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The Supreme Royal Art
EBook For Entering ">The Supreme Royal Art 
(The Master's Footprints)

The Supreme Royal Art is the ability to tap into the creative forces

of the universe and harness them for personal achievement.

Creative Mind

Discover Your Own Creative Mind Within
The Universal Creative Mind

The Supreme Royal Art (T.S.R.A) is a 10 page eBook comprised of a 90
word creative affirmation master list with matching glossary. It is
the ultimate creative consultant for individuals who are looking to
turn their dreams and ideas into reality for it helps you to obtain
and maintain the most desired of all mental states- the creative mind.


T.S.R.A. also helps:

·   Tunes your thoughts into the creative frequency of the mind

·    Focuses your attention on your project

·    Centers you within the universal creative mind

·    Guards against negative thoughts and emotions

·    Acts as a protective shield for the creative mind state

·    Takes you from conception to completion and beyond

·    Allows you to enter and re-enter the creative mind at will

·    Turn your million $idea into $1,000,000

The cost of the Supreme Royal Art is $9.67. It is delivered
immediately as a download in the pdf file format. You will need an
Adobe Acrobat Reader to read its contents.

T.S.R.A. Gives Your Organizational Skill Set “That Little Extra

COACHES of sports teams, you will find T.S.R.A. extremely beneficial
in helping you to shape a winning culture for your team through hard
work, meeting challenges and seizing the initiative. It can help you
to articulate your “winning vision” and instill the necessary
passion in your players.

Organizational leaders will find tremendous value in T.S.R.A’s
three foundational pillars- Truth, Vision ">Creativity. Every
successful organization needs structure, discipline ">S.R.A. help you
add the element of innovation through creativity to your
organization’s guiding operating principals.



Mental – Physical – Spiritual

THE ICING ON THE CAKE:You have already been given your gift along
with all the necessary ingredients for achievement. Now all that’s
left is the arrangement of the components and the planning out of the
systematic approach of their implementation.

Let T.S.R.A.’s mental preparation system help to center you and
align your thoughts & efforts with the universal forces of love
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