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Build PROFITABLE campaigns fast!
Create Cost Per View (PPV) projects in minutes. Compile Pay Per Click keyword lists in seconds. Automate repetitive campaign building tasks with ease. Engage your brain with our video library and tutorials. Fully Functional SEVEN day trial for $4.95, then only $37/month for as long as you remain an active member.
Building your PPV or PPC campaigns has NEVER been easier. Let the tools in AffPortal do the grunt work for you.

Try It For 7 Days

Here's what you get:
SMART Scraper - the PPV game changer that cuts campaign build time by 50%. Submit your offer root url and get back kw & URLs instantly. URL Scraper - mines as deep as 50 pages in the search engine results and optimizes the URL results to maximize your keyword traffic. Alexa & Quantcast database - quickly compile lists from the top million websites listed on Alexa and Quantcast. *beta* Social Media URL Scraper - new tool that is UNIQUE to AffPortal.com to datamine social based websites. URL Chopper - slices your url list into mistyped lists in two seconds flat. Monster Keyword Permutator - keyword mashups & US census data. DEEP & WIDE Keywords - comprehensive keyword list generator with search data included. Builds list in both directions very quickly. *beta* Adwords Sniper - Pulls top Adsense sites with ease. AOL Bootleg Database - over 22 million AOL user search queries. Keyword database - over 44 Million english keywords to expand your list. Tutorials and Videos - ever expanding library of video, audio and pdfs.

Want a sneak peek?

See AffPortal.com in action then take it for a test drive.

Do you have any questions?

Contact Corey Bornmann at:

[AffPortal {at} gmail {dot} com](mailto:affportal@gmail.com)


PO Box 67, Elizabethtown, PA 17022

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