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Freelance Starter Kit
Are you tired of scams and schemes that promise money that never

"Then it's Time for You to Discover the Fastest Way to Do Real Work
and Earn Real Money Online?"
Warning: This is a hype free zone! This is not a 'get rich quick'

From: The Freelance Starter Kit Team
Monday 14:15

Dear Friend,

Are you sick and tired of being promised riches that never come, by
products that claim to show you how to make money online?

I've been exactly where you are- those schemes all promise 'instant
Internet riches' or 'super-easy turnkey money-making websites' that
will give you boatloads of cash without you lifting finger. But the
systems are all the same--they sound great on paper yet never work for
you. They only make money for the person selling them!

And all too often, these systems are old, obsolete systems that did
work, but have been pushed aside by better, faster methods.

People buy product after product that promises fast, easy money. But
most of us who want to make extra money to help make ends meet, or to
make a full time income online don't want broken promises and hyped up
products that don't really work. We're willing to work--as long as we
can work for real money online. This is the system you need, not some
supposedly fast and easy overnight riches package. You won't wake up
tomorrow a millionaire. But you'll wait up knowing that if you put in
real work, you can make real money fast.

'The Freelance Starter Kit'

Freelancing is a booming business and as the web grows more and more
people need the help of freelancers to keep their businesses moving

This is a gigantic opportunity!
All different types of people want to make money online . . . and
they're struggling with certain aspects of their business that are
holding them back. They need help to do things they need to do, like
setting up a blog on their website, or they hate doing certain things
like social bookmarking or keeping up with Twitter. And they'll
happily pay you to do those things for them!

Successful Internet marketers own several websites (if they're just
starting out, then they're planning on owning several) and they can't
possible keep track of everything they need to do for every website.
Once you do a job for them and do it well, you'll practically have
unlimited work, because they keep adding to their network of
money-making sites.

Before you get discouraged you should realize that you don't have to
be a professional writer or a computer and Internet expert - I am
going to show you a variety of jobs you can do, so that you can pick
the ones you're best suited for. Look at all the things you can learn:

23 different customized services you can provide (something for
everyone, and a long list which that will keep your business growing
as fast as you can handle!)

How to handle yourself professionally so that website owners will
think of you first, even if you have no experience!

The 2-pronged approach to getting those crucial first customers, and
how to keep them coming back again and again!

The pitfalls of freelance boards and exchanges that cause most
freelancers to work for pocket change, and the places to go to find
the best paying customers who need you the most--(this is worth the
price of the whole system)!

A covert system that lets you copy the success of others and
guarantee a steady stream of work for as long as you want it!

One thing you can do to get yourself noticed over other freelancers
and practically have people begging you to do work for them!

The 3 methods to finding freelance work, and why 2 of them keep most
freelancers begging for work and barely getting by. You can avoid
these pitfalls!

How to expand your offered services beyond simple freelancing so you
can easily charge from $30 to $50 per article!

And much, much more!

This isn't instant, and it isn't glamorous, but damn--it works like
a charm!
Look, anybody that says making money online is simple and easy is
either naive or selling something. Making real money online is hard.
There's a lot to learn and even more to do when you're starting out.
And it's discouraging, because you don't see profits in the
beginning--sometimes not for months or more. It's easy to think that
all your hard work is just spinning your wheels and wasting time.

Avoid discouragement, and get PAID to LEARN instead. Freelancing
lets you learn skills as you go, while getting paid for those skills.
The more you work, the more you earn and the more you learn. As you
develop a list of services not only will you learn how to make money
online with your own websites, but you'll also foster relationships
with Internet marketers who are already successful and can help you
later on down the road when you start your own websites!

Do you want to struggle to make ends meet, get frustrated and throw
in the towel, or do you want to make real money online while building
your business brick by brick to last for years?
Plenty of people have started off with freelancing, and in far less
time than you might imagine they built businesses and reputations
among marketers. They're not pulling down insane profits with their
own websites and products. You can do that, too. You can let your
first successful transactions and your first profits help motivate you
to keep learning and keeping striving toward owning your own
profitable business. You do NOT have to be one of the people who tried
a little bit, and gave up a lot because the systems and the schemes
didn't work for them. You can start an online business in the best way
to guarantee your future success--a freelancing business.

Skeptical? Maybe this guarantee can help convince you:

Iron-Clad 60-Day Guarantee

I know this book can help you start your own successful freelancing
business online.

I'm so confident in this kit, I'm willing to take ALL the risk. If
you're not blown away by the practical, real information you get at
any time within 60 days of purchase, then just send me an email and
I'll refund every last cent, no questions asked.

That's how much I believe in this kit.

People are taking the work that could be yours, right now!
Stop and think for a minute--if reading this information gets you
one client who pays you $50, was it worth it?

But you won't make just $50. You'll get clients and payments for as
long as you keep working!
Freelancing is here to stay, but it's a competitive business, and
only the smartest freelancers who know how to work the system will
make all the money. The ones who trail behind will get picked off by
the wolves just waiting for the weak ones to fall out of step. I can
show you how to lead the herd, not follow it. I'll show you the path
that can eliminate most problems faced by today's freelancers.
Instead, of dealing with those problems, you'll be too busy wondering
how you'll have time to finish all the work that comes pouring in.

I run a business, so I can't just give this information away. But
because it's so valuable and I want to see you succeed as a freelancer
online, I want it to be affordable. And I think that $17 sounds like a
fair price that almost everyone can afford. This way, I get paid for
my trouble and you get access to information that can help you start
your business and make real money online.

Stop and think -- $17 is really pocket change when you consider how
the Freelance Starter Kit can help you make a real, full-time income
Decide now--are you really willing to do the work?

Almost everyone will say they want an honest way to work and make
money online. That's what I'm offering to you--a real way to do it, no
more hype, no more schemes. This is for the people who aren't afraid
to work in order to achieve their dreams. Not for people looking for
that one get-rich-quick scheme that will make them millionaires

Try It Completely Risk-Free For Up To 60 Days!

You can instantly download this report now for a mere $97.00 $17_
_with no risk.

your copy now...


Order online safely and securely
100% Secure, Full Encryption Is Being Used
You'll receive your order instantly even if it's 2 am!

The Freelance Starter Kit Team

P.S. Don't forget--I'm taking ALL the risk here, because unless
you're bowled over by
the information in this kit, then you don't pay a single cent - it's
just that simple!

P.P.S Every minute you wait to get this information is a minute you
could have gotten
a freelance job that can make you real money online!


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