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If you're:
Fed up with astronomical heating and cooling bills! Ready to take control of your home energy costs! Happy to jump on the do-it-yourself bandwagon and save thousands of dollars … Then keep reading!

On average, solar panels cost
between $27,000 and $35,000!

For less than $200, you CAN build your own
solar panels, no matter where your DIY skills rank!

Stop Paying High Electric Bills!

Build your own solar energy panels for your home without paying tens of thousands of dollars on contractors.

How much would reducing or eliminating costly electric bills benefit your budget? Suppose you could build your own solar panels for less than $200, and enjoy the benefits of your energy-saving project for years to come?

Imagine... No Monthly Electric Bill,
AND No Costly Contractor Fees!

More and more people today are building their own solar panels; I realized this when I noticed my neighbor building his own solar panels, and he told me he was getting it done for just a couple of hundred dollars. I had to know how he did it!

I thought that converting to solar power had to be costly and difficult. The estimates I had received for solar panel installation in my house ran as high as $35,000! At that rate, it would be years before I actually recouped my costs in energy savings.

It looked to me like going “green” was going nowhere in my world.

Think about it. Thousands of people have already taken it upon themselves to build their own solar panels, but who knew a DIY solar panel project could be so easy and so affordable?

My neighbor explained how he was doing it, but I had a hard time finding a comprehensive step-by-step guide that an unhandy guy like me could use. Here I was witnessing my neighbor building the solar panels I had spent years dreaming of, but didn’t think I could afford.

Building your own solar panels is one of the most rewarding DIY projects you could ever tackle, and it was with this thought in mind that I decided to develop a step-by-step guide for anyone who wants to build their own solar panels.

With my neighbor’s help and expertise, and with plenty of research under my belt, I developed this easy-to-use guide that anyone can adapt to their own solar panel project.

"I am saving money every month!"

"I finally built my own solar panels thanks to your guide. I've been saving close to $30 every month and I know for some it may not seem like a lot of money but it feels really good to be spending less on my energy bill.

I think if people knew how easy it was to build solar panels then all the big energy companies would be out of business. A few of my friends noticed me building my own solar panels and are also starting to do the same, which is great! Thank you."

– Jason Dawson, Georgia, USA

Not only is my SolarGreenDIY guide comprehensive, it is written in terms that anyone can understand. With SolarGreenDIY, your whole family can work on this project together.

Quite simply, by following the easy step-by-step directions in my guide you will accomplish a project that is not just important in today’s climate-challenged environment, you will begin seeing energy cost savings immediately!

“Really Blown Away At How Easy It Was”

"Thank you so much! I looked everywhere for a solar panel guide but there was nothing good out there. The information was either scattered or the price was way too expensive.

Your guide was affordable and I was really blown away at how easy it was to complete my first solar panel using the instructions and videos in your guide. I am looking forward to the savings!"

– Johanna H., California, USA

“Finally, A Step-By-Step Guide To Building Your Own Energy-Saving Solar Panels, Available In One Simple Download!”

Full 60 Day Money-Back Warranty + Bonuses
You'll receive your order instantly even if it's 3am!

What Are The Real Savings?

Developing this step by step guide was the hard part. Until recently, it could take months and can cost a fortune to install solar panels. At retail, solar panels cost $1200 and up. Add installation costs in the $30,000 range and the project falls flat on its face.

Since developing SolarGreenDIY, people who bought the SolarGreenDIY guide have saved upwards of hundreds of dollars per month on their energy bills, and thousands of dollars on solar panels and installation!

SolarGreenDIY pays for itself in energy savings immediately!

Now, instead of knocking yourself out trying to finance an expensive solar panel conversion, you can actually take control of you solar energy needs at a price anyone can afford.

“Got My Bill Today & Saved $58!”

"Hi, I just wanted to let you know I got my bill today and saved $58!!! I didn’t think the solar panels would work this well! I am glad I found your guide."

– Robert Samson, Florida, USA

At last! An easy-to-follow solar panel guide is here to help you complete your own diy solar panel installation project …

My SolarGreenDIY guide will lead you through each step of the process of constructing 60- to 120-watt solar panels for less than $200. If you’re ambitious and motivated to do some materials searching, you can actually get the job done for less than $100. I will even tell you how you can repair unusable solar cells and recycle them for as little as $27 – imagine, solar panels in your home for under $30!

Before building your own solar energy panels, you need to have this step-by-step guide written specifically to make this project both easy and affordable. If you didn’t think you had any DIY skills before starting this project, you’ll be amazed at how quickly you can dispel that idea.

Not only did I set out to compose the most complete solar panel building guide available today, I took my time making sure it was written comprehensively while keeping it easy to understand.

Don’t take my word for it, here’s what customers are already saying about SolarGreenDIY:


With my SolarGreenDIY guide even the least handy DIY’er can become a solar energy panel whiz overnight. This guide was written with the non-handy man (and woman) in mind. Not only are the step-by-step directions clear and easy to follow, we provide support and resources every step of the way until the job is finished.

If you tend to take the conservative approach to trying something new, think about this - if you take no action about fitting your home with solar energy panels, not only will you continue needlessly paying high energy bills every month, you’ll be ignoring the added value to your house that solar power brings.

If you think you’ll be marketing your home any time soon, it only makes sense to tackle this inexpensive upgrade that will boost your selling price tremendously.

What Exactly Do You
Get With SolarGreenDIY?

With SolarGreenDIY you get the most comprehensive step-by-step guide to creating your own solar panels right in your backyard. The SolarGreenDIY package is broken up into two guides.

Solar Photovoltaic Panels Introduction

Building $97 Solar Panels

But that’s not all! When you buy SolarGreenDIY you will also receive bonus guides describing:
Where to look for the least expensive (and sometimes free) materials. How to’s including maintaining your solar panel system. Walkthroughs for combining multiple solar panels, and storing your energy. Information on how to install and mount your solar panels. Getting down to brass tacks, the SolarGreenDIY manual discusses how to calculate your savings when you switch to solar. US Federal and State, and Canadian tax credit information, rebates, and other information on renewable energy tax incentives.
And, for anyone who is ready to start building their own solar panels today, we have these added bonuses:

DIY Solar Panel Video Library

Bonus DIY Solar Panel Video Library, your own video library with detailed step-by-step guidelines to building your first solar panel, a must have for your DIY tool kit.

We usually sell this video library as a standalone product but for a very short time it’s now available as part of SolarGreenDIY.

~ A $98 value, Yours FREE!

DIY Wind Turbine

Do-It-Yourself Wind Turbine, a how-to on utilizing the power from your wind turbine to operate your household’s energy! A beginner’s manual to walk you through the mechanics of wind energy, how it is produced, and how you can build your own wind turbine for only $139 or less!
Step-by-step instructions show you how to build your own wind turbine Plenty of pictures and diagrams to boost instruction Produce your household energy for free!
~ A $49 value, Yours FREE!

Remember, these bonuses are not going to stay up much longer. Act now!

“My Electricity Bill Is A Lot More Affordable Than It Used To Be”

"I followed your guide and completed my first two solar panels. I live in the UK and cost of electricity here is very expensive. Despite the rainy climate the solar panels have been effective. My electricity bill is a lot more affordable than it used to be. I can tell you put a lot of work into putting together the SolarGreenDIY guide. It’s been very helpful. Thanks."

– Garth White from Dorchester, UK


There Will NEVER Be A Better
Time To Grab SolarGreenDIY!
Save Money! Your investment in SolarGreenDIY will pay for itself almost immediately. Save thousand off the retail cost of solar panels! Watch your electric bills shrivel, as your bank account fattens! Green up! Reduce your carbon footprint, join the thousands of eco-friendly homeowners worldwide who are building their own solar panels! Enjoy your project and the rewards that go with it! Make it a family activity and have fun!

Don’t forget about our Technical Support Center, One of the best reasons to purchase a SolarGreenDIY package is that with it, you’re purchasing full customer support! If you get stuck, have a question, we’re here to help you! PLUS, we offer a comprehensive list of resources, including an interactive online forum where you can get detailed answers quickly.

“Even An Old Man Like Me Could Follow Along”

"I have never built anything in my life – I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to finish a solar panel without professional help – I purchased your guide and followed the instructions in the video library, the information was precise – even an old man like me could follow along. The solar panels look great. Next week I plan on starting the power generating wind-mills."

– David from Vancouver, Canada

SolarGreenDIY is committed to renewable energy and eco-friendly living. That’s why a portion of our proceeds go immediately into Research and Product Development.


SolarGreenDIY comes in PDF format and is available for download immediately upon payment. Order any time day or night, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week!

Remember, with SolarGreenDIY, you too can build your own solar panels for under $200, and save a lot of money on energy bills! At the end of 60 days, if you're not absolutely convinced that SolarGreenDIY will show you how to build your own solar power panels and save money on your energy bills, we’ll refund the full purchase price. You just can't lose!

No matter what the reason, ours is a “no-questions-asked” refund policy.

“I Know Nothing About Electricity”

"I know nothing about electricity yet thanks to your guide I finished my solar panel. My husband is still in awe! Thanks for the books, videos and instructions. This has been a great investment and has already paid itself off."

– Carla Tucker from Texas, USA

Go to the secure check-out now and say "I'm ready to build my own solar panels, save thousands of dollars on my energy bills, and reduce my carbon footprint with SolarGreenDIY today."

P.S. Remember, there is absolutely no way that you can lose - except by not taking advantage of this incredible, money-back guaranteed offer. This offer won’t last. Don’t delay!

P.P.S. For a limited time only we’re offering SolarGreenDIY for just $49.97! That’s $148 OFF the original price! This offer will end without warning. Act today! With a 60-day MONEY BACK GUARANTEE you can’t go wrong. [BUY NOW AND SAVE!](http://www.solargreendiy.com/addtocart/)


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