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Dramatically, Automatically Boost your Readership, Subscribers and Buyers ... Seamlessly Distribute and Syndicate IN REAL TIME Your Content, ANY Content in ANY Format to Multiple Platforms, Social Networks and Directories...
One click ensures instant delivery to millions of desktops, iGoogle Gadgets, Google Desktop, My Yahoo, Yahoo Widgets, FaceBook, MySpace, Twitter, Blogger, Word Press, RSS, Thousands of News Aggregators and Much More!

How about a BRAND NEW marketing communication system that delivers your promotions with 100% efficiency, in REAL TIME and boosts traffic to your websites? Imagine that! 100% of every message you ever send will be received by your eager readers instantly ... no matter how many

How about having the undivided attention of everyone interested in your product, service or system giving YOU up 45 minutes of their time ... every day?

Register as an eLert Gadget Publisher today and get a full 45 minutes a day to subtly persuade them to buy into your product, service or system. Grab someone online for 45 minutes a day... every day!

Sounds inconceivable doesn't it? considering the average user spends less than 3 seconds on the average webpage.

This new system is far from average, statistics show that users can spend up to 45 minutes each day using eLert Gadget which means your marketing message has the opportunity to stay in front of these buying eyes for up to 45 minutes each day!

As a result eLert Gadget publishers increase their brand loyalty by 32% and most important they also increase their sales by 12%.

All for a fraction of the cost of conventional online media, and infinitely MORE EFFECTIVE than email sent straight to the junk folder!

Starting right now YOU can use this astonishing, cutting-edge new content distribution platform and desktop communication software to build a loyal, targeted, highly-responsive subscriber network and boost traffic to your website, any website, affiliate links, articles, you name it!

If you run a business, any business that requires regular interaction with clients, and let's be honest, that's all businesses!!! Then you need to read this!
Spam has turned communicating with clients, readers, customers and subscribers into a very costly undertaking It is estimated that 80%-95% of commercial mail is now filtered and not delivered ... it's like sending out your Christmas cards and the postman deciding which ones to deliver, throwing most of them in the litter bin because he didn't like the look of them!!!

ISPs trying to deal with spam complaints and keep their users happy are making devestating mistakes Inboxes are being infested by spam, filth and viruses Good mail is lost in the junk folders Newsletter publishers and mailing list admins have to authorize themselves and defend what they do endlessly while, at the same time, getting blocked relentlessly

Why would anyone want to deal with this? ... And why should they have to???

I am going to introduce you to a website and newly developed software so significant that it will change the way you market online, interact with your customers and convey your important messages … forever


This system has been five years in development.

The original brief simply asked for a system whereby publishers could send an unblockable alert to the desktops of their subscribers to notify them that the latest bulletin, newsletter or important snippet of information was now available for them to read online. The system was originally commissioned to overcome the problems my companies were experiencing in email marketing, namely efficiency of email delivery. At that time we predicted that spam would grow exponentionally resulting in the eventual 'Death of eMail Marketing' and we felt we needed a solution to ensure our survival.

When the brief was first set the limitations of technology and massive budgets required severely inhibited the functionality of what we were trying to achieve to such an extent that the resulting programme really was not fit for purpose. But we persevered. Version after version was built and tested … but frustratingly a powerful desktop solution outlined in the brief never fully materialised.

Developing a truly cross-platform interactive, intuitive, bug-free, seamlessly downloadable/upgradeable, dependable application was proving an aspiration too far…

Then, out of the blue, a major breakthrough! A development by a Fortune 500 software company delivered the opportunity for our developers to finally tick all the boxes and bring to market our original brief … with all the bells and whistles!

The brief for this project was set due to the exponential proliferation of benign, uselessness; the explosion of utter garbage. Real people with something important to say were finding it increasingly harder to just get heard.

The white noise of penis enlargement pills, Viagra, dietary supplements, baldness cures, incontinence aids, snoring cures, facial hair removers, spam, filth, rubbish, and billions and billions of pages full of insights into people’s lives with nothing more in their lives than the ability to post a message citing how they really have nothing in their lives … the din was becoming deafening.

I come from an Internet Marketing background and my team have been behind some of the most successful list-building and traffic generation sites on the net over the last ten years. However, as a company we’re not particularly famous in our niche; we don’t promote ourselves over the web selling off our secrets to anyone and everyone. I keep a low profile and just get on with it building and developing rock-solid systems and applications that simply work! Walking the talk...

My first success was almost 10 years ago now when we built the very first email list building application. It took off like a steam train and was not only extremely successful but it became the blueprint for many copycat sites and the inspiration for much of the list building sites you see on the net today. A simple concept well presented and efficiently delivered.

Many, many people used this application building large, opt-in mailing lists. Their success lay in our control over the system. We understood that if you invited a customer onto your mailing list then it was common courtesy to deliver on the solicitation message.

Prior to the dawn of the Internet I had been relatively successful in mail order/direct response marketing and the lessons for higher conversions I learned were easily transposed onto the web. You see, because there are 'real' costs to marketing a mail order campaign and the margins that much slimmer, the more important the details. You can't just send out any old garbage and 'hope' for the best. To be profitable you have to cross all the 't's and dot every 'i'.

The greatest gem I came across was when listening to an audio cassette tape course by a guy called Seth Godin, head of marketing at Yahoo! about his techniques relating to what he called ‘Permission Marketing’ … this stuff was wholly enlightening and so simple, yet as fundamental and relevant today as it was back then ... in the days of audio cassettes!!!


People opting into lists are strangers. Treat them well, with respect and develop a lifetime relationship with them. Deliver quality and deliver more than you promise ... strangers will eventually become your friend for life, will learn to trust you and gladly buy from you.


The core success of our email list building software was the adherence to the Permission Marketing strategy. We only allowed a limited number of marketing messages encouraging users to value their subscribers, deliver on the promises and build lasting relationships. They were rewarded by much higher conversion rates when a marketing message was delivered.

Makes sense really doesn’t it? After all, no one really wants to be bombarded with advert, after advert.

However, as their business grew it became not only increasingly difficult to maintain that expansion but merely staying in touch with customers was becoming a monumental struggle.

The important stuff they had gone to great trouble to compile, indulging content, interesting and informative newsletters, the shared wisdom their clients had asked to receive by email was becoming overwhelmed by, putting it bluntly … CRAP!

It's the age old story, the idiots, lazy scumbags and those looking to short-cut for a fast buck ruin it for the good, honest, hardworking people like you and I. And it's going to get worse.

Only a few years ago it was possible to make a very big, fast buck online. All you needed was (a) email harvesting software, (b) some mailing software and (c) a product.

You set off your harvesting software in the morning. It would collect anything with a '@' in it. By lunchtime you had several million names. In the afternoon you set your mailing software to blast your message out and by the evening you'd be watching the sales come in.

Recipients back then enjoyed getting mail, it was an event!!! Remember when email clients used to sing, "you've got mail" ... Imagine that today!

BUT, as more scumbags cottoned onto the scam the response rates started to decline so the bigger the mailings. The $s that were made from blasting out a couple of million mails now required tens of millions to be sent ... and so on and so forth, till we are where we are today!

The spammers have ruined it for themselves and the collateral damage has killed off many legitimate businesses. Now spammers don't even bother trying to sell you anything at all, they just send malicious nastiness and viruses out of spite. What happened to the efficiency of digital communication???

A rough estimation that seems to be confirmed by colleagues and businesses I talk to would show that for every genuine email sent, FIVE HUNDRED SPAM MAILS INFEST THE WEB.

Now that's not a scientific study! It's based on my working day ... I have to empty my personal junk mail box up to four times a day and each time it can be up to three hundred unwanted solicitations and infestations. Then I spend up to an hour a day sifting through the filth just to check that nothing important got junked by mistake!

The experience of many marketers is that the arrogant ISPs bungled attempts at curbing spam have resulted in 80% - 95% of emails getting filtered out before it gets anywhere near the client who actually asked to receive it. The slightest whiff of a commercial server and a mail is briskly assigned the tag of 'spam' and is side tracked onto digital waste disposal, never to be read by a human ... THAT'S BEFORE IT EVEN GETS TO YOUR PERSONAL JUNK FILTERS!

Here's an example - One of our sites is a very popular auction product search engine. As a promotion we give away a very extensive course over ten weeks on what to expect at auctions. People sign up to it.

Now occasionally people decide for whatever reason that they want to opt out of the course. Instead of hitting the unsubscribe link they hit 'Spam' on their web-based mail client. REMEMBER, this is a perfectly legitimate course that the recipient asked to receive but as a result of that action the ISP deems that ALL mail from us is unsolicited and stops delivering our stuff to all the other users of their web service. MSN, Yahoo!, Hotmail ... because many people use their services you're forced to battle with their policies. This is frustrating, difficult and extremely expensive in man-hours.

Any successful marketer will tell you that remaining on the ‘white lists’ of the likes of Yahoo! and Microsoft are at the least burdensome and at worst, a downright pain in the backside. Keeping on the 'right side' of ISPs is pretty much a full time job for someone along with the full time salary!!!

My experience is certainly typical of my contacts. “It ain't like it used to be!!!”

Recently a very good friend of mine started a great little business providing emergency decorating staff to larger companies. He has several hundred people on his books and had hit a real problem. He needed to send an important bulletin on a weekly basis outlining the following week's schedule but using email he found that the vast majority of staff didn't get notifications. This is important stuff!

His actual words were: "short of getting on the phone on a Friday and calling hundreds of people, how on Earth do I ensure they receive the updates?"

In a vein attempt to stay afloat, marketers have turned their attention to the new phenomenon of social networks. Yet, despite all the new wisdom and promises of virtual streets paved with virtual dollars the reality is that articles, bulletins and ‘The Important Stuff’ now gets buried in an instant under the colossal, relentless dumping of asinine garbage.

And the fundemantal problem with posting important stuff to social networks is that it requires the reader to come to you!

The beauty of email is that it was pro-active, it sought out readers who often had forgotton all about you.

So how do you reach readers? Marketeers turn to the search engines in the hope they'll expose their products. Search engine optimisation (SEO) is now a massive business, and an art form. It gets harder by the day to stay afloat without spending large amounts of time and money getting to the top.

And the problem again is that this all relies on people coming to you and worse, if Google change their algorithm (to stop the scumbags spamming their service) your site could drop into oblivion overnight.

Sound familiar?

"I am convinced that we’re on the verge of a new era;
I just can’t see how this can be sustained and am utterly convinced
that the days of making a living from conventional marketing on
the Internet is imploding."

We have all seen our email delivery rates plummet over the last few years – and if you can’t get your marketing message out, how in the reign of pig's pudding are you gonna make money?

The good news is that we saw it coming and prepared. It’s time to go back to basics!

eLert Gadget has now launched … Call it the thinking man’s Twitter!

Just imagine being in at the pre-launch of Facebook, Blogger, MySpace and working with them to develop YOUR own rock-solid business.

Well now’s your chance to shape YOUR future as eLert Gadget becomes THE preferred choice of all savvy Internet entrepreneurs.

Your experience with eLert Gadget will be even better than working with the aforementioned sites as I understand your problems and am in a position to deliver the tools.

Now before you go rushing off to find the ‘Join’ button in the hope of jumping aboard, filling in a few forms and clicking the magic button to Internet riches … DON’T.

The communication software and distribution platform that has taken FIVE YEARS to develop is not a quick fix to anything … But by now I’m sure you’re aware that there are no prophetic formulae; there is no ancient, mysterious wisdom that when discovered will allow you to open doors to instant riches.

And if you don’t believe me just pop over to ClickBank, browse the promises and affirmations, spend your money, try the systems … and when you’re reassured that virtually nothing works anymore, resume reading from here>


Based on the trusted Abobe Air platform, eLert Gadget is your HOTLINE straight to
the desktop of your subscribers. In short, an eLert Gadget is the 'Holy Grail' of
efficient, spam-free, seamless, desktop communication

It is built on the fundamental principles of ‘Permission Marketing’; turning subscribers into friends and friends into lifetime customers. It’s about delivering on your promises through 21st Century technology and efficiency.

And because we’ve stripped away all the gimmicks and gone back to basics your eLert Gadget business will be built on enduring, proven, rock-solid foundations designed to last for years to come.

If you’ve got something important to say, and let’s face it, if you’re trying to make a living online then you probably have … eLert Gadget is the future.

In the ‘good old days’ all a marketer had to do to on a weekly basis to make a good living was to (a) generate a subscriber ‘fan base’ or mailing list and (b) tend and nurture it. Regularly send important, relevant content the subscriber wanted to hear and slip in the odd marketing promotion.

Don’t we all wish it were that simple these days!!!

Well now it is!

It's this easy

1. Become an eLert publisher
2. Allow your subscribers to download a gadget (small desktop software)
3. Send them 'Important Stuff' secure in the knowledge its delivered 100% of the time, IN REAL TIME!!!
4. Slip in the occasional, relevant, reputable marketing recommendation and watch the sales come in

Just like the 'goldrush days'.

Mission Statement: eLert Gadget, a rare space where anyone with
something important to say can meet discerning readers …

But there’s so much more to eLert Gadget than that.

If you’ve got something important to say and more importantly, something important to sell, you need to be heard … Right?

Well as in the good old days, when you become an eLert publisher you simply create your ‘Important’ message and hit send.

Your message is delivered seamlessly and 100% efficiently to your subscribers desktop via the proprietary gadget software and the eLert Gadget Distribution Platform.

But that’s just the start of it ... eLert Gadget also pushes AUTOMATICALLY to iGoogle, Google Desktop, Yahoo Widgets, eLert Gadget, Twitter, MySpace, FaceBook, Blogger, a whole range of news aggregators and just about every social network available ... at the click of a mouse!

eLert Gadget also AUTOMATICALLY generates new subscribers
to your readership and traffic to your website

Each eLert Gadget publisher receives their own personalised and editable download page from where they invite subscribers to download their gadget pre-loaded with their eLerts.

eLerts consist of your content, the ‘Important’ information your customers and prospective customers have requested from you. They could be newsletters, the latest betting results, hot shares, company updates, football venues ... absolutely anything. It’s all very simple, just like email marketing was ten years ago!

If you have an email subscriber list already eLert Gadget will compliment your business model perfectly.

It’s all about options. Introduce them to your new system and they’ll enjoy all the added benefits of using the Gadgets enhanced features such as organising bookmarks, RSS feeds and passwords as well as receiving eLerts. Some may simply prefer to receive email. However, when you send out your communications via eLerts you’ll be secure in the knowledge that due to the platform eLert Gadget is built upon, it’ll get to the end user in a clean, spam-free environment.

100% GURANTEED DELIVERY IN REAL TIME ... nothing gets blocked by over zealous ISPs, trapped in the latest spam trap or even mistakenly deleted by your email readers' spam filters.

Imagine that! 100% of every message you ever send will be received by your subscribers ... astounding!

And the best part is that in building your business this way you’re not constructing the house of cards email marketing turned out to be for many.

Together, we’ll exert Godlike control over the drivel and gibberish

eLert Gadget is the place to come for ‘Important Stuff!’ and with the controls in place will ensure that always remains.

And to make life easier we wouldn’t be the developers we are if we hadn’t worked out a way of enabling you to build a substantial eLert subscriber base ... it's time to take stock, look at your options and get your house back in order.

Yes, I know some will be saying "this eLert stuff is all well and good but I don't have any eLert subscribers!!!" ... True enough!

And if you have an email list that you can't communicate with that's an even bigger problem. And if you don't have an email list you haven't got a business at all or there's a huge area you're missing out on. The sad truth is that email is gasping it's final breath. Although we all wish it, a fix isn't coming ... it's too far gone!

So as marketeers we've got to rebuild and that means building a new subscriber base with a new, efficient way to interact with it.

When you become an eLert publisher we’ll introduce you to our systems that allow you to build subscribers not only by placing ‘Get my eLerts’ links in strategic positions, in drop ins etc. but which automatically collect leads from sites YOU DON'T OWN.

eLert Responder
eLerts can even be scheduled to deliver like an email autoresponder to automatically sell your products just like following up via email … But infinitely more reliable and efficient.


Remember, eLerts are delivered in REAL TIME to the desktop
of your customers with pretty much 100% efficiency!


eLerts Delivered in Real Time?

You just read the words ‘delivered in real time’. Think for a minute on the importance of that.

Twitter has built their formidable application based on this feature. In fact, Google have announced they will be crawling Twitter more regularly to take into account the breaking REAL TIME news. It's just a shame that most of Twitter's server resources are taken up with people telling the world about the most irrelevant, moronic nonsense imaginable. One just has to ask the question ... Why!!!!!!!

You send your eLert with the simple click of a mouse and in a nano-second it’ll arrive on the desktops of your subscribers, simultaneously, no matter how many you have.

No mailing queues, nothing to block delivery, no spam filters, no spam traps or spam police … run your service according to the ethics of 'Permission Marketing’ and you’ll never get accused of being a spammer!

Whooah! it gets better ...

eLerts are showcased along with the services of other publishers. Our showcase websites are a melting pot where hundreds of thousands of people are drawn from all walks of life to read ‘Important’ stuff … and if visitors like what you have to say, they'll subscribe to your eLerts too - eLert Gadget will ensure a steady flow of eager readers, growing any subscriber base.

eLert Gadget Forces Traffic & Readership Loyalty To Your Webpages

By having a top level marketing strategy in place eLert Gadget achieves a constant source of visitors to ensure targeted traffic is funneled to all categories and sections of our eLibraries where elert Gadget Publishers are showcased. These top level marketing campaigns consist of some of the most efficient strategies available today.

At the time of writing successful marketing has seen eLert Gadget page views more than double from over 2 million monthly page views to over 4 million page views so far this month with an anticipated month end of over 5 million page views.

This is even more exciting when you consider this to be 100% pure organic targeted traffic. Just like all the most popular sites around today such as Twitter and Facebook, build something they want and the traffic will come. eLert Gadget fills the void when it comes to information distribution and delivery.

eLert Gadget achieves all of this without any form of paid advertising so that in turn our eLert Publishers can also look forward to targeted traffic without the cost of advertising.

eLert Gadget's unique position in the market place allows us the envious position of being able to draw top level traffic by having the following free tools available to the end user. With no additional cost to eLert Publishers each tool and add-on enhances the use of eLert Gadget ensuring YOUR eLert Gadget remains a constant reminder of who you are and where to find you:
Free Internet Explorer add-ons Free Firefox add-ons

Free bookmarking service (eLert Gadget offers a unique, very popular, desktop bookmarking service) Free gadget downloads across the most popular software sites (not just Google & Yahoo!) Inclusion within the Addthis service (launching January 2010) Inclusion within the Sharethis service (launching January 2010)
As registered Google and Yahoo! Developers we also stay at the forefront of major technical developments. We embrace the opportunities provided to us, to the extent that we have recently (November 2009) integrated major programming to:
Seamlessly 'Tweet' your eLerts within category specific Twitter accounts. Why do we do this? All major search engines now use Twitter as a source of breaking, up-to-the-minute news. eLert Gadget ensures that when you have something important to say... it gets read! Google has announced their intentions to improve page indexing by crawling RSS Feeds. As well as gadget specific RSS feeds we now also have category specific RSS Feeds ensuring Google will index your content according to the category you choose.

SEO page optimization to constantly draw up to the minute page indexing by Google, Yahoo!, Microsoft etc.

Got a great RSS feed?
Simply add it to eLert Gadget and it'll automatically get pushed to the desktops of your readers in a comprehensible format. It'll also get pushed all the other areas eLert Gadget links to...

Want to post easily to the social networks?
When posting an eLert it's a simple process to also push it to some of the most important social networks out there.

And this is what it can do for you...


The eLert was a simple joke and ended up on Stumbleupon - here's the numbers copied directly from our server stats: Stumbleupon (Social Bookmark) 313460

Want Google Traffic?
eLert Gadget pulls in traffic to your eLerts from many directions and we are constantly developing and testing proven models

One particular source now launched as part of your suite of eLert tools will ensure a super-highway of traffic predominantly from Google ... Yes, Google!

We have been testing a small and underdeveloped piece of software created and freely distributed by Google and the results are encouraging to say the least!

We have quite literally exploited Google's eagerness to work with small developers by adapting this software (with Google's 100% approval of course), to allow anyone, literally anyone to siphon traffic to any quality webpage they like.

Amazingly, we've discovered that by leveraging this particular area of Google development, they will positively encourage and assist the likes of you and me to divert more and more of their users to our own web pages.

In fact ... this is far more than a simple source of targeted clients interested in what you’ve got to say, this is an AUTOMATED TRAFFIC SYSTEM. You simply need the key to unlock its massive potential and I'm about to give it to you.

Now when I say traffic I meant, real, honest, genuine, UNIQUE visitors.

If you can use a keyboard, you can do this, its yet another destination for your eLerts, simply hit send and reach potentially millions of Google users.

You can even use eLert Gadget to STOP traffic destined for major news pages such as the BBC, CNN, Sky etc. and take them to YOUR pages before sending them on their way, all using this piece of software created by Google.

This is a REAL Traffic Strategy. Use it to your advantage, make sales from your own website, make affiliate sales or turn that traffic into Adsense revenue, its up to you.

Let's Face Fact's ... You could be selling 'The World's Largest Diamond
 at a Staggering 90% DISCOUNT' but if no one comes to your site
it'll just sit there gathering dust!

TRAFFIC is the single, absolute fundamental key to on-line success ... without a steady flow of eager, targeted customers you're simply another bad statistic!

We all need traffic, without it you may as well give up. eLert Gadget fills the void. Simply create a publisher account, follow the simple guidelines and instructional videos and you will see results … I GUARANTEE it!

Become an eLert publisher and watch your traffic grow
Below are some website statistics for a test website. This one alone is now achieving around 100,000 unique visitors each month. Apply the eLert Gadget Traffic Strategy for all your websites, niches, articles or affiliate links.

Remember that I generated this traffic whilst perfecting this system. You will have a real distinct advantage because my team have made the mistakes, we’ve spent hour upon hour getting this right and it is quite possible for you to IMPROVE on our results!

The Beginning!

From these statistics for the tests you will see that at the start of 2008 we were just ambling along, in fact visitor numbers were literally dropping away, until I applied this simple system in May 2008.

Today, the here and now!

Right now the traffic continues to flow, with no promotions, no advertising costs and definitely no PPC expenditure.

There is no way I could stop the traffic now!

Why Does This Work?

This works because Google want to give their users a huge choice of services and want to rule the internet; they want to be everyone's first port of call for information and services. They want to remain the market leader by delivering choice, ease of access to services and information but with increased functionality.

And they can't do it all on their own, they need the likes of you and I…

They simply can't employ the entire world to deliver the diversity of information their users want, it's simply not viable or practical.

So by allowing programmers to access their various platforms and to program their own functionality into these platforms, they know they will be offering their users more choice, more functionality and above all, they will retain a valued client who will come back again and again.

Because we are fastidious about quality content Google have allowed us through eLert Gadget to develop versions of their software, adapt it and then give it back to Google who then make it freely available to their users.

It's the best joint venture you will ever experience. It's like writing a few words on any subject you like, give it to your joint venture partner (in this case Google) who then puts it in front of millions of their users.

Of course, it goes without saying that there is strict quality control, but as of today we have never had one single refusal from Google, we've maintained a 100% acceptance rate for this system.

Part of the service we offer is that we handle your submission back to Google so you are never left alone. If you ever wanted an automated traffic system, this is as close as you will ever get.

Furthermore, and given our good relationship with Google I will GUARANTEE that my team will work with you until your own traffic system is acceptable.

The following screen shot shows the potential of this system, the first gadget shows 22,589 current users underlined in red, with the second showing 604 users.

NOTE: These are users, NOT downloads, these figures represent active daily users. These are 2 of the top performers in this area of the business with dozens of others having users ranging from under 100 to the several hundred.

And the benefits just keep coming … We recently perfected our Google system to work with Yahoo!

These statistics are impressive, but are they for real? You bet your bottom dollar they are!

This is solid traffic generated just by using eLert Gadgets. I have no reservations whatsoever that this will work for just about anyone wanting to pull traffic to any web page they want, so I am happy to boast about where it comes from and how easy it is to drive it to where ever I choose.

And just to give you even more piece of mind I have asked one of our server technicians to check the site stats quoted on this page, verify they are true and accurate and supply me with written confirmation to prove this:

Now YOU Can Also Tap Into Google's Resources with eLert Gadget...

If you want to tap into these massive resources we are here to help you. I have trained staff, support and videos guiding and advising ... and by the way, we do all submissions to Google on your behalf, this ensures quality control and maximum exposure for all who join us.

And it just gets better!

Once we are ready for other platforms, including the new GPhone and iPhone, you won't need to do a thing. We'll simply push your eLerts over to any other platform we develop for, so in one seamless click of a mouse you will potentially double, treble and quadruple your exposure.

Remember … if you can type out a subject or headline along with your message you can easily become a highly successful eLert publisher generating traffic and sales.

"The simple answer is that by using certain software applications you open
up an entirely new and vast area of traffic generation supported
by the likes of Google, Yahoo, Blogger and FaceBook etc."

This fact creates an entirely new and easy to access traffic resource which I confidently guarantee you will not be using right now.

This area of traffic generation is generally out of bounds to 99% of website owners and affiliates simply due to technical barriers and cost. eLert Gadget smashes through these barriers and removes the huge costs to create the systems YOU NEED to get your message out and generate traffic.

And the best part is that you won’t rely on search engines having to like your website (SEO), getting affiliates to promote your website, paying for advertising or doing any of the tedious stuff, just let eLert Gadget do its work.


Using eLert Gadget you can easily monetize web pages at the click of your mouse,
switch it on, switch it off or swap between different ad networks.

When you send an eLert its not only delivered to multiple platforms but also creates a unique webpage.

We host these pages for you, you control what happens on these pages ... even the ads which appear on your eLerts.

So if you have ever been frustrated by small Adsense checks, worry no more. And if you are looking for another avenue to increase your Adsense revenue eLert Gadget has the solution. Simply put your Adsense ID into your eLert Gadget publisher account and your own Adsense ads will populate your eLerts. 

Want more Adsense revenue? Simply send more eLerts!
eLert pages can be indexed by Google and other major search engines within minutes, send an eLert, check with Google and you will be pleasantly surprised as your eLerts are indexed generally within FIVE minutes. (We check this regularly).

This is why we mean to stick to our strategy of quality. eLert Gadget does not promise to boost your traffic exponentially through uplines, downlines spillover bla,bla, bla ... it does promise to build traffic and exposure for your 'Important' stuff through doing it right!

Each of your eLert pages can also be used to increase links to your own websites, funnel traffic to your websites and landing pages and create brand awareness. So start by becoming an eLert publisher today.

To Use eLert Gadget You Will Need...
You will need no more than what you already have in front of you: A computer, keyboard and mouse. You will of course need to know how to use eLert Gadget, which I will show you how in a simple step-by-step format along with video tutorials where needed. It's immensely easy to use; if you can type an email you can do this.

You may need some background knowledge of your chosen subject or niche. If you already have this then great, if you don't, then it's not a problem, I have even taken care of this for you ... In fact so has Google! I'll show you how Google will even deliver daily up dates to you absolutely FREE. You'll need time, but not much! The learning curve is virtually non-existent; once you have access you can start within minutes. Thereafter, you can expect to spend as little or as much time as you have available. I would say that typically, you can work this with less than an hour a day for the first two months. Thereafter, you can simply walk away and the traffic will continue to flow. If you choose to continue to work the system you will see your traffic volume grow and grow.

What Can You Do With
eLert Gadget?
Automatically, in real time, seamlessly distribute and syndicate your message, YOUR content, ANY content, in ANY format to readers' desktops, multiple platforms, and directories...  One click ensures instant delivery to millions of desktops, iGoogle Gadgets, Google Desktop, My Yahoo, Yahoo Widgets, FaceBook, MySpace, Twitter, Blogger, Word Press, RSS, Thousands of News Aggregators and Much More!

Deliver courses and information 100% guaranteed delivery, instantly or on specific dates or intervals Create WebPages as easy as writing an email. Monetize these WebPages with Google Adsense and Kontera and also make direct sales of any product or service Create as many links back to YOUR WebPages, invaluable for any SEO campaign or when wanting to create a steady flow of customers to your websites or affiliate pages If you currently deliver follow-up messages by email auto responder you can duplicate your current system and deliver online in a dynamic and unique environment Deliver any message on any specific date or frequency in the future. Great to announce product launches, meetings and special announcements without ever using email Drip feed information. You can instruct eLert Gadget to deliver preset messages at preset intervals. For example, message one in 2 days time, message 2 in 4 days time, message 3 in 8 days times etc. etc. The system is extremely flexible, you choose what you want to do using a simple drop down menu, leave the rest to us Access your own RSS feeds. This is already programmed for you and offers even more opportunities to reach a bigger audience. We'll show you how, it's simple and easy

Here's What You Get...
Secure account access through which to create gadgets and eLerts. Simply tell eLert Gadget about your product or service and within seconds we'll create YOUR OWN unique, dynamic and powerful gadgets through which to virally spread your marketing information Each of your eLert Gadgets are hosted within the eLert Gadget libraries and eLert Pages where we receive over 2 million page views each month. As an eLert Gadget Publisher your Gadgets will be exposed to this free traffic

Create as many eLert Gadgets as you wish, no additional cost. Each eLert Gadget is available as a state of the art Adobe Air Desktop eLert Gadget, eLert Web Widget, iGoogle Gadgets, Google Desktop Gadgets and Yahoo Widgets at the click of your mouse

A delivery platform which will seamlessly deliver to the following:

A tried and tested publishing and marketing system, proven to work since early 2007, built on solid foundations Step by step videos showing exactly what to do. Over 12 videos... nothing is left to chance

Proven ideas for creating Advanced Marketing Strategies. How to set up an eLert Gadget and never do anything ever again

Knowledgebase to help answer more popular questions Unlimited email support from trained staff who have been using the system since day one

Who Is This Suitable For?


I can't emphasise this enough, this is real simple, anyone can do this, as long as you can type out something meaningful. Something someone will want to read, then you've cracked it. You can even use information created by someone else and I'll show you how to do this.

If you want a virtually hands-free business I'll even help you with that as well. Yes it is possible to leverage eLert publishing so that you get others to do 99% of the work!

If you are a marketer this is great for making sales and profits but eLert Gadget is so much more.

If you have something you want to share with the world you can use this system. It might be your cooking recipes, how you dealt with an illness, how to do this and how to do that ... it doesn't matter, as long as its readable and of use, there is an audience for it.

The Internet is all about access to information. eLert Gadget simply makes it easier to get your message and information to an eager and accessible audience rendering your marketing problems pretty much a thing of the past.

I'll ask the question again!

How about a BRAND NEW marketing communication system that delivers your promotions with 100% efficiency, in REAL TIME and boosts traffic to your websites? Imagine that! 100% of every message you ever send will be received by your eager readers instantly ... no matter how many

David Lockley

P.S It was once said to me that.. “Insanity is doing the same things over and over and expecting a different result.” is that you? Its time to make an easy, positive change to what you are already doing, BUT this time you WILL see better IMPROVED results..


Your initial charge will be $39.97. You will then be charged $12.97/month until you decide to cancel.

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