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“ $2.63 Million ClickBank Affiliate Raids Google For $1,240 Each Day With
New Software...”

STOP. If you're wondering whether anyone actually makes genuine "job-killing" income from the Internet, then I have some incredible news for you...

It’s taken me a year... and over $55,000 in development costs, but...

I've finally cracked it...

I've pocketed $6,545 affiliate commissions in 6 days.

When I first saw it in action, I couldn't believe how quickly it made money....

As soon as I pulled the trigger, I reeled in $323 the first day...

My Automated Google system...
  Means anyone can profit - by copying my easy $1,200/day formula

  A complete "no-brainer" way to profit - no fancy jargon, no decision making, just enjoy a second income from home...

  Raids Google for cash gains like $910 in 17 hours and $550 per day...
Here's the shocking story of how it all happened...

PROOF: Another Easy $5,580
In Affiliate Commissions

( From Just A Few Google "Opportunities" )


Breakthrough New Software Reels In $1,036 From Google & ClickBank In 24 Hours...

Fellow Frustrated Affiliate,

If you're like me, you're probably sick of rehashed e-books and hype.

Systems based on hunches. Lies... B.S.... Whatever crap they think will sell...

It makes my blood boil.

Well if this sounds familiar, this will be like a breath of fresh air...

I've spent the last 7 months raiding some of the biggest sites on the Internet for massive cash gains.

And now, I'm ready to hand you my unique Google tool, so you can put it to the test risk-free.

But first, let me see if we're on the same page here...
  I must STOP wasting my money on rehashed systems and painful Adwords costs

  I want to make quick Google "cash raids" - with a completely different, unique and revolutionary tactic...

  I accept that the only way I will be able to pillage a $6 billion industry, is to completely abandon all the lies I've been fed...
If any of this sounds familiar, I have some incredible news...

• I've created a 100% unique system that unlocks the code to the ClickBank vault...

• A radical piece of software that turns affiliate marketing into an easy "connect the dots" system…

• Instantly gives you a clear signal when a "Google money opportunity" is a "GO"

You see ...

I've found a secret "back-door" into a shadowy inner circle, ...

Proven to magically prophesize the winners, weeks before the "me-too" affiliates rush in.

I've used it to pillage Google & ClickBank for cash gains like $915 per day or $3,430 in 3 days...

But this was all a closely guarded secret, up until now.

Here's why ...

They Won't Let You Have The System

Imagine if there was an easy way to profit with the Internet.

A system so revolutionary, you profit simply by following a few "affiliate signals"...

A single piece of software that consistently stacks the Google decks in your favour...

...but no one told you about it.

How would you feel if you spent months - even years - trying to hunt down the top affiliate opportunities and Google keywords... and then found out you didn't have to?

All the while, you could have siphoned off an easy second income with inside information and cutting edge affiliate trickery - except no-one showed you how.

Would that make you angry?

Then get ready to get mad because...

Such a simple system really does exist.

But the Internet Marketing "gurus" won't let you discover it.

They just won't let you have the system...

And there's a very good reason why...

$2.63 Million With ClickBank

$50,577 Per Week...
$7,050 Per day...

Renegade ClickBank Renegade Pulls Back
The Curtain On His $2.63 Million Empire...

It's time for me to reveal a secret position I've held for 12 months...

To spill the beans on the top opportunities a few insiders have been hording from you.

You see , I've spent 4 years climbing my way up to become one of the most successful and sought-after online profiteers in the world.

I've trained up over 50,000 wealth-seekers using my underground tactics, and netted over $4 million with ClickBank.

And when I launched some of my earlier guides, I got letters from students who were pulling in consistent second incomes with ClickBank, some even generating as much as $300 per day.

But several wrote in asking me if I had something even quicker and easier,... something much more simple than my earlier methods.

A money siphon so magical... it was almost illegal.
My secret position was that I did... in fact, I've known about it all along.
I've been sitting on this little discovery for over a year, just waiting for the right opportunity to release this authentic affiliate bonanza onto an unsuspecting market.

In that time, I've reeled in over $2million dollars with ClickBank.

And now that I've refined my system into a series of automated and simple "signals",... and proven its profitability with my foolproof Google, ClickBank & Twitter tactics...

I'm ready to disclose all of them to a select few profiteers…


For the last year, I have been stealing from the most successful affiliates on the planet....

And then successfully testing what I learned on average guys just like you - guys who've been kept out of the loop by an entire industry.

In the end, it took me a full year to extract the true "insider information" taken from the guys living it, the stuff only I could access due to my position at the top of the new world order...

Embedded deep in the Affiliate X software, are exactly the same principles, criteria and profit-spotting triggers that I have "borrowed" from this shadowy elite....

The big difference is that X now automates much of the leg-work, and removes hard work from the whole process.

Let's peel back the curtain at look at the first of my new world order tactics, stolen from my newest secret weapon, a man I simply call the...

Google Game Changer: $917/Day
From One Keyword...

Who else wants to make a side income
as a part-time Google-grabber?

If you can count, you could reel in a second income
from home using this little Google earner...

If there's one thing I've learnt, it's that the technology learning curve is one of the biggest obstacles to successful affiliate marketing. So in developing this new tactic, I have eliminated ALL technical aspects from the campaign process...

Instead, this incredible Google tactic will walk you by the hand through every stage of your profiteering.

Understand: it works only if you cast independent thinking to one side and follow my simple formula down to the letter.

Another $16,375 In 12 Days...
(27.4% Conversions off PPC)

My System Even Works With Affiliate
Programs Outside of ClickBank...


STOP: Before you buy another e-book or money-making system (you need this information)...

If you're anything like the 40,000 affiliates that my team and I have trained over the last couple of years, ...I'm sure you get bombarded with ebooks, software and live seminars from gurus and super-affiliates offering you their latest 'must-have' rehashed and outdated 'make-money' programs all the time.

I also know from experience of training affiliates that...you're probably curious about a lot of these 'systems,' but you don't want to waste your money on expensive failures.

Perhaps you've been burned too many times and are sick of broken promises.

I know only too well how much it hurts when you follow a 'proven' system or 'can't fail' money-making method that loses you money.

Let me ask you: how familiar is this? When you first see a new ebook or program, you get a sudden rush of excitement and expectation. You are more than happy to hand over your money to the vendor and you desperately hope this one will be different.

Then you try to follow the methods - and it all goes wrong, AGAIN...

Suddenly, the system is not quite as simple as they first made out or the techniques don't work quite as the track record claimed. You get stuck on a problem using the system and the 'guru' fails to answer your queries or concerns. Then your first campaign loses money. You panic.

Then you launch more losing campaigns, one after the other in rapidly terrifying succession. Now, you don't know where to turn, or what to do and you end up nursing a huge loss and yet more frustration.

All you want is something that works.

You have spent hundreds, if not thousands of dollars already on get rich quick products... and by the end of this year you'll probably have wasted another couple of hundred dollars on useless ebooks... and you already know that you probably won't make a single cent back.

Not so long ago, I was just like you, depressed and angry at myself for failing to 'crack' game of making money online as a Clickbank affiliate.

I haven't got the time or indeed the desire to dredge up all my own failures of the past to show you that I understand your situation right now.

What I am going to do, is to change your future, starting right here, right now...

Finally A Second Income From Home
With My Idiot Proof Google System

Imagine if you had your own private team of affiliate experts working tirelessly on your behalf.

Researching millions of keywords... thousands of affiliate programs,...

Collecting ‘inside information’…

And then constantly exposing the best opportunities to you 24/7...

All through a hands-free software tool that even a 10-year old can use…

All without any effort on your part or disruption to your day.

All you’d be left to do is pick up the information, follow my proven formula, and then wait for the results...

As a member of my Affiliate X Club, you’ll be left in no doubt what to do – target the exact opportunity you’ve been alerted to.

No waffle, no padding, no complications. Just the opportunity…

The affiliate program, the strategy to use, and the potential profitability.

What you get as a member, is the skills and knowledge of 4 renegade profiteers boiled down to a very clear instruction…

No ifs and buts. No maybe’s. Just the exact steps to take.

Let me tell you what this is all about…

The NEW system we used to raid Google for as much as $1,040/day...
Clone our "click and profit" software & proven signals system
. Access a proven $60,000 Google tool & make quick "Google raids"



I've Made $1,045 In 24 Hours, Using An Affiliate Edge So Devastatingly Quick Simple & Profitable, It's Almost Illegal...

This formula is distinct, different and completely straightforward..

What am I upto?

What I'm about to reveal is the kind of thing that I would never disclose in my e-books.

It's time to expose the actual exact and specific golden opportunities that me and my inner circle have been using to build our own private cash-mountain on the quiet.
It's As If I Can Do No Wrong - The Cash Cascades Into My Account Like My Own Personal Wealth Fountain.
Over the next few minutes, I'm going to disclose exactly how you can use this private, secretive and closely-guarded information to generate consistent affiliate cash wind-falls from your own home.

In a short while, you will understand that this system is completely authentic.

And you'll clearly see how you can get this very information working for YOU.

But first, here's the shocking truth that underlies the fortune-making potential of my new discovery ...

By Itself My Discovery Was Almost Useless

What I'd uncovered was a secret tactic to pin-pointing hidden pockets of cash on ClickBank.

But here's the fascinating bit - and why no-one else has discussed this before.

By itself, my secret discovery was almost useless.

But combined with something else (my renegades' Google, ClickBank & Twitter tactics), it became an unstoppable money-making formula...

With these two pieces of knowledge, I had "cracked it".

I was finally able to discover where the ClickBank fat-cats were hording their money.

But what really shocked me was how EASY this was.

Remember: I've authored many of the most respected books on ClickBank so I was used to poring over complex sets of tracking data and research tools to dig out my profit opportunities.

This new method needed none of that.

It was simple and involved just a few simple checks.

I was staring at the dirty secret to making torrents of cold hard cash without risk, work or capital, day in and day out. I had stumbled onto something truly unique.

This is the closest you'll get to "connect the dots" profiteering...

Your Simple, Life-Changing Affiliate X System...

Here's the exact formula, the elite use,...the very same formula I used to pump out an easy second income with Google...


You log onto your automated software system.


You decide on your campaign - or choose from the 'hot' opportunities we have already marked for you.


You clone one of our proven methods to profit - just pick your weapon of choice, be it our Google Adwords formula, our Free Traffic system or Twitter Domination tactics - it's entirely your call.

That’s all there is to it.

Once our campaign is live, we don’t need to sit around waiting for the action to unfold. All you need to do is check to see how the campaign is doing.


But You Can't Dig Your Shovel All
The Way Into This Money Mountain

You Just Aren't Ready. Yet...

It's true...

What I discovered was there is a secret underworld of renegade Internet wealth builders.

But, despite their incredible success, what they were doing was still well beyond the reach of the average Joe affiliate...

You see, I know that for everyone with the patience to learn an affiliate system (even a simple one like this) there’s someone else who just doesn’t have the time or inclination...

So that was when I made my challenge to my crack team of programmers…

Could they create a piece of software that would bypass the learning process and take people straight to the result?

Could they develop a single piece of software that would take all the leg work out of finding winning affiliate opportunities… to automate the process…

To give a clear signal of when a winning opportunity was ‘on’?

Affiliate X has just passed through the final stage of testing and you’re one of the first people to hear about it. If you’ve ever felt excluded from the affiliate feeding frenzy because you didn’t have the time to devote to mastering a winning system, then this could be the answer to your prayers.

Let me spell out what this software can do for you…

If you’ve ever tried affiliate marketing in the past, chances are that you’ve been put off by how long it took to get to grips with everything… the research, the writing, the analysis.

Well if you have, this will be like a breath of fresh air. Affiliate X set this up so you can be up and running and using the software within 60 minutes of loading it up.

That’s right you could be profiting within 1 hour of receiving it.

And even more exciting…

Once installed, you can use it to launch your raid on the Internet at any time to suit you… morning, afternoon and evening… whatever spare time you have available.

You set the rules, and you set the timetable.

It’s all completely within your control.

Just sit back and let the software scour the Internet, looking for opportunities with a high probability of success.

Once it finds them, it suggests profitable campaigns… in fact everything you need to make devastatingly profitable decisions.

The sort of affiliate analysis power which once took months or even years to master, is now available ‘on tap’ right on your computer screen.

This is as close to autopilot moneymaking as you’re ever going to get...

Now, here's the shocking, true-to-life story of how this all came about...

PROOF Another $230/day
With ClickBank & Google

"From unemployable no-hoper to cash
millionaire in less than a year..."

I'll start by telling you what I'm not. I'm not a super guru or an internet genius.

Instead, I'm just a regular grass-roots affiliate - like you. The difference between us isn't the "techniques". It isn't even the million dollars sitting in my account. The different is simply this: I got lucky.

Before I got into Internet marketing, I was working in a call centre for a dollar over the minimum wage. I hated the job, I resented the poverty. And then one day a friend of mine introduced me to the world of business opportunities. Right away, out of sheer desperation, I became a rabid buyer. Stop me if any of this sounds familiar...

Over the next six months or so, I tried every business opportunity going: from paid-to-shop to survey systems, from MLM to eBay, from AdSense to gambling systems.

Then, in early 2006, my gambles finally paid off.

I hit on affiliate marketing.

It seemed like it was the perfect, low-capital, easy-to-implement business I had been looking for. No stock, no overheads, no customer service.

I knew instantly that this was the business for me.

At the time I thought that simply being an affiliate was enough to guarantee me financial freedom and take away all of my worries. Sadly, I was wrong.

At the time, I bought all the popular guides in them and followed them down to a tee. I used all the popular methods you have probably tried - Google Adwords, list building, article marketing... I tried them all, but nothing worked. Nothing.

And then one day, out of sheer desperation, I made a few changes to some of my affiliate promotions, and left my computer. When I returned, I was stunned. I knew my affiliate account would be the same...but instead what I saw was sales. Several hundred dollars worth!

This might not seem like much to you, but at the time it meant everything.

That single moment validated my dreams, all the hard work I had put in.

That night, I made that same change to all of my affiliate campaigns, and within a few weeks, my earnings exploded exponentially. My income hit $50 a day, then $200... until, in September 2006, I was making over $1,000 a day with ClickBank and Google.

And then, sitting in a hotel room in Rome, it came to me: I had to create a blueprint that detailed precisely how I had gone from zero to $1,000 a day in well under a year...

Within hours, all hell broke loose

That blueprint, known as "Affiliate Project X" finally went live on October 6th 2006. Instantly, all hell broke loose. Despite no "formal launch", the information went viral. Almost 6,000 failing affiliates scrambled to discover how I was able to make so much money, so quickly.

The records fell one after the other, and yet the real results were happening in homes across the planet: affiliates began to finally convert off Adwords, and some of those who took action made as much as $800 in their first 24 hours.

All the while, the gurus stood and watched, helpless.

The reason the ebook was such an instant hit was that I did something that no other affiliate had ever done before: I revealed the closely held secrets I swiped from the underground wealth-seekers. I wasn't trying to play the game of holding back on information that had made me rich.

I wanted to reveal all, spill my guts to the entire online community and alert struggling affiliates about the techniques that I had personally profited from, while 99% of affiliates languished in poverty, spinning their wheels, and getting nowhere fast.

I told all in my guide, and I paid the price for it: the gurus all hated me for it. But 6,000 affiliates became my fans overnight.

And then, as the madness peaked, I decided to disappear from view - for six months I went underground yet again. This time, I sought out the most profitable affiliates on the planet, met with them, and aggressively assimilated their knowledge.

After the release of Affiliate Project X, I suddenly had access to a brand new and powerful world, where I began to meet some of the world's most successful Internet Entrepreneurs.

I was suddenly thrust head first into this crazy world where I met people making more in a single day than I made in an entire month! Now, I just had to find out what these guys were doing.

So I embarked on a year long journey that took me across several continents and numerous countries, meeting all these top underground marketers to learn their secrets.

The information I "swiped" from the best in the game pushed my income to the $1million/year level,... and in January 2007, I took stock of my progress yet again.

The records all fell a second time.

I decided, it was time to switch the game up one last time, and on February 3rd, 2007, I released a guide which would finally set the record straight, a guide you may know as Day Job Killer.

The internet marketing world was in shock at what happened next: word of mouth drove hundreds of thousands of affiliates to my site for the truth. In the first 24 hours alone, over 5,000 copies were sold.

Once more, the smart affiliates took action and, once more, the most dedicated ones made as much as $600 their first day applying my devastating new tactics.

Over $6,500,000,000 - why affiliate marketing is the modern day gold rush...

With X, there are many ways to profit - but the first aspect I want to talk about is affiliate marketing.

So, what exactly is the affiliate marketing I know and love? Technically, it's classed as the promotion of other peoples products for a cut of the pie - potentially a very large, lucrative cut.

You promote a product, siphon off your profit, and move onto the next one... with no customer headache, no need to handle any product...there's pretty much no hassle at all.

Your commission can often be over half the price of the product, sometimes as much as several thousand dollars. Pretty much every company on the planet, from Sony to Sanyo, from Microsoft to Motorola has an affiliate program of some kind.

Often, you can make as much as 75% of the price of a product in commission...

All in all, there's no easier, and downright simpler business in the world than affiliate marketing. And last year, according to Marketing Sherpa, affiliates globally earned over $6.5 billion.

It's a simple case of...

1. Find a product to promote - it's free to do this, and you simply need to copy and paste a link
2. You promote that link in any one of a thousand ways
3. A potential customer sees your promotion, follows your link to the product...and buys the product. You get paid your affiliate commission, receive your check, and take your slice of the $6.5 billion pie. And remember...

You can do it anywhere...

You can pull in thousands as an affiliate from anywhere in the world. I've made tens of thousands of dollars across three continents.

A few minutes in the morning in the internet cafe, and the rest of your vacation is yours. Hang out with friends, spend time with your kids, play golf... whatever you want to do, you can spend 90% of your time doing.

And the beautiful part of this business is that you can start it instantly, without the usual worries of a typical business:

YOU DON'T need to handle any products, or interact with any customers.

YOU DON'T need a website - in fact, our software automatically creates your websites for you, and comes with cash-pulling website templates already built in, ready to go, for you to use immediately.

YOU DON'T need to fork out for any huge investments. All you need is a working internet connection, and the discipline to follow my automated system.

And the most exciting parts of the business are:

YOU CAN make as much as several million dollars. There's really no cap on how much money you can money, other than your own ambition.

YOU CAN start part-time, working only a few minutes per day. You can work around your job, and put in as much or as little time as you want.

YOU CAN run your part-time affiliate business from anywhere on the planet - it doesn't matter where you live, and you can easily work even while on vacation.


And Then We Dropped Our Secret Weapon

To buttress our status as the kings of the underground, we stunned the Internet Marketing world again late last year, when we developed our ground-breaking revolutionary software tool, the Google Assassin.

When we unveiled it, it was a massive success beyond even our expectations: we enrolled over 5,000 members within the first week of launch, yet again enabling many members to 'claw' their way out of the rat race...

And then, in January of this year, I received an e-mail that would change everything...

January 2008: one of my students was harvesting a single keyword for $3k a day...

In January 2008, I was looking to launch a service managing people's Adwords Campaigns, and got in touch with one of my previous customers who had his own service already doing this.

Apparently, one of my Day Job Killer students was making over $3,000 a day with ClickBank and Google Adwords.

The strange thing? He was doing it with a single keyword.

Despite being one of the top ClickBank marketers, I had never seen anything like this before in my life. I just had to find out exactly what this guy was up to.

After a few e-mails back and forth, and some further digging, I discovered what he was doing...

He had simply taken one of my post powerful techniques, and turbo-charged it beyond all recognition.

He was systematically harvesting Google to the tune of $3k a day.

It took my programmers and I nearly 8 months and over $50,000 but we finally managed to reverse his formula: and we called our discovery Google Nemesis.

This too was a staggering success, with over 10,000 sales logged in the first week alone.

I had now solidified my status as the king of the ClickBank underground..

Little did I know,... that while our story was unfolding, several other Underground Affiliate Mavericks were following a similar path to ClickBank millionaire status, working away in their secret lairs in the world...

It seems that these other Google & ClickBank profiteers had discovered their own secret way to profit..

They too were siphoning off thousands from the comfort of their homes..

And their tactics were so different, new and distinct, that even I didn't believe them when they told me...

FACT: A Few Lazy Insiders Are Raking Off Millions In Unfair Affiliate Jackpots

Now its your chance to join them

I've had it.

Fat cat gurus are making millions from opportunities you have no chance of seeing.

And I'm prepared to reveal hot profit opportunities - direct to you - that are normally only ever seen by the upper echelons of the wealthy affiliate elite.

This really is a unique, one-off never-done-before deal for any ClickBank profiteers who still feel left "on the outside" in 2009.

Today you finally get the chance to ride the same profit-packed waves as those elite, super-rich gurus.

Why am I the man to give you this covert information?

Simple. I'm one of the fat cats hording all the top profit opportunities.

And now my guilt has got the better of me and I've decided to give some specific, previously-undisclosed tips to the "little guy"...

FACT: There has never been a
service that does what we are doing with Affiliate X.

There has never been an opportunity for you to get access to the kind of information and very same profit opportunities previously horded by the top 1% of online wealth-seekers.

I genuinely believe it's about time that the little guy enjoyed the same gilt-edged profit opportunities that the "big boys" keep very much to themselves.

I've Been "Unfairly" Siphoning Off A Second Income With Google, Twitter & ClickBank - Here's How...

Here's the inside scoop on this revolutionary tactic (just one part of my Affiliate X system)...

I've delivered a proven formula to sell affiliate products quickly and effortlessly.

In fact, all the best affiliate opportunities literally fall into my lap, then I move in for the kill and make out like a bandit with my easy profits.

It's the exact approach I've used to reach a seven figure income in a few short years.

And I want to be clear: there are practically no up-front costs, and no long hours in front of the PC.

And you certainly don't need to be an expert on the affiliate products you promote...

You just pillage my affiliate opportunity stockpile, then move in for the kill - legally and easily.

These hit and run money-making opportunities crop up all the time.

Right now, I'm involved in more than a dozen of them. The sales happen automatically, and whether it's day or night, money is instantly transferred to my account, sometimes $20, sometimes over $100.

Now, let's pull back the curtain and see how this canny little earner is able to throw of these kinds of quick, cash gains with such incredible accuracy...


PROOF #2: Zero to $960 in 18 Hours

With Free Google Clicks & My New
Breakthrough Keyword Tool...


I’m going to be totally upfront with you here.

In my 4 years as an affiliate, I’ve seen almost every system under the sun.

Hundreds of so-called ‘gurus’ with “magical systems” have approached me .

And to be frank, I’ve laughed 99% of them out of my inbox.

So when I first cam across my Google Rich Kid - and his extraordinary approach to affiliate marketing, I was bowled over. Not only because he demonstrated actual PROOF that it could pull in $270, $450, even a whopping $965 per day…

But because here, at last, was a realistic, genuine and EASY way to skim regular cash from under Google’s nose… and build it into a powerful part-time second income.

Yet here was something that actually worked. Realistic. Honest. Proven.

And if your fingers have been burned by hokum gurus before, you’ll know that’s a rare thing indeed.

What this guy was doing to dominate the search engines was 100% legal but extremely sneaky.  I wanted to find out what he was doing differently to the other seo guys I already knew.

I wanted to clone his exact methods and hit the top of the search engines when I wanted to... not when Google wanted me to.

Like a 'catch ye slowly' monkey I extracted his seo secrets and tested them out for myself behind 'closed doors' and sat back and watched as the results came in.

This was highly sensitive information I had in my hands... a free click formula that bypassed the usual B.S. and I was about to lift the lid on it...

Let me tell you how my insider ‘gamed’ Google's secret formulas

But here’s where they dug deeper… What if they could detect a pattern in all the Google keywords… stored all on databases that stretched for MILLIONS of keywords? What if they could filter out all the variables until they had a system for picking opportunities that had a clear winning edge?

Imagine. If they could do this, even slightly, they could skim small sure-fire winnings from affiliate marketing almost every day...
Understand: if you want to generate serious wealth, you must copy exactly what the seriously wealthy are doing

Think about that for a second. Even if you don’t understand why a certain method works, don’t you think the easiest and quickest way to profit is to shamelessly swipe from the guys who are already making millions?

Isn't that by far and away your best chance to take what you want from life?

The smart wealth-seekers profit now… and ask questions later.

And that’s why, if you're smart, you'll do absolutely everything in your power to find out what moves the seriously wealthy are making right now… and ruthlessly clone each and every step as you ascend the ladder to freedom and success.

And that is precisely how I can help you today…

Revealed: How to "Stalk" the moves of the Affiliate X Renegades... and shamelessly pick-pocket gains like $490 in 7 days, $80 a day, $2,100 each month...

Given that I amassed my wealth by leeching from the blood, sweat and toil of others, it wasn’t difficult for me to see how I was going to become even more wealthy…

I had to reach out to as many successful people as possible and assimilate their knowledge as aggressively as I could.

In the last year alone, I would guess I have met well over a hundred internet marketers. Most of them I never see again, but a select few proved themselves, and those are the people whose knowledge contributed to my bank balance, and whose techniques I apply each day.

And with that in mind, I want to introduce you to the second aspect of my Affiliate X package - the Inner Circle Club, also known as "how to get other people to make you rich".

Each month, you will be given access to a new proven way to make money using our Affiliate X system... we will send you proven money-making oppotunities in the form of time-sensitive reports and e-mail alerts.

Imagine, each months being handed the literal key to freedom: with every step you need to complete, illustrated with dozens of screen-shots and real-life examples you can swipe.

It's the most detailed series of cash-pulling instructions on the planet - and you are literally forced to reap the rewards just as I would. After all, we wanted to make it so clear and easy to follow that even a complete newbie could profit from the system.

Just copy my step-by-step instructions and you are almost forced to profit.

All you have to do is sit back in comfort, take in the presentations we have created for you, and enjoy the fall-out...

Don't stop reading until you realize
these important facts...

To operate this proven system, you need a willingness to break away from the current methods you are using and embark on a new path that leads away from failure and towards success.

Here are a few things you DON’T need…

YOU DON’T need to know a thing about affiliate marketing to profit from this – because we have designed the system so that even a 9 year old can operate it, we can safely say that anyone can profit. And because our methods run counter to the mainstream methods the gurus are teaching, the newer you are to the game, the better you’re likely to do.

YOU DON’T need a website – in fact, most of the methods we teach involve no website whatsoever - so you can profit without having to learn a thing about HTML or any of that ‘techie’ rubbish. Within minutes, you could be on the path to riches that 99% of even the most skilled webmasters can only ever dream of.

YOU DON’T need piles of money – because our system focuses on "hidden opportunities", the amount needed to launch a campaign is slashed and sliced to near nothingness.

In fact we've eliminated all the hard work so
you can sit back and profit...

YOU CAN get started within 30 minutes – my methods work for anyone, and because I will walk you through my push-button software by the hand, there’s no excuse not to profit

YOU CAN clone my exact blueprint – Affiliate X is not about some academic theory. The opportunities you will have access to in a few moments are the exact same ones that have allowed me to pump out as much as $1,000 per day in affiliate sales, and the renegade formula behind the system is the same one we swiped from the six figure affiliates…

YOU CAN profit part-time, working only a few minutes each day. Once you’re up to speed, the entire process will take as little as 20 minutes per day. I like to make my money and live my life – and I always tell my students to work at their own pace. Its your life, and with money as a non-issue, you can finally live it…

YOU CAN relax. No decision making or intense thinking of any kind is required from you. This system has been completely set up to be a “copy and paste” way of profiting. The green light flags the profit opportunities, you pounce for the kill.


What's it worth to have a step-by-step guide to financial freedom?

I have personally spent tens of thousands of dollars on software and training to learn the information that I am about to release to you.

I've invested hundreds of hours to perfect my craft, travelled around the world to learn from the top wealth-builders - and when you consider how much money you are currently spending chasing your dreams, you will see what a saving even $10,000 would represent.

Just ask yourself this: what if you could use my Affiliate X system to "steal" some sales from under the nose of just one underground super-affiliate, enjoying a profitable affiliate campaign, with Google, ClickBank or Twitter.

And remember, using our system is your only real alternative other than having to pay me for my time. You see, if I was to charge you for a "one on one consultation" with me, the cost (for it to even be worth my time) would be out of the reach of most. If you remember, in the past I've shown proof of my earnings in real time... I made over $140,000 in just 32 days from 4 of my accounts.

Assume I spent an hour per day on these accounts (I didn't - I spent a lot less), and assuming a five day "workweek", my time is worth about $4,000 an hour. So, assuming you booked my in for a nine-hour day, that cost would be... over $30,000. And that's a seriously conservative estimate.

So the software system is truly your best option. I've even toyed with the idea of releasing this information at a "one off" $10k seminar - even if I only sold 100 packages (which I know will be sold out in less than 24 hours), this could have easily been my "million dollar payday".

So, if you were sceptical before about why I'm releasing this software, then you should be even more so now. After all, who in their right mind would practically give away these tactics when they could make tens of thousands a pop...without even breaking a sweat?

If you haven't already guessed the answer, allow me to explain how a 26 year-old Internet millionaire thinks.

Chris, why are you revealing these secrets - and why not for $60,000 or more?

Firstly, giving away secrets is nothing new to me. I have built a loyal following of over 260,000 subscribers by giving away my proven techniques. In fact, I've already made many enemies because of this, so why start to care what the Internet gurus think now?

In fact, with my first guide, Affiliate Project X, I gave away a live $200 a day income stream for free (one subscriber told me she quit her job off this free method - now that's what I call a testimonial).

Then, just before I released the Day Job Killer, I carried on this tradition and revealed a secret niche which made me over $300,000. And then, for Google Nemesis, almost at a whim, I gave away a campaign that has been making me as much as $2,000 a day.

Many of my top joint venture partners have called me crazy - but they just don't get it.

I'm not worried about doing this because I can make so much more than this, I have so many ways to make money online, I can afford to give away a few secrets here and there. Look, I'm operating from a mindset of "abundance" here, not "scarcity."

There's more than enough cash to go round, and I strongly believe that everyone can do well at this.

The fact that I give out my secrets and top campaigns for free is the stuff of Internet marketing legend. It's been proven dozens of times over, a matter of pure historical fact - I disclose more in my free autoresponders than most of these guys do in their ebooks and 'systems.'

The question to ask, then, is not if but why...

...And the answer may shock you...

Firstly, the Internet is a massive place, with hundreds of millions of transactions each day, and quite frankly we can both make a killing. I will never have the time to take advantage of all the opportunities on the net - thousands of affiliate programs, with millions of keywords, and billions of searches each month.

So much potential for those who know the inside tricks. But for those who don't know where to look, it can be downright brutal.

And do you know the truth? If I could take advantage of all of it, if I could siphon off every last one of the millions of dollars floating around,...then I just might think twice about making my voice heard in an industry of smoke and mirrors... that is, were it not for the second reason...

You see, at this point I have a vendetta - a score to settle. Like you, I'm tired of $10,000 seminars full of slick marketing spiel and hard-sells, e-books rehashing the same information over and over again and offering zero added value.

And I enjoy unsettling the "old guard" with each new release, and strengthening my reputation as the guy who blows the cover on what really goes on behind closed doors.

After all, its this mindset that has created my current following, and ground-breaking fame, wealth and success.

Finally, I don't mean to brag but... I am simply too rich to care about the potential of becoming even richer.

Perhaps my joint venture partners are right ...perhaps I should be more cautious with my secrets, but the truth is simply this: when someone so young makes so much money, so darn quickly... you cant help but have an abundance mindset, and feel that so much more is around the corner.

So why not have a bit of fun, and bring a few more people along for the ride?

In between that cold hard fact, my personal vendetta and my supreme confidence in my own ability to thrive in the new industry I helped mould, I will continue to defy convention and give out my secrets to all the struggling affiliates out there for a mere pittance.

Be honest, are you living the life you choose?

Just take a moment to ask yourself: what you would do if you were to be in my shoes right now? What would you buy? Where would you go? Would you do things for your friends and family which you previously thought impossible for you to do?

The main benefit you derive working from home isn't the cash, the cars, or the vacations... it's the freedom to live the life you choose, the way you choose to live it. Imagine a world with no 7am starts, commutes or bosses - a world where the only limitation on the choices you make is your own imagination.

I'm here to tell you that this could well be your reality in as little as a few days from now - but only if you break away from the old paradigms of failure once and for all, and embark on a radically different and exciting path today.

It is entirely possible for you to take vacations whenever you want, spend time with your friends and family, or splash out on that one item you have your eye on - but to do so, you must be prepared to cast off the old techniques ands admit you need something new, something different to make it all happen.

Most importantly, think what freedom really means to YOU - and whether you are ever going to live the life you choose if you continue along your current path.

You must be willing to grasp the opportunity while its still here...and within easy reach...

"Imagine, the Million Dollar ClickBank Affiliate and His Affiliate X Automated System at YOUR Service 24/7..."

Remember, that I am going to be holding your hand through the entire process: this exclusive club has been setup so that there is no room for error: you literally are forced to copy the moves of a ClickBank dynamo. Once you have accessed the members' area for the first time, you'll be able to turn on the "money-magnet" as and when you please. It's that simple!

Here's how it all works - the Affiliate X "triple threat"...

Exclusive Inner Circle Card Benefit #1 - $50,000 Affiliate X Software

Your exclusive members card entitles you to full access to the entire roster of our special Affiliate X software package, with tools such as the SEO Special Sauce keyword tool (find out how easy to rank for any keyword is),Auto Sales-Tracker, and much more... plus over 10,000 products related using our unique formulas,... and so much more. Our software automates every move that a ClickBank dynamo makes. so you follow the path to profit, but far quicker than was humanly possible before....

Exclusive Inner Circle Benefit #2 - The Automated Systems of the Affiliate Renegades

Your membership also entitles you to the exact methods used by me and my affiliate renegades - proven to pump out as much as $915 in a day. We literally walk you by the hand through each step you need to take to profit. Whether your weapon of choice is our free-click-siphoning Google SEO method, or our hyper-targeted PPC tactic, you will never look at affiliate marketing the same way again.

Even Twitter is exposed and torn apart by myself and my secret Insider. Everything is explained in easy to follow PDF format with videos and templates. No one outside this exclusive club has access to this cutting-edge intelligence.

Exclusive Inner Circle Benefit #3 - Affiliate X Secret Signals - Every Opportunity Exposed

Your exclusive members card entitles you to full access to our special Affiliate X alerts system, which allows you to profit with Google and ClickBank in a completely new and unique way.

You will be able to clone all our top money-making alerts and Google opportunities - and tweak them to your own desire with the click of a mouse. Then, you can quickly predict the top converting keywords using our secret, "hidden" indicators, allowing you a massive advantage over every affiliate in the game....

At last you'll know exactly how much money the secret strategies of the most successful marketers could really make you, if a particular online campaign is even worth 'cloning,' and how much time and effort the campaign is going to take before it turns a profit and starts putting money in your pocket.

What's more I'll tell you which types of Clickbank products will make you money as an affiliate...and which ones you should avoid like the plague. That way you'll instantly know if an online campaign is worth spending your precious time and energy on it before you begin...No more staring at your computer screen in anger and confusion at your zero-figures Clickbank account and sky-high PPC bills that you can't even afford to pay.

So take control of your future, and take action right now...


"Access my $50,000 affiliate wealth creation system,
automated and only moments away..."

 Simple 3 step process: its all automated and step-by-step...   Step 1: Use my secret signals to spot the hot opportunities   Step 2: Pick your weapon of choice   Step 3: Enter the affiliate battlefield and dominate   No need to know any html, any techie knowledge at all   Say goodbye to bloated Adwords charges today
  Complete automated Affiliate profiteering system

It's simple. Google success - or your money back...

Your order is protected by my fully unconditional 56-day money-back guarantee...

I know that you want access to the same advanced ClickBank tool that the super affiliates use.

And I know that you have the best chance to profit with the software and training inside my exclusive club - but I want to ensure you are fully protected, which is why I am offering you a full 56 days to test-drive our system and see why we have successfully trained up over 30,000 affiliates just like you in the last 2 years.

Examine my hands-off system in your home for 56 days, watch the training videos, use the powerful software - do whatever it takes to convince yourself that it is possible to make an excellent living, working a few hours a week from home.

If for any reason whatsoever, you are not completely convinced and delighted, just let me know and your membership will be cancelled, and your fee fully refunded. You can cancel your membership at any time, and for ANY reason.

That's how certain I am that you are going to love my proven system and make it work for you.

You will only pay another $67/month - and you will be our instant access page. Future payments will be billed at $67 on the same day each month until you cancel payment.

This is an opportunity that is bound to change lives.

So make a decision now...


" It's decision time: kill, or be killed... "

You can lock-in your Affiliate X membership at the discounted price of not the $50,000 the software cost to develop, not the $297/month some suggested,... if you order today you can lock-in access at the ridiculously low price of $67/month

Remember Google is a billion dollar game, and you need to use the arsenal of a million dollar profiteer if you want to even stay alive. The question now is whether you want to take advantage and protect yourself from the inevitable onslaught.

The gains are monstrous, but the losses are far, far worse for those outside the loop.... you have been warned...

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In essence, you have no real choice. You must act fast.


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