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Make more MONEY by knowing the hidden potentials

Discover where the LEVERAGE are!

AVOID loss with "buisness intelligence" from bizScan software!


A little MISTAKE that cost company millons of $

Competitors decrease prices to get more sales

Do you know the risks?

bizScan Softwae uses innovative simulation technology to show you the sensitivity of your business

Discover the FORTUNE that lies hidden in YOUR business
Get the key information about your business, within a few minutes!

bizScan tests your business and business ideas under “stress”  to prepare professional decisions:

Your business becomes transparent, bizScan helps you to evaluate the relevant parameters of your business                                                                         
Within minutes you define your business, vary prices, quantities and costs                                                                                                             
A portfolio analysis shows you which products, services or sales channels drive your business                                                                                        

Test your business model under stress you can define the growth of prices and quantities, and you can define the risks


[GET bizScan NOW!](http://1.1stundplan.pay.clickbank.net/)


Check your business model for possible chances! Get bizScan now!

bizScan can save you lots of time and money!                                                 bizScan uses Monte Carlo Simulation                                                                                                                                                                                             Export and import your data in .csv format                                                                  bizScan is now available for Windows 7, Windows XP

And the best of all: bizScan is priced at only 50$       



[GET bizScan NOW!](http://1.1stundplan.pay.clickbank.net/)


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