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Dr Joel Block - Staying Hard: Breakthrough Strategies For Reliable
Erections E-Book


Then let me introduce you to THE SOLUTION!

Staying Hard: Breakthrough Strategies for Reliable Erections

Can’t get your mind off “Am I going to fail again?” Avoiding
Sex to avoid failure? I know the feeling!

I’ve personally helped hundred of men successfully overcome ED. I
Guarantee I can help you—effectively, easily and quickly! Save your
money, don’t fall for phony solutions.


What I'm About To Offer You Is 100% Guaranteed To Permanently Cure
Your Erectile Dysfunction ">No sprays, no creams, no gimmicks, just a
clinically proven method that works.

My name is Dr. Joel Block. My strategy is based on my life's work
as a psychologist specializing in love and sex. I have 30 years
experience treating sexual issues. I will provide a credible solution
to your premature ejaculation that is based on actual results achieved
with men just like you…

I will provide a credible solution to your erection issue that is
based on actual results achieved with men just like you…

"I was totally dependent on pills—and they stopped
working!—until I came across Dr. Block’s approach. I have not had
even one failure since!”

-Thomas, Santa Fe, New Mexico

"I was told my problem was medical and then I took the test in Dr.
Block’s book and that proved to me that it was not a medical
problem. His approach in the book was better than the face-to-face
contacts I had with other people. He saved my sex life!”

-Alan, Brooklyn, New York

"Your book gave me clear, easy to apply steps. Now I am performing
without worry and feeling way more confident."

-Rob, South Bend, Indiana

"... the book was an easy read and effective. I was ‘up’ and
ready within hours after reading it!"

-Sal,, Freehold, New Jersey

"Finally, after thinking I was going to be dependent on pills
forever, I’ve found the real thing and I am back to feeling in

-Jerry, San Francisco, CA

Those are a mere sampling of grateful comments I get...

For good reason—my approach works and works fast...if success in
bed interests you, prepare to have your eyes opened...

I am on the faculty of Einstein College of Medicine and I am a
senior psychologist at the North Shore-LIJ Health System in NY.



I know what you are experiencing because I’ve treated your issue
hundreds of times…there’s the embarrassment…

You’ve got your girl in bed and you’re thinking, “hope I
don’t come too fast… Hope I don’t embarrass myself…Hope I
don’t look like a loser…”

If you start off hard you are practically praying that you’ll be
able to stay hard and suddenly your erection is gone and you are
beating yourself up ... and then it's over.

Worse yet, you may be defeated before you even start. Just the
thought of a possible failure intimidates you to the point where you
are not able to get hard.

Your partner may try to cover up her disappointment, “Don’t
worry,” she says, “it's okay,” but deep down, you feel even
worse because you know she wishes you were hammering her! You know it,
she knows it, and you can see it in her eyes.

Worse, even if the woman is your wife, she may confide in her
girlfriend, who will talk to her girlfriends. Before long your
reputation as Mr. Quickie is viral.

So yeah, it is embarrassing... but really, it's worse.

It's humiliating. It makes you feel like AVOIDING SEX. It’s not
really the sex you won’t to avoid, it’s failing and letting your
partner down that you want to avoid.

In a way, it's even worse if you're in a long term relationship.
The disappointment in the bedroom is sure to spill into the
relationship. After all, your partner is likely to think less of you
out of frustration. She may even accuse you of not being attracted to
her. I know the routine; I’ve heard it in my office and my
correspondence with men struggling with ED for years!

What’s more, your partner is not exactly going to be eager to get
together sexually again. Why should she, there’s nothing in it for

You wait for her to mention the issue... and dread her mentioning
it. She waits for you...and she is probably angry that you avoid it.
But you avoid it because ED is VERY embarrassing and you have no

I don't know about you, but the hundreds of me I have treated with
my sure-fire strategy started out insecure.

They’d worry all the time that their lover--whether a girlfriend
or a long-term partner—was cheating on them--after all, if they
couldn't satisfy them, wouldn’t they be tempted to find someone who

Those are tough times, a problem with a simple solution that can
make you miserable. It’s a damn shame!

You're probably going through similar stuff right now...

If You Are, Get This...

You've got lots and lots of company...

Research indicates that 90% of men will experience ED by age 40 and
of those that turn to pills nearly half are not helped. Besides, who
wants to be dependent on pills? Pills don’t cure ED!

My approach will get you back to confident sex with firm erections
and do it quickly! I know this to be true because I have specialized
as a sex therapist for three decades!

Once again, millions of men are struggling with what you are
struggling with.


Even though it feels like it’s your fault, it's really not.

Pharmaceutical companies would have you believe that nearly all
erection issues are medically related but that’s not true. That’s
their marketing pitch—just like they pitch all of us every
medication under the sun.

That's what makes ED easy to fix - in most cases, the treatment
approach is straightforward and lends itself to self-help!

It really is simple - and following my strategy, you'll get results
that will end your embarrassment and get you back to being sexually
confident - but more on that later...

Your ED may not be medical problem but it can certainly take the
joy out of your life. Fact is, not only does it cripple your sex life
and dampen your relationship, but it generalizes to your feeling about
yourself and can even send your career confidence south.

I’ve seen erection dysfunction undermine and depress lots of
ambitious men and then, after applying my strategy, I’ve seen their
work life take off!

It must be obvious to you at this point: Erectile Dysfunction is
more than a bedroom problem... it gets into every situation, it’s
hiding behind every bicker you have with your partner...and it
definitely can make you feel like less of a man.

And whatever problems you are having in life, whether it is with
your relationship or even at work, it doesn't even matter if the
erection problem is really making them worse - because after a while,
it will certainly feel like it is...

I know exactly what you're going through...

You See, I Have A Big Advantage...

I really do...

As the supervisor of a hospital-based Sexuality Center I've
probably treated more sex issues in a year than most therapists see in
a lifetime! I've helped hundreds of men with erection difficulties...

I have the kind of conversations with men that you do not—they
bare all in an effort to be helped. They are desperate and they talk
VERY candidly. This has allowed me to learn from them—to put
together a clinically proven approach and see it be successful time
and time again.

And when I say my approach has been successful, I mean it. I follow
up and make sure that my strategy worked.

The men I have seen tried everything and nothing worked. The pills,
the potions, the approaches of self-proclaimed “experts” that have
no real credibility...all kinds of stuff, even legit professional

Heck, most professionals don’t have the kind of expertise I have
developed after so many years of specialization. I get calls from
colleagues regularly asking me to help them resolve this issue with
their patients.

I was the last hope for the men that I have treated. None of their
prior efforts worked. They may as well have burned their money.

But do you know the funny thing?

Most of the men came in discouraged and skeptical. I couldn’t
blame them—none of their prior efforts were successful. In fact,
many of my colleagues were also discouraged; nothing they provided was
working either.

It was about then that I decided I had to put a stop to this. I had
to put my strategies in an easy to apply form... That’s why I wrote
my book—and included the strategy that worked for all those men I
treated successfully!

And I'll tell you, my approach is so powerful that I can guarantee
it's going to be the most effective solution you've ever seen...

It really can fix your ED, permanently, and you'll see results that
will last...

What's more, I'm one of a small group of therapists who has the
expertise you need…

More on the actual cure later... for now, I have to share some
earth shattering discoveries I made during my research... I'm serious,
this stuff will blow you away...

* Erections are a product of blood flow. Even if your erection
issue does have a medical factor (you have poor blood flow due to
smoking, overweight, heart condition, for example), research has
proven that you have a damn good chance of making a comeback!

* It is your worry and stress that is most likely causing your
erection problem. Whether you realize it or not, you are getting
anxious (which can be masked by your excitement) and that is throwing
off just enough adrenaline to redistribute blood.

* Every day that you worry about your sexual ability you are
strengthening negative neural pathways that actually make your problem

* The Mental Stimulation (fantasy) that most men give themselves
during a sexual encounter is precisely the wrong thing to do.

Worried? Don’t be, you'll see how to beat these factors in 4

Step 1 - I’m going to give you a way to view things—what you
should be focusing on during sex—that will help you get and maintain
your erection quickly.

Step 2 – I’m going to teach you a secret that I learned
directly from the late Al Oerter. Al was a 4 time Olympic Gold
Medalist. I met him at a gym many years ago and he taught me a secret
that has very broad application. He used it in his training and I use
it to help men get and stay hard. It’s VERY powerful!

Step 3 – You’re going to learn a form of push up—don’t
laugh, it is very easy to do—and it is one of the most powerful
tools you’ve ever heard of. It works so well it will bring a big
smile to your face, the smile of confidence.

Step 4 – I’m going to provide you with the exact steps to take
to restart your sex life. How to get over the awkwardness, how to get
past the failures of the past and how to begin a new chapter of your
sexual history.

Each of these steps is powerful in itself, but combining them—all
of this is laid out simply in the book—is going to make a HUGE
difference in your lovemaking!

What 99% of Erectile Dysfunction programs fail to address is to
include ALL the factors I include and COMBINING THEM in a manner that
increases the holding power of each of them.

And That's Why Most Erectile Dysfunction Cures Don’t Work...

This is what my approach is NOT:

* A "magic pill"
* An herbal supplement
* An elaborate penile torture device
* A scam
* A joke
* An expensive, complicated lifestyle change that no guy will ever

Those ridiculous solutions not only fail, they make things worse.
It’s the more legitimate attempts that I am talking about—the
well-intentioned approaches that don’t work either.

Recall, I have had the advantage of speaking to hundreds of men in
depth. I am not some academic spending time in the library; I am on
the front lines treating sexual issues during a three decade career. I
get to follow up and have the privilege of refining my approach based
on actual results!

First, the other approaches don’t include the proper steps.
Secondly, even those few that do are not combining them properly.
It’s like a food recipe, you can have the best ingredients but if
you do not prepare them correctly you will not get the best result. I
have labored for years to put my ingredients together for the best
outcome possible!

Does it work? I have maintained a practice that is based
exclusively on word-of-mouth, my reputation. And I am always busy. Too
busy! That’s why I now recommend my book instead of scheduling
appointments for the treatment of ED.

I mainly see those men who have waited so long to get the proper
treatment that they have alienated their partners! The treatment is
not only for their ED, but is focused on repairing their damaged

Moral of that story? Don’t wait, get help now!

Here’s a perfect example:

How Frank Went From Mr. Softee
To Mr. Sexually Confident Practically Overnight...

Frank was referred to me by his urologist. As many men do, he tried
the various vasodilator pills, Viagra, Cialis and Levitra. They
worked. But pretty soon the euphoria wore off, the expense piled up
and reality set in. Suddenly Frank realized that the Pills were making
him dependent and sapping his confidence instead of building it—and
they were an expensive Chemical Crutch...

Frank was not only very frustrated; his wife was not happy that the
spontaneity they enjoyed in the past was gone. What’s more, his last
relationship ended because his girlfriend was convinced he was not
attracted to her, she assumed his ED was because he wasn’t into her.
Now married, his wife was beginning to feel the same way. “Why do
you need a pill to get aroused by me?” she screamed out of
frustration and hurt feelings.


Here’s what I did:

First, especially after Frank told me his history of ED problems I
explained how he was actually making it worse by trying harder. He
recognized the truth in that. “You’re right,” he said. “The
harder I try the worse it gets!”

I explained what was happening and that it had nothing to do with
his attraction to his wife. I told him how to make peace with his wife
about his difficulty (the tip is in the book!) and I also explained
the causes of his difficulty so that Frank would be in control.
Understanding what’s really happening gave him the upper hand.

He explained about the meds that he had now stopped taking and went
through the usual remedies that he tried that didn’t work: he tried
porn (that actually made it worse, it added pressure), he tried
thinking sexy thoughts (close, but he didn’t do it effectively!) and
of course, when nothing worked he tried avoiding sex, which left his
partner feeling rejected and even angrier.

In just one visit I went through my strategy step-by-step. I
reviewed the sequence with Frank and he agreed to apply my techniques
and report back in 3 weeks. That’s my usual scheduling, due to my
schedule and the schedule of the busy guys that see me for ED.

Get this…

Frank didn’t show up for the three week follow up. He called me
one week later and told me that things were going so well that he
didn’t need a follow up!

Frank was one of many who told me this or a sentiment along these

“You should put this stuff in a book so that you can help more

I was ahead of Frank. I heard this so many times before I had
already started putting every technique, every secret, every single
thing I know about curing ED into a book...

And then I sent it to a few dozen men that I had helped for their
feedback. I asked them to answer one key question: You’ve been
through this; did I make my approach clear?

Every single one answered my question with a resounding Yes!

That’s all I needed, so introducing your best hope for ending
your ED permanently and easily:

Staying Hard: Breakthrough Strategies For Reliable Erections

You are being offered:

-The most comprehensive and effective guide ever created to address
you sexual issue.

-A high success rate because my strategies have been proven
super-effective in my clinical work with men and women for three

-A step-by-step strategy from the moment you download the guide
until you have learned the skills you need to be fully confident of
sexual success.

-Anonymity and immediate delivery because each guide is downloaded
as soon as you decide that you want it.

-An opportunity to email me. It will be like having your own
personal sex therapist available online. (More about this later!)

-A complete understanding of your problem, which gives you a
stronger reality-base for a lifetime fix.

-A personal no-questions-asked money-back guarantee.

Whether Erectile Dysfunction is new to you, or you've been
suffering forever, Staying Hard: Breakthrough Strategies for Reliable
Erections is going to speak to you.

And yes, you really can see an improvement quickly. My approach has
stood the test of time and years of refinement as a result of direct
feedback from men who have tried my techniques and reported back to
me. Quite a number of men experience a boost in hope after just
reading the manual...

But I don't expect you to take my word for that...

Check out the feedback I’ve received just in the past few

"I’ve gone to 3 different therapists. I got more out of your book
than I got from all of them combined!”

-Phil, Boston, Massachusetts

"I’m suspicious since there is a lot of scam on the Internet but
your strong credentials gave me confidence. It proved to be the right
decision. I shared the book with my wife. We both felt hopeful,
finally! All the material made sense and was very clearly laid out.
Best of all, it worked!”

-Sam, New Haven, Connecticut

“My problem made me feel like a complete failure. I’m 29 and
hung up on erection pills? This was unacceptable! Your techniques were
easy to apply and have made all the difference. I feel like a man!”

-Harvey, Los Angeles, California

“Your book is an absolute gift. It saved my relationship! I got
into a pattern of erection failure and I was stuck. Your approach
worked wonders. Thank you!”

-Daniel, Sioux City, Iowa

“I had all but given up. I went through two urologists who gave
me a quick exam and a script for pills. Not for me. I got a wicked
headache every time I took a pill. Your approach got into my head and
improved my erection the first time I tried it!”

-Jeff, Wilmington, Delaware

You may be wondering, why are busy guys taking their valuable time
to respond to my request for feedback?

The answer, I am proud to say, is because they are grateful!

Like you, they’ve been frustrated with methods that don’t work
and like you their sexuality has been dampened by ED…

And most of all, because my e-book is a credible approach developed
by an authentic sex therapist. It works, it's simple, and yes, it can
give your life back.

Here’s a sneak peak at some of what is inside…

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