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How to Make a Church Fail


This booklet, written from satan's perspective, is not conjecture. Based on the fall of the early church and many churches since, this ebooklet gives clear, historical insight into the tactics of the devil. You will learn not only how churches have fallen, but how they fall today.

Hopefully, this will help you avoid falling!

Excerpt from
How to Make a Church Fail

"People tend to think that only the fallen angels and demons are my subjects. Oh, no. Virtually all the world obeys me at my whim. Not being omnipresent, as God is, I can't spend all my time controlling them, but as the need arises, they are all at my beck and call."

The saying goes, "Those who do not know history are condemned to repeat it." This ebook will deliver you from that problem.

Even Worse … !

What's worse is that the early church didn't know it had fallen!!! They thought they had just had the greatest success in history!

Like the Laodiceans, they thought that their newfound success and riches meant that they were wealthy and in need of nothing. They didn't know that they had been stripped naked, blinded, and made wretched and offensive to God.
Do you not know that whoever makes himself a friend of the world becomes the enemy of God? (James 4:4, Holy Bible)

Find out in …
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How to Make a Church Fail is 20 pages long (including cover), well-researched, and well-written.
Now only $5.00

Excerpt from
How to Make a Church Fail

"My plan is a three-part process that ends, not in the renouncing of the Christian religion, but in its replacement with something that does not join people to God or to his purposes."

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