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Living with Herpes - we tell our story
A blog by Phil and Sue Waters
Last updated: Friday 11 December 2009

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Worried that you have herpes?
Just discovered you have herpes and want to know how it will affect your life? Read on…

“We’re living happily and healthily
with herpes.
We want to show you how YOU can too!”

Dear friend.
If you’re concerned that you may have herpes, or if you have just discovered that you do, don’t worry. It’s not as bad as you think. How do we know, you ask? About three years ago, Sue and I discovered that we have herpes. We went through all the emotions that you are going through right now. We did exactly what you are doing right now as well – we scoured the internet and libraries for as much information as possible about herpes and how it might affect our lives. We went through the same fear and panic and countless other feelings that you are probably experiencing right now, but we want you to know that it’s not as bad as you think. And, more importantly, we want you to have all your questions about herpes answered as simply and quickly as possible so that you can go back to living your normal life. We have the answers – and we’re going to share them with you.

But first, let us introduce ourselves and explain a little bit about our story…

We, are Phil and Sue Waters, and we both have herpes. It came to our attention when Sue noticed a reddish area of skin on her body, which progressed into sores, but after a week or two went away. Sue thought nothing of it because the symptoms disappeared – she thought it was just a skin irritation. A few months later though, the irritation came back, in exactly the same location, so we took more notice of it this time. The first thing that came to mind though was that it was just some kind of fungal infection – something like dermatitis or tinea. So off to the drug store Sue went to get some anti-fungal cream. After application of the cream, the skin irritation once again disappeared, so we thought we had found the solution.

Yet another few months later though, it came back. Sue applied more cream thinking we obviously hadn’t completely dealt with the issue last time. On this occasion though, the problem didn’t subside as quickly as it had previously – the cream didn’t seem to be working. Embarassed, Sue didn’t really want to go to see a doctor – but with some encouragement, she decided it would be best to do so. On meeting with the doctor, Sue was shocked to learn that there was a possibility that the symtoms she was experiencing might associated with a herpes infection. She was devastated. It just wasn’t even a possibility that she had considered. All this had to be confirmed with a test of course, and unfortunately for Sue, the result came back positive.

When Sue told me of the news I too felt terrible.

How would this affect us, I wondered? We both had so many questions.

We wanted answers and we set out about finding them.

We spent hours and hours on the internet, in libraries and meeting with doctors trying to
learn as much about herpes as we could.

Determined to turn what we thought of as a real negative event in our lives into something positive, we decided to compile all of the knowledge we gained into a book for other people out there who are going through what we went through.

We decied to help YOU learn everything you can about herpes, so that YOU can be at peace knowing that there is a way to live a happy and healthy life with herpes…
It’s all in our book called Living with herpes: we tell our story.

Seen enough?

[Get the e-book now!](https://www.digitalproductdelivery.com/buy/5528)


What’s in the book? Read on…

This comprehensive e-book has answers to all your questions about herpes. Things such as:
What is herpes? How common is herpes? What are herpes symptoms? How is herpes tested? Does herpes affect your ability to have children? Can herpes be cured? Is there a herpes vaccine? What are some herpes treatments? Is herpes a life-thretening conditon? What are the emotional aspects of dealing with herpes? How can herpes be prevented? How is herpes transmitted? What is the history of herpes? What other conditions mimic herpes symptoms?
…and MORE!
As you can see, it really is a book that has all the information you need to quickly learn as much as you can about the condition so that you can be confident and happy knowing in what way it may affect you and how you can enjoy a perfectly normal and happy life.

By the time you’ve finished reading Living with Herpes: we tell our story, you’ll be informed, confident, and reassured that you will continue to live a normal, happy and healthy life, regardless of whether you have herpes or not.

If only someone had written this book when we were in your position, scrambling to find some positive and reliable information about herpes.

Don’t spend hours and hours in front of the computer scouring the internet for reliable information like we did.

Don’t cart yourself off to the library either.

Don’t make yourself feel scared, worried, sad or depressed any longer.

Knowledge is power and the sooner you know all the answers to your questions about herpes, the sooner you can experience relief.
[](https://www.digitalproductdelivery.com/buy/5528)So, we want to give you the knowledge and the power. We want to share with you, the very information that helped us get through the difficulty of first discovering we had herpes. It’s available right now for immediate download for the low price of $39. That’s little to pay for a book that has everything you need to know.


You can pay for the e-book online and have it in your hands literally
within five minutes with our immediate download.


To keep your credit card details safe, we use Clickbank’s secure server.
That means that we never get to see your credit card details – you deal directly with Clickbank (the internet’s largest seller of e-books). Clickbank also honors the money-back guarantee so you can be confident in every way.

Please click on the link above to get your copy of this amazing book. Within minutes you can be getting your questions answered… and you can be worrying less.

Still not convinced?

As a very limited offer, we have also put together a second wonderful e-book – Natural Remedies to Help with Herpes. It’s your comprehensive guide of natural methods that can assist with treating herpes symptoms. Inside the book you will find:
Information on which are the recommended vitamins to consume to help minimise the symtoms of herpes and prevent outbreaks Recipes for home remedies that can help in treating herpes symptoms Suggested herbal supplements and ingredients that can help with herpes
… and MORE!
Normally, we would sell this e-book for $49 on its own!
Order Living with Herpes: we tell out story now and you’ll
get this second e-book for FREE!


We can’t stress enough how much relief you have to gain by reading these books.
We only wish we had them when we first found out we have herpes. Save yourself all the panic, stress, worry and frustration and download your copy today.

We wish you all the best and we know you will be back to feeling 100% again in no time!

Warm regards

Phil and Sue Waters

P.S. Don’t forget, you have absolutely no risk in ordering your copy of Living with Herpes: we tell our story… if you aren’t completely satisfied, just contact us and you’ll get a full refund. And you can even keep the e-book as our gift to you.

P.P.S. Don’t forget, you also get a FREE copy of Natural Remedies to Help with Herpes normally valued at $49 but it’s yours FREE if you order today.

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