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[What Healers Won't Tell You](http://keepyourenergyclear.com)

[The Smart Consumer’s Guide to Getting Top Quality Health Care](http://keepyourenergyclear.com)


This Consumer Guide starts with health care basics and goes on to reveal secrets known only by advanced healers. Discover why even the most carefully selected treatments can fail. Find out why some people cannot feel positive no matter how hard they try and how they can resolve this to sustain healing, inner peace and emotional clarity.

[187 pages, digital PDF Format
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Have You Ever…
Been called “too sensitive”? Gone to a health care practitioner or healer friends raved about and had a bad experience or felt worse? Had a friend who talks about picking up energy and you’re not sure exactly what they are talking about?
I speak to these topics in my ebook, “What Healers Won’t Tell You: The Smart Consumer’s Guide to Getting Top-Quality Health Care.”


Have you ever wondered…
Why so many people see healers instead of going to the doctor? What kind of alternative health care will help you? Whether a healer can help you? What makes some people sensitive to energy and others unaware? What a healer actually does? What makes some healers great and others flakey? How to tell great healers from flakey ones? What to do if you pick up negative energy?
If so, this Guide is for you.

This Guide realistically approaches the subject of the energies that influence our lives with a fresh approach to personal growth and inner integrity. The energy angle of personal development has not been a part of mainstream education. The book would be valuable to anyone who wants to do transformative work, with other people and within themselves.

-Leona Gallant, Family of Origin Counselor and Trainer

Nanaimo, British Columbia


In “What Healers Won’t Tell You: The Smart Consumer’s Guide to Getting Top-Quality Health Care” you will learn Healing Secrets health care providers and healers will not tell you…

The risks of energy work The ins and outs of negative energy How some practitioners take advantage of clients Why some healers may make you feel worse How some healers can cause you unnecessary problems What these problems are and what to do about them
What Sets This Guide Apart

This Guide is likely to surprise you. It is not the same old stuff, dressed up differently. It is not a veiled advertisement. I actually wrote it to help people. You can save a great deal of money going to only the best for your self care. Recognize them!

I have smart clients and my clients ask questions. Each insight in this book began with a much-asked question. When my answers make a difference in how someone lives life I write it down. Every insight in this book has changed lives.

You will find this book thought-provoking and practical. It can save you time and money and reduce distress. Health care and healing should increase your vitality and joy, not cause hassles.

You will also learn:
How do people get negative energy? How does it pass from person to person? Why are some people so affected by it and others not? When and why do good-hearted people pick it up? What does it mean about you if you get it? How can it start in young children? What attracts negative energy? What makes unwanted energy stick to you? Why changing how you think may not help. Why practicing the Law of Attraction may not help you avoid picking up negative energy.

Learn what it takes to become immune to negative energy.

Discover how to free yourself permanently from picking up unwanted energy from others.

My work with Teresa has been both profound and life changing. At times it has been like going to graduate school–a period of concentrated development and hard work with lasting impact even when “school is out.” During a two-year break from scheduled appointments I continued to experience emotional shifts and gain important insights. When we resumed work again, we began at a place deeper into the journey.

Teresa is a woman of great wisdom, exceptional intuition and integrity. She has been a trusted spiritual guide and I continue to benefit enormously in my work with her.
-Andrew Story, Manager, Value Based Healthcare

Seattle, Washington

This Guide will help you explore…
What may be preventing you from healing How to manage over-sensitivity The difference between a healer and a technician Why energy healing can work when other methods fail Red flags in any health care or healing session Traits and skills to look for when you need help How to get more from your sessions with practitioners How your intentions influence the energy you pick up How beliefs can either stop growth or promote it Why some people pick up energy from others How to get past being a victim of negative energy to being immune to it A point of view that may make your life work even better than being positive
I thoroughly enjoyed this book, as both a patient and practitioner! Teresa’s powerful, thought-provoking insight and practical strategies completely transformed the way I look at giving and receiving care. This is a ‘must read’ for consumers and practitioners.
-Rachel Olivas, Nutritional Therapist

Gig Harbor, Washington

About Me

Hi, I’m Teresa Dietze. I’ve been involved with cutting-edge alternative health care and healing techniques for almost thirty years. In “What Healers Won’t Tell You” I answer questions that were left unanswered after hundreds of trainings, workshops, courses and appointments with health care practitioners and healers. Many of you need this information to be happy and healthy! I am inspired to share behind-the-scenes experience that will help you get top quality care for your physical, emotional, mental and vital health.

The information in this Guide was missing from the hundreds of courses I have taken on alternative health and healing. This is the Guide I needed to read to be a safe consumer and a savvy practitioner.

The cost of the Guide is much less than one healing session! Get the Guide and learn how to get more results for your health care dollar.


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