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PaniCalm - Immediate Relief from Panic Attacks & Anxiety

Dear Friend,

Have you ever experienced uncomfortable, even terrifying symptoms
that made you rush to the emergency room because you THOUGHT YOU WERE
DYING, only to be sent home because the doctor could find nothing
"wrong" with you?

Have you ever had symptoms that made you feel like you were dying,
or even going crazy, but you were told again and again that you were

Have you ever felt such EXTREME ANXIETY that you avoided certain
people, places, and situations entirely, because you were afraid you
would feel that anxiety again?

These are all symptoms of a terrifying condition known as General
Anxiety Disorder, or Panic Disorder. This condition effects millions
of people, and some 20% of individuals will experience significant
anxiety at some point in their life.

But the good news is, THERE IS HELP FOR YOU!


TIGHTNESS IN THE THROAT that can feel as though you are choking.

RACING HEART, palpitations, pounding in the chest, and other heart

TINGLING SENSATION in the hands, feet, arms, face, scalp, or

HOT FLUSHES OR COLD FLASHES in the arms or in the entire body.

TIGHTNESS IN THE CHEST, often high up, in the center.

DIZZINESS, fainting, vertigo, and blackouts.

SWEATING, facial FLUSHING, red or white face or ears.


NAUSEA, vomiting, and a general feeling of being sick.

TWITCHING OR FLUTTERING in the arms, legs, stomach, scalp, face,
or eyes.


And these are just a FEW of the symptoms of this horrible condition!
ATTACKS AND OTHER HEALTH PROBLEMS. Once you start experiencing these
symptoms, you can start to fear for your life. This constant, extreme
fear that you are dying can cause your anxiety to SPIRAL OUT OF
CONTROL into full blown panic attacks!

Millions of people experience general anxiety at some point in their
lives. In fact, about 20% of people, or 1 in 5, will experience
SIGNIFICANT ANXIETY at some point in their lives. But that anxiety is
often short-lived.

For others, the ANXIETY CAN SPIRAL OUT OF CONTROL and cause serious,
even debilitating symptoms that can cause them to withdraw from
society, avoid certain people, places, and situations, and even lose
their job because they cannot function normally!


I suffered from anxiety from as early as age ten, but I never
realized what it was. At a young age, I would often have STRANGE
SYMPTOMS whenever I was in crowded places. I would feel dizzy and
nauseous, my face would turn red, I would start to sweat, and I would
tremble. I had no idea what was causing these symptoms, but I wasn't
particularly scared because I didn't know it wasn't normal!

As I got older and I began to read stories about heart attacks,
strokes, aneurysms, blood clots, and other potentially fatal
illnesses. Whenever I would start to have these symptoms, I would
remember the symptoms of those conditions, and I would start to wonder
if maybe it was happening to me. It was terrifying!

On several occasions I RUSHED TO THE EMERGENCY ROOM, fearful that I
was having a heart attack. I was having such extreme symptoms, how
could I not be? But each time they took my blood pressure, ran an EKG
to monitor my heart, tested me for various conditions, and even did CT
scans and ultrasounds to test my liver and other organs, but nothing
was ever "wrong" with me!

I finally had to diagnose myself!

After researching my symptoms online, I started to wonder if maybe I
was having panic attacks. The symptoms were all remarkably similar, so
I began to think that maybe that was what was happening to me.

A few days later, I had another horrific attack. I called an
ambulance and was rushed to the hospital. After another battery of
tests, I asked the ER doctor if what I was having could be panic
attacks. He agreed it was a possibility, and asked me to wait while he
researched a bit.

When he came back, he said that I was absolutely correct. My
after dozens of visits to the emergency room, I'd had to diagnose

Most doctors just don't know enough about anxiety and panic attacks.
It's considered a "mental" issue, not a physical issue, so many
doctors aren't properly trained to spot and treat it. You could go to
a dozen different doctors and never receive a proper diagnosis!

In my case, I was given a prescription for Xanax and sent home. I
was still very fearful that I had a physical condition that hadn't yet
been found, but I filled my prescription, went home, took a pill, and


FINALLY! I knew that if I had some kind of horrible disease or
affliction, this medication would not have gotten rid of the symptoms.
Knowing that it was "only anxiety" gave me a bit of power to start
fighting back!

Of course, that wasn't the end.

I had relapses several times. I would take the Xanax for a few days,
and I would be fine for several weeks, because I had the confidence
that nothing was gravely wrong with me. But eventually they would
return and I would have to start all over again, taking Xanax to
convince myself that I wasn't dying.

I realized that I couldn't depend on Xanax for the rest of my life.
Xanax and other benzodiazepine drugs can have very serious side
effects, and they can be extremely addictive. Withdrawal symptoms can
be severe, even leading to seizure or coma!

I needed to find another solution. I DIDN'T WANT TO BECOME ADDICTED
TO A MEDICATION, or tied down by my symptoms. I wanted a REAL cure,
that would GET RID OF PANIC ATTACKS naturally, safely, and QUICKLY!

I bought hundreds of dollars worth of books, tapes, videos, courses,
and other material. I spent hours and hours researching on the
internet. I became OBSESSED with finding a cure!

After many months and hundreds of dollars, I finally came across
something that changed my life. I was able to reduce my anxiety to
nearly nothing, and when a panic attack does begin to manifest itself,
I can cut it off before it even gets started!

I was FINALLY able to take control of my life and feel NORMAL again!

And you can do it, too. I'm not some exceptional person who has
superhuman strength and can just snap my fingers and "cure" myself!
I'm a completely normal person. In fact, I'm actually rather weak when
I'm feeling anxiety. But I did it, and you can, too!

I decided to share my story, my experiences, and my solution in this
life-changing book. PANICALM is the culmination of a LIFETIME of
experiences. I have spent the last 20+ years of my life dealing with
anxiety and panic disorder, and I finally managed to get rid of my
panic attacks once and for all!

Let's face it. When you're having a panic attack, you need relief
NOW. You don't want to wait 30 minutes for a pill to kick in. You
don't want to have to visit the emergency room and wait for hours,
half naked and freezing, to see a doctor who refuses to believe
anything is wrong with you. You don't want to lock yourself in a
closet and try to meditate while life is going on around you and you
feel like you're dying!

YOU NEED RELIEF, and you need it RIGHT NOW!

PANICALM is that relief...

My system can work for absolutely ANYONE. You don't need to be
strong, or have will-power, or even believe in any new age mumbo
jumbo. This doesn't involve any weird techniques like meditation,
yoga, NLP, hypnosis, or deep breathing.

PaniCalm does NOT involve:

Any kind of NEW AGE MEDITATION or other "weird" techniques.

Any type of YOGA or other strenuous physical regimen.


HYPNOSIS or other INEFFECTIVE TREATMENTS that line practicioners'

DEEP BREATHING techniques that could cause hyperventilation.

Any other kind of STRANGE, new age, over-the-top techniques.

The technique is so simple, but it's incredibly effective. It has
the power to stop a panic attack dead in its tracks, and it works

Ok, I know you're probably skeptical. Heck, I would have been! My
panic attacks were so severe that at one point I thought I would be
hopelessly addicted to Xanax within a year, and I thought NOTHING else
could ever work!

So I want to take away all of the risk...

I want so much for you to get rid of this horrible condition like I
did, because I KNOW how terrible it is. Remember, I've been there. I
don't wish it on ANYONE.

So I'm going to eliminate all of the risk by offering you a full,
60-DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! If you try PANICALM for 60 days and it
doesn't work for you, you'll get back every penny you paid!

You have NOTHING to lose, and a CALM LIFE to gain! Order PANICALM
right now for just $47, and you can download the product IMMEDIATELY!
You don't have to wait for shipping, and you can have this
life-changing book in MINUTES!

You can download your product 24 hours per day, 7 days per week
File format is PDF, and you will need the FREE Adobe Reader software
to open it.

DISCLAIMER: As the creator of this program, I wanted to say that I
am not a doctor, and I am not any type of medical professional at all.
This product is not meant to diagnose any medical condition, and you
should always see a medical professional to get a diagnosis. This
product was written as my personal experience only, and it should not
be taken as medical advice. Please see your doctor often to be sure
you don't have any underlying medical conditions that haven't been
found, and don't rely on the advice in this guide as your only medical
treatment! This book is NOT a substitute for proper medical care, and
is only meant to help ease the symptoms of panic attacks. The
underlying cause could still be there, and should be treated promptly.


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(c) 2009 - PaniCalm.com - All Rights Reserved

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