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Easy to follow video instruction Instant online access or DVDs Start at ANY skill level Top techniques from guitar masters Includes everything you need to play Created by a trusted company featured on CNN and ESPN


Think about this – if you attend private guitar lessons it is in the instructor’s best interest for you to learn slowly! This is the same concept most online lessons take when they give you access to their site on a monthly basis. They want you to come back and pay $30, $70, even $100 month after month. The slower you learn the more they make.

Here is a HUGE MUSIC INDUSTRY SECRET: Instructors know the top techniques that lead to blazing fast learning but they don’t teach them. Why? Because they want your money!

Our experience is that the best student is a motivated student and nothing motivates you like success. That is why we give you EVERY guitar learning secret that makes you learn mega-fast!

We have had students playing their favorite songs in just a few days. Don’t believe it? Then try and see for yourself: The GuitarWorks system focuses on you mastering techniques quickly and easily. And it is in our best interest for you to be playing guitar like a pro in just 30 days – because if you don’t, we make nothing!

We are so confident that you will love learning guitar with GuitarWorks that we are giving away a lesson for free. Just sign up below and get ready for some fun. We never sell your email address.
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Hi there!

You are here because you want to play guitar. And trust me; there is nothing else quite like it. Let me assure you that you have come to the right place. Nowhere else in the world will you find a guitar system like GuitarWorks. It is guaranteed to be the FASTEST, EASIEST, MOST FUN guitar learning system ever created.

How do I know? My name is Josh Miller. I have been teaching guitar to students of all ages for over 10 years. In addition to teaching hundreds of students personally, I have learned to master 6 instruments. I have written songs, toured with bands and have gotten to know some of the best musical instructors in the world.

Over that time I brought together several top guitar instructors to create the ultimate guitar learning system – GuitarWorks. We then teamed with a top video production company – NewKnack – to bring you GuitarWorks.

It is quite simply the best guitar learning tool on the planet. It's fast, it's easy, or send it back for a full refund of your GuitarWorks purchase.

I can’t wait to hear from you and add your testimony to those below.

Have fun,

”I'm not one to freely offer product reviews but I got what I expected to get with this one, and that's a good thing. The instructor is easy to listen to and learn from. I liked all the tools that came with this product and I particularly enjoyed the jam sessions.

I was looking for the knowledge, techniques and strum rhythms involved in learning the guitar the right way and that's what I got with Guitar Works. Plus, I didn't have to wait for shipping since I could just download everything. What a great idea.”

Troy M., 34

"I can't believe how easy this was!The on-screen instructions made so much sense, and I really loved being able to pause and back up as I needed to. Great product!"

Krista M., 23

"It was such a relief to know that after several attempts, there really is a guitar system that works for me.

As a college student, this had to happen on my time, and GuitarWorks made that possible. Thanks so much!"

Ashley L., 23

“I decided to pick up the guitar during my retirement. What a great decision to purchase the Guitar Works training system. I was playing alot faster than I was expecting to.

Guitarworks really made it motivating to learn and practice. I guess you really can teach an old dog new tricks even at my age. Great job!”

Dale H. 62

Bonus #1: JamTracks
It’s your own personal backup band! Play along tracks are ABSOLUTELY crucial to the speed and accuracy of new guitar players. The problem is that they are hard to find, very expensive, and usually do not include chords. So GuitarWorks developed it’s very own play along system right in our studios – JamTracks! And we are including it for FREE with your purchase, you won’t find this anywhere else!

JamTracks gives you 9 play along tracks in many different styles including rock, pop and country. Most play alongs are audio tracks with a print out sheet for chords – NOT JamTracks! JamTracks takes each audio track and adds video so that the chords appear on screen at the exact time you are supposed to play it. Not only that but each Key is displayed to you can easily know which scales to use when practicing lead.

You will be amazed at how quickly your skills skyrocket after just a few sessions.

Bonus #2: TempoPerfect
One thing we’ve discovered as a major issue with new students is that they learn to play great, but often not in time. If you ever wish to play with other musicians, practicing with a metronome is essential.

TempoPerfect is a software Metronome that runs on your Windows PC, Pocket PC or Smartphone and can be controlled using your mouse or hotkeys. Unlike mechanical metronomes that wind down, TempoPerfect provides a clear and precise beat that can be accurately adjusted for the correct bpm. TempoPerfect is an essential tool for any musician.

Designed to help musicians play in time, this tempo software creates beat patterns using a combination of accented beats and normal beats. TempoPerfect features a visual beat indicator bar that bounces from left to right in time with the beat. This provides musicians with a very helpful visual cue. A must have!

Bonus #3: o.r.Drumbox
Tons of Fun! You are in control of your own virtual drummer!

The o.r.Drumbox is a software drum machine, designed to a creative pattern based way of drum programming with automatic music composition capabilities. You can compose beats even with polyrhythms, bass line and complete songs using included drum kits with the audio sequencer functions.

Once you are done, you can play along, write songs, or even export them to listen to over and over again.

Bonus #4: Music Notepad 2.0
Take your songwriting to a new level. Notepad is loaded with features.
Create music for the songs you write Learn to read and write music like a professional Hear your song with computer generated playback Import and export lyrics and notes into multiple formats And much more!
Notepad is a must have for anyone who aspires to write songs or learn to read music!

Bonus #5: Josh’s Guitar Insider’s Blog


The blog created exclusively for GuitarWorks students - guitar secrets that only top guitarists know! Josh’s blog features tons of content that you will only find here!

Month after month Josh gives you valuable content that saves you time and money in your new life as a guitarist. You won’t have to learn the hard way like everyone else. Here are a few of the featured articles:
How to buy a new guitar at 40% off or more FREE websites with music to all your favorite songs Selling your guitar for more than you bought it for Making money as a guitar teacher And more!  
GuitarWorks Volume 1
Over 2 hours of video lessons. Learn all the basics from tuning to lead scales and more. Plus printable cheat sheets for every lesson. Valued at: $49.95 GuitarWorks Volume 2
Two MORE hours of video lessons. Learn to read chord, master key families and play ANY song! Plus printable cheat sheets with all the chord diagrams. Valued at: $49.95 JamTracks
GuitarWorks exclusive play along video tracks. Valued at: $39.95 TempoPerfect
Stay in time with the best metronome software. Valued at: $29.95 o.r.Drumbox
Rock out with your own virtual drum software. Valued at: $44.95 Music Notepad 2.0
Write your own music, with the tools of this fantastic software. Valued at: $19.95
Suggested Retail Value:

Access the entire GuitarWorks system, online and start playing right now

We’ll send you DVD’s via UPS of the entire system plus immediate online access


I have spent years with countless students and other Master Guitar teachers perfecting the GuitarWorks system. I am convinced that it is the best guitar learning system on the planet and to prove it, I am offering my personal unconditional guarantee and an irresistible price. And the best way for me to prove that to you is to give it to you with an unconditional guarantee and an irresistible price!

You will get:
GuitarWorks Volume 1 GuitarWorks Volume 2 The GW Exercise Cheatsheats The GW Chords Cheatsheats JamTracks - Play-along Videos TempoPerfect - Metronone software Music Notepad 2.0 - Songwriters software O.R. Drumbox - Drum Modeler Josh’s Guitar Insider Blog
Tons of great guitar info

I invite you to personally [email me](mailto:josh@newknack.com) with any questions. And I ask that once you start playing like a pro that you send me your testimonial to add to our site.

Happy Learning,

Access the entire GuitarWorks system, online and start playing right now

We’ll send you DVD’s via UPS of the entire system plus immediate online access

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