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How to build rock solid self esteem.


Discover the 27 simple steps to easily unlock your self esteem - fast and naturally, now

Self esteem is like sunshine for your soul.  You feel naturally more confident and at ease with yourself when the sun is shining on you.

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As a practicing hypnotherapist, I see all sorts of clients, who just like you have started to realise they have some self esteem issues.   The first step in resolving these issues is to seek some guidance and help.  This is why I developed this weekly program, to help you along the path to finding the answers.  Initially, I set out to write a book, but as it got longer and longer, I knew I had to chop it up in to smaller parts.  By coincidence, I came across a startling fact - apparently over 85% of people who buy some form of self help or how to book just don’t read it!

With that in mind I have re-structured my work to give you a small sample of how to deal with certain issues each week.  Then you have time to digest the information and act on it.  Some are only a few pages, others longer, but they all contain little nuggets of information that can help.

A healthy sense of self esteem is our personal tool kit that enables us to manage the demands of work, family, personal and social life.... even when the going gets really tuff.  When your self esteem is low, then it is like trying to work with broken, blunt and damaged tools. 

Do you answer yes to any of these common characteristics

of genuinely Low Self Esteem

•Do I feel social withdrawal - shyness, awkward, clumsy

•Do I have anxiety and emotional turmoil

•Do I have a lack of social skills and self confidence.

•Do I suffer from periods of depression and/or bouts of sadness

•I expect little out of life for myself

•Am I often hard on myself or have an inability to be fair to myself

•Am I always accentuating the negative

•Do I have an inability to accept compliments

•Do I have an (exaggerated) concern over what I imagine other people think

•Am I showing signs of self neglect

•Do I treat myself badly but NOT other people

•I don’t trust my own opinion

Then you need to get started right away in finding the tools that will work for you.  This is one of the reasons I present a lot of tools for you to choose from.

Begin the journey from low self esteem to a healthy, rock solid self confidence/esteem and you will find the tools provided in this course will help you along the way.  You can think of it as toolkit that helps you to feel good in good times and difficult times.


See payment information below for details.

This is a journey, so take it in easy steps

You might ask - why 27 steps - well, there are many different causes of a low self esteem and therefore, you need more than one way to tackle the cause.  By the end of this course, you will have a full armoury of tools for the rest of your life.

This course is a journey, so to get started on your journey,


We all have periods of low self esteem - the trick is knowing how to get out of this and back to rock solid confidence.

The first thing you need to know is that every one has periods of their life when they feel as if they have little or no self esteem.  This is sometimes natures way of dealing with the challenges that life throws at us.  The good news is that there are simple steps that you can take to boost your self esteem.  By the time you have read this useful little book, you will have got your self esteem back (or found it for the first time).  There are no bounds to what you can achieve as a result of reading this book and of course taking action.  You are in a safe pair of hands as Chris has spent years helping lots of people, just like you, to improve their self esteem in one on one sessions.

When a person’s self esteem is affected, their feeling of self worth and confidence in their abilities is reduced. The more these feelings are degraded, the more difficult it becomes for the person to take any active steps to cure the obesity condition.

Some people spend hundreds of pounds on personal therapy.  And you can make the simple steps laid out within this book for a much more reasonable sum.   You get the secrets of improving your self esteem easily unlocked for you.  There are lots of ideas for you to act on in each chapter, so you can quickly find improvements. 

As you work through this course, you are learning from an expert, using tried and tested tools.

As you read the lessons and case studies in this course, you will find yourself gently guided in these tried and tested techniques.  I am sure you will recognise yourself in one or more of the characters that are used within the case histories. 

Many of Chris Oxford’s patients have been kind enough to give permission for their story to be used within the book.  Of course names are changed to guarantee that what is said in confidence is kept that way. 

Sunshine for the Soul: Essential Ingredients for Self Esteem

We all need a little sunshine in our lives, this early lesson gives you ideas on how to find the sunshine and how to use it in developing your self esteem

How to find inspiration. 

You will find this inspiring and easy to follow as you kick start your progress.

How being true to yourself is a key to raising your self-esteem. 
You can’t lie to your self - so make sure you are true to yourself and you will steadily improve your self esteem

How to manage your emotions.

Your emotions are a critical ingredient in your self esteem.  This important lesson shows you how to manage your emotions and how to use them in boosting your self esteem.

Don’t sweat the small stuff. 

No, really, get a grip of things in small bite sized chunks.  Everything in life can be broken down in to small stuff.  Then simply remember... it is all small stuff

Order and chaos and prioritising.

Putting a little order in to events and working out what is important to YOU are the simple steps you are guided through in this chapter

How to improve your self-esteem by changing how you deal with draining, negative or destructive relationships.

You will learn how to deal with those relationships that can dominate or even ruin our lives - if we let them.  A very important lesson.

Jam today or jam tomorrow?

Putting things off can strangely weaken your self esteem.  Managing things properly - equals being in control of your life.

Mind the Gap!

There is a gap between how you see yourself and how others see you.  Learn how to both change the gap and learn how to manage what others think of you

Quit or keep going?

We all feel like giving up some times.  This lesson will help you easily work out how to keep on going and boost your self esteem

Subtle strategies for resolving conflict.

When you are in conflict with someone - no matter why - it can be difficult to keep a level head.  After reading this lesson, you will have an easy way of dealing with conflict so that you come out feeling good about yourself - no matter whether you win or loose the argument.

More Sunshine for the Soul. 

Well it is good for you, so I thought I would throw in some more sunshine in to your life.

You could easily spend hundreds of pounds with a good therapist, on the road to improving your self esteem.  And for some people, it may be the only way.  For most of us, simply following a step by step course like this is going to give you the tools and techniques to build your self esteem.  All the experience of helping dozens and dozens of people like you over the years is concentrated in to this book.  There are so many little tips and ideas that you will take away that you will be amazed at the low price. 

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There will be 4 further monthly payments of £7.95 for the rest of the material.  We also provide you with lifetime support for updates of any of the lessons as we gather feedback from our customers.  There will be bonus items delivered throughout the period you are learning all this new stuff.  If you loose any lessons, just drop us a request for a replacement.  You can of course cancel at any time and stop receiving the material.

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