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Angelfish Secrets Revealed!

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You too can have an aquarium without all the hard work.  

An Angelfish Breeder Shows You Step By Step, How To Transform Your
Tank Into A Jaw Dropping Aquarium, Filled With Healthy Angelfish...
That Hatch And Raise Their Own Fry... Even If You've Never Kept

Amazing Facts About Keeping Angelfish ...And why you shouldn't
even think about keeping them until you read every word
of this letter!

You don't
need to "artificially" raise and hatch angelfish eggs... and
angelfish will raise their fry, even in a community tank. 

Angelfish can be kept with small fish like neon tetras...
without the small fish disappearing.

Angelfish can grow to the
size of your palm... without feeding them 5 times a day.


From: Jamieson T Vale  9:57 AM

Dear Angelfish enthusiast,
If you can spare a weekend of your
time, then I'll show you how to transform angelfish... Grow them to
big sizes... And have them breeding every 10 days so you will have the
most jaw dropping angelfish aquarium... Even if you're new to
angelfish or you've never had any luck keeping angelfish in the past!!

Because that's how long it takes to discover everything there is to
know about angelfish. And when you read it, you'll be BLOWN AWAY
with how easy it is to transform your angelfish into healthy, happy
and long living fish.
This guide is guaranteed
to eliminate the problems with keeping angelfish forever ...in only a
I know it's a bold
promise and it might sound a little "over the top" ...but it's true,

the only person in the aquarium industry selling an Angelfish Guide
who will let you keep his entire step by step guide FREE if it
doesn't work for you.

(Nobody else in is willing to put their "money where their mouth is"
like this...)

bottom line is this: My guide is 100% guaranteed to work for
you ...just like it's worked for others. And it is yours for a limited
time only for $17.77!

you've tried to keep angelfish in your tank in the past and had no
luck, this will work for you.

you're thinking about getting angelfish and you want to make sure
you start out on the right foot, this is for you.

In my
guide, you'll discover the time-tested and perfected steps to keep
healthy and happy angelfish. Just like the professional breeders use.
This formula is a simple step-by-step plan you will follow anytime you
want to keep and breed angelfish in your tank.
winning formula has been tested, tweaked, and used in a number of
tanks. And the reason why it's so popular is simple:
It Works Even
For Beginners
There's no outrageous
No bull.
Nothing that is too
difficult for the beginner. And here's PROOF!!!


I just wanted to thank you for the audio guide. You will not
believe what's gone on in my tank since!! As I write this email,
it's been 3 months since I started following your advice. My
angelfish are thriving in my tank, but better than that, there are
new additions in my tank. That's right, I am proud parents of
fry!!! I am so excited.

Just to fill you in, I have kept angelfish once before but never
with such success. They died on me within a week of buying them.
Anyway, I decided to keep them again and followed everything you
said. And 3 months later, I have a pair of angelfish that lay eggs
all the time.

Well, thanks again for your guide. Enjoy my video.

Yours sincerely,

Albany, Georgia.

And this guide makes it
super-easy for you to keep healthy, happy and long living angelfish.

Here's just
a taste of what you'll discover:

The number 1 rule you need
to know before you stock angelfish in your tank.

The surefire way to
tell the sex of your angelfish.
The golden rule will have
your angelfish fry living longer than 7 days.
Why Bigger IS Better

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