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Soothing Music  for Babies and Newborns:
Lullabies for Healthy Mother and Child Bonding

[](../products/lullabies/cover-lullabies.jpg)Soothing music is one of the most important things you can use with you new baby or preemie to help them sleep.  Fussy, crying babies are stressful for new parents and finding a way to quiet and calm your baby is crucially important!  Soothing and calming a baby is not always easy because new parents don't know why the baby is crying.  If the baby is ill or in pain, you must find the cause of the problem, but if baby is fussy and cranky because they are tired, then soothing, calming music is your answer.

People tend to underestimate the power of simple things.  In this case, the research is there:  playing and singing soothing music to your baby, both before and after birth, creates a bond that is the foundation of healthy relationships.  Many new mothers are unsure about their mothering skills.  With this CD, the mother can familiarize herself with many of the well-known, classic lullabies, sung by generations of mothers and grandmothers (and fathers, brothers, aunts and others!) and then sing them herself to her new baby.   The CD can also be played for baby at other times just by itself.

The research documents that lullabies:

Create a sonic bond of love and caring, even before birth Ensure that baby comes into world knowing mother's voice and associating that with being loved and cared for With preemies, this is even more critical. 
Amazingly, when Mom sings to baby the effect is:
Stabilized blood pressure Stabilized body temperature Stabilized pulse and heart rate
Resulting in:
Less time in NICU Faster weight gain Healthier baby at discharge from NICU
These same lullabies will provide comfort and oftentimes instantaneous quieting of fussy and fretting babies.

["Mama's Song" Sample](../products/lullabies/Mamas-Song-sample.wma)
["Go to Sleep" Sample](../products/lullabies/Go-to-Sleep-sample.wma)

Lullabies for Healthy Bonding
Go to Sleep My Baby Now the Day is Over Sweet and Low French Folk Song (Twinkles) Sleep Baby Sleep Sleep Sleep Little One Sleep Minnie and Winnie Golden Slumber Close Your Eyes Now Baby Mine The Answers (Frolic is O'er) Cradle Song Night Journey Night Herding Song My Baby Go to Sleep Tip-Toe Star Light Star Bright Bye Baby Bunting Mama's Song All Through the Night Slumber Boat Brahms' Lullaby Kentucky Babe  


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