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"How to go from Amateur to Professional in 2 weeks"


Keep the bonuses, refund includes shipping.

"I'm Now Paid To Do What I Love - Making Music!"

"I am really impressed with the amount of expertise I gained within three days of using this program. The other programs I tried really didn't do much and some cost four times as much as this one did."

N.Thannington, Greenwich University

Why have the developers of the MX Method been featured in the worldwide media, ranging from independent television and The Times in the UK to MTV in Japan? 

imple - they have cracked the code of making professional quality recordings. In 2003, a select group of 14 musically inexperienced university students were taught a new and experimental set of music production techniques referred to as the "MX Method" . In a single eight hour experiment, their ability to mix music was improved, on average over 300%, as judged by a panel of music industry experts. Available only at the highest levels of the commercial music industry for the last 6 years, the MX Method is now available to the general public for the first time.

The MX Method is the only system to be labelled “the only fool-proof system of mixing professional sounding recordings” by world-famous record producer, B. Campbell, recently celebrating his 2nd number 1 hit record

Science makes the difference: This system was developed and tested by top engineers and producers working for major labels.

The most popular commercial music production courses are based on old fashioned techniques repeating the classical mantra – “just use your ears”. Our research on modern recording techniques immediately discredits this approach, which ignores the most basic common fact: incredibly advanced audio analysis software is now available to the common public.

The MX Method however, was developed by analyzing the tried and tested production techniques and audio engineering of top producers working for the world’s most influential record labels including Columbia, Virgin, Motown, Island, Def Jam, Capitol, and Virgin. What is the science behind their sound? The most common techniques among these producers and engineers were isolated and combined with the last three decades of advanced psycho-acoustic research to provide a user-friendly system for producing music of the audio quality which compares with the best in the world. In nine years and 3,700 man-hours of investigation and experimentation, the MX Method has been repeatedly proven as the most effective step-by-step procedure in the world for producing world class recordings time after time.

See our page of unpaid feedback from students who have used ineffective programs prior to using the MX and note their testimonials on the MX system.

The MX Method has been tested extensively, and even those with no prior musical experience have been taught to mix radio-ready material within two weeks of receiving this program. By comparison, the average length of a professional audio course in the UK is three years with only the top one percent producing commercially viable material.


The MX Method is designed to put you in this top one percent within two weeks!

How quickly can I expect to be able to produce radio standard material with this program?

A degree of proficiency unattainable with years of conventional training can be achieved in a matter of two weeks with the MX Method. 

Many of the world's most popular home-study recording programs cost over £1,000. What do you get for your £1,000? You "may" learn a collection of isolated techniques. In sharp contrast, the MX Method has a proven track record of delivering a scientifically sound system complete from start to finish.

How do you learn to mix a record?

The MX Method was developed to be a scientific rule-based system to create the template for mixing a record.

Once you properly understand the scientific principles of sound and music, you can eliminate workflow inefficiencies while simultaneously improving punch, clarity, and musicality. Mixing and producing audible sound is a process which is limited purely by a lack of a clearly defined system. With proper training one can achieve major label quality recordings.

No serious learner should invest in any method that claims you must simply use your ears. 

There are several definitions and objectives to be understood in order to optimize the mixing process:

A) You must “fix before you mix”.

You do not mix as you produce. Rather, you fix the timing, intonation and tuning of the elements of your song before setting to mix. Beginning with the rhythm section of your song, you go through track by track bringing every element into time. Your vocal tracks must then be professionally comped, leveled and tuned. To demonstrate this, listen to your favorite professionally produced track. You will hear that every beat is perfect; every note is sung with absolutely perfect pitch. This is because of the process described here.

B) You must use audio analysis software to reliably balance your music.

The untrained ear has a memory of 15-20 seconds and therefore will unreliably balance elements. Specific techniques exist which will reliably analyze your audio, digitally creating a proper balance.

C) You must utilize distortion and compression in a correct and scientific manner.

Subtle distortion brings out the harmonic content of audio and increases its apparent loudness. Compression must also be used in specific ways to regulate the impact and volume of music.


What does the MX Method contain?

The MX Method guides each learner through a series of progressively sequenced exercises for mix and production optimization. This is the first time that an advanced system for guaranteed professional audio results has been translated into a compressed accelerated learning course.

Music production and mixing are based on science as well as art. The MX method is scientifically engineered to eliminate unwanted guesswork and increase the quality of results through scientific training. No new-age fluff or pseudoscience -- all science and all results, guaranteed.


The Complete 3-Volume MX Method Home System includes:

MODULE 1: Introduction, Basic Techniques and Arrangements

MODULE 2: Pocketing, Tuning and Intermediate Technique

MODULE 3: Spectral Preparations, Non-Linear Processes and Advanced Techniques

MX Science Manuals (75 Pages):
Preface Introduction The Science and Nature of Sound Factors Influencing the Quality of Recordings Training to Develop the Unified System Statements of Procedure Summary of Conclusions

By participating in this comprehensive program, you will learn never-before-released secrets of record production at top facilities, including:
Why three quarters of all sound mixing is scientific. Why the use of analysis tools is the key to professional mixes. The primary and secondary factors affecting the quality of recorded sound. How analyzing famous recordings holds the key to producing professional quality music 10 times faster. How to determine and correct the precise equalization of every musical element. The science behind the world’s most successful recordings. Why we must mix with our eyes and our ears. How utilize modern DAW features to make less than perfect musicians sound perfect. Why we must fix before we mix. The vital usage of harmonics and distortion in warming-up our mixes. Why most of what they teach in recording school can and should be forgotten The techniques that must be applied to a drum track to make it sound as powerful as your favourite radio-played records. How to use the “Volume Pocket System” to ensure that your instruments are perfectly balanced every time. A proven exercise to develop a powerful mindset to ensure that your mixes are in the zone, every time. The one technique that will ensure your vocals sound like a million dollars, every time! Why you don’t need to waste huge sums of money on new equipment. How to copy the sounds of your favourite records and why this is a vital thing to do. How to avoid working at a mix for days without achieving the elusive professional sound. The number one trick used to improve your song’s arrangement to really involve the listener. Why you don’t need to waste huge sums of money on new amplifiers to create a huge guitar sound. That there is a system, of specific techniques that can be used to create a record from start to finish. A step by step system to make any record sound fat and professional. Why you should never be afraid to EQ, except in one special circumstance. The big mistake most people use when tuning drums, here is how to avoid it. The counter-intuitive answer to making your kick drum pound through the speakers. This is the last thing you would expect to have to do. Why certain compressors must be used with certain instruments. How to make your mixes stand out from the crowd, time and time again. How to make your mixes sound great on the radio. How to destroy the difference between your mixes and the commercial competition. Frequency recognition training to bridge the eye/ear divide. How to understand, and analyse, rms/peak values, thus giving you the opportunity to make your music as loud as commercial releases, without becoming fatiguing. How to make digital recordings have the warmth and smoothness of analogue material, and why this is so important. How to give your music an exciting air in the mix. Why automation must be dealt with at a certain point in the mix, in order to develop radio-friendly sounds. The three things you simply must do to have a warm, punchy bottom end. How the big producers make their drums absolutely slam out of the speakers. One technique that will revolutionise the way you listen to music. How to get a fantastic, professional and reliable monitoring system without breaking the bank. How to eliminate any guesswork in your work process. Make your recordings as clear and punchy as your favourite recordings. Utilise cutting edge psycho acoustic research to clarify your mixes. The applications and misuses of the Fletcher Munson curves. How to develop auditory acuity through "focus extension" exercises. How to use spectral analysis to increase the clarity of complicated or dense material by 200-300%. How to stay focused for longer periods of time without fatigue. How to create a monster guitar sound without having a monster amp (or player!).


"Solid 60-Day Better-Than-Money-Back Guarantee"

After you are onboard, take 60 days to test drive the program. If you're not satisfied with what you have learned, just ask for a refund.

If during your first 60 days of coaching, you're not happy with the program for any reason then ask for your money back and you will get a full refund with no questions or hassles whatsoever. And you can keep the bonuses!

Again, test drive the program for 60 days, and if you're not satisfied with what you have learned, you can get a full refund, no questions asked during that 60 day period...



Order now and receive the following bonuse:
MX Method Platinum Ear Training Package - Train Your Ears To Pinpoint Frequencies With The Sharpness Of A Top Flight Mastering Engineer

Order MX Method now and make professional recordings in just 2 weeks!




Yes, I Want to Purchase and Download one of the remaining copies of the MX Method for just $497 $97!

I want to use utilise the TRIED AND TESTED MX Method to increase my music production abilities by 100, 200 or even 300% in a matter of weeks.

We wish you success and NOTHING less,

Harry Hughes,

Co-Creator - The MX Method

P.S. You have nothing to lose. The MX Method ™ is 100% guaranteed to work for you or we will buy it back for $97. You have everything to gain. The risk is squarely on our back.

There’s no easier and faster way to learn what really works. Claim your copy of The MX Method™ today.

Our Lawyers insist we make the following Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to accurately represent our product and it's potential. The testimonials and examples used are exceptional results, and don't apply to the average purchaser and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Each individual's success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire and motivation. As with any endeavor there is no guarantee that you will succeed.

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”I took a course about 3/4 years ago. It was non-productive and my work had no real audible improvements. This process [MX Method] especially emphasized scientific techniques. In a matter of two weeks, this course did more than my 2 year(3 times a week) course."
-George K., Audio Resources

"What was the best part of the course? Seeing the results. Well worth the time invested."
-C. Helfgott, Greenwich University

"...my mixing ability went through the roof - hugely! I've tried them all, and this is the most amazing system I have ever seen."
-J. Clements,  Bullett Studio

"Instant gratification is a big selling-point of the MX Method."
-B. Moore, Greenwich University

"I never thought I would be able to produce work as professionally as I did. I am happy because now I can mix records safe in the knowledge that my work is at a professional standard..." -S.Foundish, Hillcrest Secondary School




Copyright (c) 2006-2009 All Right Reserved - Harry Hughes

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