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Get Recruited: Row in College



Row in Col­lege  

A Recruit­ing Guide For Female Student-​​Athletes

Learn how to get recruited to row in college


Row in Col­lege — A Recruit­ing Guide for Female Student-​​Athletes is a fully com­pre­hen­sive guide to the women’s col­lege row­ing recruit­ing process. It con­tains most of what you’ll need to know and the actions you will need to take to be suc­cess­fully recruited to row in college.

The Row in Col­lege eBook com­prises many sec­tions cov­er­ing every­thing from defin­ing what you want to get out of your col­lege expe­ri­ence, select­ing a col­lege that meets your cri­te­ria, mar­ket­ing your­self to coaches through to clos­ing the deal with the col­lege that will pro­vide you with the best pos­si­ble aca­d­e­mic, ath­letic and per­sonal experience.

Among other things, you will learn to:
Choose the right col­lege — Would you pre­fer a large cam­pus, or are you bet­ter suited to a smaller one?  Should you stay close to home or should you head out of state? Find the right row­ing pro­gram — Is this team and its coach a good fit for you?   Under­stand what col­lege coaches are look­ing for — do you have the aca­d­e­mic, lead­er­ship and ath­letic qual­i­ties they seek?  Are you a good fit for this team? Be per­sis­tent dur­ing the recruit­ment process — how to stay in touch with­out being annoy­ing.  Ask the right questions. Use effec­tive recruit­ment meth­ods — email, video, on-​​line ser­vices, rac­ing sched­ule, sum­mer camps, fol­low ups, etc. Make the best use of your high school coach to help you in the recruit­ing process. Posi­tion your aca­d­e­mics and your ath­letic skills for suc­cess — the cor­rect course-​​load, tim­ing of tests, the impor­tance of good grades.  The impor­tance of good row­ing and erg performances.


What’s inside this eBook? 

The impor­tance of choos­ing a col­lege based on aca­d­e­mics first ath­let­ics second.
Choos­ing a loca­tion. Many choices. Home or away. Some like the idea of leav­ing home to attend col­lege while oth­ers like the idea of stay­ing close to home.
Courses offered.  Cam­pus and class sizes.  Rep­u­ta­tion of the school and its professors.
We show you how to find and con­tact all the schools that offer col­le­giate row­ing in the United States.
We’ll take you through the process of research­ing the var­i­ous row­ing pro­grams to find the one that is best for you.
We cover the choices avail­able to light­weight row­ers, coxswains and high school ath­letes with lit­tle or no prior row­ing experience.
We will walk you through the process of mar­ket­ing your­self and increas­ing your chances of get­ting coaches to recruit you.
Research­ing poten­tial coaches. How to make sure that the col­lege coach is a good fit for you and your per­son­al­ity.Cor­re­spond­ing with col­lege coaches. 
Learn how to write a great ini­tial con­tact email to get them inter­ested in you. The impor­tance of con­tin­u­ing the con­ver­sa­tion via phone and e-​​mail.
Col­lege vis­its. We take you through the dif­fer­ences between unof­fi­cial cam­pus vis­its and offi­cial recruit­ing trips. We explain “Junior Days”. We show you what to look for when you’re vis­it­ing col­leges and we pro­vide you with an exten­sive selec­tion of ques­tions to ask col­lege coaches, col­lege row­ers and col­lege admis­sions.
We explain the impor­tance of the NCAA Eli­gi­bil­ity Cen­ter and how you should use it. Pre­sent­ing your records to col­lege admin­is­tra­tors. Your grades are so impor­tant in your choice of college.
We pro­vide a sug­gested time­line — what to do from fresh­man through senior year.
We dis­cuss the National Let­ter of Intent process, and early and reg­u­lar deci­sions. We explain the “tag­ging” of appli­ca­tions and the Ivy League’s likely let­ter process.
We walk you through the main NCAA rules that con­cern you dur­ing the recruit­ing process.
The Power Tens: We’ve iden­ti­fied the 10 things you MUST do and the 10 things you must NOT do to be recruited to row in college.

What will you learn? 

Within min­utes of read­ing our +70 page eBook, you’ll gain a bet­ter under­stand­ing of the recruit­ment process;  you’ll be in a good posi­tion to define exactly what you want to get out of col­lege, and you’ll be ready to start to build your­self a great mar­ket­ing cam­paign. You will want to begin the process to becom­ing a recruited col­lege rower today!


Who is this book writ­ten for? 

Row in Col­lege — A Recruit­ing Guide for Female Student-​​Athletes is intended for any female student-​​athlete who is think­ing of row­ing in col­lege or uni­ver­sity. It will walk you and your par­ents through the recruit­ing process and it will show you how to increase your chances of being recruited by the col­lege that is right for you aca­d­e­m­i­cally, ath­let­i­cally and personally.


Book details

The author has been coach­ing row­ing for over 20 years, and dur­ing the past 10 years as head coach of two nationally-​​ranked junior pro­grams he has suc­cess­fully helped hun­dreds of high school row­ers and their par­ents through the col­lege recruit­ing process. He has actu­ally coached many col­lege coaches and recruiters and has strong rela­tion­ships with most of them, so he knows what they are look­ing for when recruit­ing high school ath­letes. He recently helped develop a col­lege row­ing recruit­ing con­sul­tancy ser­vice and he is cur­rently devel­op­ing an after-​​school high-​​performance train­ing cen­ter that is  specif­i­cally geared towards help­ing high school ath­letes get recruited to row at college.
The main rea­son for writ­ing this book is to help the many stu­dents and par­ents who need to get started and who have very lit­tle knowl­edge on how to pro­ceed. We believe that after read­ing this eBook you will have a bet­ter under­stand­ing of the col­lege recruit­ment process and we hope that it will help you make bet­ter deci­sions. We can­not guar­an­tee that you will be recruited or that you will receive an ath­letic schol­ar­ship, but you will be bet­ter pre­pared and you will know more about the process. This book is intended to explain the choices you have, how to research col­leges and row­ing pro­grams, and it will show you the impor­tance of mar­ket­ing your­self effectively.



We share your pas­sion for row­ing and we want to see you hav­ing a happy and suc­cess­ful row­ing expe­ri­ence at col­lege.  We hope that you are con­vinced of the value we are offer­ing you.  Over 10 years of suc­cess­fully coach­ing, men­tor­ing, and guid­ing row­ing recruits, all packed into a con­ve­nient eBook that you can instantly down­load and keep for­ever.  Fully sup­ported by our expert sup­port team where you can ask ques­tions and seek fur­ther advice.  
Do not become like so many high school seniors out there. You know them — clue­less, stuck, with­out a col­lege schol­ar­ship and ulti­mately set­tling for the wrong school. Years of prac­tice and coach­ing gone to waste. Dreams of com­pet­ing in Divi­sion 1 unful­filled. Instead, instead let us show you how to get your bow­ball in front by get­ting recruited by the right school and the right team.  You and your fam­ily have spent thou­sands of dol­lars in pro­gram fees, travel costs and uni­forms, tee shirts, etc. You have spent count­less hours at prac­tice and made so many life­long friends through crew. Don’t let all this go to waste. Please think twice before pay­ing hun­dreds or thou­sands of dol­lars to vir­tu­ally use­less con­sul­tants. For only $20.00 you’ll have vir­tu­ally every­thing you need. 
Are you ready to take your row­ing to the next level?  If not now, then when?   If not you, then who?  JUST DO IT NOW!


How to Order 

You can instantly start read­ing the com­plete Row in Col­lege eBook once we’ve received your one-​​time pay­ment of $20.00. We accept all major credit cards and Pay­Pal. Click­Bank sells our prod­ucts — they are a trusted online retailer spe­cial­iz­ing in dig­i­tally deliv­ered prod­ucts. Just click on the “CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE” but­ton below and you’ll be taken to our sim­ple and secure order page where you can enter your credit card details. Please note that your credit card or bank state­ment will show a charge by Click­Bank or CLKBANK*COM, rather than a ref­er­ence to Row in Col­lege — A Recruit­ing Guide for Female Student-​​Athletes. Once your order is accepted, you’ll imme­di­ately be sent to a page where you can down­load the PDF eBook. You can then print it out or read it on your com­puter.

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