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How JD became Fit for Combat

“I need to be lighter,” I thought to myself as I climbed yet another wall and dropped down onto the hard packed sand in Karmah, Iraq.

I was on patrol with a squad of Marines who jumped over walls and ran rooftop-to-rooftop.

I was 32 years old and weighed 240 pounds.  13 years earlier, as a young United States Marine, I weighed in at a whopping 170 pounds.  After I left the Marines and began my civilian career, I was still a weight lifting guy. I did most of the crazy workouts that you see in glossy muscle magazines, tried every crazy diet and took every brand new supplement that was advertised.  After seven years of going to the gym and lifting weights four or five days a week, I was up to 205 pounds and 15 pounds of that was fat.

When the war in Iraq started, I embedded as a civilian filmmaker with various units over the years.  I was what I call “Fit (Enough) for Combat”.  I went back to combat training – weights, distance running and sprints. Even with this regimen I still found myself 240 pounds 4 years later.  After dropping over that wall in Karmah, Iraq I realized that I needed to change.

Back in the States I met IFBB Pro Fitness Competitor Nita Marquez, Miss Fitness Nationals Champion. With some very basic advice from Nita, changing my workouts in the gym along with simple changes in my diet, I became truly ‘Fit for Combat’.

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What you will find in this system may shock you at the straight forward simplicity of the training and diet. It shocked me. Because as you will see, it was not that I needed to do anything more, I just needed to do it right and a lot of you will actually need to do less than you are right now.

Nita and I co-authored a book which retails on Amazon.com for $16.95.  As we went out and promoted the book, I realized that there was more we could do to help readers of the book.

What we’ve done is converted the complete book into an ebook format for download, and included training videos of JD personally taking you through Phase I of the Fit For Combat workout system, as well as videos of Nita training a client with an advanced workout – this incredible package also comes with a video of Nita’s own workout!  You can watch the videos online anytime you want!

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This system is not about me or Nita telling you to do this or do that, eat this, but not that. It’s an explanation of how to use certain tools to find the workout and eating plan that works for you so that you can become your own fitness and diet guru.

My training for function in the sands of Iraq and the mountains of Afghanistan — strength, speed, power, endurance — is also the most straight forward workout and diet system for regular people who want to look good on a sandy beach.

Don’t put it off!  Get the e-book and videos for only $29.50, that’s a 20% savings!  This price will go up in 2010 so act now!


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