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[5-Minute Six Pack](http://www.fitinahurry.com/2009/07/13/5-minute-six-pack/)

by Rommel Acda on July 13, 2009

Been extremely busy, but I wanted to leave you with a no-excuses 5-minute core routine to add to your tool box of “six pack” abs workouts.

You have four exercises, with one of them working one side at a time.  Set your timer for 50-seconds of work time and 10-seconds of rest time.  You should challenge yourself to perform as many reps as you can with solid form so maintain your focus on keeping your stomach tight and glutes squeezed during your work time.

This routine will last 5-minutes, but if you have an additional 5-minutes then go for one more set.

The Exercises
Plank Crawl Side Plank with 1-Arm Row (Left Side) Side Plank with 1-Arm Row (Right Side) MedBall Overhead Rotation Slam MedBall Lunge with Side Bend

If you like this routine, send me 20 comments on what other ab routines you’d like to see and I’ll be back with more 5-minute six pack routines!

Have a great workout, be intense!

- Rommel

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[9 Quickie Workouts](http://www.fitinahurry.com/2009/06/23/fat-loss-workouts/)

by Rommel Acda on June 23, 2009

Finding time for workouts is a big issue nowadays with the American lifestyle causing a tight schedule, but not a tight waist.
Photo Credit: Animatrix

The art of squeezing in effective workouts simply takes being armed with just a few “bang for buck” exercises and utilizing time-efficient protocols.

My two favorite time-efficient protocols are “ladder sets” and “tabata intervals”.  With both protocols I prefer to only use two non-competing exercises.

Ladder sets are performed by increasing the reps with every set.  For example, lets take squats and pushups and it would look like this:

Set 1: Squats - 1 rep, Pushups - 1 rep

Set 2: Squats - 2 reps, Pushups - 2 reps

Set 3: Squats - 3 reps, Pushups - 3 reps

And so forth until you complete 10 reps of each.  This example demonstrates if you were to only increase your reps by one with each successive set.  For a more advanced ladder workout you increase your reps by five with each successive set.

Here’s a video demo of “Jump Squats/Pushups” Ladder Workout

Tabata intervals seem to be all the rage lately, because it’s just so dang effective.  It is simply a “time under tension” protocol in which your work sets last for 20-seconds with only 10-seconds of rest between exercises.  This is performed for a total of 4-minutes and requires maximum effort.  This protocol, when done right, will be the tougher of the two.

Ok, so now that you have a quick rundown on what these protocols are about let’s move on to 9 Quickie Workouts to get you fit in 5 minutes or less.

Decide on which protocol you’d like to use.  For simplicity’s sake use 1-rep increments for the ladder protocol and aim for completing at least 8 cumulative reps of each exercise within 5-minutes.  As your conditioning gets better then aim for 10 cumulative reps within 5-minutes

3 Bodyweight Workouts

Workout 1 - Beginner

Exercise 1: Prisoner Squats

Exercise 2: Wall Slides

Workout 2 - Intermediate

Exercise 1: Alternating Lunge

Exercise 2: Staggered Hand Pushups

Workout 3 - Advanced

Exercise 1: Jump Squats

Exercise 2: Body Rows or Pullups or T-Pushups
For the Body Rows/Pullups perform these if you have the equipment or if you’re outdoors you can use the monkey bars on a playground set - get creative.
3 Fitness Band Workouts

Workout 1 - Beginner

Exercise 1: Front Squats

Exercise 2: Rows

Workout 2 - Intermediate

Exercise 1: Squat to Row

Exercise 2: Overhead/Shoulder Press

Workout 3 - Advanced

Exercise 1: Reverse Lunge with Row

Exercise 2: Forward Lunge with Chest Press

3 Dumbbell (DB)/Kettlebell (KB) Workouts

Workout 1 - Beginner

Exercise 1: DB/KB Sumo Deadlift

Exercise 2: DB/KB Swings

Workout 2 - Intermediate

Exercise 1: DB Squat to Press

Exercise 2: DB/KB Bent Over Row

Workout 3 - Advanced

Exercise 1: DB/KB Swings

Exercise 2: DB/KB Renegade Rows

Workout Tips
Always perform a brief warm-up. Perform your reps as fast as possible WITH good form.  I can’t emphasize the importance of maintaining solid form.  If you can’t complete good reps any longer then you either need to take a longer break, modify the exercise to lessen the resistance, or simply terminate your workout. Always keep abs tight with each exercise.  Simplest way to engage them is to pretend someone was about to punch you in the stomach. Breathe! And breathe deeply! Cool down with static stretching.
That’s all for today’s post, and now you have an excuse for a quickie

- Rommel Acda, MATS, CSCS

PS, If you gave these simple workouts a shot, let me know how it went or if you have any questions.  Thanks!

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[Father’s Day Bodyweight Workout](http://www.fitinahurry.com/2009/06/21/fathers-day-bodyweight-workout/)
June 21, 2009

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there!
This is going to be a quick post, and I really just wanted to share a quick and simple bodyweight workout for the dads to crank out in just 10 minutes so they can get on with the rest of their day.
Make sure to get a good [...]

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[Keeping Outdoor Fitness Simple](http://www.fitinahurry.com/2009/06/18/keeping-outdoor-fitness-simple/)
June 18, 2009

As the end of June approaches there’s a noticeable decrease in the gym population from 4-7pm.  It’s obvious that many of these people prefer to take their workout outdoors, but have become so dependent on gym equipment that their outdoor workouts have been relegated to running.
I’m not saying running is bad, because at least you’re [...]

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[5 Easy Steps to Reset Your Metabolism After Eating Crap](http://www.fitinahurry.com/2009/06/05/5-easy-steps-to-reset-your-metabolism-after-eating-crap/)
June 5, 2009

When you travel a lot you have to be very creative with your nutrition, especially if you’re living a healthy lifestyle, or if you’re a fitness professional like myself.  Since I knew I was heading out to New Jersey and New York for one week I decided to be more strict with my nutrition a [...]

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[The Easy Way To Stop Craving Crappy Carbs In 4-Weeks](http://www.fitinahurry.com/2009/05/14/the-easy-way-to-stop-craving-crappy-carbs-in-4-weeks/)
May 14, 2009

I admit, I was a carboholic.  A crappy carb lover to be exact.  I used to love eating pancakes, french toast, and cookies on a daily basis.  It’s way too easy to get hooked on the sweet stuff, because you feel so good while you’re eating it, but then you pay for it big time [...]

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[Simple Food Solutions For The Rough Work Shifts](http://www.fitinahurry.com/2009/05/07/simple-food-solutions-for-the-rough-work-shifts/)
May 7, 2009

Feeling low on energy during your work shift?  Find yourself chugging down on coffee or red bull’s?  This is usually the case for the individuals who have the rough work shifts, such as the graveyard shift, shifts that rotate every few weeks, or if you’re job has you travelling 90% of the time and you’re [...]

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[Smashing Med Balls To Get Flat Abs (Friday ABSolution)](http://www.fitinahurry.com/2009/05/01/smashing-med-balls-to-get-flat-abs-friday-absolution/)
May 1, 2009

Following yesteday’s post, here’s a two exercise power med-ball circuit to further blast your core by using more explosive movements that incorporates the whole body.  It’s best to perform these once or twice during the week, preferably on your off days if you’ve never done these before.  Make sure to get a good warm-up in, [...]

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[Beach Body Nightmares?](http://www.fitinahurry.com/2009/04/30/beach-body-nightmares/)
April 30, 2009

It’s about three weeks until beach season kicks in.  It seems like just yesterday it was the New Year and everyone was getting started on their fitness resolutions.  At this point, you’re in one of two positions: you either took action and made some killer changes physically and mentally, or you took action and then [...]

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[Friday ABSolution](http://www.fitinahurry.com/2009/04/24/friday-absolution/)
April 24, 2009

Today’s post addresses a question I was asked this week.
“What Order Should I Perform My Ab Exercises For Best Results?”
Many experts say there is an exact order that you should perform specific ab exercises to get the best results, but there really isn’t any scientific evidence to support this.  The reason is each person’s results [...]

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[Friday Abs Circuit](http://www.fitinahurry.com/2009/03/27/ab-workout/)
March 27, 2009

Spring has come, the sun is coming out sooner, and before you know it it’s 90 degrees and Summer is in full effect.  Time to hit the workouts with a vengeance to get the six pack to show again.
Now I always instruct my clients that they have to do total body workouts and eat right [...]

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[How To Get A Flat Stomach Quick](http://www.fitinahurry.com/2009/04/03/this-fridays-absolution/)
April 3, 2009

Here’s another installment of my weekly Friday Ab workout that I’d like to share with you.  Today’s workout will focus on a total body complex.  If you aren’t familiar with complexes they simply incorporate a combination of exercises using a set weight.
They are awesome when you’re crunched for time, and will cause you to burn [...]

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[Making A Fitness Comeback Pt.1](http://www.fitinahurry.com/2009/04/09/making-a-fitness-comeback-pt1/)
April 9, 2009

Every year I get to a point where I take two to three weeks off of all workouts.  Sometimes it just needs to be done to allow my body and my mind to reset.  When I resume my workouts I always feel like a beginner again.  My muscular endurance sucks, I’m sore as hell, and [...]

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[Making A Fitness Comeback Pt. 2](http://www.fitinahurry.com/2009/04/10/making-a-fitness-comeback-pt-2/)
April 10, 2009

Yesterday’s post I talked about how getting back in to shape is mostly psychological.  I may have pushed your buttons, and if I did then good because that’s a good indicator that you probably need to take some action with your health and fitness.
It really doesn’t take much to get back in the game of [...]

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[This Friday’s ABSolution](http://www.fitinahurry.com/2009/04/10/this-fridays-absolution-2/)
April 10, 2009

Today’s Friday ABSolution is simple. Look into your girlfriend or spouse’s make-up bag and grab her “foundation” powder. Start with a little dab of the powder along the sides of your abs to create the outline for the outer edges of “your six pack abs”. RIIIGHT!!!
OK, all sarcasm aside today’s tip is [...]

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[4 Easy Tips To Fix Your Energy Crisis](http://www.fitinahurry.com/2009/04/14/4-easy-tips-to-fix-your-energy-crisis/)
April 14, 2009

It’s 2pm and your state of mind and energy levels are starting to crash hard.  At this point your having a nasty staredown with the clock on your computer screen as you wish for the day to finally end.  You’re trying everything to stay focused without having to reach for the third “Venti Triple Shot of [...]

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[4 Reasons You Don’t Need The Gym](http://www.fitinahurry.com/2009/04/16/4-reasons-you-dont-need-the-gym/)
April 16, 2009

I remember the days growing up in the small Pacific island of Guam. With my father teaching Shotokan Karate and my wanna-be bodybuilder cousins, I remember them resorting to anything and everything they could manipulate to use as extra resistance to get fit, build muscle, and get ripped.
You had to be resourceful growing up in [...]

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[Friday’s ABSolution](http://www.fitinahurry.com/2009/04/17/fridays-absolution/)
April 17, 2009

This post is going to be short and sweet.  Today’s ab workout involves supersetting two exercises using added resistance with a medicine ball.
Exercise 1: V-Sit with Med Ball Twists
Execution: Get into a “V” position with your torso and upper thighs.  Keep your abs tight, and maintain a flat back as you perform a slight twist [...]

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[“Use The Force” To Engage Your Senses](http://www.fitinahurry.com/2009/04/23/use-the-force-to-engage-your-senses/)
April 23, 2009

Today’s post will be slightly different in terms of quick fit tips.  You see this week I’ve been asked for simple ways to help engage more senses not only during workouts, but during everyday daily activities.  
At first I was stumped about engaging more of your senses during daily activities until I thought about how [...]

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