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Be Fast Asleep In Just 30 Minutes
Beauty Sleep, the Best Sleep You Ever Had


Finally a Proven Safe Way to

Get to Sleep Tonight

30 Years of Scientific Research is Now Yours

Are you sick and tired of feeling sick and tired? Does the thought of a good night’s sleep seem like a far off dream?

It’s time to wake up and stop dreaming. Dr. tested and approved “Beauty Sleep” is now a reality.

As you read every word on this page you will begin to absorb new ideas about how to sleep better. I will give you the key to unlock the mysteries of a great night’s sleep.

Please read on to discover…

Why You Can’t Sleep

When you go to bed at night, you unknowingly unlock a Pandora’s Box of stress and strain on your mind. During the day you take on a ton of problems and more than your fair share of stress.

In your wide-awake state you either deal with these occurrences as they happen, or like most people you sweep them away into a dusty corner of your mind, to be dealt with later.

Over a period of a few years you do this little anti-sleep dance thousands of times. It’s no wonder you can’t get to sleep.

Your mind is racing as the flood gates of all your pent up stress are released. You see, as you lie down to sleep you send your mind sends a signal out that it is okay to deal with everything now.

Because you feel tired your mind takes the opportunity to dump its heavy load of problems right into the lap of your rest time, thereby depriving you of much needed sleep.

To enjoy life and face your daily responsibilities, your body requires about 6-8 hours of deep, refreshing sleep each night. As you sleep your body rebuilds and rejuvenates itself so you wake up feeling refreshed after getting the required amount of sleep.

While it sounds like a simple enough system—and it really is—if you can’t sleep it can be a virtual nightmare for you. The longer you go without proper sleep the more your body wears down.  Want to sleep right now?  [Get your copy here](http://1.beautysl.pay.clickbank.net)

Your energy levels drop, and you become more susceptible to sickness and disease.

But that’s just the beginning.

Introducing Beauty Sleep

The product of over 30 years of scientific research and development Beauty Sleep is the brainchild of Dr. Brian Alman.

From his office in San Diego California, Dr. Alman has helped thousands of people just like you to enjoy a good night’s sleep. The benefits of good sleep are numerous. Here are a few to consider:
Increased vitality and health…enjoy your life more when you feel good

Better problem solving ability…deal with problems and make decisions faster

Improved sexual activity…light up your bedroom with your new found energy

Decreased levels of stress…you are relaxed and ready to deal with anything

Improved physical ability…enjoy your favorite sports activities more

Improved ability to learn new things…your chance to grab that promotion or start anew business or hobby you’ve always wanted to try

Better weight control…keep off those unwanted pounds. Good sleep promotes healthy weight

Faster reflexes…avoid accidents and falls as your ability to act and your increased balance keeps you safe

But there is so much more.

These are just some of the many benefits you’re missing out on when you can’t sleep. Not to mention that irritable, restless feeling you get when you’re over-tired.

Let’s face it. Being cranky and miserable is no way to go through life. Is it?

What if you could sleep like a baby every night? Imagine within minutes of your head hitting your pillow you are whisked away to a deep dreamy sleep. 

It is Football season and I always get hyped up before a game.  I get home from practice around 6:30 pm, eat dinner , do some homework and then will read to relax me before bed.  I turn out the lights and then my thoughts keep turning in my head about the game tomorrow.  I know I need to get a good nights sleep but I can't get to sleep.  Time to pop in Dr. Alman's Sleep CD. 

I find my self using the technique getting more and more relaxed.  Thoughts about the game are gone and the next thing I know, I am turning off the CD player, turning on my side and falling asleep!  I would recommend this CD to anyone who has trouble falling asleep. 

Thanks for helping me catch some much needed sleep!

Michael M

Beauty Sleep has done this for thousands of people. And it can do it for you. By now you are probably asking…

Why Listen to Dr. Alman?

Best-selling author of “Keep it Off” Dr. Brian Alman is a world renowned medical weight loss expert.

As a clinical psychologist practicing in San Diego he has helped thousands of his patients to lose weight and keep it off. One of the side benefits of his weight loss programs was when he noticed his patients were sleeping better.

Never one to rest on his laurels, Dr. Alman saw a way to help even more people deal with a problem no less serious than weight loss; yet seldom addressed by other doctors.

During this time he noticed the two problems seemed to feed off each other.

Let me explain.

It’s a proven scientific fact; many people who constantly gain weight do not sleep well at night.  And conversely; people who don’t sleep properly tend to gain weight. Yet until now no one had put the two together.

In his travels around the world, Dr. Alman was exposed to many different techniques and strategies aimed at both weight loss and sleep. But nobody had anything that was effective for both.

As a student of world famous clinical psychologist Dr. Milton Erickson Dr. Alman quickly discovered there were methods of treating patients with serious problems which most doctors were not even aware of.      

I downloaded the MP3 to my laptop, started the program and was sound asleep in less than 3 minutes!

Dan L. Business Traveler St. Paul, Minnesota


And now it’s time for…

Dr. Alman Speaks Out About Sleep

I developed my Beauty Sleep Program while teaching in India. An empowering mentor and teacher shared his ancient meditation and mind-body healing techniques with me.

Indian meditation techniques date back over 5,000 years. They do know a thing or two about the power of your mind.

Until recently you could only acquire these sleep and relaxation techniques by meditating a solid 8 hours a day. I don’t know about you but my busy schedule doesn’t allow me that kind of luxury.

With this in mind I set out to create a technique that could be easily applied to the Western World. After years of testing and tweaking my work paid off and Beauty Sleep was created.

Since it’s inception over 30 years ago, I’ve had excellent results with thousands people who had all but given up hope of ever sleeping soundly again.

In fact, I had the honor of being dubbed the Doctor of last Resort. And I suppose I was and still am for many people.   

I had never planned on releasing this product to the public. It’s a technique usually reserved for my private patients. These folks invest huge amounts in their health.

But I don’t expect you to do that. I know you need your sleep and you want it now.

Your next action will determine whether you’ll be sleeping like a baby within 30 minutes of ordering [Beauty Sleep](http://1.beautysl.pay.clickbank.net)

It’s Up to You

Here’s the thing.

As a doctor I feel it is my duty to help as many people as I can. And I want to help you.

If you’ll give me permission I will send you my Beauty Sleep Program for less than you’d expect to pay for a good cup of coffee each day.

Don’t worry I don’t expect you to lose another nights sleep. So I’ve arranged for you to get your own personal copy of my Beauty Sleep program instantly when you [Order Here](http://1.beautysl.pay.clickbank.net)

And you’ll get it for a whopping 37% off the normal $79.95.

As part of this test I want to put Beauty Sleep to work for you now for just $49.95.

And you can download it instantly so you won’t miss another wink.

The best part is, you could be sleeping like a baby in les than 30 minutes from the time you click the order button [Click here to sleep now](http://1.beautysl.pay.clickbank.net)

ou see, I want to get your feedback on my product so I’m willing to almost give it away in return for your honest feedback. If you absolutely love it tell me. Even if you think it stinks, I want to hear from you.

I always have had trouble falling asleep and if I woke up in the middle of the night it would take me a half hour to get back to sleep.

The first time I tried Beauty Sleep I fell asleep in 5 minutes.  On some nights when I would wake up in the middle of the night I would use Beauty Sleep again to fall right back to sleep.  Thanks to Beauty Sleep, I sleep better at night, I have more energy during the day and I am more productive.  Beauty Sleep changed my life!

Dennis L Business Owner Gilbert, AZ

[Grab your copy](http://1.beautysl.pay.clickbank.net) of Beauty Sleep now. Download it instantly to experience immediate results. No waiting! Put it on to a CD or Mp3 player.

Either way you’re just 30 minutes away fro the best sleep you’ve ever had. The minute you order your download will take less than a minute and you will be confidently on your way to safe, restful sleep.

As you use it to get a good nights sleep starting right now, I want you to notice yourself beginning to sleep longer and sounder.

But I’m not finished yet.

I want to give you more value, so I’m going to sweeten the pot by adding 3 valuable FREE Gifts to your order.


Fast Start to Beauty Sleep

I suggest you listen to this informative Mp3 first to give you a quick overview of how and why Beauty Sleep works. It’s short and gets right to the point to get you to sleep fast.

Value $19.95


Fast Start to Power Nap

Introducing Power Nap. Discover the joy of catching a quick cat-nap whenever you need it. This fast into to Power Nap gives you the full scoop on how to get started using the Power Nap process.

Value $19.95


Power Nap

Sometimes you just need to grab a quick cat nap. Power nap is the answer when you don’t have time to get 8 full hours of sleep in. You can squeeze in a quick nap into your busy schedule whenever you feel like it. It’s fast and safe.

Value $19.95

ClickBank will, at its discretion, allow for the return or replacement of any defective product within 60 days from the date of purchase.  After 60 days all sales are final.

To your good health.

Dr. Brian Alman

Clinical Psychologist

Get To Sleep Fast!

Download your MP3 right now!

[ ](http://1.beautysl.pay.clickbank.net)

Here's what others are saying...

High School Football Player Relaxes With Beauty Sleep

I find my self using Dr. Alman’s techniques and getting more and more relaxed.  Thoughts about the game are gone and the next thing I know, I am turning off the CD player, turning on my side and falling asleep!  I would recommend Beauty Sleep to anyone who has trouble falling asleep. 

Thanks for helping me catch some much needed sleep!

Michael M. High School Football player California


Business Traveler -

I downloaded the Cd, played it right off of my laptop, started the program and was sound asleep in less than 3 minutes!
Dan L.

Business Owner -
I always have had trouble falling asleep and if I woke up in the middle of the night it would take me a half hour to get back to sleep.
The first time I tried Beauty Sleep I fell asleep in 5 minutes.  On some nights when I would wake up in the middle of the night I would use beauty sleep again to fall right back to sleep.  Thanks to Beauty Sleep, I sleep better at night, I have more energy during the day and I am more productive.  Beauty Sleep changed my life!
 Dennis L

Writer -
Dr. Alman,  As an entrepreneur and business owner my schedule is hectic to say the least.
Since I don't really go to bed at a regular time; I had been having trouble getting to sleep.
I'd tried the pills and the herbs but they always left me kind of groggy the next day.
I was skeptical about giving your program a try because I didn't think it would work for me.
Boy was I wrong. The first time I listened to the Mp3 I don't even remember hearing the end. 
I woke up six hours later feeling totally refreshed. Thanks Doc.
Rick D, Newmarket, Ontario, Canada.

New Mom Get’s the Rest She Needs

  Practicing his technique helped calm my mind and allowed me to feel sleepy. I feel awesome and my sleep pattern has definitely improved!

 -Rochelle, Encinitas, CA

I’ve had trouble getting to sleep—even short bouts of insomnia—since I was a child. Sometimes I’ve dreaded getting into bed, knowing that I would toss and turn for hours, anxious thoughts whirling in my head. Dr. Alman’s Beauty Sleep system has helped me tremendously. Now I know that I have a simple, effective tool for helping me quiet my mind and drift off to sleep in  minutes. It’s been a lifesaver.
Dr. Steve M, CA.

I began to use Beauty Sleep during a period of time when I was having a very difficult time sleeping - lots of insomnia night after night.   I used it each night and finally was able to get to sleep consistently.    Actually, usually I fell asleep before the CD ended, but that's OK.   Dr. Alman says you don't have to listen anyway!   Beauty Sleep is very effective and comforting.    I put it on my iPhone so that if I occasionally have trouble falling asleep when I travel, I just turn on my phone and put it by my ear and drift off to Dreamland.

Judy W., CA

I have experienced difficulties with my sleep patterns on and off for years. Whether it was worrying about one issue or another or due to physical/hormonal changes or some other reason. Sometimes I would have a problem falling asleep, while other times it seemed I would wake up many times during the night. I mentioned this to Dr. Alman, and he told me about the Beauty Sleep CD.
    The very first night I listened to the CD I was able to drift off to a peaceful night sleep. I only woke up once during that night (to use the bathroom) and I felt refreshed and rejuvenated in the morning. I listened to the CD most nights for the next couple of weeks and found that I was feeling more refreshed and had more energy than I did before using the CD. The great thing was, I started remembering the CD whether I actually played or not. I felt the wonderful calmness spread almost as soon as I started the counting. The visual of the "blanket of protection" is comforting and soothing. Every so often, when life/health challenges disrupt my sleep pattern, I use the CD to get me back on track. How great it is to have this program, less than 20 minutes, and enjoy a full, restful night's sleep.

Terese R. Skarra

Dear Dr. Alman,
I am writing you today to express my appreciation and admiration for your Beauty Sleep audio CD. It is a blessing to those of us who desire a good refreshing night’s sleep. I am even more grateful for the Body Healing and sub-conscious soothing you include.
Fortunately my alarm clock radio is also a CD player, so I just popped it in when I got it. Having heard several of your tapes and seen you live a few times I knew what to expect. It was like floating on a cloud as soon as I began the process even the first time – I think I was able to count to 20. After a few nights, I remarked to a friend that I didn’t even get to 5 …and I went to bed early!
That was several months ago. I have continued to listen to the CD nearly every night since. Of course, I added it to my iPhone; it helps a lot when I’m traveling, too.
More than how quickly I go to sleep, it’s how I awake that marvels me. I am enlivened. I awake refreshed, with a positive attitude and oftentimes brilliant solutions to yesterday’s challenges.

I can’t tell you how many times I have had difficulty getting to sleep in the past, how many hours I’ve laid in bed not knowing what to do to get some sleep. And of course, the next day, I look like I’m asleep or worse. Ugg. Dr. Alman, your Beauty Sleep CD solved that problem for me.
Now I can also say I have had no illnesses since I started listening to the CD. I have mind and body healing done while I sleep. Thank you for providing me with the daily relief of sleep and the longer-term benefit of healing my beautiful spirit.

Peter B. Lewis, Seattle, WA

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