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Zero Friction Fat Loss | Lose Up To 12 Pounds Every 15 Days!

If you’ve tried EVERYTHING to rid your body of stubborn fat and
feel like you’re getting nowhere… it’s not your fault! You’ll
finally be able to STOP BLAMING YOURSELF once you discover…

_“The truth will shock you…”_

FACT: The drug and diet companies #1 goal is to keep dieters
overweight, frustrated and confused. Think about it, when you
_succeed_ they _lose_ a customer. So, they spend millions every year
to feed you nasty myths about the foods you eat and how your body
burns it.

your weight-loss to a grinding halt.

“You will never lose the weight you want
until you get past these lies…”

Actually, starving yourself is the worst possible thing you can do
to burn fat and lose weight. When you deny your body the food it
wants… your brain shuts down your natural calorie-burning factory…
and tells it to store any fat you have!

See… your body doesn’t understand the concept of
“dieting”… so in order to burn fat, you need to “trick” it
into keeping the factory running on high. You’re going to learn how
to raise your metabolism simply by eating the foods you love at the
right times.

Number 1 Rule: You should never feel hungry!

There’s no shortage of “amazing” ab workout gizmos promising
you tight, tone abs. (And they always cost “5 easy payments” of
$99.95! What’s so “easy” about paying someone a hundred bucks a

Reality check… no amount of sit ups, crunches or any of those
crazy contraptions you see on late-night TV will give you six-pack abs
-- unless you’re _already_ skinny.

You’re going to discover the _Zero Friction_ way to get slim your
whole body (including your belly), feel energized and burn twice the
calories -- all day long -- without ever breaking a sweat.

Have you ever read the label on “fat free” or “low fat”
foods? If you can even pronounce the names of those chemicals you’re
doing better than us.

What “low fat” really means is “nutrients replaced with
chemicals” and these chemicals work against you when it comes to
losing weight.

See… your body needs certain kinds of fats in order to function
properly. When you replace the fats your body craves with harmful
chemicals it goes into “lock down” mode... causing your body to
store more of the fat you don’t want.

Your going to learn how skipping those weird tasting “low fat”
foods and eating delicious foods you love in the right rotation makes
your body burn twice the fat.

That’s what the diet franchises would like you to believe. And
they make losing weight a _sloowww_ and difficult process to keep you
feeling like you need their help.

Think about it… the faster you reach your goal, the faster they
lose a customer. Besides… do you really want to weigh yourself in
front of a group of strangers?

Two minutes from now you’ll know the secret to switching on your
body’s natural fat burning factory. When slimming down is _this_
easy, the only motivation you need comes from the mirror.

You see celebs on magazine covers all the time claiming big
weight-loss victories… But have you ever flipped to the article only
to discover the whole article is an advertisement for some extreme fad

How do they get away with that?

It’s because drug companies own most of those magazines! They pay
the celebrities to endorse their diet products and talk about how they
used it to lose all this weight (and conveniently leave out the part
about having personal trainers, live-in chefs… and, oh yeah…
airbrushed photos!).

The truth is…


But she’s not, and they don’t. Today you're going to discover an
easy way to ignite your body’s natural fat melting factory. And do

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DISCLAIMER ONE: The program being distributed "Zero Friction Fat
Loss" is a Meal Plan Generator that gets spread across 15 days, of
regular everyday foods. The foods listed in the Zero Friction Fat Loss
program may cause allergies, so please eat the foods that are
recommended at your own risk. The information presented in the Zero
Friction Fat Loss PDF ebook was researched and compiled from a variety
of free online and offline sources on health, nutrition and exercise
for your convenience. The mention of any Alcoholic beverages such as
Wine, must be consumed only by adults over the legal drinking age of
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drinking age is 21 years old. We are not responsible for any alcoholic
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Every effort has been made to ensure that the information included
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you consult with a qualified health practitioner before taking any
action based on this program. Even though this information was fully
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A Federal Trade Commission (FTC) study by a panel of experts
concluded the following: That proper weight loss is achieved by
reducing caloric intake and/or increasing physical activity.
Individuals maintaining weight losses over the long term do so by
changing their diet and changing their physical activity.

Although there are common characteristics among the relevant
population, there is not a single cause of overweight or obesity. In
some people, the cause may be more closely linked to genetic factors
while in other instances, the principal causal factor may be
environmental. Moreover, it should be obvious that diets, metabolic
rates, and levels of physical activity vary from one individual to
another and that weight loss levels will vary. Weight loss results for
one individual are not to be viewed as typical for another individual.

Rapid weight loss may also be associated with some medical problems.
Individuals undergoing weight loss can experience physical changes in
the body (dizziness, interruptions in the menstrual cycle, hair loss,
for example) that may indicate more serious conditions. People
noticing such changes should be advised to talk immediately to their
primary care physician.

Children and adolescents, pregnant or breast feeding women, and
people with significant health problems such as bulimia, heart
disease, kidney disease, diabetes or psychiatric disorder, should not
begin this program without written authorization by their primary care

People under treatment for other conditions or taking medications
prescribed by their health care provider should tell their providers
that they have begun a diet or other weight loss plan, because, in
some cases, adjustments to medications or modifications to the weight
loss program may be appropriate.

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