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What is the Clickbank Vendor Toolkit?

With the simple click of your mouse, instantly enable your Clickbank website tu support PPC conversion for your affiliates.

Instantly Enable Yahoo & Google Conversion Tracking Convert Booring Hoplinks To Links That Search Engines Love Get 100's Of Backlink For Free Provide Cloaked Affiliate Links To All Your Affiliates


Instantly Have More Affiliates & Organic Search Engine Traffic


How it works

Use the Clickbank Vendor Toolkit to convert your EXISTING website to support Google & Yahoo PPC conversion tracking for all your affiliates. No Coding Skills required.

All you do is point and click and in a matter of minutes, your website is ready!

That's not all. You can now provide cloaked affiliate links to your Clickbank affiliates. This not only protects them from commission theft, EVERY affiliate link has your domain in the URL - Giving you a valid backlink for EVERY affiliate link created!

All your affiliates need to do is, append their clickbank id's and conversion tracking id's to the affiliate link! It's that simple!

Your affiliates can continue to use their existing affiliate links OR use your new cloaked affiliate links that look like this:


Where XXXX is your affiliate's Clickbank ID. Easy? The site visitor never get's to see the vendor id. So less chances of having your affiliate's commission stolen.

For Google/Yahoo conversion tracking, all your affiliate needs to do is append a conversion ID to the affiliate link. Works with both formats for the affiliate link. Like this:


YYYY is the affiliate's conversion ID. This works perfectly well with the regular Clickbank hoplink too!


Where GOOGLEID is the affiliate's conversion ID. []

$47.00 One Time Payment
Payments handled by Clickbank's secure servers


What Does The Package Contain?

  The Vendor page processor application. Download and install on your windows PC. Special Clickbank affiliate link generator page. Just upload it the affiliate's area on your website.


What are the requirements?
Your hosting account must support PHP. The Clickbank Vendor Toolit installs on any Windows platform.

How long does it take to setup?
Less than 10 minutes. The provided guide has all the instructions.

Will my existing affiliate links continue to work?
Yes, just like before.

Do my affiliates need to install any software?
No. All they need to do is append their Clickbank affiliate ID and Google/Yahoo affiliate id's to the URL.

What about regular Clickbank hoplinks? Can affiliates still use them?
Absolutely! Affiliates who want to use Google/Yahoo conversion tracking ONLY have to append their conversion ID's to the regular Clickbank hoplinks.

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58 day Unconditional Money Back Guarantee!

Get 50X More Affiliates

100X More Back Links


"The number of affiliates promoting my products has been increasing steadily. More sales from organic traffic. This stuff works like magic.."
- Vin Runa, Fremont CA "Thanks for letting me review your product. All I can say is "Awesome!!" It took less than 10 minutes to enable conversion tracking for my affiliates. This is genius!"
- Chris, Peterborough UK


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