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"Gain Happy Volunteers, Active Members and More Precious Time and Energy with these Simple, Proven Steps. . ."

Your Homeschool Group can THRIVE with Your Leadership

--and so can You!


Extra Offer: Amazing Mini-Course to . . .”Discover 4 Proven Ways to Successfully Avoid the Top Traps that Trip Up Homeschool Group Leaders Every Time.”

. . .from two veteran leaders who uncovered these hidden gems and are sharing their hindsight wisdom with leaders everywhere.

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Dear Friend,

We were amazed...

To discover just how many homeschool group leaders agonize over getting their members to become more actively involved in their support groups. A whopping one-third of our readers want to know how to motivate parents to attend events regularly, to share the workload, to keep their word, and to get out of the “give-me” mode.

Even as we began speaking to homeschool group leaders at workshops, we discovered that there is nothing new under the sun—everyone is dying to know how to inspire members to willingly contribute to the life of the group.

Then it dawned on us. Why not take our combined years of leadership experience, distill them down to the very essence of what works for us and for others and put it into a power-packed resource that would skyrocket results for homeschool leaders who want to inspire their members to participate regularly and joyfully? This e-book, One By One: The Homeschool Group Leader's Guide to Motivating Your Members, was born.




I absolutely loved this book! It is a MUST read for all homeschool leaders. There are so many great ideas all in one place, this book answers the questions that leaders so often ask and offers the encouragement homeschooling leaders need. This book is well thought-out, well written and a joy to read. Kristen and Denise's kindness and compassion comes across in their writing. We need more servant leaders in our homeschool groups and churches - these ladies tell you step-by-step exactly how to be a servant leader. Be sure to share the concepts in this book with your teenagers, it is a crash course in leadership with tips that will truly make a difference in your life and theirs.

~Becky Preble, long-time Texas homeschool leader and online leader with GetADirection.com


“Do you ever feel like the Lone Ranger, but dream of an army of volunteers to come riding gallantly in on white horses to save you from frustration, fatigue and burn out?”

Here at Homeschool Group Leader, we cheer you as an unsung hero.

Leaders like you, who have a servant heart and a steadfast commitment to quality education and values, are the backbone of a growing educational revolution that is spreading the globe.

Here in America and around the world, more than 2 and a half million children are educated at home, with the vast majority of those parents seeking an innovative support group just like yours.

As your membership increases, so does the work that needs to be done. Who’s going to do it?

We both know that you can’t do it all.

And we both also know that if you are trying to do everything yourself, you won’t last long in leadership.

We are here to say that you are too valuable to ride off into the sunset too soon. One By One has come to your rescue just in the nick of time. We reveal hidden treasures that teach leaders how to spur their members on toward willingly participating in the activities of the group and doing what they say they’ll do.

The tips and truths revealed in One By One will help you fall in love with leading homeschoolers—over and over again—and will help keep that fire of enthusiasm burning brightly for as long as you serve.




"One by One is a book that every homeschool leader needs, but does not realize the need until it is too late! Every leader has difficulty motivating members or getting volunteers, but they only ask for help when it's too late and they are tired, frustrated and want to quit! Instead, leaders should read Kristen and Denise's very practical and encouraging book. Inside you will find the three secrets to successfully motivating every member and then practical, real-life ways to apply those skills to everyone from moms to teenagers. I especially appreciated the true stories of how Kristen & Denise implemented everything they suggest. They know their stuff and have a heart to share what they know with others. Take some of the advice, share it with your fellow leaders, apply it and you will find happier members, a more relaxed leader and a successful group!"

~Carol Topp, Homeschool CPA.com and author of Homeschool Co-ops: How to Start Them, Run Them and Not Burn Out

Special Features that Are All Yours With the Download of This E-Guide:

80+ idea-packed pages—Generate all the volunteer help you need by embracing and applying the principles shared in One By One that will lay a strong motivation foundation.
Two Experienced Coaches—We teach you, play-by-play, how to relate to each type of homeschooler in your group. It’s like having us right next to you, coaching you through every move and cheering you on.
Biblically Based—This project has been prayed over from start to finish. We have a passion for helping leaders like you reach your full potential by encouraging you to follow Christ as your Visionary Leader.
Practical Strategies for Relating to All Types of Members—From the shy mom to the occasional dad to the aloof teen to the experienced homeschool parent, and many others, we teach you proven ways to draw them each into your group, tap into their natural talents and watch them shine.
Leader Tips and Stories—Real-life experiences from homeschool group leaders like you who’ve had success with inspiring their members are shared for you to enjoy and learn from.
Shortens the Learning Curve—This e-guide saves you the pain of wearing yourself too thin and losing valuable time making mistakes. It is designed to help you feel confident that you will have methods that work and can motivate people to action right from the get-go.
Adds Hours to Your Day—When you’re not having to do all the grunt and dirty work yourself, you will have extra time in your days to enjoy what you love. What motivates you? Is it time for a nap, time with your kids, or time to pursue a hobby?



“Do you have plenty of homeschool group members, but lack the resources and knowledge to get those members to step up to the plate and volunteer?”

As a leader, Mary knew that her homeschool group needed teamwork to be successful. She knew that everyone pitching in was what it would take to get everything in the homeschool group done. But no matter how much she asked, pleaded, reminded and begged, she couldn’t get anyone to show up to carefully planned events—let alone volunteer to coordinate or clean up after one.

Mary had lost count of how many times parents eagerly suggested an event and then stood there expectantly waiting for her to agree to take it on. She worried about what they would think of her if she said no. She worried about how overwhelmed she would be if she said yes. They stood there awkwardly.

Mary hated feeling dumped on and left high and dry. She just wanted to feel like everyone was on the same team, working toward the same goal. How could she make that happen? She was just one person.

The good news is . . . one person can make a difference. You just have to know the secrets to motivating people that will build momentum and bring them off the bench and into the game.




One By One is presented in three easy-to-read sections. Each of these sections is designed to let you know Exactly How to Reach Even the Hardest-to-Reach Member and Why Motivating Every Member Is Vital to Your Success.

Part I: Motivating Every Member. . . is the heart and soul of the e-guide and sets the stage, letting you get to know each of us a little better through us sharing some of our personal stories and thoughts with you.

Part II: Engaging Every One. . . is the meat of the book and one you will most likely reference again and again. Its practical ideas and ready-to-implement strategies will ignite your passion for motivating your members, just as it has us.

Part III: Motivating Every Volunteer. . . is the ultimate exercise in motivating and gives you the keys that lead to volunteers lining up out the door, without you ever having to break a sweat.




"I have had the privilege of previewing their book before they both were guests on my podcast, and I can tell you it's a fabulous resource! This is a much needed book. Great job ladies!"

~JoJo Tabares, Communication Specialist from Arizona with ArtofEloquence.com


If you’ve ever wanted to be able to enjoy an event yourself without stressing out before it or collapsing after it, then this e-guide holds the secrets you can’t live without.

3 Secrets You Will Discover From One By One: The Homeschool Group Leader’s Guide to Motivating Your Members:

The First Secret Will Help You. . . Master Proven Methods that will Help You Discover Your Members’ Passions and Easily Inspire Each One to Actively Participate.
The Second Secret Will Help You. . . Connect Every Single Member in Your Group Consistently, Creatively and With Confidence.
The Third Secret Will Help You. . . Gain Understanding of What Makes Each Volunteer Tick and Give You Ideas of How to Keep Them Fired Up.

Can we GUARANTEE that your homeschool group will grow and every member will get actively involved? No. . .

But we can guarantee that when you heed these time-tested secrets, you will be well on your way to truly understanding the heart of a servant leader.


"This amazing guide on motivating volunteers will prove to be a very valuable resource for homeschool group leaders. At the very core of its message is how extremely important it is for leaders to maintain an emphasis within the group on relationship building, both horizontally within the group and vertically with members and leaders. Keeping your ears "close to the ground" as in finding out what the group needs are, and the interests and skills of potential volunteers will help the leaders develop a plan for teamwork which will be highly effective. I highly recommend this resource!"

~Eileen Blanco, Florida homeschool group leader


When you order today, you will receive:

*An instantly downloadable e-book with 85 information-packed pages of guidance and ideas that you can put into play immediately

*Access to some of our Favorite Homeschooling Websites and Resources

*Access to our quick and easy Tuesday Tips to inspire you for your next meeting or event

*Access to our Friday’s Answer column where leaders’ questions are answered each and every week, 52 weeks a year

* Our 60 Days Risk-FREE Satisfaction Guarantee

*Bonuses valued at $147!

All this for just $29!

Just think, for about the price of taking your family out to one dinner, you can FINALLY lift the burden that has been weighing you down and preventing you from enjoying homeschool group leadership.



"Denise and Kristen have really captured the heart of leadership with One by One. All groups are made up of people – not mere members and it is the process of connecting with those people that build strong leadership and, more importantly, strong relationships. By teaching leaders how to listen, connect, and reward each member, they are really teaching leaders how to love deeply. Love is a verb; it requires action, and this book is about the action required to love deeply and serve others. It is about more than just leadership and support groups; it is about growing as Christian and improving our relationships with all those whose lives we touch."

~Sheila Campbell, Texas Home School Coalition Leader Liaison


Have access to this info right away with

Bonus Gift List

This Bonus Package Valued at $147 is Yours When You Order Today.

Bonus Gift #1 (A $12 Value) "But I’m Discouraged" article by Camilla Leedahl

Bonus Gift #2 (A $20 Value) Transcript of the webinar that started it all, “15 Ways to Increase Your Members’ Attendance”

Bonus Gift #3 (A $15 Value) "Lightening Your Load Through Delegation" report by Sharon Grimes as originally published in Teaching Home

Bonus Gift #4(A $25 Value) Template Package including samples of thank you cards, awards and certificates, a Kidz Scoop sample, and a list of helpful phrasings that you can use instantly and for inspiration.

Bonus Gift #5 (A $75 Value) Half-hour brainstorming phone session with Kristen and Denise, your homeschool group leader coaches, to help you target your groups greatest motivational needs. Let us personally help you chart your group's specific strategies to solve these needs.


If you’ve read this far, you are clearly seeking answers and relief.

A mega-resource that is filled with personal anecdotes, practical examples, and stories of real-life leaders in action, this one-of-a-kind guide provides your ticket to more energy and more free time! When your group members are motivated to actively participate in the group and volunteer, you suddenly have more free time on your hands.

Time to dream
Time to create
Time to cook from scratch
Time to homeschool your own kids
Time to pursue what you love
How can you afford NOT to have this resource in your own personal library or your group’s library. Along with your bylaws and statements of faith, you can even hand it down as a heritage to leaders who come after you.

Think about it—this gold mine of information is like offering a personal motivational coach to any leaders who follow in your footsteps. You will be doing them a favor and saving them tons of time making costly mistakes and trying to learn things the hard way. You just might become their hero.

This unrivaled e-guide is the best deal running! It is thoughtfully designed to over deliver for you: To bring you the greatest quantity and quality of proven response-resulting tips, tricks and techniques available to you at any price. It is worth its weight in gold.

A Great $176 Deal for just $29


P.S. The next step is up to you:

You can do nothing... and MISS OUT on the proven strategies that will make your life easier as a leader. OR...

You can click on the link below and read One By One: The Homeschool Group Leader's Guide to Motivating Your Members RIGHT NOW 100% RISK FREE.

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