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Don't know where to start and what you need to do to get your business going, then you want to have our eBooks "Starting Your Own Business." The books are written for those in the US that are new to setting up and running their own business. With these two volomes we aim to help those that want to start a non-internet marketing business such as service, retail and manufacturing businesses. 

The books are easy to navigate from chapter to chapter and back and forth to the to the table of contents, and are full of practical information for those new to business startups. Each book sells for $19.50 and can be downloaded immediately in PDF format.

Starting Your Own Business

Volume 1

This 185 page eBook covers:

- Do you have what it takes?
- Buying a Business
- Buying a Franchise
- Starting from Scratch
- To Incorporate or Not to Incorporate
- Types of Corporations
- Writing a Business Plan
- Licenses and Permits
- Start Up Expenses




60 Day
Money Back


While Volume 1 discusses what it takes to be in business for yourself, what options you have, what you need to do to get started and the cost of starting a business, Volume 2 addresses the practical issues such as financing, location, equipment, licensing and what you need to pay particular attention to in the 1st year.

Starting Your Own Business

Volume 2

This 142 Page eBook covers:

- Financing
- Business Location
- Buying or Leasing
- Business Insurance
- Business Communication
- Communication Tools
- Computers
- The 1st Year




60 Day
Money Back


Get 40% discount when you purchase both volumes at the same time. For only $4 more you can have both volumes with over 300 pages of practical information that will get you going and guide you through your first year. 

Get 40% Discount:

 When You ORDER

Volume 1 and 2 Together




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