therapies… or try to cover it up. 

He successfully helps you get off of drugs and truly helps you… it has been wonderful… he gets inside the body and what makes the body tick… each body is different and needs different supplements and he’s willing to work with you to get the right ones. 

I am so pleased that I have found Dr. Murphree and his clinic. I would recommend him to everyone, he has helped me so much.

Lou Ann Bryan,
Elba, AL

I have been suffering with Fibromyalgia for about 7 years; it actually took 2 years for me to be diagnosed. I saw several different doctors and they didn't offer much help except pills. If it wasn't a prescription, it was a lot of tests, everything always showed up negative. This was over a course of 5 years and I had almost given up.

I prayed to God to please give me answers and show me what to do. He did! I saw Dr. Murphree on WSFA & knew that I had to see him. He was speaking in Auburn, AL. that night and I called my husband at work and told him about him and we went that night. His lecture made so much sense. I got a copy of his book & called the next day for an appointment.

I had read approximately 10 books and Dr. Murphree's book was the most helpful, there was no comparison. It was very informative and I actually have purchased two to give to friends. I was on several different medications and wasn't getting any better; then I got on his clinical program and I know I would not have gotten better without his help.

Within 2 weeks after seeing him, I knew I was on the right track to recovery. I haven't felt this good in 10 years. Dr. Murphree's guidance with the nutritional aspects was wonderful. His approach is so different from other doctors that I had seen; he has time for you, he takes your health problems seriously. I have gotten so much helpful advice from him and not a bunch of prescriptions.

I know that the Lord sent me to Dr. Murphree and I thank Him every day for Dr. Murphree.

Mandy W.,
Birmingham, AL

"The first thing that improved was my sleep"

I was told I was depressed and was prescribed Prozac. It initially helped me think better, to feel better. Then like many of the medications I'd tried, it stopped working.

I wasn't able to work and had to take an early retirement from my job. I was losing everything I had worked for.

My marriage was becoming strained and our finances were dwindling due to all the doctor bills, prescriptions, tests, and increases in health insurance premiums. I had to do something, but what?

I read an article about Dr. Murphree and his Fibromyalgia program. I had run out of options and felt he was my last hope. I did all the therapies he recommended.

The first thing that improved was my sleep. I finally began to sleep through the night or at least get 5-6 hours of refreshing sleep every night. I was able to discontinue my sleep medicines.

I started to feel better. I had more energy. The pain slowly, but steadily, became tolerable and continues to be manageable – unless I overdo it.

I'm not 100% better, but I'm getting my life back. I now have a social life again. I'm even thinking about going back to work part time.

Veronica V.,
Ontario, Canada

Before I was fortunate enough to come across your web site, I was experiencing mental and anxiety issues that had me thinking I was going crazy. After taking the Brain Dysfunction test, I was so relieved that it was a chemical imbalance. I just lacked some brain chemicals, especially serotonin.

Although I was suffering FMS pain, the brain dysfunction was much more upsetting to me. I am a health-and-safety trainer, and I would go blank in front of a classroom with no recall of the information I was to teach. I could no longer spell, and the keyboard felt like a stranger under my fingers when trying to write policies and procedures. I was late for sessions, because for the first time in my life, I would get lost regularly.

I have a great life, and yet I was unhappy and depressed most of the time. I started suffering anxiety attacks for no apparent reason. I could not cope with change of any sort. I am a very social person, yet I didn’t want to leave the house or have company over. I became a frustrated and angry person.

Two weeks on your FMS protocol, I could think again! Driving was easy again, and I could perform my work. Both the mental and physical symptoms subsided considerably.

Now, 10 months into the program, I am exponentially better than before. The added bonus is that these are one of the few products that I have not developed a tolerance of, and they continue to help me heal. Thank you so much for your dedication and understanding of what we go through.


Patricia Z.,
Port St. Lucie, Florida

In retrospect, I believe my body has hosted the unwelcome guest of fibromyalgia for a lot longer than my diagnosis eight years ago. An active person all my life, I suffered more from the restrictions than from the actual pain. In other words, I was depressed. A control freak, I balked at the thought of antidepressants, pain killers, muscle relaxers, and sleeping pills. I like to be in control of my thoughts, pain, and moods. I believe in the innate intelligence of my body and the chiropractic philosophy. I resented medical doctors telling me if I wanted to get relief I had to take the above. So I researched online and found Dr. Murphree, read his books (still do), and started on the vitamins and minerals he suggested.

Am I fibro free? No. But I am so much better off than I was in the beginning, I am capable of most things in moderation, and I possess all of my wits.

I did find a rheumatologist whom I now see once a year and who will work with me. He admitted recently that he wished more of his patients would quit looking for a miracle drug to take away their pain.

Mental attitude, exercise, chiropractic adjustments, massage, and a good regimen of vitamins are keeping me active. Yes, some days I flare, and when that happens, I allow myself a few minutes for a pity party, drag myself into a hot shower, and get moving, thanking God every day that I do not have a terminal disease as do some.

George F.,
Baton Rouge, Louisiana 

I am one of the rare males diagnosed with fibromyalgia back in 1991. It started off bearable but got worse over the years. I am 52 years old now and have always been very active outdoors —hunting, fishing, and such.

Over the past five or six years, I started missing many days at work, sometimes the whole week. I could no longer hunt or fish — just lay in bed taking large doses of pain medications and aspirin by the handful. Without being able to do anything I enjoyed doing, I would start off with tremendous anger which lead to deep depression. I had been through several rheumatologists, both here and in other cities.

I had given up; I could not take it anymore. I went round and round in my head about how much it was going to hurt the ones I love if I took my own life. But I could no longer stand a life like I had.

Then a friend of mine saw Dr. Murphree’s book, bought it, and sent it to me. I immediately ordered the starter pack and took it religiously.

Within two weeks, I was feeling better. Now after seven months, I feel 10 years younger. My whole life has changed. I can now do anything and more than most people my age! Thanks to our Lord and Savior for bringing a man like Dr. Rodger Murphree into this world.


Toni K.,
Mobile, Alabama

Having to deal with all the physical and emotional aspects of FMS/CFS can be a frightening and discouraging experience. We must have doctors who stay on the cutting edge of research and who will give this to us in a comfortable way that we can trust. I have always found this in Dr. Rodger Murphree. I thank God for his intelligence and his kindness and willingness to help us.

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