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"There's Nothing Like Being Your Own Boss!"
$3000 a month for 5 hours a week IS Possible when you sell Jewelry

How To Sell Vintage Costume Jewelry Online

Are YOU are interested in working only a few hours a week for a
FULL-TIME income!
Think you’ve heard THAT before?
Tired of the sleek marketing schemes that only achieve slight

I believe I’ve found one of the _TOP_ niche businesses for you!

Forget drop shipping or making a $2.00 profit on products on Ebay

_This is the REAL Deal!__ _

Do YOU want to sell jewelry on Ebay right now?
Want to quit your day job?
Do you want to have your OWN Ebay jewelry business?


I wasn't always an Ebay Power Seller of vintage costume jewelry.
In fact, you may be a lot like I was just a few short years ago - I
was working a boring job as a book keeper in a small, cramped office.
It was a miserable snowy day. As the snow continued to pile up
outside, I cringed every time I passed a window. Would my car make it
home or would I get stuck on the side of the road? Would I have enough
money to pay the tow truck driver if I got stuck? Would my daughter
get out of school early? Who would be there for her?

I made a decision that day to create a way to make a living from
home. It wasn't easy. I didn't have experience or anyone to show me
the way but I made a vow for myself and my family to somehow break
free from the dreaded 9-5 - and I did!

If I did it, YOU can too!

I work when I want. My office is 15 steps from my bedroom. I LOVE

I’m home for my child when she gets off the school bus. I go
shopping and even bake cookies in the afternoon.

_Sound like something you’d like to do?_


Sell Vintage Costume Jewelry in the hot niche market on Ebay now!

In my easily downloaded Ebook, HOW TO SELL VINTAGE COSTUME JEWELRY
ONLINE, I show you how to choose the best jewelry to sell, which
vintage jewelry sells and what doesn't, researching your vintage
pieces, listing for vintage jewelry niche success, what the #1 reason
most vintage jewelry sellers on Ebay fail, and much more!

PLUS I can COACH you to success!

_Order right now and receive my special BONUS:_

Yes, you have the opportunity for a FREE 45 MINUTE ONE-ON-ONE
COACHING SESSION with me where _I will take you by the hand and lead
you_ through the start of your own successful online business! I am a
Certified Success Coach and see the struggle people face everyday with
their jobs and the stress it causes on their family life and even
their own health.

Life is SHORT, don't let happiness pass you by!

YOU should be selling vintage jewelry on Ebay?

_Why?_ Online business is HUGE!

Think Ebay’s not a “_real_” way to make money?
Think again!

There are approx 100 million registered users!
That means the potential to make A LOT of money is absolutely

Why shouldn't YOU get in on this?

I used to work the dreaded 9-5.

I know what it feels like to come up short at the end of the month.

I have been where you are. It’s not fun.

It’s also not fun to fall into get-rich quick schemes out there -
and there are plenty!

Would YOU like to quit your day job?


I was too. I found a way to step out of the rat race and never look

CAN YOU IMAGINE a day in the life of being your own boss?
Making your own hours?
Doing what you want when you want to do it?

So, what’s stopping YOU?

_There are two types of people - those who dream about change, and
those who make it happen._




This book is NOT just another Ebay guide.
I provide you with all the steps _you need _to begin selling in this
profitable niche market NOW.

Vintage Costume Jewelry is HOT!

It will never go out of style, always be highly collectible, and
be consistently rising in value.

I make_ INCREDIBLE _profits with vintage costume jewelry all the

A $2.00 broken necklace SOLD for $2425.00!
A 25 cent charm made me over $400.00!

Everything in my book, HOW TO SELL VINTAGE COSTUME JEWELRY, is based
on my personal experience.
I am NOT showing you others successes and tips for selling. I walk
the talk! That's why I offer every person the opportunity to check me
out on Ebay. How many authors do that? I have nothing to hide. My
business speaks for itself!

I don’t just supplement my income with a couple hundred dollars!

You CAN make up to $3000 a month!

I know what sells and what doesn’t

you the tricks of the selling trade.

You may ask - _why_ would I invite the competition? Won’t you take
my business?

Ebay is HUGE! There’s enough customers out there for all of us to

_I LOVE what I do!_

I see too many people “stuck” in jobs they dislike and
lifestyles they wish they could change. I am a certified Life Coach so
it’s obvious I want to see others succeed! You are no different! If
I can help someone make a better life for themselves, I will!

If all this sounds good to you, download my book,

How To Sell Vintage Costume Jewelry Online

where you’ll learn how to start your own cash generating business
that pays you _even_ while you sleep!

I give you the _secrets_ to selling jewelry online that no one else

What You Get In My Book:

* How to quit your job _the smart way_
* _ _ How and where to find product for the best profit
* How I have product come to my door most of the time (I literally
have people knocking on my door!)
* The #1 reason most online jewelry sellers fail
* What the HOT sellers are (and what to steer clear of)
* The fine art of negotiating
* How to look like a Pro (even when you’re not)
* Why NOW is a great time to start
* Why having the right attitude makes all the difference
* How to list vintage jewelry for success
* What tools you need to jump start your business
* One thing every jewelery seller should NOT be without
* How to create a mailing list and maximize your auction hits
* How to reach Power Seller status FAST
* Scams and what you need to know
* How to set future goals for your Ebay business

* BONUS: one 45 minute COACHING session with me (be sure to contact
me after ordering to sign up!)

These are the _Secrets_ I USE DAILY to stay home and receive a FULL
TIME income with just 5 hours a week!

There's NO RISK! If you're not COMPLETELY satisfied within 60 days
that this is not
the BEST money-making niche for you,
I will give you a FULL refund!

PLUS get my FREE bonus report when you order now:


I want YOU to stay focused and successful

Discover what you THINK about wealth and prosperity! Is there a
reason you believe what you do?

This is the same formula I use with my clients to bust through their
self-defeating ideas about money.

Download right now to instantly get in on this hot niche market

*LOW Introductory Price of $24.99
I've made my price super-low because
I want YOU to share in the rewards of this
lucrative business!

Start right now to live the life you dream!

Please contact me for any questions or concerns
rebecca@vintagejewelrybiz.com Content copyright . . All
rights reserved.

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