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Still Buying Domain Names for $10 each? YIKES! Save Your Cash.
Great Domains Doesn't Have to Be So Costly...

www. .cz.cc

Sign Up Today And Get Instantly 500 Domain Names

Webmasters need good domains - for sales pages, lead captures, and content sites. But, what good are domain names when you have to pay for each single domain name money?

You don't have the cash to buy 500 domain names? You don't want to pay for long crappy sounding domain names?

You no longer need to pay for a great domain name which consists exactly out of your websites keyword - you CAN have it all here!

Hi Friend,

My name is Alex Hunter and I am the owner of the .cz.cc domain names registry.

I've been providing quality domain names to many of the web's top marketers.

I have sold thousands of domain names. When you take advantage of what I have to offer here, you will also gain the benefit of my extensive domain name experience.

Put my experience and domain names to work for your business!

Unlike other free domain name providers,
.cz.cc domains are free forever. Just Register your domains and Go!

As a VIP member, you'll be able to register up to 500 free domain names, in your account. When you sign up today, you will have instant access to your VIP account and you can start setup your domains.

When I say free domains - I mean free domains. Just register the domain names you want and add them to your VIP account.

So what's the catch? There isn't one.

"Every smart webmaster knows that to get ahead, you need as many qualified domain names as possible which are rich on the keywords you want to be found by search engines.

They also know how to save money and still get the same high quality results.

These are the reasons I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending 500 Free Domains for all your domain needs."

Jason Stuart
Webmaster - Mail.cz.cc

"Alex this is awesome -- I just signed up, and referred a friend.

Outstanding that you provide 500 (!) domain names, so we can promote our products even further. The clean and easy setup you have is exactly what pulls in results.

Nice work!"

Jules Sberna

"What can I say other than simply amazing. Alex has the best domain names to offer. I have registered hundreds of domains to achieve number one search engine results. And let me tell you, it is well worth the money. I would have gladly paid twice the price that I did.

If you have been considering getting domain names but thought they were out of your budget or registered already? Think again! He has made it unbelievably easy and cheap to get the domains you always wanted.

So be sure to get started NOW before Alex comes to his senses and starts charging what these domains are really worth.

Very Satisfied Customer,"

Christian Johnson

cz.cc Domain Names make it easy for you to setup websites in a snap!

With each domain name you can setup URL Forwarding, Setup up to 5 Namerservers or setup your own DNS zone records (A,MX, CNAME etc). Take a look...
Account Overview

Nameserver Setup

URL Forwarding Setup

Zone Records Setup

Now You Can See The Options You Have For Yourself...

Just enter your info in the form below and I'll instanly send you a free domain name directly to your email. Check it out for yourself!

"As an Internet marketer, I am constantly putting together Joint Ventures and launching new products. The 500 Domain Names service is perfect for me as I get 500 fantastic domain names of my choice that fit my products, reports and ebooks.

I've a purchased domains elsewhere in the past, but they lacked the keywords and shortness I am looking for."

Roby Arens
President, Ranking.cz.cc

When You Join Today,
You'll Have Instant VIP Access To...

* 500 Domain Names (with real DNS support!) -
Currently 15,000+ Domain Names Registered Already

* 3 Setup Options For Each Single Domain You Register
- URL Forwarding
- Nameservers
- Zone Records

All For Just a Limited Time $29.90 One Time Fee to
be a VIP Member!

WOW! That's less than $0.06 per domain name!

But, that's not all I have For You... Check out these bonuses...

BONUS 1: Guaranteed Search Engines Indexing

Get all your 500 domains indexed in Google, Yahoo and other major search engines within 48 hours after you registered them. Guaranteed!

BONUS 2: 30 Days Textlink Ad-Campaign at AdClick

Have any URL of your choice promoted to over 20,000 uniques users/day through the AdClick system.

This ad-campaign is worth well over $100! Get tons of free traffic to your websites. Instant Setup - Instant Traffic!

Advertise your existing sites or create a sites and get instant, targeted traffic!

BONUS 3: Domain Secrets E-Book

Read in a simple and easy to understand E-Book how you can get the most out of your 500 domain names.

With this proven technique I describe in this book you will get a high page rank, tons of traffic and top search engine listings within a couple of days.

Get the most out of your 500 domain names !

I set the price this insanely low on purpose - I wanted to give anyone who needs these domain names the opportunity to purchase them without breaking the bank! Still, I don't know how long I can keep this offer open at such a low price.

Clients happily pay over $41 for just 450 domain names because a these domain names are worth it ... thats just a fact. So at $29.90 VIP Membership, I'm practically giving 50 domains more away for less money then when registering regular!

Take me up on this offer before I come to my senses!

Soon, I will have no choice to raise the membership fee to over $50/year, which is still cheap considering the number of domain names you get for that price.

Get in now while the price is low and lock in your VIP membership!

Order Now For Instant Access
YES! I Want VIP Satus and 500 Domain Names
PLUS all of the Amazing Bonuses...


See You On The Inside!


Alex Hunter

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