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Have you ever struggled to learn Chinese?

Want to make learning new Chinese words fun?
Then, make learning a rewarding game!

See how easy it can be...

Check out our special introductory price offer on the download
version of
Flash Words Chinese-English below.

Flash Words 2009 Chinese-English helps you, the student, practice

word line-height:21px;">paper.

Flash Words Chinese-English starts you off with BUILT IN WORD LISTS

help you learn Chinese using the English alphabet transliteration of
Chinese sounds. This system of transliterated sounds is called
Pinyin. It helps the native English speaking student learn to
pronounce Chinese words very quickly including the correct tonal
inflections. This is important because a given word in Chinese can
mean something entirely different depending on the way that the
vowel tones change when speaking.

In addition to Pinyin, CHINESE CHARACTERS ARE DISPLAYED for some

selected words in this latest version of Flash Words. This will start

you on your way to recognizing some of the most important written
Chinese words.

The review Flash Words tab offers PLAYBACK OF SOUND FILES FOR SOME

SELECTED CHINESE WORDS. Playback can be fully automatic or on
demand. It really is up to you.


helps you practice your language reading skills in both directions.
Here you will see a Chinese word, phrase, or sentence and select
which of several English translations is correct or vice versa. The
game keeps score of how well you are doing.

The multiple choice learning game randomizes the word selections

and the multiple choice answers. This helps you to really learn all
those new words.


with. You are not limited to the built in set!

To help you create your own word lists, Flash Words comes with a

BUILT IN EDITING TOOL that lets you easily convert Pinyin marked with

numeric tonal indicators to Pinyin with the tone marks over the
vowels. Of course, there is a PROGRAM HELP MENU item that explains
this in more detail.

Flash Words RUNS ON WINDOWS XP and has been tested to work on

Windows Vista.

Order today for only $47. It is as easy as 1, 2, 3...

1. Click on the Blue Button
below to go to the secure
payment page. You'll be able
to pay using major credit cards
or Paypal!

2. Complete the required
information on the secure
payment page hosted by
ClickBank. ClickBank is one of
the world's most trusted
source for digital products.
Note that your credit card or
Paypal statement will show a
CLKBANK*COM charge for
your purchase.


3. After paying for your
purchase, you will then be
redirected back to our "Thank
You" page where we will
provide you with further
information about how you can
receive your purchased product
and more information about
customer support.
Once we receive ClickBank's validated
receipt indicating you have purchased our
product, we will send you an email within
24 hours or 1 business day containing the
installation instructions and the
installation files.


Round Table Software has a no questions
asked 60 Day Money Back Guarantee!

If you are not completely satisfied with
this program, you can just send me an
email and get a refund of your purchase

Round Table Software develops low cost
educational products to help today's
students succeed. If you have any
comments to help make our programs
better in any way, we'd be happy to hear
from you too!

We've been in business for over 12 years
and work really hard to make difficult
things like learning a new language
easier and more fun.

Most sincerely,

Charles Rutkowski, Ph.D.
Flash Words Lead Developer LINE-HEIGHT:21PX;\">P. S. - SUPPORT for
Words Chinese-English is
provided by Round Table
Software, AND your product
purchase is backed by
ClickBank's guarantee of
quality customer service.

Please first contact Round
Table Software directly with
any questions you may have at
the email address indicated
above. We want you to be able
to use our software
successfully! Round Table
Software and/or ClickBank will
be happy to help you if there
is any problem with your

P. S. S. - FREE UPDATES to the program
including more words and phrases,
additional sound files, and additional
Chinese characters will be offered to all
validated purchasers as those updates
become available. Note that a validated
purchaser is one who has purchased and
who has not requested that their money
be refunded for the Flash Words 2009
Chinese-English program within the no
questions asked 60 day money back
guarantee return period. One is not
eligible for Free Updates within the first
60 days of one's purchase.

Flash Words Chinese-English

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