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Make money the easy way...


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to get A MILLION
PEOPLE to send you a dollar? Have you ever fantasized about that? You
bet, I sure have! But then, I’m a lazy underground internet marketer,
and yeah some say, a bit of a 'bum'.

That’s probably the main reason I was made redundant from the
electronic retail store I worked 15 months for… and a DIY company the
year before that... I spent too long daydreaming and not enough time
working for the people who employed me. BIG mistake.

Or was it…?

Well, now I don’t think so… at least, not anymore!

Fact is, I always knew I wanted to become financially independent,
but there was constantly this question buzzing around in my mind…
Where the heck do I start? I have a family to support and bills to pay


Times were not just hard, _they were desperate._ Jobs seemed to go
to everyone else. I was on more agencies' books than the total number
of books in the Library of Congress.

While surfing the internet (looking for jobs) I came across scores
of money-making schemes…

Using the Internet...

Fast forward many arduous months...

As you might guess, I spent more time and money than I care to
admit... on products that turned out to be a complete waste of both.
None of that stuff WORKED. At least not for me.

I emptied my pockets on PPC, sold nothing from blogs, and lost
money belonging to, not just one, but two membership sites.

Maybe I was plain stupid as well as a bum...

And then I stumbled across what sounded like something I should
steer well clear of… something that made me break out in a cold sweat
as I remembered my anti-virus software was probably not up-to-date…

...but by then it was too late - I’d downloaded the material…



Nothing happened! So, after recovering from a near nervous
breakdown, I figured I might as well try it...

And you know what? I used it once… just once… and freaked out as I
saw amazing results...

So I kept going…
to prove it wasn’t a fluke…

You see, what I found is a simple system that makes it possible to
easily and rapidly make an online income...

A system so user-friendly that even a useless person like me could
do it!

There I was, sitting on the floor of my kitchen, having tried the
system once and suddenly I called the shots…

rmal" style="margin-bottom:14.15pt; text-indent:20px"> I was
pulling in hundreds of new leads... new leads that I could direct
towards affiliate programs...

rmal" style="margin-bottom:14.15pt; text-indent:20px"> ...and I’m
going to show you precisely how to do it too…

Want A Thousand Google Hits
A Day In Just 7 Weeks?*

rmal" style="margin-bottom:14.15pt">

This simple system means you can do something ONE TIME – and then

OK, what am I talking about?

The secret is...



No, here’s what I mean. When you give something away that costs you
nothing to give away, and it’s something you encourage others to give
away and share with their friends, you create this incredible
exponential explosion of people who are exposed to your advertising
message. That’s the key.

Although getting one million people to send you a dollar is an
analogy that I'm using, it’s a potential reality - SOME INTERNET

More About This High-Profit,
Web Marketing Technique

Viral marketing is the act of giving something away of value that
contains information that brings people back to you as a result. Kind
of like a boomerang. Except the boomerang is simply a report or a
video or any kind of digital information – and if you don’t know how
to go about creating your own unique product to give away (or sell for
that matter) don’t worry because I’m going to show you how…

People will be exposed to your message in these media. And it puts
your product sales on automation - regardless of whether you're the
product owner or an affiliate...

Bring Enough People
To Your Business, Buying
Frequently, To Accomplish
Your Financial Goals!

Let’s say, for example, that you create an e-book in your niche –
or you find a document with private label rights that you can make
your own and give away free distribution rights. Let’s say you have a
$20, $30, $47 e-book. Then you give it away free of charge. This is a
powerful way to get people excited about your information... but, of
course, you’re not making any money giving the information away.

So how do you make money?

Well, I discovered there are TWO WAYS: you can either sell a bigger
package. Or you can build a list. And, ideally, you do both!

Now this can get kind of complicated if you don’t know what you’re
doing – it is a bit technical to set up correctly. But don’t worry,
because in the video program I’ve got for you, you're going to be
shown _exactly_ what to do, it's VERY CLEARLY AND SIMPLY EXPLAINED.

For example, if you have a back-end product priced at $97, sell it
to 10,000 people, you’ve made a million dollars. Yes you read that
right, it's really that straightforward. Likewise, a $297 product to
just 3,300 people...

And that's only the start, because...

If you know nothing about viral marketing and/or
list building, then here is a great place to gain significant

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