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Attention all parents, grandparents and educators looking for kids crafts!

Do you want crafts for kids that are actually creative?

How about crafts that children can complete by themselves without copying an adult’s model?

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From: Faige Kobre


I’m not going to give you some hyped up sales pitch.

     If you’re on this site it means that you are involved with children and their art You may be a parent, grandparent, teacher, director or children’s caretaker.

     It probably also means that you are probably not that happy with  traditional arts and crafts or as I call it “copycat arts and crafts”. You may just be uneasy about it and can’t put your finger on why.

Can I assume that you have come across  at least one of these problems when looking for crafts?
    You can’t seem to find crafts that are good for all ages and abilities.    The materials discussed in the activities, are hard to find.    There seems to be very little or NO creativity in the crafts.    Directions are often quite complicated for your tired brain.    It takes too long to prepare and set up.    Lots of the crafts seem to have a cheesy assembly.
What would you say if I told you that I can give you crafts for kids that

Can be done with  ALL ages Is amazingly creative Makes kids feel great about themselves Is adaptable to any society, country or holiday Is real easy for adults to prepare Allows for art that keeps them engrossed Is SO enjoyable and fun.
And the best thing is

 You don’t have to be an artist OR a licensed educator to do this with kids

      I know, because even though I am an educator, I am not an artist, but I love art and kids and I want to bring out the artistic and creative potential  in each child and you can do it too.

    You see, years ago I hung out with traditional teachers who taught using copycat arts and crafts, without giving any thought to the benefits of what they were doing. I began my teaching career by copying what all these other teachers were doing.

     It was after I stumbled across progressive education that uses the developmental approach.(understanding HOW children develop and creating curriculum accordingly) that I realized that......

Traditional arts and crafts is NOT as beneficial as many experts say it is

      As a matter of fact, copycat arts and crafts can ruin children’s self esteem, stripping them of any initiative and self confidence, creates anxiety and makes children into people pleasing little robots. 

Copycat arts and crafts just produces robots. 

 I realized that doing developmentally appropriate arts and crafts or as I call it Educational Arts and Crafts, is really so easy for any adult to do with children, they just need to HOW. And I said to myself “ I can teach adults involved with children how to do Educational Arts and Crafts with kids”

and thus was born

Learning Through Crafts

The Complete Multi Media Course To Educational Arts and Crafts for Kids
 Crafts that makes kids think and solve problems.  Crafts that allows children’s creativity to bloom.  Crafts that takes children’s individuality into account.  Crafts that allows the children to build up their self confidence.  Crafts that gives kids a can do attitude.  Crafts in which nobody says “I can”t” Or “It’s too hard”  Crafts that ensures you are not producing little robots. Crafts that keeps children engrossed in their projects for longer periods.
But, and there is a but, as I said before this type of crafts approach  this is NOT for everyone.

If you are a traditionalist,  just a bit rigid or a perfectionist, if you don’t like change, if you can’t take a little mess then you will want to stick with the boring, copycat arts and crafts.

But if you are still reading, then I assume you fit the profile of someone looking for change in the way you do crafts with kids.

Why should you listen to me?

Good question!

      My name is Faige Kobre and I started my career in education in the typical traditional educational community which encourages traditional, copycat arts and crafts.

     I spent years as an early childhood teacher teaching all ages ages of the early childhood years. I received my Masters  degree in Early Childhood Education from one of the finest graduate schools in progressive education, Bank Street College of Education(located in New York City).

     It was through my experience of getting to know all types of teachers and parents from so many different walks of life and realizing the lack of info available on what is really good for children that I decide to put together this course.

 Learning Through Crafts where ....
You will never have to look for another arts and crafts idea. You will have crafts activities for every holiday at your fingertips.  You will be assured that your children will be gaining enormous skills  Their self-esteem will soar as their confidence builds.  Their creativity will blossom.  They will become thinking individuals and they learn to tackle new tasks
This course is given to you to learn through all modalities

The complete guide  includes all three modalities of audio, video and written guide for the perfect learning combination. You can listen to the audio on your ipod, mp3 player or computer. Read the guide at the computer or print it out for easy reading. And then watch the videos to help clarify it all.

So Thats’s it
 Clear easy breakdown of the 5 categories in Educational Arts and Crafts. MP3 audio recording introducing you to Educational Arts and Crafts.  3 videos showing you exactly how to use each category  A 144 page pdf guide with crafts activities for holidays and events all over the world.   Holidays from North America, South America, Australia, Wales UK India, and  South Africa are included. A cross index of activities that allows you to choose activities without basing it on a  holiday How to incorporate Educational Arts and crafts into birthday parties  A prepared letter if you are a teacher to parents that may not understand what you are doing.
so if you feel the same way I do and have had..

Enough with children’s self-esteem getting knocked down. Enough with them having no initiative. Enough with them having no confidence in their abilities. Enough with boring tedious copycat arts and crafts. Enough with them not feeling good enough. Enough with everyone’s projects looking identical. and you don’t want to hear these comments anymore

“Did I do this right” “I don’t know what to do” ”What do I do now?” “I can’t do this” “I’m not good at this” “Hers is better than mine” “Mines ugly” “I hate art” “Can I watch T.V.?” Then
 Learning Through Crafts may be just what you are looking for

Now you might be wondering “Can’t you find all of these ideas yourself?”

  And the answer is.   Very possibly.

      If you are really not  busy and have loads of time on your hands. and knows how to sift the good from the bad from the thousands of web sites and books that have crafts activities in them or even can figure out how to take the copycat arts and crafts and turn them into Educational Arts and Crafts then the truth is you don’t need this course.

But if you don’t want to  go through that overwhelming, dizzying bother of scrolling through web site after web site looking for the right arts and crafts AND trying to adapt the ones that are really inappropriate for children than   Learning Through Crafts does it ALL for you.

      So if you are ready to start helping your your children develop into confident, secure  initiative taking, independent thinking, creative human beings, than it’s time for...

                                   Learning Through Crafts                                        “The ”The Complete Multi Media guide to Educational Arts and Crafts for Kids”

   “OK what’s this going to cost you?

Let me break this down for you” 
   Educational DVD’s usually sell for about $90 for a 30 minute videos.      Audio CD’s usually run about $19.    PDF guides with this much information usually run about $77    Add it all up  and you’ve got $366

   Since I can offer you this course in a digital version  AND it is an introductory offer, I can give give you  you this wonderful offer for........


 But that’s not all

If you order NOW I am going to offer you a special bonus worth an extra $100-$200.

By ordering now you have the opportunity to receive as part of the Learning through Crafts course another valuable report along with a video. This extra bonus  teaches you an extra special activity  called Early Learning books. This activity is a wonderful pre reading and drawing activity that works in tandem alongside an educational art program and it comes with a pdf report AND a video.


Another bonus video I am giving you that I created especially FOR KIDS to show the children in a step by step fashion how to do Tray Painting. (This tray painting activity  that is in my FREE report explaining how to do  tray painting  has had had parents saying  “Give me something that my children can watch and learn how to do by themselves.”) and so I did and I created this video for the kids.

Just see what you are getting for the  low, low price of $47

and now the clincher.

All of this comes with a 100% GUARANTEE!

That is right. all you have to do is download the pdf with adobe, the audio, the videos which will play right on your computer, and the bonuses and if you decide for any reason at all that this is not what you want  then just contact me and I will refund your money no questions asked.

All of this is available for download within minutes after your payment.

So for your Introductory offer of only $47 you can download this course with your FREE bonuses


So click the link above and order NOW

Start your children or students on the road to success and creativity.

See what others have said about “Learning Through Crafts”

”Children’s art books that I have looked at recently seem to be about adult art but tapered down” For anyone wishing to change over to win-win educational arts and crafts this is the perfect guide to help you do just that. I am not sure what is available out there for free but this is one of the first that I have read that is written in a clear easy to follow way.”

Karen Gross, England

“ Your course dealing with educational arts and crafts is marvelous. All parent and educators want their children to make things. Making things that teach them creativity and improve self esteem is killing two birds with one stone”

Denise Grunberg, Sydney, Australia

“This is really a course for everybody. I’ve seen many things that were process only art that were for teaches only but this is for everybody. I love your philosophy about self esteem and art”

Chana Zuber   Boston Massachusetts

“The information you have here is sorely lacking in most art books and especially in crafts books. I think people that take on this method will take the pressure off of children to perform beyond their capabilities and ages. I don’t care if their granny is a famous south African artist, the child must do what he can at his and her level”

Jenna Haselton   South Africa

“I feel that Faige’s enthusiasm is contagious and her approach is very passionate. It will be very helpful in giving this method over to our children. This course is a good addition to any educator or parent willing to develop the best in the child’s creative maturation”

Solange Depintor    Sao Paolo, Brazil

Thank you so much

Faige Kobre

P.S. Order NOW to get this low introductory rate PLUS bonuses   [](http://1.artforkids.pay.clickbank.net) If you need to contact me for any reason feel free to do so at






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